Concerts Essay Examples and Topics

Solid 19th Century Classics with Modern Enthusiasm: Symphony of the Mountains at ETSU, September 28, 2013

The concert on September 28th by the Symphony of the Mountains, at East Tennessee State University, featured a solidly classical program of pieces by Ludwig von Beethoven, Pablo De Sarasate, and Schubert . The performance group, under the direction of Sean Claire, is from the region, although they have interesting and varied international backgrounds . […]

The Powell Piano Series: Esther Park Plays 19th Century Program

The September 13, 2013 concert at 7:30 p.m., by Esther Park at Mathes Hall at Eastern Tennessee State University included pieces by Felix Mendelssohn, Bela Bartók, Franz Liszt and Frederic Chopin . Although all the pieces were by 19th century composers, the program was nonetheless filled with variety. There was serenity in the Liszt, drama […]

The Tribute: Beatles Concert

A Columbia County crowd largely too young to have known the Beatles, stamped and whooped in anticipation of the September 2, 2011 concert by 1964 The Tribute. The band, whose name describes their genre, style, and play list, started promptly, to thunderous appreciation from the fair-going audience. They played everything that Beatles fans love from […]

Live Concert of Lee Hom Wang

Lee Hom Wang is a well-known American singer and songwriter of Chinese origin. The attendance of the concerts of his Heroes of Earth Tour broke the records. One of the concerts of Wang’s world tour took place at Singapore Indoor Stadium on 21 October 2006. The musical style of this singer combines the elements of […]

“A Night at the Movies” Concert

It was my first time to attend a concert by our very own UTC Symphonic Band. The concert was entitled “A Night at the Movies”. It was held last Wednesday, February 29, 2012 around 7:30 in the evening at Roland Hayes Concert Hall. The concert was directed by Dr. Stuart M. Benkert, a musical legend […]

E-Concert Report for Pieces from Early and Baroque Music

In the history of art, Baroque was a period characterized by unprecedented flowering of architecture, painting, literature, and music. Spanning over fifteen decades, from the early 1600s to the mid-eighteenth century, Baroque epoch passed under the sign of rich ornamentation and fanciful designs which were the part and parcel of many a work of art […]

E-Concert Report for Pieces from Classical and Romantic Music

The period spanning one and a half hundred years, from the mid-eighteenth to the late nineteenth century, is known as one of the most fruitful periods in the history of music. The era of Classicism (ca. 1750 – 1820), with its tendency to intellectualism and rationality, witnessed crystallization of such model musical genres as classical […]

E-Concert Report for Pieces from 20th Century Music

The twentieth century witnessed unprecedented development in the spheres of technology and science. This could not be overlooked by the creative part of society: the musicians of the century reflected the tendency to intellectualism, scientific perception of the world, and mechanization processes in their works. Together with this, they maintained active interest in and drew […]

E-Concert Report for Pieces by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Perhaps one of the most renowned Russian composers around the world is Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (1840–1893). His composing genius flourished in the late nineteenth century and seemed to comprise most of the romantic music genres that had developed by that time. Author of multiple operas, ballets, symphonies, symphonic poems, and numerous minor pieces, Tchaikovsky artfully […]

Concert at the Lehman Recital Hall: The Lark Quartet and Molly Morkorski

From classical to chromatic and traditional musical ideas The Lehman Recital Hall hosted a concert by the Lark Quartet with Molly Morkorski on December 4th, 2013 (Webern, Copland and Brahms). This is a cheerful modern performance venue at Lehman College of the City University of New York. It has the advantage of current acoustical design (Lehman […]

Jazz concert review

On the February9, 2013, a few well known African jazz musicians had a concert at the National Museum court yard in Nairobi. The concert was dubbed “All That Jazz” and hosted by one of Africa’s greatest pianists, Aaron “crucial” Rimbui. It was graced by Maurice Kirya, who is undoubtedly Uganda’s best jazz musician, Erick Wainaina, […]

The Romeros Return Concert

The Romeros is a Spanish guitar quartet founded in 1960s by Celedonio Romero. The quartet comprises members from the Romero family. Breathtaking talent and mastery of musical concepts characterize the group’s performances. They had recorded their first songs by the time they were seven years old. They relocated to the United States from Spain in […]

Classical music concert

This is a response paper to a classical music concert I attended at the Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles on the 7th of December 2012. The title of the concert was ‘Toyota Symphonies for Youths’ created by Adam Reilly and Igor Stravinsky of the Musical Dramaturg and Production Consultant. The music was conducted by […]

Our Latin Heritage

The Church of the Palms is a Presbyterian church of very modern design, but with a Spanish Mission feel. The church offered a pleasant, light-filled performance space for the Saratoga Pops Orchestra’s February 12 concert entitled “Our Latin Heritage”. The crowd was at or near capacity, having waited in line for the chance to hear […]

Concert Analysis

Introduction This concert was performed by Robert W. Smith. It was conducted on Tuesday, November 15, 2011, 8.00 PM at McKenna theatre at San Francisco or New Paltz. The artist performed an Africa, Ceremony Song and Ritua. The hall was well organized with the performance stage set with variety of instruments such as guitars and […]

Concert Report: The Mimir Chamber Music Festival

The Mimir Chamber Music Festival was held at PepsiCo Hall in Texas Christian University Fort Worth campus on July 7, 2011. The festival was held as a tradition because it has been taking place annually and each time there is a performance, the performance standard is set higher than the previous. This year’s edition was […]

Dallas symphony orchestra teen concert

Introduction Music is described by certain musical legends in different ways. Good music lightens a person’s mood and it enhances the mind. An artist’s is able to connect better with his/her fans through live performance on stage than through the stereo. The rhythm and tempo are some of the factors that make a live performance […]

Analyzing the Washington Cathedral Classical Music Christmas Concert at the Washington National Cathedral

The Washington Cathedral Classical Music Christmas Concert discussed in this paper witnessed the performance of a number of pieces, including Handel’s “Messiah”, John Francis Wade’s “O come o ye faithful”, Philip Brooks’ “Little town of Bethlehem”, and Franz Xaver’s “Silent Night”, as performed by the Washington National Cathedral Choir together with the Baroque Orchestra. Conducted […]

Les Miserables: Live Concert DVD

Les Miserables is the musical based on an 1862 novel of the same name by Victor Hugo. The songs of the main characters touch upon the issues of searches for the sense of existence, their moral choices and primary life values. The songs of the characters represent their feelings and thoughts, initiating listeners into their […]

The Live Concert by Aleksandr Rybak and the Electo Zoo Festival

A live concert of Alexandr Rybak, a Norwegian singer-composer took place on 13 November 2010 in Gusman Hall in Miami Florida. The attendance of this live musical performance became a memorable experience for me. The overall atmosphere of the Gusman Hall was favourable for establishing the personal contact between the performers and the audience. The […]

Variety and Sincerity: Something to Sing About: the Ashland University Spring Choral Concert

On March 21st, the Ashland Area Chorus, the Ashland Chamber Choir, the Ashland Women’s Choir, and the University Choir presented a spring concert in the Miller Chapel, titled “Something to Sing About”. Rowland Blackeley and Stephanie Sikora were the directors of this interesting program. It was a pleasure to have the names of all the […]

Report after Attending a Concert

Visiting concerts of classical music is always something unbelievable and captivating. People suppose to find themselves in some other world, but are not sure in what exactly. Classical music provides people with an opportunity to dream, think, love, and even exist. For those, who cannot differentiate what major or minor is, it may be rather […]

Concert Review: Arnold Schoenberg’s 1909 Pieces Replay NULL

In the concert attended, I was a casual listener because I never paid much attention to what was being played, because most of the music played was unfamiliar to me. Moreover, I had very little knowledge of the artists and songs being played, probably because symphony orchestra is not part of the mainstream music I […]

Concert Report: No. 2 Intermezzo by Robert Schumann

The first piece I am going to discuss is the Liederkries movement from the piano concerto, No. 2 Intermezzo by Robert Schumann (1810-1856), the great composer of the Romantic era. This is a piece that is included in a twelve songs cycle, and Intermezzo is the second piece in this cycle. This cycle is called […]

ART VITALIS The New Jersey New Music Forum – CONCERT REPORT

First of all, I would like to consider the concert performance “Trio For Flute, Clarinet And Piano” which I was lucky to listen at Ars Vitalis concert recently. After this I’ll pass to another pieces performed that night. This piece was performed by three musicians who played exquisitely. This was a play of three instruments: […]

Report of an Orchestra Concert

The orchestra concert I have to evaluate and discuss is exciting and unique because it represents a beautiful combination of the works by such great composers like Strauss and Tchaikovsky, Schoenberg and Barber. Their compositions are magnificent indeed and make their listeners enjoy each sound and each instrument. Richard Strauss’ Serenade in Eb for Winds, […]