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75 Autism Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Autism Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. How Christopher’s autism affect his life
    In spite of the fact that the issue of autism is not clearly explained in the story, the condition of the narrator is referred to as high-functioning autism or Aspersers Syndrome on the cover of […]
  2. Exploring autism in the drama film Rain Man
    Charlie Babbitt, the brother to Raymond, is the actor who portrays Raymond’s autism on the way to Los Angeles to secure his fair share in the Babbitt’s $3 million fortunes in form of inheritance.
  3. Autism’s Teaching Tips for Children and Adults
    The present description is concerned with the role of teacher in the better management of Autism in children. Further, assessment of the interactive and developmental skills is on of the important component in the teacher […]
  4. Autism: A Literature Review
    Manning, Wainwright and Bennet argue that children with autism are faced with a big challenge because of the nature of the symptoms the disorder.
  5. The Disease of Autism
    Origin The disorder is one of the new diagnoses of the autism. Other effects of the disorder are constipation and growth failures that may be a problem to the lives of the individual.
  6. Do Vaccines Cause Autism?
    Thimerosal is alleged to increase the exposure of mercury in the vaccine to a substantiated high amount. In fact, the amount of antigens between children with autism and without is the same irrespective of the […]
  7. Autism and Visual Thought
    Suprisingly the quality of visual thinking according to Bogdashina is dependent on other factors like time and the state the autistic person is in.
  8. How to recognize and teach students with Autism
    If these groups of students have to be given directions that are more than three steps, the directions have to be written down due to their inability to remember sequences.
  9. Vaccines and Autism: A Critical Analysis of Thimerosal in Relation to Measles, Mumps, and Rubella
    The safety and efficacy of vaccines has been the subject of many studies in the medical field. The disorder was observed in one participant from each of the cohorts in the experiment.
  10. Treatment of Autism with the Use of the Picture Exchange Communication System
    There are lots of types of this communication system that may be used with children, who have autism, and one of them is the Picture Exchange Communication System that is characterized by a proper picture […]
  11. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
    Autism is a serious disorder that has the potential to disrupt the success of people living with it. This is to mean that the theory of causation regarding autism is not complete as yet.
  12. Autism Spectrum Disorder
    However, the reality is that the number of children with autism and having high intelligence is insignificant. It is apparent that, in autism, a disorder is found in the structure of the brain.
  13. Research Proposal /Autism
    Golafshani continues to argue that the use of the term “dependability” in qualitative studies is a close match to the idea of “reliability” in quantitative research.
  14. Diagnosis and Treatment for Autism Disorder
    Children with autism are therefore able to reason and even interpret the feelings of other people but the challenge is to communicate the response to other people.
  15. Different Behaviors in Children with Autism
    The purpose is to find out whether the co morbidity changes with the environment, and assess the influence that the environment has on the behavior of an autistic child.
  16. Early Intervention for Young Adults with Autism
    This is due to unavailability of information on children development stages and the importance of early detection and intervention in the case of autism.
  17. Autism
    The purpose of conducting this essay will be to examine the educational intervention of one-to-one support programs during normal school times within a mainstream classroom and also to discuss the challenges faced by teachers and […]
  18. Analysis of Autism Disorder
    This disorder affects the brain of the child during growth so that it does not develop in the right way thus affecting the social and communication skills of the child. This is especially to the […]
  19. Autism in Saudi Arabia
    This support may come in the form of modification of the curriculum to cater for the special needs of the autistic children.
  20. Critical Analysis of Published Articles: Autism
    It was therefore the goal of the research to find out if the negative attitude of people towards autistic children can be altered to the benefit of the parents.
  21. Autism spectrum disorder in relation to education
    Attending to students having ASD in the regular classrooms requires specialized teachers and supplementary staff in order to aid in the realization of the needs of the students having ASD.
  22. Program Models in Autism
    The DTT technique has been designed in such a way as to target the individual behavior of an autistic child using the available curriculum.
  23. Autism Spectrum Disorders
    One of the greatest fears of a parent with such a child is the fact that such a child would be taken care of until the advanced stages of their lives.
  24. Dance and Autism
    For me, what the Miami dance project represents is in line with what is known as the concept of confidence building wherein through the development of certain talents children with autism will begin to have […]
  25. Application of Evidenced-Based Practice in Autism
    Autism largely is connected to communication abilities of a child, a situation that later results into the child experiencing disability problems in effectively encoding and decoding communicative messages.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Autism

  1. Older Dads More Likely to Have Kids with Autism
    The author highlights autism as one of the main outcomes of late fatherhood following the release of the results of a study involving the counting of the mutations corresponding to a father’s age at the […]
  2. Autism and its Effects on Social Interaction
    The article “Social Impairment in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder” identifies the major challenges facing many people with autism. The authors wanted to examine the social problems and difficulties encountered by individuals with Autism Spectrum […]
  3. Autism Effect on Children
    It is crucial to understand the behavior of children with autism in the school set up in order to understand how autism affects children and their social interactions. It is up to the teacher to […]
  4. Autism. Sensory Integration. Tactile Desensitization
    The poor development that is recorded at the early stages in life is likely to affect the development of different skills by the individuals even in the adult stages The signs that are associated with […]
  5. Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism
    The primary subject of this study is applied behavior analysis while the secondary subject is applied behavior analysis and its effects on autism in children.
  6. The Real Causes of Autism
    However, the main problem is that this association or correlation does not imply that autism is triggered by a vaccine. This is the main argument that can be put forward.
  7. Autism: Health Disorder
    Similarly, a person with autism has to be trained on the process of communicating normally and forming a relationship with objects, events and people in their lives.
  8. Autism Children Education Inclusion Policy in Private Schools: Compulsory Enrollment Policy 2011
    The following are the main areas will be addressed by the policy: Prohibited Private schools will be prohibited from ignoring the needs of children suffering from autism; they will be compelled by the act to […]
  9. Autism Disease
    This includes the communication patterns of the teenager, the extent of social relations and the unusual behavioral characteristics of the teenager in the environment.
  10. Vaccinations and Autism
    This paper borrows on the arguments of Monica Prasad and Washington and Haydn when they argue that the belief about vaccinations as a primary cause of autism stems from emotional, psychological, and behavioral barriers, as […]
  11. The Effects of Vaccines on Autism
    From their study, the findings demonstrate that the presence of thimerosal is one of the causes of the disorder. It is imperative to state that they have used many studies that have indicated that there […]
  12. Video Modeling for Individuals with Autism
    The video model will be developed according to the needs of autistic children, with the focus on the role of visual and auditory stimuli in the teaching process.
  13. Autism Concept
    The problem with this case is that while it may be true that the cause for the development of autism in children have yet to be fully determined, the fact remains that there have been […]
  14. Dubai Autism Center’ Quality Management
    TQM employs strategies and effective communication within the organization to incorporate the quality principles into the culture and activities of the organization to ensure that all the activities are geared towards satisfying the customers.
  15. Autism Spectrum Disorder Concept
    Besides, Temple often explores her own experiences and attempts to understand the feelings of others that are unavailable to her by visualizing herself as other creatures people and animals.
  16. Lesson for Learners with Autism: Reflection Observation
    The essay identifies the instructional methods used by the teacher during the exercise. The teacher also guided the learners to solve the mathematical problems using different visual objects.
  17. Self-Injury in Autism: Applied Behavior Analysis
    Applied behavior analysis incorporates the utilization of direct perception, estimation, and useful investigation of the relations in the middle of the environment and conduct.
  18. Vaccines and Autism: Separating Facts from Fiction
    The advocacy groups say that thimerosal, a preservative used in vaccines, is toxic to the central nervous system and responsible for an alarming rise in rates of autism among children in the United States and […]
  19. Autism Expressed: Branding Strategy and Marketing
    The promise that the brand offers to the public should be in line with the desires of the clients. This firm will need to prepare this branding strategy in a way that will meet its […]
  20. Autism Spectrum Disorders and Educational Interventions
    From this point, this paper aims to discuss the definition of Autism Spectrum Disorders, examine the etiology and incidence of the disorder, focus on the prevalence of autism, and analyze the effectiveness of the DTT […]
  21. Autism Spectrum Disorders: Testing and Measurement
    It will begin with the rationale that explain why the issues are critical, followed by the reasons for unavailability of the solutions to the issues and the consequences of the issues.
  22. Children With Autism’ Communication in Saudi Arabia
    Parents of children with autism in Saudi Arabia have complained that the government has neglected the needs of autistic children by failing to finance their education and research to detect the effectiveness of the digital […]
  23. Case Law and Case Study of a Student With Autism
    On reviewing the evaluation results in the presence of the student’s mother, an agreement was reached on the general education placement for the student.
  24. Bright Not Broken: Gifted Kids, ADHD, and Autism
    It is possible to state that the book provides rather a high-quality review of the issues about the identification, education, and upbringing of the 2e children.
  25. Inclusive Education: Child with Autism and Spina Bifida
    It is worth mentioning that Ted’s mother is willing to cooperate with teachers, and her participation can be of great assistance to the teacher.

💡 Most Interesting Autism Topics to Write about

  1. Inclusion Curriculum for Children with Autism
    In the given paper, the issue of children autism, the developmental issues that autism triggers and the educational prospects for children with autism are going to be considered.
  2. Involving Adults With Autism Plus Learning Disability
    Since the method is interviewing, a particular aspect of the study that should be addressed with attention is the researchers’ perspective.
  3. Applied Behavior Analysis Treatment for Autism
    It is the most commonly applied autism treatment remedy in the United States and several other countries in the world and the major method that schools and therapists embrace and use.
  4. Abu Dhabi Autism Center
    The Abu Dhabi Autism Center has to operate within the laws and regulations of the Zayed Higher Organization for Humanitarian Care and Special Needs.
  5. Vaccination Contrubution to Autism Development
    This anxiety has led to a civic health dispute about the civil liberties of parents to decide whether to vaccinate their children, along with the state regulation on vaccinations to guard the wellbeing of its […]
  6. Olfaction and Autism Spectrum Disorder Relationship
    These findings reveal that the sniff test can reveal both the presence and severity of ASD in young children. The link between ASD and olfaction can be used in diagnosing young children with autism.
  7. Autism Treatment Network
    In order to use these resources in PEACE, it is necessary to establish a budget that will cover expenditures on training courses for specialists involved in the program, educational materials, seminars, and individual counseling.
  8. Students With Autism Spectrum Disorders
    The main goal of this paper is to present a review of relevant literature addressing the issue of helping college students with ASD prepare for workforce readiness and job placement.
  9. Autism: Characteristics, Prevalence and Interventions
    The symptoms of autism are noticeable in the early years of childhood. Occupational therapy is one of the non-educational interventions used to assist kids with autism.
  10. Autism Spectrum Disorder: Programs Effectiveness
    The purpose of this PE, therefore, is to evaluate and analyze the efficiency of the programs implemented by the Day Support Services.
  11. The Physiological Impact of Autism on Children and Parents
    It is possible to speak about the physiological impact of ASD on children and their parents in the UK, and the detailed examination of this issue is required. To review the literature on possible barriers […]
  12. Autism Treatment, Its Methods and Results
    It was appropriate to focus on the use of the DSE intervention and examine if addressed most of the challenges facing many ASD patients.
  13. Higher Education for Students with Autism
    This paper will focus on the exploration of specific characteristics of students with autism, their needs in higher education, the challenges they have to face, and the future perspectives in the sphere of education.
  14. Autist Student’s Behavior and Remedial Plan
    In the process of reading, I would pay attention to the student’s concentration and ability to integrate what she was reading. She also took long in doing this and did not want to stop the […]
  15. Autism: Main Symptoms and Research
    Major symptoms of the disorder are repetitive behavior, abnormal communication development, and motor skills development. Major symptoms of autism are repetitive behavior, abnormal motor skills, and communication development.
  16. Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
    For instance, the researchers have reviewed the findings by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention and the Government Accountability Office to present the statistics on children with ASD and the increase in the number […]
  17. Autism Spectrum and Features of Health Conditions
    Nevertheless, the manifestations of the autism spectrum also depend on the intellectual abilities of the person and his or her age.
  18. Autism Should Not Be Viewed as a Disability
    A good example is that the treatment of autism as a mental disorder makes it possible for pharmaceutical companies and clinics to invent new health systems or procedures that will meet the needs of the […]
  19. Risperidone in Children with Autism: ANOVA Article
    The variables used in the article are sufficient for the investigation, and they would not be changed. The study authors assume that risperidone and placebo treatments would have significant variations in the mental abilities of […]
  20. Impact of Autism Spectrum Disorders on Life
    However, between the ages of two and three, his lack of verbal activity and inability to “echo” simple sounds and syllables were found to be very concerning by the family.
  21. A Child With Autism Spectrum Disorder : Case Study
    At the moment, M.is more verbal with his parents and siblings and reacts adequately to them, especially in repeated day-to-day situations.
  22. Teenagers With Autism Disorder
    Autism is seen as a spectrum disorder since its severity and symptoms vary greatly among affected individuals – from mild and occasional to persistent and interfering with all aspects of life.
  23. Parental Report of Vaccine Receipt in Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder
    In the introduction, which is the first section, the study’s research problems and their significance to nursing are stated. The discussion section covers how the authors relate the findings to the research objective and the […]
  24. Autism Occurrence by Measles Vaccine Status
    The organization of information in the text follows a logical format by introducing the background for the vaccine, incorporating the issue of ASD connection, and leading up to the primary research question.
  25. Autism Spectrum Disorder Features in Children
    One of the causes for the appearance of these issues is an inborn disability that might presuppose the need for specific methods to educate a child and guarantee a chance for integration with society.

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