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75 Legacy Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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  1. Mid-City at the Crossroads: Shaw Heritage Trail
    Washington, DC is the place where it is always interesting to be, to listen to other people conversions, and to enjoy the sights offered to the tourists, and Neighborhood Heritage Trails provides people with a […]
  2. Marketing Plan: Legacy Village
    This report devises budget of one of products of Legacy Village and evaluates outcomes to measure the effectiveness of marketing plan.
  3. Nixon’s Legacy, Reaganomics
    The media was influenced by the aftermath of the Watergate scandal as it gained confidence and a more aggressive approach to investigating and unraveling of scandals in the government in an attempt to facilitate transparency […]
  4. History and Heritage
    History is also a tool used to establish the validity of the current beliefs or ideas held by an individual, society or section of a society and the invalidity of the ideas and beliefs held […]
  5. Architecture and Cultural Heritage
    In it, one will find a lot of information about the history of Dubai and the manner in which its people lived in the past.
  6. Local Museums and Their Cultural Heritage
    Perhaps, lack of this information is to hide the miseries of the past and assist the Asian-Americans to concentrate in the positive part of history.
  7. The Experienced Touch at Heritage Christian Home
    The care and support for the developmentally disabled residents at Heritage Christian Home on Yorktown Road in Penfield, New York, is proving to be a jigsaw puzzle with regard to hiring of the staff to […]
  8. Our Latin Heritage
    It is hypnotic and sensuous, with what seems like an unvarying single beat, surrounded by the swirl of a melody that stays largely in major key.
  9. An Economic Approach to World Heritage
    The culture of a given community would determine the history of such a community in terms of architectural designs of the past such as the Great Wall of China and so on.
  10. The Burden of Hitler’s Legacy
    In his opinion, the Jews were to be blamed for Germany’s downfall in World War 1 and the subsequent peace treaty that was a source of embarrassment to the nation.
  11. The Lascaux Caves as World Heritage Sites
    There are seven sections of the Lascaux caves namely: “the Great Hall of the Bulls, the Painted Gallery, the Lateral Passage, the Chamber of Engravings, the Main Gallery, the Chamber of Felines, and the Shaft […]
  12. Prospect Reservoir and Surrounding Areas: An Australian National Heritage Site
    The History of the Aborigines and European Settlers According to the Office of Environment and Heritage [herein referred to as OEH], the area on which Prospect Reservoir sits was formerly under the control of the […]
  13. Duke Ellington Life and Legacy
    Duke Ellington was known widely to be one of the greatest composer and musician of jazz music in the 20th century.
  14. Maoist Legacy in Contemporary China
    Over the subsequent years, after the demise of Mao as a social legend, questions have prevailed whether the idea of social equality is practicable in the contemporary China, with evidence pointing out the reemergence of […]
  15. Heritage Tourism Definition
    One of the major stakeholders to this tourist destination is the Heritage Malta that is greatly involved in managing the museums and sites.
  16. Heritage Tourism and Its Peculiarities
    To this end, it assesses the strategic locations of the site and the importance of achieving the intended goal, which aims towards the revenue generation and culture preservation.
  17. The Heritage of the Soviet Union
    Thus, to understand the future of these countries, it is important to consider political systems within the countries and define factors which resulted in the development of such regimes.
  18. Heritage Tourism and Cultural Tourism
    In the preservation of the sites for tourism purposes, it is clear that what is termed as the “culture of today” becomes the heritage of the future. There is a need to unveil the complexity […]
  19. Heritage Tourism
    Those in support of the claim that the two types of tourism meaning the same continue to say that the features that can be used to differentiate between the two types of tourism are the […]
  20. The Life and Legacy of John Wesley
    Wesley was not like any other minister of the gospel but he was a courageous and spirit-filled minister of the gospel who preached under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, impacting millions of people.
  21. The World Heritage Case Study: Australia
    Some of the objectives that were set are to conserve and protect the world heritage value of the sites, to incorporate the protection of the site into a complete planning program and to ensure that […]
  22. The Cultural Heritage of Canada
    In addition, the percentage of the common law marriages is on the rise. In addition, the law favors women about the custody of children in divorce cases.
  23. Online Marketing of Heritage Visitor Attractions in Malta
    Therefore, the specific objectives of this research will be: To conduct a comprehensive review of existing literature in relation to the online marketing of heritage visitor attractions To identify the current supply and demand for […]
  24. Leadership Legacy Issues
    The ability of leadership to attain results is dependent on many factors such the followers, the environment, resources, and activities that go towards the achievement of the goals that the leadership is established to attain.
  25. Sustainability of Heritage Tourism in Australia
    The purpose of the plan is to involve the government and other stakeholders, including the corporate organizations to better understand and contribute in protection and conservation of the cultural and heritage assets within the country.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Legacy

  1. World Heritage Sites: Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens
    Currently, the building is in the process of being restored to the theme that was there in the 20th century. The Royal Exhibition Building is the building and the Carlton garden is the site in […]
  2. A Case Study of Two Heritage Sites: Capital of Malta, Valletta, and Venice in Italy
    The capital of Valletta and Venice are two cities in the republic of Malta and the republic of Italy respectively, which have shown competitive architectural designing, and thus form substantial tourism attractions in the two […]
  3. How Confucianism as the Asian American Heritage Has Been Maintained in Asian American Families
    The Confucian philosophy uses the concepts of training and control and love in the Chinese parenting practices, such that they are deeply involved in the lives of their children.
  4. Heritage Healthcare Agency
    In this regard, the organization intends to improve the productivity of its employees and to reduce the cost of its services in order to make them affordable to the majority of the citizens.
  5. India’s Cultural Heritage
    The younger the generation, the easier it becomes to get used to the world that is around and so, the transition into the new population and culture is almost unnoticeable.
  6. Management: Integrating Legacy Manufacturing Software
    The focus of modern manufactures on the integration of the legacy manufacturing software with the ERP system is explained with references to the fact that the result of the integration is the effective management and […]
  7. Counterculture Legacy on People’s Lifestyle
    The 1960’s are characterized by the a social movement which was called Counterculture and had a great influence on the historical, political and social events in the USA, as well as in the whole world, […]
  8. Jainism: The Legacy of Lord Mahavira
    All the same, he was a great leader who is still respected by the followers of this religion up to date.
  9. African Art and Lega’s People Legacy
    As Bravmann explains, the culture of the Lega society blends the elements of the colonial Bwamis and the elements of other African cultures: “it is through initiation into Bwami, and through the gradual movement through […]
  10. Greek Heritage in Modern Literature and Society
    However, the Greeks are the people behind civilization and should be credited for the development of the art of communication, literature, and poetry.
  11. Traditions and Heritage Revival in the UAE
    Within the discursive context of Sakr’s article, the term ‘invention of tradition’ is best discussed as Arabic oil-states’ tendency to invest in exploring the cultural roots of its populations by the mean of encouraging architects […]
  12. Hashima Islands as a World Heritage Site
    This paper includes insights into the history of the island and provides a brief analysis of the significance of the site as well as the debate on the development of the human society in general […]
  13. Museum of Jewish Heritage and Learning Experience
    It is also a somber realization since the hate and bigotry that caused the suffering of the Jewish people continues to exist in the world today, albeit in a different form.
  14. Heritage Tourism vs. Cultural Tourism Definition
    In contrast, cultural tourism fails to consider the experience of the past and is more concerned with the meeting the needs of the visitors.
  15. Valletta as a Heritage Tourism Destination
    It is necessary to note that the city is multinational and this also contributes to a potential interest of tourists coming from different European countries.
  16. Umm al-Nar: Geoarchaeology and Cultural Heritage
    This report aims at revealing the essentials of the Umm al-Nar site along with its significance in the framework of cultural heritage and tourism to understand the role of this geoarchaeological complex in nowadays national […]
  17. Traditional Bedouin Aba as Saudi Arabian Heritage
    However, with the course of time, instead of the definition of a lifestyle, the term “Bedouin” became the determinant of an identity.
  18. Cape Breton’s Cultural Heritage
    One of the major disadvantages of this strategy is that the fine details of the history may be altered by the narrator. The text by Caplan provides a narrative of the Mi’kmaq way of life […]
  19. Clothing and Accessories’ Heritage in Saudi Arabia
    The aba or abaya is a piece of outer clothing that has gained the most of its popularity among the Bedouin tribes.
  20. Cultural Heritage and the Challenge of Sustainability
    On the contrary, Maggie and Mama are the ones who realize that heritage is not in the price of artifacts but in the attitude to one’s present-day life.
  21. Identification and Legacy of the US History
    This land almost doubled the area of the USA and made it one of the widest countries around the globe. This was a mission directed by President Jefferson in the year 1804 to facilitate the […]
  22. Italian Heritage and Its Impact on Life in the US
    The low rate of career penetration for Italian-Americans in the field of medicine is in part due to a combination of false stereotyping, belief that other ethnicities are simply better in the field of medicine, […]
  23. Animation: Walt Disney’s Legacy and Characters
    The assumption that children are incapable of appreciating the artistry of a specific work is, however, erroneous; instead, they are often unable to express their ideas and fascination with the animation.
  24. Tourists’ Attitude to Technology in China’s Heritage Tourism
    This Dissertation critically illustrates the perceptions and attitudes of tourists to the ICT implication in the practice of heritage tourism in China, the response of the tourism industry, and the factors affecting the motivation and […]
  25. Greek Legacy in a Contemporary Democratic State
    This may be one of the reasons that the application of ethics bestowed upon citizens in Ancient Greece led to its success, and to be referred to as one of the best democracies of its […]
  26. Gaelic Folklore as Cape Breton’s Cultural Heritage
    In the article, The Effect of Christianity upon the British Celts, Grunke discusses the Celtic culture and the impacts of Christianity on the people from this community.
  27. Theater Exam: American Dream and Family Legacy
    To start the discussion on the concept of American Dream, I would like to focus on Willy, the main character of the Death of a Salesman.
  28. Indian vs. American Cultural Heritage and Traditions
    Usually, the representatives of different races and nationalities enter countries that are not their native, adding diversity to the homogeneous people of that state.
  29. The Second World War and Its Legacy
    While being spatially distanced from the military conflict that grasped the entirety of Europe at the time, the United States also experienced the drastic effects of WWII, including the tremendous number of human lives devoured […]
  30. The Mughal Empire: Culture and Heritage
    The combination of the regions’ economic independence, the tensions between Hindus and Muslims, and the penetration of the subcontinent by the European economic powers led to the decline of the Mughal Empire.

⭐ Interesting Topics to Write about Legacy

  1. American History: The Legacy of the 1960s
    The focus on liberation and the reinforcement of the traditionally democratic values resonated with a range of American citizens, causing American society to experience a gradual change in values.
  2. The Spanish Frontier Legacy in Southwest America
    The lands of the Aztecs were extremely rich in terms of gold and silver, while the Southwest failed to live up to the expectations of the Spanish.
  3. Tourism Management of The National Parks and Heritage
    The National parks are credited for being major tourist attraction sites as compared to national heritage and promotion of the tourism industry as they have what the tourist wants to see, that is, the beauty […]
  4. British Administration’s Legacy in Hong Kong
    When analyzing the British legacy in Hong Kong, it will be prudent to appreciate the past British deeds in their contribution to the current state of Hong Kong, it will be equally vital to pinpoint […]
  5. The Intergenerational Legacy of Trauma Generated in War-Zone Children
    Despite how the children are recruited into the armed force, child soldiers are victims, and their taking part in conflicts brings serious implications to their physical as well as emotional welfare. The signatories thus have […]
  6. The Socratic Legacy or the Cynic Legacy
    The Socratic legacy understand that the moral life is the best life for the agent thus has the central role of linking Socrates’ intuitions of the pre-eminence of morality with the theory of uniform self-interested […]
  7. Historical Legacy of the Twentieth Century
    The end of the century was marked by more positive happenings, such as the collapse of the communist regime and gaining of independence by many countries.
  8. Haiti: The Duvaliers and Their Legacy
    This paper seeks to understand the impact of the media on the public having a close look at Haiti and Francois Duvalier’s government.
  9. Chinese Politics: The Maoist Era and Its Legacy
    There is a need to increase the wealth of China in order for it to achieve a more elevated status in the eyes of the world.
  10. Ottoman Empire’s Legacy to Modern Turkey
    At the same time, the conservative administrative structure of the Ottoman Empire and the way of ruling the country, which was the authoritative monarchy, allowed only for the development of the already existing branches of […]
  11. The Legacy and Impact of Abraham Lincoln
    He spoke against the war and stated that God had forgotten to defend the weak and the innocent and permitted the strong band of murderers and demons from hell to kill men, women and children […]
  12. Heritage – A Sense of Belongingness
    Global movements like the entry of the heritage monuments in the tourism sector, and along with that interest of private companies have raised many complex issues on the ownership rights of the heritage sites, which […]
  13. The Legacy of the Sixties
    This led to the formation of a loose coalition grouped under the term the New Left which was united in the struggle against racism and the Vietnam War, as well as the hippie movement which […]
  14. The Changing Legacy of Christopher Columbus
    The current legacy of Columbus states that he was the first person to discover America and that he had set sail to prove that the Earth was round and hence an oceanic voyage westward would […]
  15. Family’s Heritage of Liberian Family
    There is the Mela group which is compromised of the Kissi and Gola and they are considered the oldest in the region.
  16. Japanese Kimono: A Part of Cultural Heritage
    The other reason behind the waning popularity of the kimono is the intricate design used in its knitting. In the beginning of the 18th century, the name of this garment was changed to kimono.
  17. Leadership Legacy: Definition and Goals
    Whatever they impact on these people will be forwarded to the future of the organization and thus the leaders should see to it that they impact a positive legacy to the people.
  18. Emily Carr’s Legacy in Canadian Art History
    Her remembrance was greatly attributed to the paintings she made, with the main highlights being her pursuit of Canadian spirit in a modern way as was represented in several of her paintings.
  19. Art, Literature, and Culture: Heritage of the XX Century
    To portray the events of the twentieth and the twenty-first century I want to create a virtual time capsule that will be buried at this point and opened many years later.
  20. 14th Century Legacy in the Sonnets of Garcilaso
    Eliot’s theory of the impersonality of poetry: “The only way of expressing emotion in the form of art is by finding an “objective correlative”; in other words, a set of objects, a situation, a chain […]

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