Musicians Essay Examples and Topics

Kirk Franklin and Gospel Music

Introduction Music is hugely regarded as the universal language that traverses cultural boundaries and language barriers. It plays different roles in society including: telling stories, educating, and entertaining. There are various forms of music which are unique to different groups of people. African American Music is one of forms of music which boasts of a […]

Giuseppe Tartini and his Violin Sonata “Devils Trill”

Giuseppe Tartini (1692-1770) was a violin composer and expert who instituted a violin school in Padua.1 He was one of the grand composers, violinists and theorists of the 18th century as well as a contemporary of Pietro Antonio Locatelli. His contemporaries evidently considered him the leading performer in Italy. He was further a great violin […]

Review of Peter Kivy’s Introduction to a Philosophy of Music

Introduction Music refers to organized sound, but this definition is general because a number of other prearranged noises exist, but they might necessarily be categorized as music. Human speech, animal noise, and machine echoes are some of the sounds that are not music. Based on this, several scholars of philosophy have attempted to define what […]

John Adams – Composer in 20th Century

John Coolidge Adams is a recognized American composer, whose music works are distinguished by minimalism performance. The winner of Pulitzer Prize is famous for such music compositions as Shaker Loops (1978), Short Ride in a Fast Machine (1986), On the Transmigration of Souls (2002), as well as for operas, such as Nixon in China (1987) […]

Miles Davis contribution to African American music

The history of African American music is long and rich in content. This is why the question about who qualifies as the greatest African American musician of all time always elicits big debates. When it comes to the greatest African American musician of all time, more than a dozen names come up. There are those […]

Undercover Angel: Follow Your Angel in Disguise

Krangle, Jodi. A Muse’s Interview with Songwriter, Alan O’Day. The Muse’s Muse, n.d. There is nothing like learning the facts about a certain work of art from the author, and the given source offers the pleasure in ample amount. In the interview, O’Day answers a number of questions concerning both his life and sources of […]

Pre-Concert Talk about Johann Sebastian Bach

If we talk about the best and the most influential composers of all the times, Johann Sebastian Bach is one of the first names that have to be mentioned. This German composer and organist created plenty of unbelievable works, which presented the Baroque period in all its glory. In comparison to many other composers of […]

Duke Ellington Life and Legacy

Introduction Jazz music is an example of popular hybrid music. This is because it consists of both African and European musical cultures. Jazz music was first developed in 20th century. It was most popular among the black community of southern America. Duke Ellington was known widely to be one of the greatest composer and musician […]

The Relationship between Poetry and Music in Whitman’s Life and Work

Music and especially Italian opera had a significant impact upon the poetic style and life of Walt Whitman. Fond of music and fascinated with opera performances, Whitman wanted to spread the idea of the beauty of music to the masses. The opera performances have become a source of pleasure and inspiration for the poet. Whitman […]

Twentieth-Century Composers: Claude Debussy, Igor Stravinsky and Alban Berg

Claude Debussy (1862 – 1918) Claude Debussy has earned the “impressionist” composer idiom for his exemplary mood evoking compositions based on tentative integration of harmonization and color tones in his styles. As opposed to romanticism with emotional ting and programmatic composition, Debussy embraced symbolist poets’ and impressionist painters’ composition styles in drawing his works. Such […]

Susan McClary’s Music

Although music is the sphere where the words cease to exist and where only the melody has the enchanting force that wins over the hearts of the audience, there is the chance to combine the two. In opera, the power of music and words is a single force which drives the audience through the plot […]

Beethoven’s Choral Fantasy and his Ninth Symphony

Introduction Ludwig van Beethoven a Germany citizen is today known for his contribution to music. He was a composer as well as a pianist; skills that he learnt when he was young. His musical career was successful as he was a composed up to nine complete symphonies. The Germany musician suffered ill health that in […]

Lucky Dube as the Icon in the Reggae Music Industry

Introduction He is among the greatest icons in the reggae music industry. Born in South Africa on 3rd August 1964, Lucky Dube was destined for greater things in the music industry. His interest in world history and that of his native country, accompanied by his Rastafarian roots and religion played a pivotal role in his […]

Irving Berlin: Personification of American Music of the Twentieth Century

Introduction Irving Berlin is not just one of prominent American composers who shaped American musical landscape. He is not only one of the most significant personalities of Tin Pan Alley composers whose music is regarded as “a benchmark for popular songwriting” worldwide (Scheurer 87). As Jerome Kern stated “Irving Berlin has no place in American […]

Thelonious Monk – Unorthodox Pianist

Monk – an iconic figure in the history of jazz music Thelonious Monk is an iconic figure in the history of jazz. He is often called “one of the founding fathers of the Bebop Revolution of the forties” (Crouch 86). His extraordinary music style has been admired by thousands of jazz lovers and followed by […]

Robert Wetzel classical guitar

Robert Wetzel, a classical guitar player, has given several concerts, playing classical music by great composers. At one of his concerts, in Encinitas, California, he plays a classical composition by Isaac Albeniz (Robert Wetzel – Isaac Albeniz – Cordoba). The way Robert Wetzel plays is very concentrated and unique. The sounds that the guitar produces […]

Vicente Fernandez and Mariachi

Introduction Born in 1940, Vicente Fernandez Gomez is an American performer, vocalist, and producer. He is also referred to as the king of ranchera music. He is known for his music in the whole Latin America. Vicente began his music career on the streets. He has recorded more that 50 albums today. He is the […]

Ludwig Van Beethoven

Introduction Music refers to the arrangement of sounds in an artistic manner within a certain period. The music industry grew from monophonic in the Middle Ages to polyphonic common during the 9th century. It then developed to homophonic before developing to classical music in 18th century and eventually to romantic music in 19th century. The […]

Living Classical Music Composer: Phillip Grass

Introduction Classical music is a vibrant and living tradition today. Classic music emerged in the beginning of the 11th century in the West. The music has a unique staff notation thereby making unique and classic. In the recent past, new forms of music have emerged thereby threatening the survival of classical music. Such music genres […]

Michael Praetorius

The composer of the song must have been Michael Praetorius. This composition has got some specific elements of oratorio and operand concerto. These are the most important and significant features which Michael Praetorius utilized in his other compositions as well. As a matter of fact, the opera element is observed in the middle section of […]

Duke Ellington

Introduction In the 50 year span of his career Duke Ellington has composed well over 3,000 pieces of musical composition ranging from the blues, jazz, classical and other forms of contemporary music. The man was a veritable genius when it came to composition and is famous for elevating jazz music to the heights of popularity […]

Ludwig van Beethoven

Introduction Ludwig van Beethoven was a German composer of the transitional period (Solomon, 1998). Beethoven was born on 17 December 1770 in Cologne, Germany and died on 26 March 1827 in Vienna, Austria (Ludwig van Beethoven, 2011). History judges Beethoven as the greatest composer to have ever lived. This unmatched praise comes out of the […]

Quincy Jones: Music Mogul: Past, Present and Future

Introduction The essay is a critical examination of Quincy Jones as a music mogul in the past present and future. To successfully do this his early life and musical career, contribution to music as well as social activism will be succinctly brought to light. Born in 1933 in March 14 in Chicago he was brought […]

Stephen Sondheim Biography

Introduction Born in 1930, Stephen Sondheim is a renowned composer and lyricist with an American origin. Throughout his career, Stephen has scooped numerous awards that have made him very popular in the music industry. The numerous lyrics and scores that inundate the music industry are just but the result of his great work. No wonder […]

Musical Career of B.B. King

Abstract Riley B. King was born in Mississippi Delta to parents whose only profession was sharecropping. While at a tender age of five years, his parents were divorced and he ended up living with his mother in downtown Mississippi. By the time he was celebrating his seventh birthday, the young boy was performing chores that […]

Johann Sebastian Bach

Introduction Johann Sebastian Bach is regarded as one of the most important organist and composer of the Baroque period (Boyd 3). He was a German composer, organist, harpsichordist, violist, and violinist who works formed a major part of the baroque” music (Eidam 2, par. 4). This paper seeks to describe Johann Sebastian Bach’s personal life […]

A report on Johann Strauss II: The Waltz King

Biography Johann Strauss II was also known as Johann Baptist Strauss, Johann Strauss Jr., the Younger, or the Son. He was born on 25th October 1825 and died on 3rd June 1899 (Gartenberg 123). Strauss who was also the most prominent of the Strauss family was born in St. Ulrich and died in Vienna where […]

Jazz Bio on Jazz musician Miles Davis

Introduction Miles Dewey Davis III is a renowned American musician and composer who was born on 26, 1926 at Alton, Illinois. He died September 28, 1991. He is remembered for his contribution towards the development of Jazz music. He was the son to Doctor Davis, who is credited to have nurtured the talent in his […]

Benjamin Britten Biography

Introduction A renowned classic music composer, soloist and director, Benjamin Britten was born in England, on November 22, 1913. Even in his childhood, he was actively involved in music, composing his first works at the tender age of five. From then on he progressed in creativity and composition even though he had no form of […]

Niccolo Paganini and Karol Lipinski: The greatest Violinists of all times

Introduction The violin is a musical instrument that is considered as one of perfect. It is indeed perfect due to its versatility and attractive musicality. The violin has been described as a human voice because its model is able to reproduce different human moods from a sorrowful mood, to a pathetic mood to exhilarating joy […]

The Most Influential Musician from 1870-1950

In the course of history, music has been one of the major methods that people have employed to communicate, entertain and inform. Music has evolved over the decades thus taking different forms and styles throughout history. This paper seeks to answer the question, ‘which musician had much influence to the society between 1870 and 1950?’ […]

Tchaikovsky and Beethoven comparison

Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker, March The famous “March” is a part of “The Nutcracker”, presented as the second piece in the first act. It was written by a Russian composer, Tcaikovsky Pyotr Ilych (1840-1893). It was written in 1891-1892, when the author was in his sixties. This composition is one of his last works. Beethoven: Symphony […]

Stevie Wonder: Songs in the Key of Life. The Minor Fall, the Major Lift

It was 1961, and the world desperately needed their Stevie Wonder. Not that people already realized that it was Stevie’s voice that could fill the gap between the counterculture movement that was only starting to get a momentum, and the melancholy for the simpler and more heart-felt era of jazz that the 20ies and the […]

The most influential musician from 1870 to 1950

This paper tries to look at some of the greatest musician of all times to ever walk on the face of the world. The methodology that we are going to adapt for the essence of this debate will be based on the musician influence in relation to fun base and popularity during their time. It […]

Music in pre-reformation and post-Tridentine generation

Introduction The Protestants reformation from the Roman Catholic Church began on the 31st of October in 1517, by sampling two significant composers of the pre-reformation and the post reformation era, it will be possible to connect historical changes and political events that happened in the first part of the 16th century and how the changes […]

In the Rhythm of the Heartbeat: The Genius of Mahler

Introduction: Life as a Constant Struggle One of the most prominent people of the epoch, Mahler deserves being called the man who made the world sound in a different way. Without his enchanting and thrilling compositions, the world of art would have lost its specific flair of greatness. Tracing the background of Symphony No.2, one […]

The “Great” Humanitarian/Utopianist

Daniel Barenboim is one of the most re-known pianist and conductor in the world. He is an Ashkenazi Jew born in Argentina. His passion for piano started at a tender age of five with his mother teaching him some piano lessons. He gave his first official concert at age seven and from then he never […]

The Power of Time and the Magnificence of Music: From Ludford to Vecchi

Introduction The music of the Middle Ages is the church music, solemn and religious. However, that does not mean that the musical pieces before the Reformation and in the post-Tridentine period were completely the same. Due to the differences between the Catholic and the Lutheran branches of Christianity, the music changed greatly as well. However, […]

The development of twentieth-century music: Schoenberg Vs. Stravinsky

Walter notes: “In the twentieth century, the music industry underwent a revolution and it brought with it new freedom and wide experimentation. Although there was an emergence of new musical styles and forms which challenged the normal and accepted rules that applied during the earlier periods.” [1] However, there are many composers who continued to […]