Test Score Calculator

Are you worrying about the test’s results? If you know which answers were correct, you can know the percentage of your result! For this purpose, there are lots of test score calculators and guidelines online. And in this blog post, we’ve collected the best sources to help you with this issue.

You’ll also learn some excellent tactics on how to prepare for a test and pass it, table charts to calculate every value on your own, and note-taking tips.

I. Tools & guides to calculate your score

The test impact on grades can be huge, so it’s okay if you worry about its results.

In this chapter, you’ll find the best online calculators and guides to determine your test score in a minute.

With the help of test graders, you don’t have to give time and efforts to know your score. Test score charts are also useful as long as you have them on your device.

1. Quick Grade

This is the best test grade calculator for teachers you can find online. Of course, you can use it if you’re a student as well.

The best feature:

It’s interactive and pleasant to use. Firstly, you enter the total number of questions, then the number of wrong answers.

If you find more mistakes, you just click “+ 1 Wrong”, and the percentage updates automatically.

If your final mark depends on the test, you can easily find out your chances to earn a satisfying grade right now.

As an option, you can open a chart to establish the final grade for the test. There’s also a choice to enable decimals.

2. Math Warehouse

This is a test mark calculator that offers an enormous number of functions. In the beginning, you need to choose the format of results—should the service round it to tenths, hundredths, thousandths, etc. Then, fill in the fields about the test’s characteristics.

calculator image

You can easily increase or decrease the result by clicking one of the buttons. You can also use “A” and “W” keys for the more convenient usage.

Under the form, there’s the calculation itself. It’s presented as a formula that you can remember and use on your own.

Here you can also see the table of percentages where you can switch the order from “low to high” to “high to low”.

3. CSG Network.com

Another great tool to figure out your test grade. Whether you study at school, college or university, you may need to calculate it and to get the result quickly.

With this tool, not only you can calculate the formula but also there’s a chart to answer the question “What is my grade?”.

You can also use a custom scale where you are the one who determines every grade’s range.

It doesn’t matter if your professor uses 5-point or 12-point grades system, you can enable or disable +/- grades at any moment.

The result is given both in percentage and letters.

4. The Princeton Review

Here you can find an excellent guide to ACT scoring chart. It gives you results of grades on many subjects—English, Math, Reading, Science.

You can compare your raw score with the scale score and know your result.

On the website, you can also find a tutor to help you with preparations for a new test. Princeton Review has courses for any type of test (ACT, GRE, GMAT, SSAT, TOEFL, and more) and also give private lessons.

With their help, you can easily find a college to join or get homework help on any assignments.

5. WikiHow

If you need a detailed guide on how to calculate your test score, WikiHow is your choice. It’ll teach you to handle any online or paper test results.

calculator image

The guide includes several steps divided into two parts—calculating your percentage and converting the result into a letter grade.

Every part is illustrated with examples so that everyone can repeat the formula for their data.

6. PrepScholar

Another guide to test graders and scales that are useful for students and teachers. Here you’ll learn to determine your raw score and convert the data into letter grades.

In their text, you’ll find a long chart of SAT raw score and sections’ scores on such subjects like Math, Reading, and Writing.

In this blog post, you can also find a chapter on how to understand SAT reports. This way, you’ll never be puzzled by your results.

With this source, you’ll never ask “How to figure out the test score?” again.

These were the best sources to help you calculate your test score. These services have the best test score calculators and useful guides online and allow you to know your results in minutes.