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100 Critical Thinking Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Critical Thinking Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Critical Thinking Method vs. The Elements of Thought Questions: Finding Out Which Method Is More Effective
    For example from Asking the Right Questions the first two questions: 1) What are the issues and conclusions? and 2) What are the reasons; are similar to Elements of Thought’s first two questions: 1) What […]
  2. Critical Thinking and What Really Constitutes Critical Thinking
    This essay is going to apply the elements of critical thinking to the report of September 11, 2001 concerning the attacks on the United States.
  3. Examples of Critical Thinking in Law Enforcement
    The eight elements of thought in critical thinking will outline the model and provide a blueprint to the development of new policies and strategies.
  4. How Can Teachers Teach Critical Thinking?
    Despite the fact that, as we have mentioned earlier, the growing number of educators come to realize the indispensability of providing students with a stimulus to develop critical thinking, only few of them seem to […]
  5. Critical Thinking in Problem Solving
    The common practice disorients the attention of the driver and endangers the lives of other individuals using the road. Thus, the technique has been employed to increase the production of food so as to meet […]
  6. Critical Thinking and Actively and Skillfully Conceptualizing
    A problem can come from any part of the organization and being able to identify the specific problem is the most important thing in the process of critical thinking.
  7. Critical Thinking Application Paper
    The evaluation critical thinking paper gives an example that required critical thinking as well as the importance and benefits of critical thinking in decision making process.
  8. The Importance Of Being A Good Critical Thinker
    According to the article, there are a growing number of social networks that can be adopted to sell or dispense information; the networks include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Yahoo Chat.
  9. Critical Thinking as the Most Effective Learned Skill
    These are the features of critical thinking that we shall compare to the three commonly applied approaches of critical thinking to determine the approach that is most ideal.
  10. What Is Critical Thinking, and How Is It Important in Our Lives?
    A critical thinker is one with the ability to solve a problem intellectually and skillfully by identifying the problem, conceptualizing on the same, analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating information gathered and to exercise their best judgment […]
  11. Critical Thinking About the Vietnam Conflict
    This forced the U.S.into supporting the establishment of an adversarial Vietnamese Republic in the south while arming, advising, and training the newly formed Army of the Republic of Vietnam.
  12. Critical Thinking and Its Role in Real Life Situations
    There are other instances in our lives that will always need critical thinking and this is a fact that we have to live with.
  13. The Importance and Relevance of Critical Thinking in Both the Classroom and the Outside World
    By use of type of critical thinking, the student has the ability to analyze and evaluate different concepts to come up with the best solution.
  14. Critical Thinking and Worldview
    The purpose of life in Christianity’s view is to serve God. This is a big contrast to the Buddhism view on destiny.
  15. Natural Science, Ethics, and Critical Thinking
    The consequences of the results of stem cell research have been under greater scrutiny and the rightness or wrongness of the practice is very unclear.
  16. Assumptions and Critical Thinking
    Assumptions refer to the things that a researcher might take for granted in the research process, yet they are very important, as far as the success of the research is concerned. An individual is encouraged […]
  17. Corporate External and Internal Communication
    Argenti has discussed how a business’ corporate communication of internal and external communication to its constituencies should be, in the third and the seventh chapter his book Corporate Communication.
  18. Critical Thinking and the Concept of Utility
    Taking into account that the search and satisfaction of customers needs are the fundaments in the profitability and overall effectiveness of the business, the efforts should be made by the firm to find the market […]
  19. Critical Thinking: Level of Reasoning and Making Judgments
    This is because such offices are important in that they hold the keys to either the success or the failure of the corporations.
  20. Communication Systems, Ethical Issues, and Organizational Processes in the Hospital
    The meeting revolves around this and it is towards the end that Chris realizes that he was being briefed on the challenges affecting the hospital and that he is to use this information in coming […]
  21. The Development of Ability to Critical Thinking
    That is why it is necessary to find new approaches to the analysis of many aspects of our everyday life. One more important aspect or objective for improving of your critical thinking is the necessity […]
  22. HR Critical Thinking: Where Do You Find the Bodies?
    In order to maintain the employees, they should be treated well in that there should better working conditions and terms. The mechanics should be hired on better working conditions and terms in order to maintain […]
  23. Two Definitions of Critical Thinking
    Second, critical thinking is knowledge of the methods of logical inquiry and reasoning. Components of critical thinking seek and treat information in their ways, involve continual use of skills, and acknowledge the outcomes of the […]
  24. What Is Critical Thinking?
    It seems that critical thinking can be defined as a cognitive process which involves unbiased evaluation and analysis of information as well the generation of new ideas or arguments. This is one of the points […]
  25. Critical Thinking and Intelligence Analysis
    On the other hand, when speaking about the scientists who predicted war in various parts of the Earth, one can make a conclusion that biases in evaluating evidence as well as diagnostic techniques were used […]

👍 Good Essay Topics on Critical Thinking

  1. “The Development of Lexical Fluency in a Second Language” by Kroll et al.
    Methodology is a broader term that encompasses the theories and perspectives that underlies the research as well as the methods that are used in conducting the research.
  2. Bloom’s Taxonomy and Critical Thinking
    As of the strong sides of this approach, these are the clear definition of the stages of cognitive operations and the distinction that is made between them.
  3. Instructional Design, Constructivism, and Learning Sciences
    In the context of the gaming theory discussed before, the outer aspect of the game involves the interaction of the external stimuli through enhancement of the thinking process to determine the best possible strategies of […]
  4. Critical Thinking in Health Care
    Compared to Fero et al.’s key CT skills of autonomous interventions, clinical judgment, and analysis and interpretation of problems, Robert and Petersen identify risk estimation, and analysis and evaluation of diagnosis as the key aspects […]
  5. Critical Thinking Paper: Executive Compensation
    Although most advocates of the high levels of executive compensation, especially for CEOs, argue that the suitability of compensation is determined through the market process of wage negotiation rather than a simple process of introspection, […]
  6. The Steps of Critical Thinking: Memo
    She rejects the governor’s offer of privatizing the management function of the DMV information systems of the state, and says that the plight of the workers should have been considered.
  7. Critical Thinking and Development of the Writer’s Reflection Techniques
    The view of the previous research is assessed and a decision is reached by the writer. Analysis is persuasive and the theory of critical writing will support the writer’s analysis.
  8. Critical Thinking and Decisions Making in Business, Management and Relationships
    Critical thinking is one of the most important skills required in making various decisions that pertain to business, management, relationships, and every other aspect of life.
  9. Education: Critical Thinking Process
    Critical thinking refers to the ability to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information or a situation. It entails the practice of engaging in independent and reflective thinking to identify and evaluate ideas to make informed decisions.
  10. Political Sciences: Nelson Mandela as a Critical Thinker
    One of the aspects that make Mandela a critical thinker is his ability to reflect on ideas, beliefs, arguments, and conclusions.
  11. Critical Thinking Skills in Emergency Management
    Therefore, critical thinking plays a crucial role in the success of the response to emergencies. This aspect requires all the involved parties to understand the nature of the crisis that they are handling.
  12. Whistleblowing as a Critical Thinking Skill
    Whistleblowing is defined as “having four component parts: 1) an individual acts with the intention of making information public; 2) the information is conveyed to parties outside the organization who make it public and a […]
  13. Congress’ Work in Critical Thinking: A User’s Manual
    As the matter of fact, the argument of the statement is centered on that fact that the only opportunity to pass the bill is to be flexible and use sweet-talking as the approach to influence […]
  14. Homeland Security’s Critical Thinking Model
    The ‘best’ critical thinking model that is established in this essay consists of a combination of other critical thinking models that have been employed in the past.
  15. Critical Thinking Tools in Decision Making Process
    The authors suggest that critical thinking will aid individuals in dealing with the qualms of the contemporary society and become secure in the choices they make.
  16. Critical Thinking Role in the Clinical Psychology
    These activities and conducts may lead a psychologist to identify the mental activities in the brain of the individual. Clinical psychologists specialization is founded on the framework the individual takes in training to become a […]
  17. Public Speaking: Ethics and Critical Thinking
    The audience should be able to trust the speaker. The speaker will also use valid arguments and facts before presenting his or her findings to the audience.
  18. Critical Thinking and Paraphrasing: the Word “War”
    The writer’s opinion brings out the negative side of the word’s interpretation or significance and portrays lack of enough objectives and more productive terms of the language.
  19. Critical Thinking Benefits in Decision-Making Processes
    It is the purpose of this paper to provide an example of critical thinking application at the personal level in addition to critically discussing the importance and benefits of critical thinking in decision-making processes.
  20. Breach of a Law: Critical Thinking
    The case discussed in this paper is an excellent example of an ethical challenge in which one participating company must decide on a course of action including whether to continue as one of the parties […]
  21. Critical Thinking vs Scientific Authority
    Even before Painter carried out the experiment on human chromosomes, previous studies on the same had already confirmed a total of 23 pairs of chromosomes.
  22. Critical Thinking: Developing Skills
    At that time, the ability to think critically and recognize the deeper meaning of information coming from the outside world became more attractive due to the pressure of the totalitarian governments that were operating in […]
  23. Doctoral Demeanor, Responsibility, Critical Thinking
    It has been demonstrated that the outward expression of an individual greatly determines how he or she is perceived by other persons. If the demeanor attributes are not pleasing other people, the individual could be […]
  24. Students’ Critical Thinking Skills Development
    If Tsui only states the perspectives according to which it is possible to reform the existing approach to enhance the students’ critical thinking abilities with references to the conducted research, Payne and Gainey provide the […]
  25. Does Group Discussion Improve Critical Thinking Skills?
    And a divisive question among psychologists and educators is the use of group work and discussion as a means to develop critical thinking.

🥇 Most Interesting Critical Thinking Topics to Write about

  1. Critical Thinking in Business & Life Decision-Making
    Such a method is beneficial for its practical application to determine and make tradeoffs within the context of set objectives as well as the range of alternatives to them.
  2. Believing Game as Critical Thinking Approach
    The doubting game is considered to be an essential approach to this process. Moreover, this approach helps to evaluate the personal position and to see its possible drawbacks and weak spots.
  3. Critical Thinking for University Students
    Critical thinking refers to the process of skillful and active conceptualization, synthesis, application, evaluation, and analysis of information gathered from various sources and in various ways to guide one’s actions and beliefs. Examinations and tests […]
  4. Critical Thinking, Mission and Leadership Statement
    This is because it consists of a detailed guideline that takes into consideration all the factors in the environment that may influence the goals, missions, and leadership statements. The position of a leader that I […]
  5. Critical Thinking in the Decision-Making Processes
    According to Ennis, one can view “critical thinking as a way of becoming aware of and taking control of one’s thinking processes to think more effectively”.
  6. Critical Thinking and Writing Skills Reflection
    I have gained so much academically from studying this writing course, and I believe that the skills and knowledge gained from Clouse and Grevstad’s The Student Writer: Editor and Critic will go a long way […]
  7. Best Practices in Critical Thinking and Decision Making
    Thus, it is the role of the critical thinker to make sure that the evaluation drawn from such a breakdown is defensible.
  8. Critical Thinking Skills for Company’s Communication
    It is therefore important that the company introduces a new product in the market to regain its position as the leader in the market.
  9. Decision Making and Critical Thinking
    When making a certain decision, it is important to consider all the involved elements in order to achieve the desired results and avoid consequences that would affect either party in a negative manner.
  10. The Eleven Steps in the Critical Thinking Method
    It was also pointed out the certainty that the members of the union will lose their jobs because of the government’s drive to achieve efficiency although there is nothing in the proposal that can compel […]
  11. Critical Thinking and Society Exercise
    For instance, using fossil fuels as the main source of energy has led to the degradation of the environment through toxic emissions. Opinion can be used to redirect the process of thinking by weighing the […]
  12. Critical Thinking Development in Students
    It is necessary to note that people who are able to think critically can actually make a difference and contribute to development of the entire humanity.
  13. Critical Thinking: Reason, Emotion, Communication
    Sally’s example shows that a lack of critical thinking may result in emotional distress and the individual’s inability to take weighed decisions.
  14. Critical Thinking Skills for Postgraduate Study
    1 However, to be able to explore a certain area and converse with others effectively, critical thinking is not enough, In addition to the ability to discern between the sensible and the nonsensical, one also […]
  15. Critical Thinking in Business Management
    In order to prevent the development of confirmation bias, managers must be aware of it and ready to learn and accept new information.
  16. Multinational Enterprise in Critical Thinking
    The wave of globalization has led to the establishment of many corporations that operate in different countries or regions. According to this concept, they produce goods that are marketed in different parts of the world.
  17. Leaders’ Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills
    At the same time, the main barriers to effective decision-making are perceptual and emotional biases, as well as such phenomena as groupthink or collective thinking, referring to the tendency to agree with the opinion of […]
  18. Critical Thinking in Nursing Practice
    The necessary improvement can be made by prioritizing critical thinking in the training process and providing the students with tools to develop this ability during everyday life activities. Critical thinking relates to the processes of […]
  19. Critical Thinking and Decision Making in Professional and Personal Life
    The critical thinking and decision-making procedures are very important and essential in dispensation the amount of order that is pushed on us daylight hours the following day.
  20. Online Social Networking and Critical Thinking
    The purpose of this paper is to assess whether this technology has helped to enhance the critical thinking ability and the effective writing skills of a person.”A social networking site is an online place where […]
  21. Presidents Misdeeds: Ethics and Critical Thinking
    The same applies to what is right and what is wrong that is what is right or wrong differs from individual to individual, group to group, society to society.
  22. Influence and Application of Critical Thinking
    The information processing and critical thinking had been regarded above, and it is directly linked with reading the same factors of critical thinking influence both: reading and information processing.
  23. The Socratic Method: Fostering Critical Thinking
    The Socratic Method is a philosophical mode of questioning that involves the investigation of connotations of other situations that are related to the topic of inquiry itself.
  24. The Critical Thinking GEN 480: The CEO of AcuScan
    The purpose of the paper is to present an executive summary of the case for the CEO of AcuScan. It would preview the main points of the document, enabling readers to build a mental framework […]
  25. Reasoning and Critical Thinking in Daily Life
    As a counterpoint to the idea that expert behavior is the best place to look for generally useful strategies, The goal of producing descriptive theories of how people go about solving problems and the development […]

✅ Simple & Easy Critical Thinking Essay Titles

  1. Death Penalty: Critical Thinking and Arguments
    The execution sermons of the early colonies were full of warnings against following in the footsteps of the condemned, and executions were public events designed to instill fear and reverence for the law in the […]
  2. Rap Culture and Music: Critical Thinking
    Thanks mainly to the champions of the folk revival of the 1960s and the dynamic African-American musicians leading the Civil Rights Movement, serious – and highly volatile – problems such as social injustice, hypocrisy, war-mongering, […]
  3. What Critical Thinking Is and How to Become an Accomplished Critical Thinker?
    In that regard, a definition that covers all the concepts of critical thinking might be considered as follows: Critical thinking is the use of those cognitive skills or strategies that increase the probability of a […]
  4. Critical Thinking Applied to Theory, Concepts and Variables
    To effect reintegration and maximize restorative justice, Braithwaite’s theory suggested, the shaming approaches needed to: Emphasize a “moralizing approach” rather than punitive social control in order to be relevant to the postmodern American social context; […]
  5. How to Become an Accomplished Critical Thinker
    Critical thinking is a way of thinking that must be taught and practiced before it becomes a habit of mind because critical thinking involves the exercise of a great many skills at the same time.
  6. The Importance of Critical Thinking at Work
    I have a strong ability to learn the most from all situations and recall similar situations that I have been in before in an attempt to decide what to do.
  7. Critical Thinking With Obesity
    Technically, obesity is a condition of the human body in which the bodyweight of an individual is much higher than the normal prescribed weight and is measured by checking the Body Mass Index of the […]
  8. How to Become a Critical Thinker: Discussion
    Critical thinking is not low order thinking which basically involves processing of information that enables one to know where to cross the road, when to go to bed and or go for lunch but a […]
  9. Critical Thinking in the Medical Care Delivery System
    Issues pertaining to truth or mission of truth is a frustrating, discouraging, tiring, and long journey because most of the individuals who have industries or organizations ties may attempt to mislead other people.
  10. Obesity Tackling on Critical Thinking Standards
    It is impossible to stop the implementation of technology and invention in daily life. The solutions of the reasoning are accurate in the way that it is dealt with in this paper.
  11. Critical Thinking. Asking the Right Questions
    Questions are the essence of study and cognition, consequently, the ability to ask questions is at the center of any thinking process, especially critical thinking, which is aimed at reviewing and analyzing.
  12. What Is Critical Thinking?
    A critical thinker makes his decisions based on broad and in-depth analysis of the evidence and thereafter communicates the beliefs accurately and clearly. Ennis in his book “The Cornell Critical Thinking Tests” defines critical thinking […]
  13. Whistleblowing and Representation of Critical Thinkers
    In Allegory of the Cave, the Plato presents the idea that a person who has seen the fire or “the light” is able to see the reality and the truth.
  14. Ethics and Critical Thinking in Business
    It entails weighing of the pros and cons of using the devices in the context in which they are used. It is imperative for casinos to deter any form of cheat to be fair in […]
  15. Problem-Solving Simulation and Critical Thinking
    There are three animals in question and a man who needs to cross the animals to the other side of the river; the dog, the mouse and the cat.
  16. Whistleblowing Is an Act Representative of Critical Thinkers
    Analyzing the definitions of “whistleblowing” and “critical thinking”, it is possible to make a conclusion that these concepts have similar meanings.
  17. Steve Williams on Critical Thinking Review
    The following are the processes that he recommends to be taken; The first step in making a good decision is defining the challenge that calls for a decision to be made.
  18. Critical Thinking in a Work-Related Decision
    It was at that instance that Larry paid a lot of attention and told Scott that his uncle owned a condo in the exact region Scott intended to visit.
  19. Critical Thinking: Thought and Intellectual Standard
    Elements of thoughts and intellectual standards are very vital parts of the critical thinking process and this essay will look at some of the elements of thoughts and intellectual standards in details.
  20. Critical Thinking: Mindsets and Biases
    Most of the perceptions that people have about most of the things in this world are shaped by mindsets and biases.
  21. Biodiesel: Statistical Fallacy and Critical Thinking
    In this article, the author quotes a world bank report that argued that Bio fuels in American and Europe has pushed food prices up by more than 75 % contradicting another White House report that […]
  22. Warnick’s “Critical Thinking and Communication” Book’s Marketing Analysis
    The book “Critical Thinking and Communication: The Use of Reason in Argument ” by Edward Inch and Barbara Warnick can be evaluated as one of the best textbooks on the art of rhetoric, developing arguments, […]
  23. Critical Thinking in Everyday Life
    The conception of free will is based on the question of whether it is possible for a person to have absolutely objective thinking, or we are always under the influence of many hindrances preventing us […]
  24. The Issue of Traffic Congestion in Atlanta: Composition and Critical Thinking
    In the following paper, the issue of traffic congestion in Atlanta will be addressed in terms of its possible solutions that could be implemented with the aim of solving it.
  25. Critical Thinking of Palestine
    For instance, the levels of suffering and poverty have increased in the region due to the problem of desertification. Learners should consider such issues and be ready to be part of the problem.

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