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Singers Essay Examples and Topics

Krishna Das (Jeffrey Kagel)

He is famous for compositions and performances in a music genre known as kirtan. Das is the most famous American singer of the kirtan genre of Hindu music.

Popular Culture – Madonna

In fact, it is true that the changes in the societal equilibrium and forces form the basis for popular culture. In fact, Madonna uses most of the ambitious views as well as body images to [...]

R&B and Hip-Hop Effect Western Music

The music that Michael Jackson released was not based on gender but was based on truth and hope to the people and this gave him a lot of influence in the community reason being that [...]

The Incredible Ray

After the death of his mother, Ray left school at the age of 15 and relocated to Jacksonville, where he was put up by a family friend."Having friends of the family living in Jacksonville made [...]

Madonna The Rebel

At the same time partial narrowing of the gender gap in the context of economic participation did not lead to the equality of men and women in the field of their occupations.

Beauty within the Music

Thus, Diana Ross has always been one of those bright sparkles in the world of music and, in fact, in the entire world of performing art. 1 In several years the beauty of her voice [...]