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Fear Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

If you study psychology, you will probably have to write a fear essay at some point. The emotion is strong and can significantly affect any person, with effects potentially impairing his or her judgment and performance.

It can also result from a variety of sources, such as phobias or trauma, and manifest in many different conditions, taking the person by surprise. As such, it is essential to study the topic of how a person may deal with fear, with the most well-known one being courage.

However, there are many ideas on how the trait can be developed that can be used as fear essay hooks, but not all of them are viable. This article will help you write a powerful essay on the various topics associated with fear.

Fear is an emotion triggered by a perceived threat as a response that prepares the person to address it in an appropriate manner. As such, it is a reaction that helps people cope in the short term, but its effects when the person is constantly in a state of fear can be dangerous.

Examples include physical health deterioration due to the hormone production associated with the reaction and permanent mental health effects, such as PTSD.

As such, people who are affected by chronic fear should try to escape the state to avoid threats to their well-being. The first step towards doing so would be to discover and investigate the causes of the emotion.

Fear triggers in response to danger, whether real or perceived, and the nature of the reaction can provide you with ideas for fear essay titles. While it may be challenging to alleviate real conditions of real danger, not many people have to live in such situations.

Most chronic fear comes from various phobias, or persistent fear reactions to situations that may not warrant such a response. There are numerous variations, such as acrophobia, the fear of heights, and they are interesting topics for an investigation.

Between the many tall buildings designed by people and travel methods such as airplanes, a person with the condition may find it challenging to avoid stressful situations. However, they can generally avoid worrisome conditions with careful planning and the help of others.

Courage is a well-known quality that helps people overcome their fear, one that is described in many stories and images. However, it should be noted that courage is not the absence of fear, but rather a willingness to acknowledge it and confront the source.

The act involves a conscious effort of the will, and many people believe they do not have the capacity to do so. You should discuss the ways in which people can learn to be courageous and the methods that can be used to inspire them to try.

Here are some additional tips for enhancing your essay:

  • Focus on the positive implications of fear and courage, as they are responsible for many of humanity’s great successes, and provide fear essay examples. Our society is safe from many different dangers because people were afraid of them.
  • Make sure to cite scholarly sources wherever appropriate instead of trying to rely on common knowledge. Psychology is a science that has developed considerably since its inception and can offer a wealth of knowledge.
  • Follow standard essay formatting guidelines, such as the use of academic language, the separation of different essay parts with appropriate titles, and the use of an introduction and conclusion.

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🏆 Best Fear Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. SARS: It’s as Bad as we Feared but Dared not Say
    The cornerstone of the study is the article written by Jennifer Eagleton wherein she described not only the SARS outbreak in Hong Kong in 2003 but also the way the media dealt with the crisis […]
  2. Fear’s Psychological Aspects
    The controls and the fearful research participants were quicker in finding a target that was fear relevant, which the research group did not fear.
  3. Fear associated with sexuality issues in society
    This essay has shown how sexuality particularly in Africa is an issue that has for a long time served to propagate the fear of different people.
  4. The Fears Within: What Do You See in the Mirror?
    Without thinking much of what she should take with her, or where the trip would take her, Cassie had bought the tickets and soon was flying away to the islands where the world would be […]
  5. The Movie Tarnished as a Threat: Did They Fear Egoism, Altruism or What Hid in Between?
    Thus, it is reasonable to suggest that the movie gives a good example of what such people’s traits as egoism and altruism can lead to, once they have been too exaggerated.
  6. Fear and intolerance of aging – “Love in the time of cholera” by Gabriel Marquez
    This passage was chosen because it carries with it one of the most dominant themes of the narrative which is the fear and intolerance of aging.
  7. The Fear’s Explanation
    According to the author, there is some form of fear that is understandable and advantageous to an individual while there is also some fear that accounts for conflicts that result in war.
  8. Aerophobia (Fear of Flying)
    The main aim of the careful explanation of the positive reasons of recovering from the condition is to enable the victim to have a feeling of absolute calmness as the session winds up and to […]
  9. Machiavelli’s Claim to Be Either Feared or Loved
    In describing a leader’s demonstration of his personal skills and knowledge for the attainment of the state’s good, Machiavelli focuses the importance of statesmanship.
  10. Robert Frost’s Fear Poetry
    In Sheehy’s article, Lawrence Thompson notes that the ultimate problem of Frost biographer is to see if the biographer can be enough of a psychologist to get far enough back into the formative years of […]
  11. Fear and Trembling in Las Vegas
    In the book “Fear and Trembling in Las Vegas”, the author takes his readers through their experience in the chase of the American Dream.
  12. The Pianist: When the Mercy Comes Where Angels Fear to Trod
    Among them, there is the film called The Pianist, a winner of the Palme d’Or on the Cannes Festival and the movie that has raised a great stir among the audience, them regarding the film […]
  13. Embracing the Entire Globe: Globalization Is not to Be Feared!
    Despite the fact that globalization is designed to reunite people, restoring their economical, political and personal links with one another, there are certain suspicions that the effect of globalization can possibly harm the ethnicity and […]
  14. The Culture of Fear
    The culture of fear is not new: it continues to breed with the sustaining efforts of the opportunistic politicians seeking votes from the public by playing on people’s emotions through mass media.
  15. Hopes and Fears in Regard to the “Network Society”
    On the other hand, the importance of mass media and communication means has led to prevailing role of computers and other instant messaging devices over personal communication, and the resulting depersonalization of human relations.
  16. Summary of the Article “Should We Fear Derivatives?”
    It is necessary to become more attentive to the use of derivatives, to follow the development of derivatives, and to study the peculiarities of each derivative’s type in order to use them properly.
  17. Fear vs. Courage
    On the other hand, the goodies that ensue from being obedient form the basis of his courage to adhere to set rules and do the will of his authorities.
  18. The world after college and fear
    All the jokes and laughter aside, O’ Brien still manages to remain relevant to the occasion and to his main audience.
  19. Fear Appeals in Advertising
    Fear appeals work when advertisers present a moderate amount of fear and a solution to the problem is present in the advertisement. A thorough elaboration of fear may interfere with the communication of the intended […]
  20. Ghost’s Fear
    Believe you me that as one listens to all mysterious actions of the ghosts in the stories, he or she is forming the same picture in the mind.
  21. Fear and Trembling
    To a great extent, this feeling belittles a human being, and in the long term, this emotion can only lead to the bitterness of the individual who is a subject of pity.
  22. Critical Analyses of the Climate of Fear Report from Southern Poverty Law Center
    Following the murder of Marcelo Lucero in the Suffolk County, the federal government initiated an investigation to establish the foundations of the practice and pattern of hate crimes against the undocumented immigrants.
  23. The Movie “Color of Fear”
    The issue of racism is introduced by the film’s director right from the beginning. Therefore, by the end of the video the issue of race is already embedded in the mind of the viewer.

📌 Good Essay Topics on Fear

  1. “Freedom from Fear” by David M. Kennedy
    Whereas the latter omission may be judged bitterly by critiques of this book, it is interesting to note that the era of the Great Depression has been dramatically discussed by the author to the best […]
  2. Dissecting the American Society: Baltimore, Fear and the Fight for Life
    Despite the fact that the citizens of Baltimore are also partially responsible for the moral decomposition of the city, the society and the prejudices that it produces also seem to have had a hand in […]
  3. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Film Analysis
    The drugs presented in “Fear and loathing in Las Vegas” are of various types, cigarettes and alcohol are legal, grass is legal only in some countries, and the rest of the drugs are illegal everywhere […]
  4. Sociological Book “The Culture of Fear” by Barry Glassner
    The book “The Culture of Fear” presents many examples of the sources of fear in the United States. The peddlers of panic in the country inflate statistics to pursue their causes and goals.
  5. Psychology of Fear: Amanda Ripley Views
    Another important element associated with disbelief is lack of information among the victims and those responding to the disaster. The immediate decision to vacate a disaster prone-area is dangerous and lacks in terms of deliberate […]
  6. Fear in Behaviorist and Cognitive Perspectives
    Therefore, my fear is a result of the retrieval of what happened to me on the day I found that snake in my room.
  7. The News Media Role in the Culture of Fear
    The reception of such news has the potential of eliciting fear among the public depending on one’s understanding or relation to the news spread by the media houses.
  8. Overcoming Fear of Failure
    Consequently, this essay evaluates the roles of research practitioners on how fear of failure generates and the significance of their research in the websites.
  9. Definition of Dental Anxiety and Fear
    That way, studying the facts that contribute to the prevalence of anxiety in dental patients, the researchers should study the psychopathological profiles of anxious individuals.
  10. Fear of Missing Out (FoMO) and Social Media Usage
    The first hypothesis, for instance, is that the greater the number of social media platforms used regularly, the higher the level of FoMO a person will experience.
  11. Psychological Science: Fear of Heights in Infants
    The article ‘Fear of Heights in Infants?’ by Adolph et al.shows that the conventional belief is a myth and provides an alternative explanation as to why infants avoid falling off the edge.
  12. Substance Abuse in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
    The protagonists constantly increase the dose of the hallucinogen, which leads to “a quantitative increase in the effects of the experience”.
  13. Atychiphobia, or the Fear of Failure in Psychology
    Putting it simply, the fear of failure is the incapability to suppress the anxious and irrational feeling of fear that, as a result, affects one’s life.
  14. Ku Klux Klan and Fear-Fueled Hatred
    The KKK was a violent response to the conflict’s aim of eliminating slavery of black people. The tone of the violent acts that the KKK members performed was vigilant supporters of white supremacy believed that […]
  15. Fear from Media Reporting of Crimes
    The biggest question is whether it is the fact that there are criminals all around us, or it is in the head. The role of the media is quite profound in this.
  16. Fear of Death
    However, it can be interesting to understand why the rest of the people are so afraid of death. People are afraid of the unknown.
  17. Educational Administration: Promise and Fear
    The particular case that Erica has to deal with is the case of Royal Collins, a fourth-grader who has problems in his family and often demonstrates misbehavior at school.
  18. Patient’s Dental Fear: Managing Anxiety
    In order to find out the most effective ways to cope with the patient’s dental fear, one might consider those methods which will be applicable in accordance with the state of a client.
  19. Technophobes and Their Fear of Technology
    Technophobes assume that they will whether be laid off by the company or will have to commit to continuous learning, which to many people, is a big challenge on its own.
  20. Gender Inequality, Violence Against Women, and Fear in The Sopranos
    Thus, the major research question will be “Does The Sopranos endorse or criticize VaW through the frequent depiction of the scenes of cruelty?” The hypothesis of the research paper will be “The portrayal of VaW […]
  21. Edgar Allen Poe’s Fear of Premature Burial
    For instance, in The Tell-Tale Heart and The Black Cat the police arrive and stimulate a desire on the part of the narrator to confess his crime and undergo punishment from the state.
  22. Fear in News and Violence in Media
    In the proposed paper I intend to present the prevailing fear in American society and which has been produced by news media and the rise of a “problem frame” which is used to delineate this […]

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