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59 Photography Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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  1. Photography as a career
    It is of essence to note that a number of variations exist in the field of photography, for example, self-employment and commercial photographing are just some of the ways one can successfully earn a living […]
  2. Evolution of Photography: Trying to Seize the Moment
    In his book A Concise History of Photography, Helmut Gernsheim takes the reader onto a time travel, explaining the origins of photography and telling about the opportunities that photography offers.
  3. The Exhibit Twilight Visions at the International Center of Photography
    The medium of photography in the post World War I period was almost too deliciously convenient a vehicle for certain proponents of the Dadaists and the Surrealists.
  4. Social Uses of Photography: Post-Mortem Photographs
    The art of photography was invented by Louis Daguerre in the 18th century; this invention promoted the representatives of the middle class family with an opportunity to memorize the events and people and not to […]
  5. Photography: Jimmy Nelson’s Piece of Art
    According to Nelson, the Maasai are part of the few tribes in the world that are quickly fading due to civilization and the increasing need for the world to form a global community.
  6. Concept of Documentary Photography
    The purpose of composition in this case is to bring out a distinction between the different elements of a work that is being portrayed in such a manner that the elements of the work that […]
  7. Photography Art in 20th Century
    In its turn, this reflected the fact that during the course of the 20th century’s initial phase, the classical conventions of physics have been thoroughly revised, due to the emergence of the Theory of Relativity.
  8. Exhibitions at the International Center of Photography
    Focusing on the photographs by Chim, it is possible to feel as the part of the European society between the 1930s and 1950s.
  9. The Art of Photography: Seizing the Moment Flying
    The vividness of the gender stereotypes which the art of photography disclosed was incredible, because of the new ideas of gender gap and the gender prejudices which the boldest photographers dared to take picture of.
  10. Impacts of Photography on Advertising
    So as to discuss this topic, this paper shall: trace the development of photography on advertising; discuss the positive impacts of photography on advertising; and discuss the negative impacts of photography on advertising.
  11. Surrealism in Photography
    Surrealism, which started after the World War I, in photography is one of the indicators of most important revolutions that have taken place over the history in the area of photography.
  12. “Escaping to Reality: Fashion Photography in the 1990s” by Elliot Smedley
    Written by Elliot Smedley, “Escaping to Reality: Fashion Photography in the 1990s” explores how contemporary fashion photography is adopting realistic styles by using realistic activities contrary to ideal styles that had dominated art and photography […]
  13. The development of lithography and photography in the nineteenth century
    For this reason, when the reproduction techniques of lithography and photography came up, most of the artists at the time viewed this as a gold mine. As to whether lithography and photography resulted in a […]
  14. Critical analysis of Barthes’s Camera Lucida-Reflections on Photography
    He maintained that a picture has a potential to create deceitfulness in the fantasy of ‘what is’, where the description of ‘What was’ is so specific.
  15. History of Photography Culture
    Thus, as a result of the credibility, reliability and realism of photography, the development of photography was closely related to the industrial revolution, the scientific revolution and advancement in philosophy.
  16. Humanities – Photography
    This paper compares Weegee and Goldin’s photography to address the connection between the middle years of the twentieth century, when photography began to expose realities in life, and the modern distrustful era.
  17. The Impact of Nineteenth Century Photography on Visual Representation and the Development of Visual Culture
    The essay concludes with a showcasing of a number of nineteenth century photographs that illustrate the wide range of uses, particularly in the realm of portraiture, that photographers of the nineteenth century employed the photographic […]
  18. Photography’s Impact on Society
    The pictures taken from scenes of dying soldiers in the American civil war are some of the reasons that evoked strong emotions, which led to the end of the war.
  19. Photography of High-End Art
    However, in order to capture the beauty and uniqueness of the original artwork, as well as incorporate a range of innuendoes concerning the artist, the era that the art was created in, etc, very specific […]
  20. Araki Nobuyoshi and Photography
    He promoted a new genre of art which is up to date cherished in Japan and other parts of the world.
  21. Privacy and Photography in Public Places
    According to the protectors of privacy, it is inappropriate to take photographs and circulate them without the consent of the individuals.
  22. Photography and beauty
    His resistance stemmed from the fact that in the early decades of photography, photographs were meant to idealize images and for a picture to be considered beautiful, its subject had to be something beautiful.
  23. Surrealist Photography and Experimental Photography
    These two techniques showcase objects in an in-depth manner, concentrating specifically on the surroundings of the image and creation of an abstract form of art that shaped the history of photography.
  24. Melancholy Objects in Photography
    The purpose of this paper is to develop a critical evaluation of Sontag’s claim of melancholy and Photography, with reference to a photograph taken for a tombstone in a cemetery. In fact, the grave looks […]
  25. The Photography of the Arctic Ice Panoramic View
    The vivid play of light and color in the picture brings out the striking separation of the detached mass from the main iceberg.
  26. The Pool’ Pictures Balance in Photography
    Because of the unique combination of urban background and the green elements, as well as the presence of such details as the cast iron, the change in the pictures of the pool not only shows […]
  27. Photography in Arabic Countries
    New and new tendencies and fashion took over the generations of European and American photographers, while for the photographers of Arabic and Middle Eastern countries the art of taking pictures was still new.
  28. Technologies: Amateur Film vs Cell Phone Photography
    An analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the two forms of photography concludes the paper. Cellphone and film cameras have apertures that regulate the quantity of light passing to the sensor and film, respectively.
  29. Lewis Hine’s Photography Art
    Being born at the age of great changes and stresses, Lewis since his childhood was interested in the imprinting of some great moments of the history of American society.
  30. Photography as a Mass Medium
    To demonstrate this fact, the study explores the works of Sontag in her article titled, On Photography, and shows how digital photography changes her analysis about the “photographic way of seeing” life.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Photography

  1. The Basic Critical Theory for Photography
    According to Berger, images depend on the way of seeing of the person who has taken them. Berger insists that ‘publicity images’ and ‘advertising images’ have the same meanings.
  2. Melbourne’ Keith Gallery: Photography Analysis
    However, at the entrance of the gallery, I took a picture that shows the entry of the gallery that has photos on it.
  3. The Photography Gallery in Melbourne
    The photos are mounted on glass and owing to the fact that the setting is indoor, a lot of lighting is applied to prevent any darkness.
  4. Hine’s Indianapolis and Kruger’s Help! Photography
    Nevertheless, unlike Lewis Hine, Barbara Kruger chooses to combine different media, and in this way, she departs from the canons of the modernist art. Overall, this comparison indicates that the works of Lewis Hine and […]
  5. Social Documentary Photography Then and Now
    In the first place, he tried to inform people about the diversity of life in the city, which was a common trend for the beginning of the twentieth century.
  6. Photography Company’s Public Relations Campaign
    The accomplishment of each aim will be performed following the specificity of the targeted audience that is supposed to be composed of the middle-class population of the Seattle Area. In the meantime, they expect that […]
  7. The “We Are All Equal” Photography by Haley Bell
    In spite of the fact that the photograph is rather straightforward in its message, it is important to focus on this image of a young white woman’s hand with words saying that we are all […]
  8. Photography Ethics, Reliability, and Principles
    As a result, it is often possible to guarantee that the photo provided in the news is not a product of Photoshop.
  9. Pathos, Ethos, and Logos in Photography
    The audience’s personal experiences affects its interpretation of what the picture depicts, it might be close to the communication the photographer had wished to convey or a totally different perspective.
  10. Timothy Hogan’s Photography
    Taking into consideration the infinite backing from the greatest producers, retouchers, and workshops in the professional photography niche, it is quite reasonable that Hogan and his team managed to furnace the lifelong contacts that provide […]
  11. Photography: the Art of Seeing
    The images that she deals with are associated with saucer magnolia blossoms and she aims to capture the exquisiteness of trees hence bringing-forth that magnificence to the attention of her audience.
  12. Fascination With Crime Through the Art of Photography
    The image is not for the faint of heart; however, it is fascinating in a way it is shot. It is evident that the robber fired a bullet into the camera to hide his identity.
  13. The History of War Photography
    The purpose of this report is to identify basic trends in the development of war photography and determine the conceptual, stylistic, and technical changes observed in the course of its formation.
  14. “Film und Foto” Exhibition and Surrealism in Photography
    Surrealism is considered to be a cultural movement of the early twentieth century and is commonly reflected in the works of art and writings.
  15. Views on Photography
    In his essay, John Berger states that the war in Vietnam was one of the most influential transformations of the world.
  16. Photography and Its History
    This is termed as documentary photography in which a value of a photograph is measured by its worth of objectivity, which depends on the subject matter, the perception of why it is taken, and the […]
  17. Photography and Society through History
    Another example of a thoroughly politicized photo, which during the course of the thirties was meant to promote the cause of Communism, is Alexander Rodchenko’s Pioneer with Trumpet:
  18. “Memorial Day” by Anthony Suau: Photography Analysis
    The background of the image is blurry, indicating that when Suau took the photograph, he had one central area of focus and opted to indiscriminately isolate the other items in the shot.
  19. Richard Drew’s Photography: Visualizing September 11
    This would have ensured that I had accommodated the rights of media, clients, society, and other stakeholders while still adhering to media ethics.
  20. Photography: A Cultural History
    In the middle of the 1850s, there were many photographers, whose projects caused people’s admiration, and the works of Edouard Baldus, Imperial Library of the Louvre, and Roger Fenton, Rievaulx Abbey, may be considered as […]
  21. Interest in Photography
    Most of Cotton’s photographs were devoted to the exploration of the serenity and beauty in the natural world, as can be seen in the photographs below.
  22. Photography: Is It Possible to Recapture the Past?
    The problem of photography is twofold: the problem of representation, and the presumption of reality that the photographic images elicits in the viewer the pervasive belief that a photograph depicts a referent, a real “how […]
  23. Andreas Gursky’s “The Rhine II” Photography
    In The Rhine II, the photographer attempts to deliver “an accurate image of a modern river” and invites viewers to see the river enclosed in the deep-colored stripes of grass, concrete, and the clouded sky.
  24. Moholy Nagy’s “Laci and Lucia” Photography
    In order to make it fit the life in the 21st century, the famous quote by Laszlo Moholy Nagy can be rewritten in the following way: “The illiterate of the future will be the one […]
  25. Photography Changes Who We Think We Might Be
    This essay is interesting and was chosen because Bergen is famous for her acting and not for photography, yet she clearly has a passion for this trade.
  26. “The Valley of the Shadow of Death” the Photography by Roger Fenton
    Finally, from the standpoint of war, such a large number of cannonballs on the road testifies to the scale of the hostilities, which also makes one wonder about the alarming consequences of attacks. Therefore, the […]
  27. Robinson, Emerson, and Photography as an Art
    Both of them viewed the newly created form of image capture as a medium for the expression of art, but their views on the nature of the movement were radically different.
  28. Philosophy of Photography as an Art
    In conclusion, it is necessary to stress that photography is a specific form of art that involves the use of technology.
  29. Photography & Folk Art: America in the 1930s Exhibition
    The exhibition “Photography + Folk Art: Looking for America in the 1930s” is a remarkable venue where visitors can see and even feel the atmosphere of the years of the Great Depression in the United […]

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