Fear Essay, Research Paper Examples

Critical analyses of the Climate of Fear report from southern poverty law center

Introduction The climate of fear report was a report prepared by the southern poverty law center following a pattern of hate crimes against Latino Immigrants in Suffolk County. This report revealed the continuous hatred and prejudice against the undocumented Latino immigrants culminating in the murder of Marcelo Lucero. The report also revealed how this pattern […]

Fear and Trembling

The selected passage “Pity has a strange dialectic, at one moment it requires guilt, the next moment it will not have it, and so it is that to be predestinated to pity is more and more dreadful the more the individual’s misfortune is in the direction of the spiritual. But Sarah had no blame attaching […]

Ghost’s Fear

The mention of the word ghost scares many people. Mention it and people will be at the verge of breaking their bones as they escape from something that they have not even seen. Ghosts can be defined as the spirits of the dead people that are said to appear to human beings (Ibsen 17). Today, […]

Fear Appeals in Advertising

Advertisers use fear appeals in their commercials to emphasize negative results that can happen unless the consumer changes an attitude or behavior. The use of fear appeals is widespread. Advertisers use fear appeals to encourage social policy issues such change to healthier habits, stopping smoking, engaging in regular exercise, using contraception, eating a balanced diet […]

Fear vs. Courage

Introduction Inherently, man endeavors to avoid anything that is perceived as amoral; instead, he craves, and competes to get and amass what is thought to be good. Here, it is worth to note that what is true or bad is relative and depends on a given society. Out of the realization of his manifest weakness, […]

Hopes and Fears in Regard to the “Network Society”

The processes of globalization largely influence and define the ways modern society develops and changes. The overwhelming tendencies to industrialization, computerization, and consumerism that were launched by society decades ago, boomerang against those who once spawned them. Observing the new trends in the ways people live, operate, and communicate, sociologists have arrived to a new […]

The Culture of Fear

Introduction The culture of fear is a new phenomenon growing among the American citizens. It refers to the tendency to adopt irrational scares, especially when advanced by the media, politicians, and monomaniacal advocacy groups. This qualifies as paranoia associated with issues such as road rage, breast cancer, pedophiles, blacks, immorality, plane crashes, among others. Glassner […]

Machiavelli’s Claim to Be Either Feared or Loved

Niccolo Machiavelli, a reputable Italian philosopher, posed a question in his book the Prince, “Is it better for the Prince to be feared or loved?” Through this question, Machiavelli attempts to offer pragmatic and practical advices on the means of acquiring and sustaining power. In this regard, he discussed multiple merits and demerits of each […]

Aerophobia (Fear of Flying)

Fear of flying, otherwise referred to as aerophobia is a condition that results in anxiety and fear, thus hindering chances of taking a flight as a means of travel. Aerophobia may be connected to numerous and unnecessary frightening issues. But sometimes it manifests independently. Sometimes aerophobia is coupled with claustrophobia or acrophobia; these imply panic […]

The Fear’s Explanation

Fear is a natural emotion prevalent in human beings as a result of anticipation of danger. It could have both positive as well as negative impacts in the life of an individual depending on a situation. It for instance puts individuals in a better position in regard to responding to danger and threats. Nonetheless, fear […]

The Movie Tarnished as a Threat: Did They Fear Egoism, Altruism or What Hid in Between?

The art of cinema is comparatively new to the mankind, its history dating back to the twentieth century. Despite cinema’s obvious youth, the pace at which it is developing is truly amazing. With its specific ability to speak to the audience directly, it has the most efficient influence on the people, in contrast to literature […]

Fear’s Psychological Aspects

According to Ohman (2001), when one encounters an unexpected scenario marginal significant incident may interfere with current processing resulting to post attentive processing which is prioritized. This processing resources stimulus is associated with activation, phasic psycho physiological which is visible as familiarized responses, which make possible additional stimulus sensory processing (Ohman & Esteves, 2001). Therefore, […]