“The Second World War: A short history (Struggle for survival)” by Robert Alexander Clarke

Introduction The objective of this review is to provide a synopsis of the events surrounding the Second World War as presented in the book by Robert Alexander Clarke Parker The Second World War: A short history (1997-2001). This review seeks to establish whether the content of the book reflects the actual happenings that took place […]

World War 2 Consequences

Causes of World War 2 The World War 2 began in 1939. This is when France and Britain declared war on Germany. This occurred when Germany invaded Poland and therefore, this is what triggered the outbreak of war. However, the causes of the war are more complex. The major causes of this Great War were […]

Second World War

Introduction World War Two, which started in 1939 and ended in 1945, caused more deaths, several countries got involved and a lot of money was used than any other war in global history. Above 60 million army men participated in the war and about 18,000 soldiers died during the war. Around 20,000 million soviet people, […]

Western Women in World War Two

Introduction World War Two had huge impact on the roles and participation of women in western societies. Women were seen as home-makers and nurturers before the war and were discouraged to work. Married women remained at home to perform traditional duties as wives and mothers. These beliefs affected their role in the society and national […]

Development Theories after Second World War

Introduction Economic growth is a narrow concept that involves an increase in the nation’s output observed using the increment in resources. On the contrary, economic development encompasses the normative aspect of growth. This aspect involves the measurement of people’s morality. According to Todaro and Smith, economic development is the increase that a given society realizes […]

The Second World War Unrest

Introduction The Second World War was the greatest world unrest in the history of humanity. It culminated in the death of over 30 million people. The war brought things to a standstill in the world with reduced or no economic activity being realized between 1939 and 1945. The war came at the time in which […]

Second World War

Before the Second World War, a number of world powers, including Britain, France, and the US had attained their war objectives. This implies that they had prepared amicably to face any enemy in the international system. Before the war, Germany had been reduced to a military cipher while the rest of European powers had been […]

United States and the Second World War

The two-volume compilation by Jonson Michael offers a varied collection of voices from the country’s past. Documents 25-1 and 25-3 provide important information regarding the position of the US in the Second World War. The articles accentuate significant issues as regards to social, political, and economic themes of the US during the Second World War. […]

Second World War in U.S. History

Introduction Studies on the Second World War have yielded varied perspectives; according to Erdelja, “there is no other experience that was more crucial to the development of the U.S. and Europe in the 20th century than the Second World War” (Erdelja, 2009, p. 1). The war marked the struggle for social and political freedom for […]

Challenges and Suggestions that British and American Government faced after the Second World War

Winston Churchill’s speech has been dedicated to the analysis of the past events happened in the course of the Second World War as well as the challenges and problems arisen from constrains people had to overcome. The speech was promoted as an opposition manifest toward the tyranny, deterrence and war. Instead, the primary focus was […]