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Federalism Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

The United States employ a somewhat unique system of governance, and you can show your understanding of it by writing a federalism essay.

With its extensive territory and large population, the country required a robust government to sustain its infrastructure and grow into the global superpower it is today. However, its unique circumstances at the time of the formation of the nation made methods that were standard at the time inapplicable, forcing the Founding Fathers to innovate.

As a result, even two hundred years later, each state retains a considerable degree of independence, even if the federal government has grown stronger since then. Your essay can cover any of the many different topics of federalism and its theoretical and practical applications.

The purpose of a country is to make sure that its citizens are as happy and comfortable as they can be. However, the task becomes complicated when the topic of what happiness means, one of the principal federalism essay questions, is taken into consideration.

The United States use two conflicting ideas of Aristotelian happiness and utilitarianism, with the Republican and Democratic parties representing one of the opinions in the respective order.

Aristotelian theories emphasize the individual while utilitarian ones discuss the masses. The Founding Fathers can be said to have preferred the former, as they permitted each state a large degree of autonomy and self-determination. However, the historical successes of the Democrats demonstrate that the other school of thought is popular, as well.

Historically, the emergence of the United States as a federation along with many other federalism essay topics can be explained by the circumstances of the nation’s formation.

After fighting off the British in the Revolutionary War, the territory that would become the United States remained a loose alliance of small states, which can be considered a confederation. They did not want to let a central authority constrain and control their actions once again, as was the case with the British Empire.

However, the system was ultimately non-viable, and the Founding Fathers had to create a more centralized country by creating and ratifying the Constitution. Naturally, many states formed anti-federalist movements and opposed the initiative, but eventually, they agreed to it after their concerns were addressed in the Bill of Rights.

The Constitution has been amended many times, but its core has remained unchanged. The United States is still a federation, and its states can adopt many critical laws without requiring the approval of the central government.

The approach helps the nation introduce progressive laws and eventually have them succeed on a small scale and expand into the rest of the nation. The United States remains committed to liberty, though it adopts a degree of central control to avoid some of its problematic results.

Here are some additional tips on aspects you can cover in the essay:

  • Discuss the idea of federalism in other countries that do not currently use it, providing federalism essay examples. How much do the United States’ unique circumstances contribute to its ability to maintain a federation?
  • Talk about examples of other federations that currently exist or have existed in the past. Some of their models differ considerably from that used in the United States.
  • Discuss the idea of confederations and the reason why few to no countries can be classified as one despite their titles.

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🏆 Best Federalism Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Federalism in United States
    Federalism is therefore defined as a coordination of the regime in which control and the influence of power is partitioned with an attempt to distribute it in the central government and the constituent supporting units.
  2. Federalism Evolving
    Madison alone wrote over 20 articles on the subject and helped in the development and ratification of the US constitution and the 39th article as well as Federalist 51 is regarded as the most indicative […]
  3. Modern Federalism
    Development and evolution of democracy over the centuries has been focusing on devolution of central powers of government to increase independence of the local states.
  4. The Case for a Federalism Amendment
    The main agenda here is the evenness or equality on how the powers are shared between the federal government and the states governments without interfering with the rights of their people. For instance, the states […]
  5. Federalism System, Its Advantages and Disadvantages
    The system causes government to have control of itself because of great rivalry of power between the state and the nation.
  6. Federalism in the United States
    The power assignments of the national government comprises of both implied and expressed powers. The Implied powers permit the central government to come up with decisions, which are not part of the expressed powers.
  7. Costs and Benefits of Federalism
    Conflicts between the state and national government in the running of the United States is one of the major costs of federalism. Federalism leads to the formation of small political units that help in the […]
  8. Federalism and separation of powers
    In the American constitution, specific powers were bestowed upon the national government and in the tenth amendment of 1791, it stated “the powers not delegated to the United States by the constitution, nor prohibited by […]
  9. Current Issue in Federalism
    This has triggered the debate to shift from the state courts and legislatures to the federal courts with the interest groups looking for the best platform to present their case.
  10. Federalism Concept
    This should be made with regard to views of the stakeholders since every federal government’s view must be represented in formulating the policies.
  11. Explanation of Federalism
    Based on the three branches of a federal government, the legislative branch is bestowed with the responsibility of making the law.
  12. Contemporary American Federalism
    Dual federalism is a system characterized by a national government that only governs by the rules that have been laid out in the constitution, national and state governments that are supreme in their allocated spheres […]
  13. Aristocracy Assailed: The Ideology of Backcountry Anti-Federalism
    The author examines the views of the consensus historians and the attitudes of the anti-federalists towards the idea of American democracy.

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