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Concerts Essay Examples and Topics

Classical Music Concert Report

While in the previous performances, I perceived this song as a repenting of a sinner, when listening to the Pomona College Choir, I realized that there was a touch of childlike innocence to it.

Archduke Piano Trio’s Live Concert

Thus, this reflective treatise discusses the elements of rhythm and composition in the music of the Archduke Piano Trio during a live concert on June 2014 at the Laidlaw Performing Arts Centre.

Jazz Live Music Concert in Catalina Jazz Club

The performers in the concert were Michael Gulezian, Benjamin Verdery, and Billy Dean as a special guest. Across the concert, I learnt the importance of mixture of form, rhythm, harmony, tempo, and melody to create [...]

Live Concert of Lee Hom Wang

On the one hand, the polyphonic texture and the development of several voices can be explained with the author's focus on the integration of the Chinese element into the performance for the purpose of supporting [...]

“A Night at the Movies” Concert

When I got a copy of the pamphlet I was very ecstatic to see attend the concert because the pieces the band are playing are musical scores from my favorite movies. The next piece was [...]

Jazz concert review

The audience was very impressed by the idea as they were able to enjoy some of the popular pieces of music from other genres. It was interesting to see the diversification in the pieces of [...]

The Romeros Return Concert

The fact that the Romeros identify as the masters of the guitar attracted many people to the concert. The orchestra and the performance by the conductor, Jahja Ling moved the crowd.

Classical Music Concert

The lady was mainly doing the vocals while one of the gentlemen was playing the piano, the other was playing an oboe and the last one was playing a bassoon.

Our Latin Heritage

It is hypnotic and sensuous, with what seems like an unvarying single beat, surrounded by the swirl of a melody that stays largely in major key.

Concert Analysis

The performers who looked fabulous with black and white suits rounded up with a variety of musical attires rocked the hall and kept the audience anticipating the show.

Concert Report: The Mimir Chamber Music Festival

The three characteristics were the dynamics, intonation and ensemble where the intonation was brought about by the string quartet playing, the dynamics brought by the careful modulation and the ensemble bringing in a complete experience [...]

Report after Attending a Concert

2 is one of the most remarkable stories in the world of classical music. Le Grand Tango for violin and piano is one of the most beautiful masterpieces in classical music.

Report of an Orchestra Concert

The orchestra concert I have to evaluate and discuss is exciting and unique because it represents a beautiful combination of the works by such great composers like Strauss and Tchaikovsky, Schoenberg and Barber.