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82 Japanese Culture Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Japanese Culture Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. The Japanese Culture of Ukiyo-e and Ikebana
    Two areas of the Japanese culture that Mori talks about is Ukiyo-e and Ikebana which are Japanese words that are common to the pre-Meiji artistic works of the Japanese people.
  2. The Influence of Heavy Metal on Japanese Culture
    In Japan, the association involving the realm of heavy metal music and personal distinctions has been surveyed in a number of studies.
  3. Hip-Hop and the Japanese Culture
    The prevalence of soul dancing in Japan in the earlier years also formed the basis for the wide acceptance of the hip-hop culture into the Japanese culture because soul dancing was common in the streets […]
  4. Political Economy and Culture in Japan
    A strong work ethic and management culture in the commerce and manufacturing industry has ensured the prosperity of the Japanese economy. A good example of the interaction of political economics and culture is the case […]
  5. Influence of the Consumption Phenomenon on Japan’s Social Culture
    The present society in Japan is founded on the concepts of bettering the welfare of people. Another vital aspect that is worth noting is that the Japanese society is exceptional in because of the presence […]
  6. Cross-cultural Management: Japanese Culture and Its Workplace Practices
    This is one of the strategies that can be adopted. This is one of the pitfalls that should be avoided.
  7. Traditional Culture No Longer Is Prevalent in Japanese Society
    However with the phasing of the government policies in to the adoption of the 1870s epoch, it was aimed to enhance the exports of lacquerware to Western countries.
  8. Japanese Anime and Doujin Culture
    In the 1980’s the anime spread to other parts of the world including the western world where it has continued to grow in popularity.
  9. Process of Modernization and How It Affected the Cultures of China and Japan
    Among such countries, China and Japan were voted as the most affected nations by modernization process because of the emergent of simple and advanced technologies. This changed gradually with the spread of industrial revolution in […]
  10. Language and Culture: The Honorifics (Speech or System) of Japanese and Korean
    In Japan, honorific use is determined by the category of the addressee, that is, he/ she might be superior to the addresser, and this corresponds directly to the verb in use.
  11. Japanese Fascist Ideology and Culture
    In a fascist authority, the issue of taking control over the people is of great significance and fascist leaders know that for them to control the naivety of the people well then they have to […]
  12. Culture Comparison Between China and Japan
    In Japan, it can be proved by the fact that the name Japan is written in the Chinese Kanji and not the Japanese Katakana or Hiragana.
  13. Analysis of “Yuri” Manga as a Peculiarity of Japanese Popular Culture
    Conclusions of the analysis indicate that yuri manga is not limited to lesbian culture, moreover, it is a significant element of Japanese popular culture.
  14. Whaling in Japan: Justifiable by Culture?
    The gap in reasoning when it comes to utilizing the concept of “scientific research” as a means of justifying the hunting of various whale species by Japanese whalers is the obvious fact that you do […]
  15. An Aspect of Politics and Culture of Meiji in Japan
    In mid 1880’s there was a financial crisis in Japan due to the huge expenses on industrialization. The Sino-Japanese war between 1894and 1895 was due to divergence of interests in Korea involving China and Japan.
  16. Influence of Japanese Culture in Hawaii
    From the census, it is clear that the culture and the cuisine Hawaii, which are known today, were created by the history of the migration of Japanese to Hawaii when they settled there to work […]
  17. Diversity Management and Japanese Culture
    This is because it requires a comprehensive understanding of the cultural values of both the native country and also that of the foreign country in which you are supposed to carry out your business activities.
  18. Japanese Culture Analysis: Values and Traditions
    For a manager working with a person from the Japanese culture, understanding how the cultural dimensions apply to the culture will help the manager to work well with the other individuals.
  19. General Aspects of Japanese Corporate Culture
    Analysing the corporate culture in Japan, the essay will classify the companies into two: the large and small companies The Japanese culture of management stands out clearly in large corporations.
  20. Daoism Philosophy in the Cultures of the Koreans, Japanese and Chinese
    Besides, the treatise explores the orientations of the Daoist tradition and the concepts of sages, deities, hell and heaven, and Confucian discourse.
  21. Ramen Culture as a Vital Part of the Traditions in Japan
    Studying the history of the transformation of ramen culture and the role it plays in modern Japanese popular culture helps to explore the uniqueness of the phenomenon and understand the origins of its immense popularity.
  22. Zen Buddhism Religion in Japanese Culture
    The uniqueness of Zen is in rejecting the importance of doctrines and emphasizing the role of the spiritual growth of the person through the practice of meditation.
  23. Japanese National and Organizational Cultures
    So it is mandatory for the organization to work out modalities of avoiding the feeling of one culture domineering the organization while making the other cultures seem inferior by promoting intercultural bonding and communicating the […]
  24. American vs. Japanese Cultures as Adaptive Systems
    Since the analysis of these cultures will be done from the perspective of the cultural theory, the paper will also examine how each culture influences the development of people, identity, and personality within it.
  25. Age in the American and the Japanese Cultures
    In the Japanese environment, elderly people are respected and appreciated, whereas in the environment of American society, old people are viewed as dead weight.
  26. Disneyland in American, Japanese, European Cultures
    Due to the popularity of the American culture, Disneyland’s representation of American culture that spreading a positive attitude about life has a significant impact on Disneyland in Asian countries, especially in Japan.
  27. Japanese Culture and Identity in Modern Era
    I strongly believe that Japanese popular culture might lose its identity due to influence from other cultures, which may lead to a slight modification of the culture.
  28. Japanese Colonialism Impact on the Korean Culture
    For instance, Faker and Ryang consider the effects that the Japanese culture has had on the Korean one, while Schmidt and Lim deal with the ways in which Korea accepted colonialism and how the country […]
  29. Japanese and Southeast Asia Cultures
    The activities of the warrior were based on the principle of bushido. Human civilization is the main characteristic of the culture in the continent of Asia.
  30. Japan’s History and Culture on a Global Scale
    1868 marked a period of the modernization of Japan, with the Meiji restoration leading to the centralization of everything about the emperor.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Japanese Culture

  1. The Growth of Japanese Culture in the Tokugawa Period
    The principal factor that benefited the growth and progress of the nation after the ascension of Tokugawa Ieyasu to power is the conclusion of the Sengoku period.
  2. Japanese Popular Culture: Anime, Video Games, and the Film Industry
    This report will investigate the growth and influence of Japanese pop culture through anime, video games, and the film industry. The game was created by a Japanese studio and is built on the concept of […]
  3. Comparing Japanese and Chinese Cultures
    The main difference between the Chinese and Japanese concept of loyalty is that the Chinese people emphasize their loyalty to their family as a top priority.
  4. Culture and Customs of Japan After WWII
    It must be admitted, however, in the interests of truth, that the traditional mode of living and ways of thinking, both good and bad, are deeply rooted in the life of the Japanese people of […]
  5. Comparing the USA, China, Japan and the United Kingdom Cultures
    This diversity is evident in their music, fashion, cuisine, visual arts, cinema and literature and due to the propagation of the same through the media; the American culture has today become the pedestal through which […]
  6. Conflict Management in Japanese Culture
    Japan and its culture truly represent the cultural compromise that determines the development of the entire Japanese spiritual tradition.
  7. Violence and War in Japanese Popular Culture
    50 years after the end of the war, the effects of the war have continued to influence the Japanese culture and have also affected its relations with other countries.
  8. The Japanese Culture and Ecological Interests
    Many Japanese practices have been adopted in the western world due to the popularity of the culture. Among the many cultural practices of Japan, karate is the most practiced one outside the state.
  9. Chinese Han Dynasty: Comparing to the Japanese Culture
    Changing the focus to that one of the daily lives of ordinary citizens, the art of the Chinese culture during the Han Dynasty era allowed introducing a significant amount of diversity into the artistic realm.
  10. Western Pop Culture and Street Fashion of Japanese Youth
    The research of the topic needs to be preceded by the explanation of the key subjects and notions used in the current paper.
  11. Relationships in Japanese History and Culture
    The preparation of the obento is not easy, it demands some special skills, and, of course, deep knowledge of the traditions.
  12. Researching of the Culture of Japan
    As for me, I thought that the Arabic language is complicated but after I heard Japanese, I understood it was really hard to learn and speak it.

💡 Interesting Topics to Write about Japanese Culture

  1. Japanese Culture vs. Chinese Culture: The Loss of Patriotism
  2. Anime and Its Effects on Japanese Culture
  3. Impact of Buddhism on the Japanese Culture
  4. Chinese and Japanese Culture Comparison and Analysis
  5. Cultural Globalisation Through Japanese Culture
  6. Did the Samurai Have a Significant Impact on Japanese Culture?
  7. Differences Between Korean and Japanese Culture
  8. Eating Disorders and Self-Harm in Japanese Culture
  9. Gender Roles in the Japanese Culture
  10. Hip-Hop Impact on the Japanese Culture
  11. How Does Sushi Reflect Japanese Culture?
  12. Overview of Japanese Culture and Communication Features
  13. Japanese Culture Views on Homosexuality
  14. How Japanese Culture Has Become So Popular
  15. Japanese Culture and Its Relation to Buddhism
  16. How Japanese Culture Affects the Economy
  17. The Parallels Between Japanese Culture and Military Conflict History
  18. The Relationships Between Japanese Culture and Politics
  19. How Reliance Will Get Fit Into the Japanese Culture
  20. Linking Japanese and South African Culture

📌 Simple & Easy Japanese Culture Essay Titles

  1. Japanese Culture and the Misconceptions Associated With It
  2. American Culture and Japanese Culture: Comparative Analysis
  3. Japanese Culture and Western Influence on It
  4. The Role of Sexuality in the Japanese Culture
  5. Japanese Culture: Art, History, and Society
  6. Japanese Culture and Role of Women in It
  7. Communication Guide Between America Business Culture and Japanese Culture
  8. Japanese Culture Factors Influenced the Disclosure of Financial Information
  9. The Link Between Religions and Japanese Culture
  10. Japanese Culture: From Ancient to Modern Times
  11. Social and Geographical Aspects of the Japanese Culture
  12. Japanese Culture Places High Value on Privacy
  13. The Gender Problems in the Japanese Culture
  14. Japanese Culture: Producing Japan in the World
  15. Key Similarities and Differences Between the Japanese and the American Cultures
  16. Japanese Culture That Reflects Through Their Writing and Art Forms
  17. Motivation and Organizational Japanese Culture
  18. The Odd and Fascinating Japanese Culture
  19. Tracing Back the Japanese Culture to 10,000 BC
  20. Understanding the Japanese Culture Through the Warrior Codes of Bushido

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