Best Semester Grade Calculator

Studying is a difficult work that demands a lot of your time and effort. To know if it pays off or not, the education system developed a system of grades. And now you’re here searching for semester grade calculators. Everyone wants to know their chances to get into a specific university. For this purpose, you may want to calculate your overall semester grade. Unfortunately, it involves the knowledge of certain formula and time.

In this blog post, we decided to collect all the information that may help you with calculations. Here you’ll find best reviews on mark calculators, tips on studying for exams, helpful infographics and more.

🏆 8 Best Semester Grade Calculators

If you want to know your semester grade, there are lots of online tools to do it. In this chapter, you’ll find links to the best calculators—we tried every one of them and are satisfied with what we got.

All of them are easy to use and appropriate for school, college, and university.

1. Warren Consolidated Schools

WCS’s mission is to improve teaching and learning in the USA. They have many fantastic programs, for example, there’s one to help ESL students learn the language (both children and adults). Also, there’s a curriculum library, special education, and student assessments departments.

You can visit WCS for a simple way to get your average semester grade. All you need to do is to enter two quarters’ results and exam grade. Then, the program automatically calculates your result in percentage.

2. GPA

This is a semester GPA calculator you’ve been looking for!

GPA - Semester GPA Calculator.

Nice design, user-friendly interface, and tested formula—all of these are free to use whenever you need.

How to use this semester and final grade calculator?

  • Put in grades and percentage for every semester.
  • Put in grade and percentage for finals.
  • Get the final semester grade.

The best part is that you can know any value in the formula by filling all other fields.

The website is also extremely helpful for students. It offers several more calculators, for example, high-school and college GPA, EZ grader, and finals calculator.

3. Mercer University

A comfortable and easy to use tool for calculating your semester grade.

The best feature:

This calculator is weighted. That means you can add the percentage for every assignment. Depending on the percentage, you get different results, so be careful when entering this data.

4. WolframAlpha

WolframAlpha - Semester Grade Calculator.

This is a fantastic resource for websites’ owners.


Because it’s not just a tool you can use but a widget to insert into any website.

The thing is:

On the right side of the page, there are all necessary data to embed the widget on any page. You can choose the size, output type, and color scheme for your preferences.

5. Marion High School

On MHS website, you’ll find many helpful things. For example, they have a specific guide for parents and teachers on how to help students in learning. They also have a section with test preparation info you may use.

But what about grade calculator?

They have a good one that you can use in a class or at home. All you need to do is to fill in three simple fields, and you’ll know if you have passed or not!

6. Hurst Euless Bedford

HEB is known for their commitment to education. They have many programs (among them are volunteer ones) that search solutions to students’ problems.

For example, they fight for the quality of teaching in the USA and support safe and healthy food to be delivered in schools.

Their mark calculator is divided into two parts—one for high school and the other for junior school. The difference is—one grade is presented in trimesters and the other in semesters.

You can also use this calculator before an exam to estimate what grade you should earn for a needed result.

7. Calexico Mission School

Another good tool with basic functions and formulas.

Calexico Mission School - Semester Grade Calculator.

Enter your data—quarters’ and final exam’s grades, and get instant results. You’ll also get a letter grade for your comfort.

8. Newsome High School

On their website, NHS places a lot of useful materials and info for students and their parents.

One of them is a semester grade calculator. Unusually, on NHS it’s developed via Google Forms. However, it doesn’t affect the results, and is as useful as any other tool. Instead, the test form is comfortable.

An easy questionnaire helps you to determine your mark and answer the question “How can I calculate my grade?”.

These were the best online tools to help you with final grade calculations. The next step is to improve this grade!

We hope these semester grade calculators and our reviews can help with your questions. For more information, use other guides and reviews.