The American Revolution

Though the Americans were not rebellious initially, there came a point when they were ready for war. They had played second fiddle for a bit too long and could not take it any more. Slowly, the awakening call was being heeded. People were tired of the course things were taking. Time had come for the […]

African American Soldier in American Revolution

In 1775, the black American’s constituted of about 20 percent of the entire colonial population, yet only 5 percent of the African-Americans were engaged in the Continental Army1. This presented worrying statistics on the American Revolution history. The black soldiers mainly originated from the Northern states, which constituted of many Freedmen. Historical findings ascertain that […]

The American Revolution

Introduction Historians regard the American Revolution as an epic struggle for independence by American colonists against Great Britain. The Revolution was started by the breakaway of the 13 American Colonies from the British Crown. Great Britain was unwilling to grant independence to the American colonies and this led to an armed conflict as Britain sought […]

American Revolution and the Crisis of the Constitution of the USA

Introduction The U. S history, particularly the period of the American Revolution, has been marked by a number of inconsistencies and misconceptions concerning the origins of political power and reasons why people were involved in mass insurgencies. One way or another, the historical events occurred in the past has formed the present, newly established movements […]

American Revolutionary War

1. The sociopolitical climate in England in the 1760’s was marked by general conservatism. The 1600’s had been a time of great turmoil and upheaval in England. The country had faced a bloody civil war, the temporary overthrow of the monarchy, religious battles between Protestants and Catholics, and finally the Glorious Revolution. As a result […]

The Ideas of Freedom and Slavery in Relation to the American Revolution

The American Revolution of 1765-1783 was developed as the demonstration of the Americans’ desire to become free from the British Empire’s influence and free to choose the path of the country’s democratic development. The Declaration of Independence of 1776 became the proclamation of the Americans’ rights to become independent regarding every aspect of their life. […]

American Revolution

A British minister, Richard Price, once described the American Revolution as one of the greatest events in the global history since the birth of Jesus Christ. It is an acknowledgeable fact that the American Revolution was not a social revolution like the ones that were experienced in France, Russia or China, but it was a […]

Summary of “Abraham Lincoln” and “The Second American Revolution” by James M. McPherson

James McPherson the author of this book is a scholar and a Civil War author from Princeton University. Demonstrates how the Civil War played a key role in the definition of the American Second Revolution. Essentially, from this book one is able to appreciate the fact that this war played a pivotal role in the […]

American Revolution

Introduction Every Fourth of July, all Americans celebrate the Declaration of independence. Marina in his article “Only a third of Americans supported the American Revolution” wonders what exactly is celebrated on this day, especially when one considers the fact that the US is usually involved in bringing democracy in the world. He argues that he […]

The American Revolution

The American Revolution denotes the social, political and intellectual developments in the American states, which were characterized by political upheaval and war. This happened during the last half of the eighteenth century (Burg, 1). The revolution began in 1763 and lasted up to 1383 when the American Revolutionary war or the American War of Independence […]