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Music Genre Essay Examples and Topics

The Rhetoric of Violence in Rap

I believe that the presence of violence and prison as an inevitable outcome of crime is presented in both rap and C&W music but they differ in their depiction of prison life and adjustment to [...]

The Ars Antiqua Music Concept

Ars Antiqua is a Latin word describing ancient art from 1100 to 1300 in some parts of France even though the exact infiltration of the usage of the word in other places has not been [...]

Pop Culture and Music

The title specifically prepares the reader for the interconnection between culture and popular music, as it is one entity that is a great part of human society and the music industry.

Classical and Modern Music

To understand the connection between music performance and the epoch, it is possible to consider a concert in the late eighteenth century and a concert of hip-hop music in the early twenty-first century.

Linguistics in Opera and Libretto

The application encompasses the use of morphology, syntax as well as the phonology in the composition of words. In this paper, the author is going to look at the use of linguistics in opera.

Choral Music Review

This uniqueness in choral music of combining various voices in multiple lines of music increases the power of music hence improving the quality of music. These include parts of choral music, voices involved, categories of [...]

Choral Music History

The origin of this form of music is the traditional music that people sung in groups across multiple traditional cultures. To enhance the outcome of the voices, choral music could be sung with or without [...]

Drumming in Haiti and Cuba

In connection, the significance of the analysis is discussed within the paper and further details given with regards to how drumming is done in the country: This led to the development of Afro Cuban jazz.

History of Symphony Orchestra

Before we dig deep into the history of symphony orchestra, it is important to understand that in the early years of the evolution of orchestra music, there was a lot of accretion of orchestra music; [...]

The History of Mambo Music

Despite the fact that mambo was brought to the general American public in a bright commercial wrapping, the original mambo sound and rhythms gradually won the hearts of the devoted audiences.

Pop Music Nature and History

Classical music was for the high class, the affluent in the society, but the rapid urbanization brought by the industrial revolution came with a type of music popular to the middle and lower classes.

Music Styles: Indie Rock

The Killers is one of the most popular indie rock bands in the USA. The Killers is one of the most popular bands performing the indie rock music.

The Concept of Pop Music

Deriving from rock and roll, Pop music found its distinctiveness in the 1950s to not only become one of the world's most listened style of popular music, but also one of the very few styles [...]

The Blues Meaning and Significance

Moreover, the attempts to define the blues as a notion gave the start for the discussions of the blues as the expression of the African-Americans' identity and the possibility to play this music by white [...]

The Culture of Heavy Metal

Those who observe the metal culture in the Middle East, and who are mainly radicals, seeking to create a different system that forms up an open and democratic culture right from the ground to the [...]

Different Types of Music

One of the commonest types of music is Gospel music. It is a type of music where songs are written and played with the objective of praising or honoring God.

Okinawan Music

The funs of okinawan music are over the world. Famous musicians, guitarists, and dancers in Okinawa music have also contributed much in the growth of this music.