Music Genre Essay Examples and Topics

Pop Culture and Music

Introduction The modern world has brought about many changes in the way popular music is created and interpreted. It is also significant how the culture of a certain place is reflected in the music. Recently, gender roles and the way they are manifested in music are critically observed by the society. The media has a […]

The impact of Korean popular music

Introduction Korean pop music comprises a collection of several music genres whose roots can be traced to South Korea. Since its inception in the Korean music market, the genre has experienced an immense growth, starting from the Asian markets to the global music industry markets.1 The aim of this paper is to discuss the influence […]

Classical and Modern Music

The Role of Music The world is constantly evolving and the world of music is no exception. Music has always been with people as it does not simply entertain, but it provides “insight into human experience as it extends over time” (Kerman & Tomlinson xxvi). From tribal dances to medieval clerical choirs and from refined […]

Linguistics in Opera and Libretto

Introduction Opera is performed using theatrical scenes where the art involves a combination of singing and dramatization. This kind of text is referred to as the libretto. It was a very popular form of art in early Europe. Opera remains popular today in some quarters of the society. The art brings together singing, speaking as […]

Popular music: Meaningful contributions to social and political change

Introduction To many people, music is a form of art that exists alongside other forms such as storytelling and painting. Music comprises the use of sound and intonations of speech to create deliberate rhythms that appeal to the human ear. The unique potential of the variations of rhythms available has made music one of the […]

Electronic music (within the 20th Century art music tradition)

The most outstanding identity of music in the 20th century is the abrupt emergence of progressed technology when it comes to recording and dispensing music. In addition, other new styles and forms of music also exist. Music artists today have become extremely famous the world over for their music is not limited to clubs or […]

Choral Music Review

Choral Music. Choral music is written for a particular group of people to sing. Therefore, a choir of six to three hundred and sixty singers sings the music. This kind of music is commonly practiced in schools and by church choirs and has special arrangements of voices to enhance its quality. One singer singing the […]

Choral Music History

Choral music entails the music sung by a choir. In this case, a choir is a musical assembly of singers. The size of the choir varies from a dozen of singers to a considerably large number of individuals as long as they can sing. Two or more voices sing each musical part to create a […]

Drumming in Haiti and Cuba

Thesis Drumming is practised in a different manner among various communities depending with their corresponding traditions and music1. The subject of drumming in Haiti, its transition and assimilation in Cuba, as well as its general effect on Cuban music will be analyzed within this paper. The existence of various instruments in these two nations and […]

History of Symphony Orchestra

Introduction For many years, people have been making music through various instruments for as long as musical instruments have existed. However, in the 17th century, orchestra was birthed and symphony orchestra has changed ever since. The evolution of symphony orchestra has been a combined effort of many musicians to form what we know as modern […]

The Steel Pan Music History

The musical traditions hosted by Trinidad often reflect its complex political history. Certain trends in musical styles and types of musical instruments emerged as a reply to the oppressive politics of European colonizers (Manuel, Bilby, & Largey 240). One of the bright examples of such creative and ingenious response to the British cultural repression is […]

The History of Mambo Music

Introduction and background Throughout the history of Latin music, there has hardly been anyone who has heard this genre and not been fascinated by its exciting rhythms. Latin music, specifically mambo, gained wide recognition among the non-Latin population in the twentieth century and demonstrated a remarkable ability to merge with other genres as well as […]

Folk music: A tool for culture transmission

Introduction Transmission of culture occurs through many avenues with two of the oldest ways being the use of stories and music. For centuries, different communities have applied these two tools in expressing their ways of life, norms, and values that the societies deem as important. These norms and practices provide uniqueness to various communities in […]

Pop Music Nature and History

Introduction Pop music, as the name suggests, is popular not just in various societies but also to different age groups. In this ethnographic work, I chose to study pop music, especially its history. Pop music is a general term that encompasses genres such as hip-hop, rhythm and blues, rock, rap, soul and country music. Hatch […]

Music Styles: Indie Rock

Indie Rock is a genre of the alternative rock music. The Killers is one of the most popular indie rock bands in the USA. The other famous indie rock bands are The White Stripes (USA), The Strokes (USA), Yeah Yeah Yeahs (USA), and Franz Ferdinand (UK). The indie rock bands round the world are The […]

The Place of Folk Music in Contemporary Society

Introduction According to Bohlman (1988), folklore and culture are closely related. To this end, folklore is part and parcel of the culture practiced in a given society. The various aspects of culture can be traced in the folklore associated with that particular society. So, what exactly is folklore? According to Morrison (2003), it is that […]

Concepts of How the Blues Music Started In America

Introduction The history of blues as a genre of music in America can be traced back to the time when the first African slaves were brought to the United States in 1619 to when the last slaves were brought in 1807. It is believed that some of the captains who were on-board the ships that […]

The Concept of Pop Music

Music can be divided into many styles depending on a host of factors, including the message, tempo, target audience, region of origin, and the instruments used to make the music. Different styles and forms of music have qualified to be known as popular music due to their wide appeal to some sections of the population, […]

The Blues Meaning and Significance

What is the blues? It seems that the answer to this question can be easily found while examining its peculiarities as the music style, but this issue remains to be one of the most controversial questions which are associated with the blues as the music and philosophy. Moreover, the attempts to define the blues as […]

Jazz and Hip Hop: Similarities and Differences Essay

Introduction The essay is a comparative paper regarding jazz and hip hop music. These two set of music came to limelight thanks to the rich culture as well as inborn love and passion for music of African Americans. It is worth to note from the onset that this music is very popular globally (Carney 82). […]

The Phenomenon of Rap’s Popularity in Public Prominence

Ever since the phenomenon of rap’s popularity came to public prominence, the actual significance of this musical genre has been discussed from a variety of different socio-political, cultural and aesthetic perspectives. For example, according to Bohlman (1993), rap allows representatives of racial minorities to channel their frustration with their underprivileged social status: “Black music (rap) […]

The influence of Heavy Metal on Japanese culture

Introduction Heavy metal music, frequently called metal, signifies a field of rock music. A heavy metal singer cannot make it all by himself or herself: s/he has to be a part of a group. The band (group) is a representation of both society and a useful requirement to create the heavy metal reverberation (Weinstein, 2000, […]

The Culture of Heavy Metal

Introduction Metal is a category of music that developed in the late 60s. It originated from the rock and blues music (Kahn-Harris, 2007). This music is identified by fast and powerful rhythms. It also uses electric and often distorted guitar, which is regarded as an important driving force. Many styles and sub genres of metal […]

Different types of music

Music has been, and remains to be, unbeatable nourishment for the soul. In spite of the fact that there are many different types of music, they all serve, virtually, the same purpose of entertaining people and lifting people’s spirits. With this, it is clear that music is inseparable from the lives of human beings since […]

Okinawan Music [FREE Paper Example!]

Okinawan music is a traditional type of music in Japan, sang by Okinawa people. Most of the Japans traditional songs have been forgotten by various societies. Currently, Okinawa music remains as the only traditional music surviving in Japan. In most of the festivals in Japan Okinawa music is sang by hundreds of people. Okinawa people […]

My Changing Taste in Music

One of the invariable realities in our lives as human beings is that we are in a constant state of changing. These changes may be gradual or abrupt and can be as a result of our surroundings, education, peer influence or various other factors. One of the aspects in my life that has undergone radical […]

Early Musique Concrète Co-Composition: Pierre Schaeffer, Pierre Henry, John Cage, Vladimir Ussachevsky, and Otto Luening

Musique concrète is one of the types of electroacoustic music that unite instrumental sounds with natural ones, which are usually altered during recording processes. “Early musique concrète can be seen to belong to the world of radiophonic art, here without a sense of clear narrative normally associated with most radio plays.” (Landy 31) The father […]