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Communism Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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  1. The Communist Manifesto: the Statement of Germany Revolutionary Group
    In the description on the manifesto, the argument shows the division of the society along the line of bourgeoisie or the capitalists who engage in the production fields such as milling, mining and other industrial […]
  2. The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx
    Marx predicted the persistent demo of commoditization and additional escalating growth of the capitalist bazaar as one day pursuing the bourgeoisie above the facade of the world.
  3. Journey into the Whirlwind: A True Story of an Ordinary Communist Woman
    She is often at the death’s doors, but she manages to stay alive “to spite them” as she is “consumed by the desire to survive the tragedy”. In spite of her lasting imprisonment and all […]
  4. Communism and Nazism
    Additionally, the two doctrines Nazism and Communism assert that, it is the economy, which is responsible for all goods and services, and therefore, the public should plan, control and own these goods and services through […]
  5. How Capitalism Beat Communism/Socialism
    This is exactly the reason why USSR was doomed to collapse in just about every society, the functioning of which is being concerned with the observance of Socialist principles, the prolonged continuation of social, cultural […]
  6. Rhetorical Analysis of the Communist Manifesto
    A famous philologist and linguist Bakhtin described the use of language in its relation to the particular circumstances and he emphasized the process of subject formation: “pre-empts the phenomenological theory of the subject by producing […]
  7. Love and Marriage during the Era of Mao in Communist China
    In the Mao era, the law did not allow polygamous marriage in the Chinese community and through such, the sale of young females within the society ended.
  8. Marx’s and Engels’s Communist Manifesto
    The chain of events starting with the overthrow of the monarchy in the French revolution eroded the traditional power base of Europe, leading to the rise of a new class of oppressors among the serfs […]
  9. Influence Of Nationalism And Communism On The Non-Western World
    In countries like Japan, class mantra was the order of the day in the areas that were controlled by communists, the CCP which was the main political party was against agrarian radicalism and hence abandoned […]
  10. Capitalism versus Communism
    In the case of capitalism this comes in the form of the widening gap between the rich and the poor while in the case of communism this comes in the form of economic stagnation due […]
  11. How does Revolutionary Communism compare with Democratic Socialism?
    Revolutionary communism holds it that the capitalism would never let go of their hold on community and political power and as such, only a violent revolution can result in the changes that communism calls for.
  12. Socialism and Communism after Marx
    However; Karl Marx failed in his Marxism theory as a result of the establishment of the middle class. Following Karl Marx’s demise in 1844, Friedrich Engels who was became the narrator of the Marxism theory […]
  13. Communist and Economy
    Lack of support from the commoners and the leaders led to very slight changes in the economy. In conclusion, not all of Gorbachev’s efforts to improve the country’s economy bore much fruits.
  14. Global Culture: Communism Ideologies Relative to Arjun Appadurai’s Argument
    Appadurai argues that the complexity of global culture is due to economic, political, and social disjunctures that exist in the modern world.
  15. The communist Party in the Soviet Union and China
    This paper explores some of the factors that may account for the failure of the communist party in Russia, as well as factors contributing to the success of the Communist party in China2.
  16. Communism in China
    Consequently, the stretch of communism in the region resulted into the establishment of the People Republic of China in the fiscal nineteen forty-nine.
  17. Similarities and Differences Between Communism and Democratic Socialism
    This is because, according to the proponents of both ideologies, in Capitalist countries, the majority of ordinary citizens are denied the right to have a fair share in the national wealth.
  18. The Communist Party in Russia
    Brief Historical Overview The collapse of the Soviet Union initiated the decline of the Communist party with the decline reaching an ultimate following the outlawing of the party by Boris Yeltsin.
  19. Communism in the 20th Century China
    Although the Japanese remained in control of the cities, the people of China started to view the communists as the probable force behind China’s liberation.
  20. Karl Marx and the Communist Manifesto
    In many western nations, the classical movement was driven by the quest to transform the economy and the political philosophy. The intention was to meet the needs and aspirations of the colonial powers.
  21. Communism and Capitalism
    In this system, the means of product and service production is mainly carried out and owned by the individuals instead of the government while communism also known as fascism is contrary to this where production […]
  22. How Realistic or Desirable Was Marx’s Idea of Communism?
    This was to be made possible through nationalization of the means of production and putting them under the control of the workers; the individuals who he viewed to be the major producers of wealth.
  23. The Reasons behind the Success of the 1949 Communist Revolution in China
    The emergence of the state of Communist China in 1949 was one of the most significant events of the 20th century and the Communist Revolution which led to its emergence is hailed as one of […]
  24. Did the structure of international security fundamentally change with the collapse of communism?
    To do so what will be examined are the reasons why communism collapsed, the impact of communism on the international security infrastructure, the way in which national interests and ideologies affected the structure of international […]
  25. Transition from communism to socialism
    The change in the country’s governance would imply that the ideas and behaviors that people hold to must also change. The importance of religion and civil freedom in relation to our behaviors becomes manifest.
  26. Afghan Communism and Soviet Intervention
    The purpose of this paper is to get a better perspective and understanding of Afghan communism and the Soviet intervention by critically analyzing the communism ideology and how it aided the Soviet Union to join […]
  27. The United States Confrontation to Communism
    By 1962, the Russian premier maintained the same uncertainty on the nuclear potential of the US, who were a prime threat to the Soviet Union.
  28. Socialist Market Economy and Communism in China
    A socialist economy is defined as an economy whose main objective is to create equality and ensure that the means of production in the market is owned by the working class of the state. The […]
  29. Communist Manifesto, Time and Social Issues
    The primary issue of the manifesto is the vagaries in which the bourgeoisie subject and subjugate the proletariat, all in the struggle for private property.
  30. The Communism History: Red Scare and McCarthyism Facts
    The quote means that the world was afraid of a new World war to happen; this is why the most powerful states of the planet became very suspicious of each other.”The climate of fear and […]

👍 Good Essay Topics on Communism

  1. Communism Collapse in the USSR
    The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was one of the earliest communist societies to embrace the ideologies of communism. The collapse of communism in the USSR began in 1989 after the fall of the Berlin […]
  2. China Communist Party & Economics
    Introduction China is considered to have been one of the largest and most advanced economies in the world during the nineteenth century. The country’s economy stagnated since the 16th century (Liao 191). In totality, China’s economy deteriorated between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. However, there was a brief recovery during 1930s. Economic reforms that ushered […]
  3. Communism in Eastern Europe
    Therefore, when the call of solidarity was made, there were a lot of people ready and willing to be part of the movement. To them, solidarity was a way of fighting against the evils in […]
  4. Latin American and Post-Communist Democracies
    To compare the historical weaknesses of Latin American democracies and the modern vision of the post-communist democracies, it is necessary to determine the criteria according to which it is possible to assess the level of […]
  5. Chinese National Identity and Communist Revolution
    In the aftermath of the Revolution of 1911, the Chinese realized themselves citizens, in the Western sense of this word. The validity of this statement can be illustrated, in regards to the passage of a […]
  6. The Chinese Communist Party
    The country’s contentious politics contribute to the stabilization of the authoritarian regime, which has eased political transition to the extent that the country has failed to achieve democratization.
  7. Chinese Communist Party and Authoritarian Regime
    According to Pye, “the turmoil of Cultural Revolution in China and the subsequent crisis of legitimacy…have been central features of traditional Chinese political culture”.
  8. US Anti-Communism in “Memories of the Red Decade”
    The intended audience of the article includes historians and scholars interested in this subject, ideological sympathizers of the author, and the students of History Departments willing to study the inside of Communist moods and movements […]
  9. The Communist Manifesto and Japan in 20th Century
    The industrialization process in this country was contributed by many individuals and groups due to the communist’s way of governance in the country.
  10. History in Marx’s Manifesto of the Communist Party
    The Manifesto of the Communist Party is a powerful source of information about the most crucial force in history that is the attention to social and personal interests, the peculiarities of the bourgeoisie with its […]
  11. Marx’s The Communist Manifesto in Historical Context
    The manifesto starts with words ” The history of all hitherto societies has been the history of class struggle,” class struggle is the most important force of history.
  12. Communism and Its Worldwide Impact
    The idea was to redistribute the wealth of the upper class among the poorer cohort of the population in order to achieve this equality, but it was also vital to communism that all manufacturing be […]
  13. Communism in Asia: Crisis and Opportunities
    During the twentieth century, Communism was prospering in many countries of the world, particularly in the USSR and in Eastern Asia.
  14. Communist Manifesto as to Production and Ideology
    The main difference between feudalism and capitalism lies in the possibility of the non-aristocratic people to become the bourgeoisie through owning the means of production.
  15. Economy of Capitalism, Communism, Fascism and Socialism
    Government structure: the structure of the government in the two countries, involves federal governments that are led by the political elites in the countries. The government has the duty of formulating policies that regulate the […]
  16. Communism Versus Organic Solidarity
    The article presents a brief overview of the meaning of the terms communism and organic solidarity and compares and contrasts them with respect to societal interactions.
  17. World Communism in China and Its Failures
    Ideologies such as communism were known for excessive use of posters depicting the desired state of things and creating the image of the ideal world where everyone would work to benefit the state and leader.
  18. Communist Revolutions in China and North Korea
    Therefore, it is relevant to examine the events that were a catalyst for the communist revolution, which resulted in societal reconstruction and the remodeling of the ideological orientation.
  19. How the Soviet Union Caused War Using Communism
    The idea of communism lied on the basis of the organization of any sphere of life in the Soviet Union. Utilizing militarization of the national manufactory, propaganda, and terror, the Soviet Union leaders, managed to […]

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