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  1. E-Commerce: Flash 4 ActionScript
    However, it is important to note that e-commerce and m-commerce have many similarities and are often based on similar software. Flash 4 ActionScript is considered to be a very helpful software since it enables to […]
  2. E-commerce: Bridging Gap to E-commerce Format and the Advantages and Disadvantages of Integration
    Considering the case of a shoe store, the shop will need to formally analyze its current state within the company, while listing the primary differences between the existing state and the desired state.
  3. E-commerce and Internet
    The internet has changed the way people conduct businesses in the world. Another advantage of the internet is that a firm has access to large customer base.
  4. ClothesHome E-commerce Business Plan
    Keys to success The company’s keys to successes include: Provision of services that meet consumers’ needs Effective and continuous marketing User friendly and trendy website Enhancement of product quality The goal of ClothesHome Company is […]
  5. Legal Conflict Associated with Electronic Commerce
    One of the legal conflicts in relation to electronic commerce that has not been resolved arises from existence of uncertainty with regard to cross border disputes. This means that the principles adopted in relation to […]
  6. Designation Report on Central Commerce Collegiate Institute
    Exterior: Materials The columns of the Central Commence Collegiate are made of stone blocks and the walls and facades are made up of brown bricks.
  7. The Role of E-commerce in the Marketing
    The cost of the type of marketing strategy chosen is directly proportional to the cost of networking used. Knowledge of the segment variable is very important in segment identification.
  8. Successful e-commerce business
    Some of the options that the company has incorporated are International money transfers acceptance: The company can give its bank account to international and domestic customers to send their money directly to the company’s account.
  9. E-commerce and internet marketing AND What are customer opinion good for?
    Internet marketing refers to promotion of goods and services over the internet. Moreover, internet marketing has worked to increase spread of e-commerce across the globe.
  10. Electronic Commerce
    This could be in the need to satisfy aspect of the business, which is the product or service, the way in which the business carries out its operations and finally how their product or service […]
  11. Social Business Networking and E-Commerce
    The new ‘Like’ tool and the ‘Open Graph’ are some of the recent concepts being used by Facebook, as part of their plan to venture fully in the world of e-commerce.
  12. Interstate Commerce
    Each state has the mandate of enacting statutes that govern the day-to-day activities of the state. Moreover, the Constitution must be applied in determining whether the state is legal or not, and if the complainant […]
  13. Mobile Commerce Technology
    The mobile station relays user requests to the other components in the system and displays the results of the processing to the end user.
  14. Greater Wilkes-Barre Chamber of Commerce
    The company is focused on delivery of quality services capable of sustaining community in the long-run. In the event that the business makes surplus profits, the excess in reinvested in the business or better still […]
  15. Security and Privacy Issues in E-Commerce
    In line with this Miller indicates that even though most organizations want to shift to online data storage, the issue of network security and privacy of the information hinders the companies from using this form […]
  16. Ways KM Support E-Commerce
    Knowledge management in an e-commerce platform is a starting point for sharing of thoughts, lessons, and skills with the business stakeholders, which is aimed at increasing business efficiency and effectiveness in all the processes undertaken […]
  17. Some of the needs for portals in Electronic Commerce (EC)
    According to Turban and King, portals help customers in searching and navigating the website. Portals are equally important in the area of collaboration and groupware.
  18. The development of E-commerce
    The major advantage of e-commerce over the traditional ‘brick and mortar’ means of commerce is the reduction of the cost of doing business and the significant expansion of business.
  19. Trade and Commerce
    Though trade has a long and complicated history, the development of a medium of exchange of goods and services in the form of valuables such as gold and money marked the beginning of the modern […]
  20. E-commerce and Competitiveness: Amazon.ca and Chapters.Indigo.ca
    The two companies are Amazon and Chapters, with their websites being Amazon.ca and Chapters. The function of the site is to enable users to buy and sell their products online.
  21. Contrasting E-business and E-commerce in narrower and Broader Terms
    Turban & King details that E-commerce is a business model that emphasizes on the exchange or the provision of services and products through the internet and related network technologies on a wide range of perspectives.
  22. E-Commerce in Developing Economies: Impact and Success Factors in China
    It is important to note that in the past people saw technology as a reserve for the rich and majorly in developed world; this has changed with emergence of e-commerce in developing world.
  23. Emergence of payment systems in the age of electronic commerce: the state of the art
    The article written is called “Emergence of payment systems in the age of electronic commerce: the state of the art”. Purpose of the article and its clarity The purpose of the article is made very […]
  24. Global Commerce: Asian Market Venture
    The political environment is likely to benefit the company in that it will have access to national and international countries trading with the Asian countries.
  25. Identity theft and e-commerce
    Criminals use social security numbers, financial records and other personal information to assume, or “steal” the identity of a person and conduct transactions without the knowledge of the victim.
  26. Critical Analysis of Commerce Platforms Amazon and e-Bay
    The second step was to prepare a package in which to place the item and the third step was to seal the box and attach the return label at the top of the package.
  27. Language and Communication for Business and Commerce
    How managers of companies might take the components of cultural identity into account in managing the company’s employees When it comes to management of the organization, it is very vital that the managers in charge […]
  28. Economics, Information Systems, and Electronic Commerce Strategy
    A company can collect primary data in marketing research to identify opinions about the company, awareness, and knowledge about the brands in the company among others.
  29. E-Commerce Website: Creation, Growth and Security
    For one to ensure secure management of an e-commerce website from a remote location using a laptop, it is important to consider all the potential vulnerabilities that may be encountered and hence device a way […]
  30. Tailing in e-Commerce
    The website gives back the message with pricing and advertisement and the customer is then directed to a particular area to purchase or acquire the services or product.
  31. Management Report on E-Commerce Issues.
    But while doing this, it would be also necessary to send a number of emails and letters to the regular customers, informing them about the establishment of new website, “utubeequipment.com” – thus, I woud suggest […]
  32. E-commerce Development
    As a matter of fact, E-commerce is the most cost effective and efficient means of transacting business irrespective of size of company.
  33. E-Commerce Business Plan
    The vision of the company is to be the leader in the provision of safe, convenient and quick return services. The cost for setting up and maintaining the website is significantly lower than the expected […]
  34. The Impact of E-Commerce on Business
    Generally speaking, e-commerce include; the business will effectively monitor it records, it will be competitive because potential users will be able to place their orders on-line as well as track the progress of the orders […]
  35. Impact Of E-Commerce Technologies On Business Practices
    Some of the areas that will be tackled in this paper are: Evaluate and safeguard of clientele lifetime value Capitalize on constancy on customers and conviction Enhancing on customer public relation Get personal with the […]
  36. The Impact of E-Commerce Technologies on Business Practices
    Applying e-commerce in technical firms In the past two decades, there has been a change in the application of e-commerce in business.
  37. Electronic Payment Systems for E-commerce
    Since e-commerce relates to selling goods and/or services over the internet, the issue of on-line payment system is intricately linked to the e-commerce phenomenon.
  38. Mobile Commerce and the Evolving Wireless Technologies by Pouwan Lei and Jia Wang
    Economic Aspect As evident from the article, there has been a delay in the implementation of the system by the 3G mobile network operators.
  39. Extranet and B2B E-Commerce for Business
    The risks to be considered by the Top Breadz team studying the solution are the following: Retail partners might not possess the proper or compatible Information Technology background to gain advantage of Top Breadz’s new […]
  40. Misusing E-commerce Technology
    For a customer to be able to access the services of Amazon or any other B2C firm, it is important for one to have access to internet. In addition, the customer needs to have a […]

👍 Good Essay Topics on Commerce

  1. E-business and E-commerce and Information Systems
    The aim of this research project is to analyze some of the threats that influence the progress of E-business as a tool for making commerce effective and efficient by using Amazon.com as a case example.
  2. E-commerce Website for Music Videos
    The site can be managed by two members of staff who will be dedicated to uploading new videos and answering the customer comments and concerns.
  3. E-commerce: Amazon.com
    In order to improve knowledge management, the right source of information and also a thorough understanding of the same is pertinent.
  4. E-Commerce and Digital Marketing
    The e-commerce concepts to be addressed in the paper include the how the internet phenomenon has developed in the past decade, the companies that have gained from the online business concept, the losers, the opportunities […]
  5. E-Commerce Online Grocery
    The mission of the business is to provide fast and reliable delivery of groceries and consumer goods to all the esteemed customers at the comfort of their homes.
  6. Characterization of E-Commerce Traffic
    Load balancing is a common method that is being used to improve the performance of e-commerce servers. Understanding the workload of these servers is significant in efforts to eliminate traffic in e-commerce.
  7. Issues in Electronic Commerce Security
    This is because without the assurance of privacy and safety, people are not willing to participate in electronic commerce. The aim of this paper was to analyze security issues in e-commerce.
  8. Internet Purchasing Portal to Facilitate Better Online Electronic Commerce Transactions in China
    This shows that as more people have credit cards and access to the internet, they need a reliable method of online payment processing for the local and international goods that they want.
  9. E-commerce: Information security
    The configuration of the web server should be safe, and this is the first place for an attack should there be loophole on the website.
  10. Web Analytics of E-commerce
    Market research is important because the market is dynamic and there is need to adjust to the changes that take place in it.
  11. The Commerce Bank Cherry Hill
    The Commerce Bank Cherry Hill is a New Jersey training centre at Commerce University, with Deborah Jacovelli being the dean of the university who observed that there were many innovative methods for energizing the company’s […]
  12. Factors that Influence the Development of M-Commerce
    For instance, one of the reasons explaining the realization of m-commerce in Japan and certain sections of Europe is the early introduction of third generation technology which is a standard platform for wireless networking. Perceived […]
  13. Catatech Industries: The Question of Electronic Commerce
    The implementation of the IT system in the operations of the company will automatically minimize the overall costs of marketing, expand its regional and global market, and reduce the logistics and expenses within the management.
  14. Business Commerce and Consumer Privacy
    From the computerization of large data sets in the 1960s to computerized processing of all records in the 1970s to computerized searching of record systems in the 1980s to the online linkages and searching capabilities […]
  15. Alibaba & E-commerce
    The usefulness of the information to a buyer is that it offers a wide range of companies and products that an individual can select.
  16. Science & Commerce
    In the first place, it is essential to make the government and local authorities to invest more into science. In conclusion, it is possible to note that commerce has a negative effect on development of […]
  17. E-Commerce Technology: Wal-Mart Corporation
    The online pharmacy at Wal-Mart Website allows customers to order prescription and non-prescription drugs online. It also sends reminders to customers and keeps a history of their online visits to the center.
  18. E-Commerce System for a Clothing Company in Abu Dhabi
    Consequently, the following is the work breakdown configuration: Work Breakdown Configuration for the Development and Implementation of the e-Commerce Application Project Preliminary Study/Survey Understanding the Apparel Market and its trends in marketing and selling Evaluation […]
  19. Office Depot’s E-Commerce Evolution
    Following the launch of e-commerce by one of the office depot’s competitor: office max, in 1995, office depot felt that it was being left behind in the adoption of e- commerce, something that was expected […]
  20. Management Issues: Subjective Reflection on Commerce
    The presumption is that the effects derived from the new product are the same as those of the old product, but this may not be the case.
  21. The Challenges of E-Commerce
    Due to the new nature of the business in the current competitive markets, the services are implemented without clear justification of the costs.
  22. Advantages of E-Commerce at Walmart
    Placement of Walmart on Google searches has also been streamlined as the first six search results on Walmart USA are links to the company’s website.
  23. Principles of Responsible Commerce
    The essay will analyze the principles of responsible commerce in light to the utilitarianism theory and the learning trend that I have experienced in this course.
  24. Cultural Values and e-Commerce
    However, it is important to note that the reality of attaining a global virtual village are highly dependent on the ability of integrating the cultural variations in e-commerce technologies to reduce the negative influence of […]
  25. E-Business and E-Commerce
    Business to Consumer E-Commerce allows organizations to offer their products and services and generate revenue from the actual sale of those products and services to customers.
  26. Globalisation and E-Commerce
    It is therefore fair to conclude that the success of the Liquid animation in business is detrimental to other Australian international businesses’ performance.
  27. E-Commerce: Internet Infrastructure and Payment Across Borders
    It is estimated that the number of internet users in Laos is about 10% of the population while in Australia close to 80% of the population has access to the internet.
  28. E-Commerce: Mining Data for Better Business Intelligence
    The method allowed the use of Intel and an example to build the study and the literature on data mining for business intelligence to analyze the findings.
  29. Electronic Payment Issues in E-commerce
    In the event that a card holder fails to meet the above requirements, determining the extent of liability has to be in line with the agreement between the card holder and the card issuer.
  30. E-Commerce in India and China
    The economic infrastructures as well as the internet accessibility in the southern cities have contributed to the increased growth and expansion of e-commerce industry.
  31. E-Commerce Strategies
    In business, the quality of the information delivered, depends on the strategy and method used, thus compromising the message quality will eventually affect the outcome of the marketing strategy that the company applies.
  32. Home Depot Company’s E-commerce Crime Case
    The incident left the customers vulnerable to subsequent cyber-attacks since the hackers had all the information they needed to execute their attacks. A breach of credit and debit cards makes customers fear to use the […]
  33. Commerce and Political Alliances
    In fact, it is highly imperative for Canada to base its foreign policy on the relationship it has with the United States.
  34. How E-commerce Reduces Problems of Traffic in Cities?
    These platforms for trading have reduced the need for everybody to travel to one central location in order to access or provide goods and services, ultimately reducing the number of commuters on the roads.
  35. E-Commerce: Sarbanes-Oxley Act Implications
    It starts by giving a brief definition and objective of the Act before undertaking a comprehensive discussion of section 404 of the Act to develop a better understanding of how the Act has affected businesses […]
  36. E-Commerce Industry Development
    They find it easy to trade in the online market because of the convenience it offers to both the shoppers and the retailers.
  37. E-Commerce and Risky Shopping Behaviors
    Although young online customers need to be at the forefront in minimizing possible risks arising from their online shopping behaviors, it is evident that more needs to be done to ensure these customers are able […]
  38. Future of E-commerce: Data Collect Regarding Customer
    Location and time data will help businesses also reach customers where and when they are most likely to be open to the message and can use the information.
  39. Operational Risks Related to Electronic Commerce
    The firms ensure that they have skilled manpower in the fields of information technology and project management able to deal with insurance-Internet problems.
  40. Internet Ethics: E-Commerce and Online Fraud
    Currently, Amazon.com, E Bay, and Pay Pal are some of the e-commerce firms that have successfully marketed and sold their merchandise and services on the internet.

📌 Interesting Topics to Write about Commerce

  1. Amazon.com: E-Commerce Marketing Plan
    Fetch stated that this company has ability to serve a diversified customer base from a one-stop shopping environment since it has strong logistics to deal with a broad product portfolio; in addition, it has efficient […]
  2. E-Commerce Adoption and Business Positioning
    The other important factor in relation to the adoption and enforcement of the CWR tool is that the tool has opened up space for supervision and monitoring of sales by the management of Orion.
  3. Etihad Airways: E-Commerce in the Aviation Industry
    The case study highlights the airline’s e-transformation in the development of the aviation industry by using different information technology techniques to better their services.
  4. China Chamber of International Commerce
    The main aim of this institution is to enhance the development of foreign trade between China and other countries. China council for the promotion of International Trade provides several quality services to businesses in China […]
  5. Consumer Right to Privacy in E-Commerce and Zero Liability
    The gravitational forces for the preservation of the people’s dignity in Canada and the preservation of the people’s liberty at the expense of constitutional downfalls are issues that are propagating excess legal dilemmas in both […]
  6. Yahoo! E-Commerce: A/B vs. Multivariate Testing
    However, in the cases that involve a detailed analysis of numerous changes made to a web page, the valuation of several elements thereof, of the consideration of three or more versions of the current web […]
  7. EBay and E-Commerce Business Strategies
    Thus, the company should pursue a market segmentation strategy that allows it to satisfy the needs of both small sellers and corporations.
  8. The Development of Organ Transplantation: Commerce Legalizing
    This has led to calls for the establishment of a legal market for transplant organs in order to increase the supply of this vital commodity.
  9. Emaar Properties’ E-Commerce and Corporate Change
    In terms of marketing, Emaar thought that the e-commerce system would assist the company in advertising its corporate activities to reach the prospective investors and consumers interested in their activities and investing in the company.
  10. Emirati Today and Its E-Commerce Business Plan
    Other members will be the employees of this firm. In order to achieve success in the market, it will be necessary to clearly define the objectives that will be defining the operations of this firm.
  11. E-Commerce Strategies, Ethical and Legal Issues
    The YouTube page has the ability to identify the country of origin for the different users. Naturally, the company employs the pay-for-service model that enables people to access services depending on the value for their […]
  12. E-Commerce Role in Business Environment
    In E-business, by a click on the mouse, a potential customer is in a position to access exact product and make comparison on prices without having to appear physically in shops and stalls in the […]
  13. Walmart Company: Role of E-Commerce
    The issue is that many companies have managed to gain advantageous positions on the market, and it may be hard to compete with them.
  14. E-Commerce Barriers in Developing Countries
    This proposal outlines the model of developing research paper on the assessment of e-commerce barriers, which prevent the advance of information technologies in the countries of the ‘Third World.’ Thus, the proposed research paper will […]
  15. Byteroots Company’ E-Commerce Marketing
    The selling point of the platform is that it will increase the speed and productivity of job matching for employers and job seekers.
  16. E-Commerce and M-Commerce in the UAE Market
    To review the contributions by the government and other stakeholders in development and acceptance of e-Commerce and m-Commerce within the UAE.
  17. E-Commerce Giant: Amazon Company
    The paper argues that the business model of the online retailer hinges on long-term investment and the development of technology, which is recognized as one of the main advantages of the company.
  18. Saudi E-Commerce, Its Opportunities and Challenges
    To identify the most preferable e-commerce business model based on the threats and benefits in the stratified market of the KSA.
  19. Tesco Company’s E-Commerce Implementation and Challenges
    To ensure that the data that was collected was effective and efficient, only constructs that were affected by the implementation of e-commerce were investigated in this study.
  20. Mobile Self-Service E-Commerce Applications
    This means that the exterior should appeal to their senses, and the choice of the colors should be smart and reasonable, evoking trust and devotion to the trademark in the customers.
  21. Groupon Company’s E-Commerce and Environment
    Therefore, it might be possible to state that the enterprise is, on the whole, sustainable concerning the natural physical environment, for the economy of scale, is generally beneficent for the environment because large-scale production uses […]
  22. E-Commerce: Efficiency, Convenience, Availability
    Having determined the sphere, it is also vital to organize the functioning of the store in accordance with all existing laws and regulations which limit the functioning of the store of this kind.
  23. Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing
    Consequently, this paper examines the tourism promotion efforts of Dubai with a focus on the body that is charged with the responsibility of overseeing tourism within the emirate.
  24. Dubai Tourism Promotion and Commerce Marketing
    For example, the city of Dubai, which is the focus of DTCM’s tourism promotion endeavours, was ranked position seven among the world’s most visited cities in 2013.
  25. Waste in “The Ecology of Commerce” by Hawken
    This paper aims at analyzing several Hawken’s approaches with the help of which it is possible to comprehend the essence of waste and the outcomes it has in regards to people and the economics people […]
  26. Amazon as a Key Player in Global E-Commerce Market
    Speaking about the company’s establishment, first and foremost it is essential to point out the character of the relevant time period. One of the key factors that determine the company’s rapid growth and extension is […]
  27. Electronic Commerce Initiatives and Activities
    In this case, the overall planning process implies the establishment of the objectives with the linkage to the business strategies and selection of the particular stages, which will support the overall development.
  28. Indian E-Commerce Market’s Growing Popularity
    The growing popularity of smartphones and the Internet in India has become the perfect background for the development of the e-commerce market.
  29. E-Commerce Adoption and Customer-Specific Barriers
    One of the customer-specific barriers to e-commerce adoption relates to the fact that many individuals are yet to realize the immense benefits associated with e-commerce applications, and are therefore unwilling to take the risk of […]
  30. Australia Post, E-Commerce and E-Parcel
    With its retail infrastructure all over Australia, Australia Post is in a position to deliver the produce ordered. Australia Post is charged with the responsibility of delivery.
  31. Starbucks Corporation’s E-Commerce and Social Enterprise
    The rapid decline in revenues experienced by Starbucks in 2007 was one of the major drivers for the company to introduce changes compliant with modernizations and digitalization of the business environment.
  32. E-Commerce Fashion Business in Saudi Arabia
    This fact is explained mostly by the popularity of the Internet among the citizens and the variety of products and services that can be bought there.
  33. E-Commerce Strategy and Action Plan
    Access to technology and factors which allow customers to have a large array of options from the comfort of their home have led to the formation of an extremely profitable e-commerce market.
  34. Is E-commerce Killing Brick and Mortar?
    The subject of the relationship between the brick and mortar retail and e-commerce has been the focus of attention of many economists and financial analysts.
  35. E-Business and E-Commerce Marketplace Analysis
    1 It should be mentioned that the term ‘e-business’ could be used to denote organizational strategy and operations as well as refer to the type of business that operates online.
  36. E-Commerce: Databases and Data Communications
    The use of social networking sites for individual and cooperate reasons has led to the development and improvement of databases and data communications.
  37. Facebook and Twitter Usage for E-Commerce
    This paper aims to discuss the question of Facebook and Twitter use for customer service and marketing, with the purpose to understand which companies are best suited for the mentioned platforms.
  38. New Business Concept: Online-To-Offline Commerce
    The majority of the customers are likely to be bargain shoppers who are willing to make a purchase of the desired product for the best price.
  39. E-Commerce Taxation and Global Challenges
    The volume of operations conducted on the Internet allows for the speculations on the possibility of the inevitable decline of the brick-and-mortar stores.
  40. E-Commerce in Remote Villages of China
    Leong et al.state that ICTs can become a vital empowerment tool and may help villages thrive in the situation when economic and social inequality between urban and rural areas in China is enormous regardless of […]

🎓 Most Interesting Commerce Topics to Write about

  1. India’s Growing E-Commerce and Investment Motives
    The first group is online investors who wish to invest in Indian e-commerce, they may learn the advantages and disadvantages of indulging in the market, and they may weigh the options before making the decision.
  2. E-Commerce and Consumers in Medicated Products Sector
    According to Hajli, the broad definition of e-commerce includes a vast array of activities and interactions that involve promoting a product to buyers who go on to make purchases, as well as the subsequent delivery […]
  3. Overcoming the Growing Challenge of E-Commerce
    The decline of physical stores and the growth of e-commerce prompts companies to conduct an environmental analysis to identify factors that could affect the success or failure of a business.
  4. Blogging for Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing
    One of the evident benefits of utilizing a blog for DTCM is the attraction of visitors to the main website. A blog is a relevant new media for DTCM because it allows commenting on the […]
  5. E-Commerce Directive for Internet Service Providers
    However, before delving into the details of this review, it is important to understand relevant cases that led to the formulation of the e-commerce directive 2000/31/EC in the first place.
  6. Akamai Company’s E-Commerce Case
    A critical analysis of the case study indicates that optimizing network performance to achieve real-time delivery of web content and solve the problems identified above depends on the use of distributed servers.
  7. Commerce, Medicine, Science in the Dutch Golden Age
    He gives an immensely enlightening analysis of science and medicine in the Dutch Golden Age.”The new philosophy” of the sixteenth and the seventeenth centuries appertains to the period of the scientific revolution that was taking […]
  8. E-Commerce Use and Popularity in Various Regions
    This is intended to find out how the popularity of eCommerce is spreading in several regions, Look at the benefits that are brought about by the use of eCommerce in several businesses in conducting transactions.
  9. User Interface Usability on E-Commerce Platforms
    Through the study of Suh & Chang, it was noted that complications in online user interfaces, especially in the case of E-commerce platforms) lowered the likelihood of application patronage or even the possibility of a […]
  10. Intrastate Commerce Law and the US Constitution
    Due to the fact that the interest of the state is higher than that of the country, the statute is thus regarded as unconstitutional since it affects the commerce of the states.
  11. Hermes House Company’s Need for E-Commerce
    With the onset of the crisis in the year 2008, the managers at Hermes fashion house started noticing a difference in the financial statements of the company.
  12. E-Commerce and Its Effects on Business and Trade
    The emergence of digital and online technologies has paved the way for new opportunities and trends in global trade. In particular, the Internet has provided businesses with new communication channels that have sharpened the competition […]
  13. Export Control by US Department of Commerce
    Controlling products exported from the U.S.is the responsibility of the Department of Commerce. The U.S.
  14. Online Customer Engagement in E-Commerce
    The quantitative method was used to analyse the posts and comments of the clients of the banks in the Facebook communities.
  15. Topcars E-Commerce Company’s Marketing Management
    Within the first 3 years of operation, we expect to raise the sale of accessories and car design to generate most of our revenue stream.
  16. The Cleveland Clinic Website and E-Commerce Operations
    At first, firms used websites to promote their brands by allowing the online community to understand the values, mission, and vision of the firm and identifying the factors that make the brand unique in the […]
  17. Amazon Company: E-Commerce Course
    Consequently, the file size for the full-feature movie is 2.4GB.1. 6 MB 45Mb = 1 second 2457.
  18. E-Commerce System’s Functional and Physical Requirements
    To understand the priority of the new system, the functional and physical features are to be considered along with the description of the particular processes which are to be completed by the members of the […]
  19. Last Mile for E-Commerce
    The phenomenon of the last mile is traditionally referred to as the IT sphere and is supposed to denote the distance between the user and the IT company.
  20. Self-Organizing E-Commerce Ecosystems in China’s Villages
    The given report is devoted to the in-depth analysis of the research paper by Leong, Pan, Newell, and Cui to achieve the improved understanding of issues covered by it and peculiarities of the study performed […]
  21. Electronic Commerce and the Social Enterprise
    The first security measure that is available for protecting the customer is the encryption of the online store. The third measure is the use of a password manager.
  22. Changing Nature of Retail and the Rise of Commerce
    In order to dig further into the outlook of retail and how it is changing, I spoke to a couple of experts to gain insight into the retail sector, what strategies are retailers using to […]
  23. E-Commerce in Contemporaneous Decision-Making
    In the present context, corporate e-managers are challenged with the fundamental question of how to “capture, analyze and project” the changeover of the impact of e-commerce on the important or significant aspects of core processes […]
  24. Electronic Commerce and Open Source Software
    The third category of electronic commerce into business in which transactions take place within an organization, in an attempt to increase productivity, speed, and quality and so cut cost.
  25. Ecology of Commerce: Green Taxes
    The Ecology of Commerce is a critical analysis of the way we conduct our business and our society today. This will provide incentives for businesses to produce things in an environmentally sound way, and it […]
  26. Integration of E-Commerce Websites in Banking Systems
    A domain name should be got by the company and should focus on what it markets or what the company is about.
  27. Pharmaceutical Sales Using E-Commerce
    This form of trade can give the international consumers easy access to purchase prescription products from anywhere in the world and hence making it a true global market for online pharmacies.
  28. E-Commerce: Analysis of Amazon Success
    The successful promotion and sale of items that are the ultimate result of the production line in authors’ publishers, labels and studios are of crucial importance for the purpose of completion of these lines of […]
  29. E-Commerce in Entrepreneurship
    They speak of the benefits attained by spreading to other parts of the globe and boast of having to spend little amounts for the good relationships they develop with other nations.
  30. Kudler Fine Foods: Aspect of Development of E-Commerce
    In the context of Kudler Fine Foods, how this could contribute to a useful and positive contribution to technological changes also needs to be seen in the light of concomitant efforts and commitment and could […]
  31. E-Commerce: Processes of Buying From an E-Merchant
    The formalities/processes that one follows to purchase products from a retailer over the internet are many and a little bit cumbersome.
  32. Religion and Commerce in Portuguese Overseas Expansion
    This essay will highlight the factors that led to the expansion of the Portuguese to the overseas and how they became influential and managed to establish firm bases in Asia, Africa and South America.
  33. Commerce Between the United States and Other Countries
    The relationships between the United States and other countries, especially the developing ones, can be characterized as the relationships between the advertiser and the would-be customer or probably it would be better to say, the […]
  34. E-Commerce and Online Advertising Development
    The purpose of the paper is to highlight the principle of e-commerce approaches and functioning aspects of business management. Highlighting the basic marketing strategies of advertising sphere gives an opportunity to discipline and organize the […]
  35. E-Commerce Arrangements in the United Kingdom and China
    The researcher clearly states the goals of the research in several parts of the beginning sections. The researcher has gone to the extent of providing factors that lead to the persisting distrusts among the participating […]
  36. E-Commerce for Satellite Equipment Retailers
    The components of the User Interface and the system are: User Interface: The user interface is what the customer would be using.
  37. Global Commerce: Term Definition
    Drug testing in the work place must look in to rights, and to determine what sorts of controls are morally permissible.
  38. A Managerial Perspective of Electronic Commerce
    This paper brings out the reasons for the decision of the oil traders to stay away from electronic commerce and the factors that will help to facilitate the oil trading to be done electronically.
  39. E-Commerce as a Organizational Strategy
    It may have been difficult for the organization to operate in this country because of the fact that; it did not understand the needs of the people.
  40. International Delicacies Company’s E-Commerce
    It is expected that the majority of employees have good computer skills and knowledge in order to manage the site and process online orders.
  41. US Constitution in the E-Commerce Context
    If we are speaking about E-commerce, one of the most stressful issues is the problem of privacy and confidentiality, because many people who prefer to operate in Web environment, try to make sure that their […]
  42. Technological Innovation in E-Commerce Management
    Implementation or adoption of these innovations depends on the current technological level of the organization in question and an upgrade and/or replacement is not only necessary to ensure that a particular problem is solved or […]

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