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85 Authoritarianism Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Authoritarianism Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Authoritarian-Minded Populism in the United States
    Along with expansion of the military force, the obscured communication causing opacity and promoting authoritarian-minded populism are used by the US elites of modern era as one of the most effective instruments for controlling the […]
  2. Concept of Authoritarian State
    In an authoritarian state, the judicial system subscribes to the ideals and practices of the states security apparatus and it is devoid of standards of due process of the law.
  3. Need for Authoritarian Rule
    Following the collapse of the state during the Second World War, the Croats collaborated with the Nazis to exterminate the Serbs.
  4. Evidence of Authoritarianism in Egypt
    This is left in the hands of few elites with little regard of the ideologies they hold leading to poverty and corrupt politics.
  5. Authoritarian Political Systems (Characteristics, Strengths, and Weaknesses)
    Historical Perspective The People’s Republic of China was established in the late 1949 under the leadership of the Communist Party supported by the then USSR after the defeat and retreat of the Kuomintang which had […]
  6. Asian Values and Authoritarianism
    Asian values refer to a concept developed in the in the second half of the 20th century, as way of justifying authoritarian regimes in Asia.
  7. Chinese Communist Party and Authoritarian Regime
    According to Pye, “the turmoil of Cultural Revolution in China and the subsequent crisis of legitimacy…have been central features of traditional Chinese political culture”.
  8. The Persistence of Authoritarianism Before the Uprisings
    The problem, in this case, consists in the fact that historians and social scientists tend to interpret the events in terms of what might have been instead of analyzing the events that actually took place.
  9. Egypt’s Authoritarian Regime: Reasons of Its Power
    Kamrava reveals how the choices and bargains that were made during Nasser’s regime from 1952 laid ground for future authoritarianism and the emergence of the military as the central institution in the country.
  10. Authoritarian Propaganda in Education and Media
    The question that people often ask themselves is, ‘how do authoritarian regimes get away with violence, torture, and oppression?’ Most of the citizens in countries led by authoritarians often seem to be in agreement with […]
  11. Asia’s Authoritarianism and Its Stability Reasons
    The small group of elites or the leader is not held accountable to the people. This is one authoritarian system that has proven to be resilient even in the face of crisis.
  12. Authoritarian, Legalistic, Humanistic Management
    Normally, the models of management can be of the three types: authoritarian, legalistic, and humanistic. As to the mentioned approaches to employee relations management, the first to emerge was an authoritarian model.
  13. Authoritarian vs. Permissive Parenting Styles
    Authoritarian and permissive styles are parenting approaches that are commonly used and that have varied effects on children because they approach the concepts of discipline, warmth, nurturance, and communication differently.
  14. Authoritarianism in Latin America and Chile
    The regimes characterized as bureaucratic-authoritarian appear to be fundamentally restrictive of political and economic institutions resulting in the increasing polarisation between the rich and the poor.
  15. Authoritarian Versus Totalitarian State
    In an authoritarian state near-total power is concentrated in an individual or a party while in a totalitarian state “no interest falls outside the embrace of the state or the wielders of power that the […]

📌 Simple & Easy Authoritarianism Essay Titles

  1. The Stanford Prison Experiment Authoritarianism And Compliance
  2. Latin America: Development And Bureaucratic Authoritarianism
  3. The Rise of Bureaucratic Authoritarianism in Latin America: Argentina, Brazil and Chile
  4. The Relationship Between Right-Wing Authoritarianism and Beliefs About Coercion
  5. The Relationship Between Racism & Authoritarianism
  6. The Path To Authoritarianism
  7. Anti-Authoritarianism in One Flew over Cuckoo’s Nest
  8. The Fragmented Authoritarianism of the Chinese State
  9. Patriarchal Authoritarianism And The New Black By Piper Kerman
  10. Mexico’s Political System: A Democratic Regime With Veiled Authoritarianism
  11. Beyond Authoritarianism: Rethinking Egypt’s ‘Long Revolution’
  12. The Relationships Between Individualism Nationalism Ethnocentrism And Authoritarianism
  13. Networked Authoritarianism and the Geopolitics of Information: Understanding Russian Internet Policy
  14. Modern Authoritarianism and Political Ideology
  15. Examining Nationalism And Authoritarianism Sociology
  16. The Rise Of Authoritarianism Of The Soviet Union
  17. Authoritarianism And Democracy Potter 1997
  18. The Fragmented Authoritarianism of the Chinese State and the Dependent Autonomy of the Ngos – Collaboration or Confrontation?
  19. Authoritarianism And Its Effects On The Arab Spring
  20. Apocalyptic Representation Supporting Authoritarianism in Science Fiction Movies
  21. Authoritarianism in Black and White: Testing the Cross-Racial Validity of the Child Rearing Scale

👍 Good Essay Topics on Authoritarianism

  1. Turkey between Democracy and Authoritarianism
  2. An Unfortunate Alignment of Heterodoxy, Nationalism, and Authoritarianism in Putin’s Russia
  3. Political Authoritarianism, Credibility of Reforms and Private Sector Development in the Middle East and North Africa
  4. On the Challenge to Competitive Authoritarianism and Political Patronage in Malaysia
  5. Authoritarianism: Until The Resources Dry Out
  6. Authoritarianism and Democracy in Rentier States
  7. Science Fiction Films Using Apolcalyptic Representation and Presenting an Argument in Support of Authoritarianism
  8. The Difference Between Federalism, Authoritarianism and Totalitarianism
  9. Politics of Authoritarianism and Status of St. Petersburg, Paris, Istanbul, and Mexico City
  10. Shades of Authoritarianism and State–Labour Relations in China
  11. China’s Four Decades of Reforms: A View from Neo-Authoritarianism
  12. Bureaucratic Authoritarianism and Latin America
  13. Competitive Authoritarianism And Political Authoritarianism
  14. The Manifestation of Authoritarianism in Latin American History
  15. The Troubled Democratisation of Russia and the Resilience of Authoritarianism in Iran and China
  16. Dual Decentralization and Fragmented Authoritarianism in Governance: Crowding Out among Social Programmes in China
  17. Legal Manoeuvres and Violence: Law Making, Protest and Semi-Authoritarianism in Uganda
  18. Democracy And Authoritarianism : Hybrid Regimes
  19. Connection Between Authoritarianism and Racism

❓ Questions About Authoritarianism

  1. What Are Differences Between a Democracy and an Authoritarian System?
  2. Why Has the End of Authoritarianism in Asia Not Always Resulted in a Clear Transition to Democracy?
  3. What’s the Difference Between Autocracy and Authoritarianism?
  4. Could Mexico City, Istanbul, Paris, or St. Petersburg Be Able to Achieve Their Current Status Without the Politics of Authoritarianism?
  5. What Is the Structure of Temporary Democratic Authoritarianism?
  6. Why Is Democracy Considered as the Better Form of Government Than Dictatorship?
  7. What Potential Roles Do Modern Technology and Social Media Play in Supporting or Challenging Authoritarian Governments Around the World?
  8. Is It Possible for a Regime to Be Both Authoritarian and Democratic?
  9. What Do Authoritarian Leaders Decide for Their People?
  10. Are Dominant Party Systems Necessarily Authoritarian? Why or Why Not?
  11. What Are the Effects of Authoritarian Leadership?
  12. How Does Authoritarianism Maintain Power?
  13. What Is the Authority in Authoritarianism?
  14. Is the Most Extreme Form of Authoritarianism?
  15. What Is the Difference Between Authoritarian and Dictatorship?
  16. Is Authoritarian Leadership Effective?
  17. What Are the Limitations of Authoritarian Decision-Making?
  18. How Do Authoritarian Leaders Lead?
  19. Why Authoritarian Leadership Simply Doesn’t Work Anymore?
  20. How Can Authoritarian Leadership Be Improved?
  21. What Are the Pros and Cons of Authoritarian Leadership?
  22. How Does Autocratic Leadership Affect Motivation?
  23. Why Do Authoritarian Regimes Bother Keeping Opposition Leaders Alive in Prison?
  24. Is the Ineffectiveness to Provide Basic Standards of Living of Authoritarian States More Attributable to Malice or Incompetence?
  25. Why Aren’t Authoritarian Governments Overthrown Sooner?
  26. Is Democracy Inherently Anti-authoritarian?
  27. Has Authoritarianism Been Removed as an Attribute to the Right?
  28. Are Election Boycotts Effective Against an Authoritarian Regime?
  29. How Are VPNs Such a Big Industry in Iran Despite Internet Censorship by the Authoritarian Government?
  30. In Authoritarian Countries, Is It More Effective for Protesters to Make Economic Demands or Political Demands?

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