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Musicians Essay Examples and Topics

Music of 17th/18th Century

As a teenager, the music club of Salzburg hired him as one of the court musicians in Salzburg, but that opportunity did not satisfy him such that at age seventeen, he had already grown restless [...]

George Strait’s Biography

The professional career of George Strait as the country music performer started in 1981 with his first song that became one the hits of that time, "Unwound".

Hip Hop Duo: Kung Foo Grip

Though the history of this duo is neither too complicated nor full of some unpredictable and fatal decisions events, it can be used to explain how the lives of two fans of Hip Hop can [...]

“Decoded” a Book by Rapper Jay-Z

In addition to the fact that Jay-Z focuses on his past, his experience, and his motives, he is also good at identifying the main aspects of rap music and the conditions under which people make [...]

“Decoded” a Book by Jay-Z

I think that he was rather successful in the majority of his endeavors, and it is possible to find several explanations in the text of how the author used his story, his experience, and his [...]

Madonna’s Sustainable Success

Madonna's success and its sustainability as long as her competitive strategy are the subjects of research of several professionals from the point of view of business development. Madonna's versatility of style and image is the [...]

Duke Ellington: Multi Talented Man

In addition to the good choice of performers, Duke's unique blend of rhythms and movements made people love his music. Being, in fact, an amateur, Duke has created the music that has become classic and [...]

Claude Debussy and His Unique Style

The uniqueness of Debussy can be attributed to his harmonic progression, personal composition method, the form of piece, as well as how he created various nuances and colors from the instruments.

The Beatlemania Phenomenon Concept

The authors expounded the meaning and the implications of the theory, and as they went along, they gave hints on the ideas that they believed were the more likely explanation for the emergence of Beatlemania.

Paul Simon’s Music Style

The combination of the different musical styles, the different genres, and the mutual impact of the different cultures gives birth to such a notion as world music.

Musicians: Guitarist Jimmy Page

Page was the leader of the Led Zeppelin Band. Despite that, he learned most of the unique recording styles while he was a session musician; it is at Led Zeppelin, where Page employed them.

John Adams – Composer in 20th Century

In this respect, the uniqueness of the musical pieces introduced by Adams consists in unusual synergy of various sciences, approaches, and styles that are typical for the post-modern era in the twentieth century.

Susan McClary’s Music

Although music is the sphere where the words cease to exist and where only the melody has the enchanting force that wins over the hearts of the audience, there is the chance to combine the [...]

Robert Wetzel classical guitar

The sounds that the guitar produces are very melodic and much representative of the classical style. In the beginning of the composition, the melody and rhythms are slow but at the same time are not [...]

Vicente Fernandez and Mariachi

Many Mexicans have been influenced into the mariachi music by the exemplary performance of Vicente in the films, which have made his songs become hits in the whole of Mexico.

Ludwig Van Beethoven

The other character that was so eminent in the life of Beethoven is his outstanding capacity to do planning and organization.

Michael Praetorius

Similar to the works of Bach and Handel, the study composition has utilized the homophonic structure to enhance the texture of the song.

Duke Ellington

The song for me reflected both the mood of the composer and the improvisation adapted by Gonzalez to create what is truly a brilliant piece of jazz music.

Ludwig van Beethoven

Neefe was not a renowned musician; in fact, he was most influential to Beethoven in the shaping up of his ideals rather than in his music compositions. According to Beethoven's accounts of his deafness, the [...]

Stephen Sondheim Biography

During the period when he was in George school, Sondheim made a breakthrough in music through a comic that reflected on the happenings in his school.

Johann Sebastian Bach

He was the last born in the family of Johann Ambrosius Bach, a church organist, and Elizabeth Lammerhirt Bach. In 1703 Bach was hired as an organist in a church in Arnstad, Germany and these [...]

Jazz Bio on Jazz musician Miles Davis

In 1944, after his high school education, he traveled to New York where he was to pursue his dream without the influence of his parents; however he had gone to the state to study music [...]

Benjamin Britten Biography

However, his mother was a part time singer and she aided his growth in approach and musical content."The Royal Falily" is one of his well known compositions in his early childhood, which was about the [...]

The Most Influential Musician from 1870-1950

This paper seeks to answer the question, 'which musician had much influence to the society between 1870 and 1950?' The methodology of answering this question will be based on the influence that the musician had [...]