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52 Japanese Art Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Japanese Art Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Kimono Art in Traditional Japanese Clothing
    The Kimonos were introduced in the Japanese culture during the Heian period. The government of the time agitated for westernization, where the Japanese people were to adopt western culture including the western attire.
  2. Yayoi Kusama’s Art and Oriental Way of Life
    Such a point of view is, of course, is fully legitimate – especially given the unconventional aesthetic subtleties of Kusama’s artistic installations, the long history of psychosis, on the author’s part, and the fact that […]
  3. Women in Art: Yayoi Kusama, Maya Lin, Zaha Hadid
    In her autobiography, Kusama says that “deep in the mountains of Nagano,” where she was born in 1929, she had discovered her style of expression: “ink paintings featuring accumulations of tiny dots and pen drawings […]
  4. Traditional Japanese Architecture
    One of the major causes of the abovementioned twists has been the commencement of Buddhism in the country, which was greatly influenced by the socialism from China.”Beasley believes that “by the eleventh century the Chinese […]
  5. The Influence of Japanese Art Upon Mary Cassatt
    Critics admit that Japanese motifs are evident in her works especially in her entire work, devoted to the representation of woman and the child, which is a kind of revenge for repressed maternity: unmarried, she […]
  6. Japanese Painters: Asai Chu and Hashimoto
    Hashimoto Sadhide a renowned Japanese painter born in 1807 and he died in 1878; the painter lived in the city of Yokohama which was known to be a western settlement.
  7. Effects of Globalization in the Contemporary Japanese Art
    They have in turn influenced the art of painting in Japan to develop it and push it to a global level.
  8. Japanese Kimono: A Part of Cultural Heritage
    The other reason behind the waning popularity of the kimono is the intricate design used in its knitting. In the beginning of the 18th century, the name of this garment was changed to kimono.
  9. Mono-Ha. Japanese Art Style. Concepts and Impact on Cultural Trends
    These movements and styles developed as a result of a special vision of the world common for Japanese people who are known for their devotion and tender affection to nature and its beauty, and the […]
  10. The Complexity of Traditional Chinese and Japanese Theater Arts
    Comedic plays gained popularity since the start of the theater in 1603, but public outrage over the vulgarity and excess eroticism of kabuki led to the government prohibiting women from acting in the plays.
  11. V. Horta’s Tassel Hotel and the Pavilion for Japanese Art by B. Goff
    The Art Nouveau works of art are characterized by the use of the new materials and technologies from one side and the motives of the ancient myths and spiritual world on the other.
  12. Japanese Shrines Architecture Uniqueness
    They also concentrated much on the visual elegance and the actual balance of the building compared to the level of the environment.

🎓 Good Research Topics about Japanese Art

  1. Ancient Egyptian and Japanese Art: Comparative Analysis
  2. Art Criticism Using the Frames – Chinese and Japanese Art
  3. Ancient Japanese Art Artists Hiding Place
  4. Comparative Analysis of Chinese and Japanese Art
  5. Exploring the Unique Japanese Art
  6. Impressionist Artists and the Influence of Japanese Art
  7. Overview and Analysis of Japanese Art and Culture
  8. Japanese Art During the Asuka Period
  9. Kabuki, the Japanese Art vs. Puccini’s Madame Butterfly: Comparison
  10. Japanese Art Infused Into the Temple of Todaiji
  11. Overview and Analysis of Modern Japanese Art
  12. Japanese Art: Shinto vs. Buddhism
  13. Origami: The Japanese Art of Paper Folding
  14. Japanese Art: World War II and American Occupation
  15. The Great 19th Century Impressionists Influenced by Japanese Art
  16. Urawaza: The Japanese Art of Lifehacking
  17. The Effect of Culture and Mythology on Japanese Art
  18. Japanese Manga as an Art Form
  19. A Study of the Origin of Judo and Jujutsu, a Japanese Art
  20. An Overview of the Beauty Principle in Japanese Art

🥇 Interesting Topics to Write about Japanese Art

  1. The Most Collected and Popular Kind of Art, the Japanese Art
  2. The History of Japanese Art Before 1333
  3. Japanese Art: The Edo Period of the Japanese Culture
  4. Analysis of Western Influence on Japanese Art
  5. How Japanese Art Influenced Their Works of Art
  6. Effects of Japanese Art on French Art in the Late 19th Century
  7. The Link Between Japanese Art and Shintoism
  8. How Japanese Art Influenced Van Gogh’s Paintings
  9. Comparison of Non-western Art vs. Japanese Art
  10. Overview of the Japanese Art of Ukiyo-e
  11. Literature, Art, Sport, and Cuisine of Japanese Culture
  12. Contemporary Japanese Art: Between Globalization and Localization
  13. The Impact of the First World War on Japanese Art
  14. Japanese Art: The History of Pottery
  15. John la Farge’s Discovery of Japanese Art
  16. Japanese Art: History, Characteristics, and Facts
  17. Looking at the Most Famous Japanese Artists and Artworks
  18. From Japonisme to Japanese Art History: Promoting Japanese Art in Europe
  19. Overview of Major Themes in Japanese Art
  20. The Chinese Influence on Japanese Art

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