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The Song the Arabic Conscience Research Paper

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The wars Arabs had to undergo throughout the previous centuries were dreadful and awful to even imagine. Although any people think that terrorism takes it roots from Islam, this can be disputed. Wars that Arab nation has to take part in are not their fault solely. It is not about the hot temper, like many people think, or not because of religious issues that Arabs adhere to. Unfortunately, people forget that there are political and economic premises that force authorities to take action despite people lives’ values. To be completely honest, it has to be mentioned that Iraq War, for example, broke out not because of 9/11 attack. Let’s face it: authorities and leaders of many countries would love to see the economics of their states merely perfect due to fascinating supply of natural resources. That is why people are getting nuts all over the world because of crude, mineral resources, and simply the territory. Moreover, aside from foreign invasions to Arab states there have been many more conflicts all over the word throughout the history that Arabic Conscious is talking about.

Elaboration on The Arabic Conscience

There has been a very sympathetic song written and sang by many Arab singers in commemoration of peace within the Arab nation. They sing that people forget that they are all Arabs and they are brothers, hence, fighting against each other and fighting in general is absurd. There are four parts of this song every single of each conveys the message that people’s hatred has to stop. Humans have to understand there is something beyond material issues. Money is not the only thing that rules the world. Furthermore, Koran is a wise book that elaborates on respect, love, and care rather than about taking revenge or fighting to deaths.

Jimmy Carter’s Opinion Integration

It has to be mentioned that Jimmy Carter, in his book Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, claimed that ‘the peace process does not have a life of its own; it is not self-sustaining’ (p. 14). And yes, it is so, indeed. The peace is a work. This is a job of authorities and average citizens. Keeping a country in peace means showing nations they are not the enemies, also this means negotiating peace with other countries’ rulers, and the most important is to bring up kids in love for others, not in hatred. Jimmy Carter talks in his book about Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Apartheid that are likely to end up once the political problems and mutual-misunderstanding between countries vanish. The Arabic Conscience is the song that portrays the spiritual level of Arabs that arouses deep respect for the intentions they have – peace and forgiveness. The song offers to forget about fights and start a new life – the life when you are not afraid that your siblings, mom, or dad will be killed. It is inexplicably hard to realize that the young men of your nationality are being tortured just because of religious beliefs and political scrapes (Laqueur, p. 380). Also, it is necessary to say that there is no dominance among humans. As the song claims, there is no one better than others because of their money or skin color. This is the truest statement that people forget about while being in luxury. Therefore, returning to Carter’s thesis, it has to be highlighted that humans are far from realizing the essentiality of peace and equality. The peace does not have its own independent life – humans must beget it. Even if the pseudo-peace is established, still hatred will never disappear, hence, further wars will burst out because of past mistakes and past grief. Essentially, simple talks about peaceful existence is not the same as making real efforts to achieve it. Therefore, the issues of religion should be percepted by people differently. Namely, it is important to forget about the fights over religion and it is necessary to adopt peace as the primary religion and guidance. This may help achieving what means ‘peace as a separate-living substance’. There have been too many dreadful obstacles that aroused hostility between the nations and unlike political leaders, average people live everything through. It is devastating that elderly people are humiliated by someone richer. It is out of common sense to insult aged men and make them cry because of the grief that the war and conflicts brought. The video The Arab Conscience portrays the old man crying over the loss of home and family he had. As it is known, old people in Arab countries do not cry over trifles, they are always wiser and stronger than anyone else.

Yitzhak Reiter’s Conflict Elimination Methods

The second thought of the song expressed was conveying the longed-for dream: Arab countries will unite one day. This is one of those main subjects brought up in the song that concern many Arabs all over the Arab countries. Moreover, Yitzhak Reiter in his book called War, Peace and International Relations in Islam: Muslim Scholars on Peace Accords with Israel expresses his vision of motivating good relations not only between Arabs but also between Islamic and Christian world. He states that there is a need to foster moderate Arab-Muslims in order to dispute with radical Muslim factions. Indeed, it is important to bring up new generation of people for an opportunity to live peacefully. (Reiter, p. 28) Nowadays, Arabs do not regard signing a peace agreement with Israel and yet living in friendship afterwards. Therefore, having new leaders – persuaded in wonderful outcome – with peace political agenda will bring new light, new vision, and new life conditions, hopefully. It is a pity to see a girl in a song’s video saying that there is no life. Dreadfully, a young girl understands how terrible the conditions are, whereas her generation is the one to bring new understanding and forgiveness to future life. The song shows that Arab countries will be once glowed with light of happiness, though they stroll to that goal through wars and fights. It is either the conscience or human feelings that must be dead; however, the utmost hope for the best gives an opportunity to say that someday the Arab conscience will prevail.

One of the absurd things unveiled by the song is acquisition of weapons that do mean power of the state but at the same time these weapons can destroy the Earth. This is a very powerful moment in the video that signals about the disaster to be afraid of, unless we start thinking about what we are doing rather than about political vanity and money. Therefore, in order to support Mr. Reiter it has to be said that current political leaders are unable to create an environment of friendly relations between Islam and Israel. The new leaders have to appear and share their desire of making peace disregarding the pain everyone has undergone.


Evidently, purchasing nuclear weapons that destroy the world is not helpful for peacemaking mission, this is irrational. The song The Arabic Conscience has brought many people to understanding that there has to be something changed; the feeling of disgust and hatred have to be shifted and altered by more peaceful thoughts and attitudes. Of course, speaking about political changes due to the song is impossible yet. However, once all Arab people unite under the flag of peace neither politics, nor racial and religious issues will have values. The wars will be stopped and both poor and rich will strive for this success together. There is no need to foster killers in order to create peaceful environment. Only with kindness and forgiveness will the humanity reach peace. The opinions of Jimmy Carter and Yitzhak Reiter distinctively reflect an opportunity to strive for this goal. Not only they appealed to people to lay down arms, they shared their ideas on the actual methods of signing peace. It is evident that the nations that underwent wars, sufferings, loss of family members, and simply pain cannot just forget everything. The two authors indicate the main criteria of attaining peace – new leaders at reins and the desire of people to change. There were many wars and conflicts that the Arab nation experienced. Right now it is hard to forget the strangled sons and wounded husbands as well as thousands of unjustified deaths but it is only hope that can save and bring light. Namely, it is the hope to forgive and forget.

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