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Concert in MilkBoy ArtHouse Essay

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A visit to almost any live concert, as a rule, leaves quite strong feelings and emotions that are unlike those that appear after listening to recordings. An opportunity to observe performers directly on stage helps to feel all the nuances of music, vocals, and the general atmosphere. As an example of such a concert, the recent performance of the jazz quartet with its frontman Ravi Coltrane will be considered. In order to give a clear idea of the event, the detailed description of the time, place, repertoire, and all the musical features will be given. In general, the concert was spectacular, and pleasant emotions remained after listening.

Description of the Concert

The event took place in MilkBoy ArtHouse on March 1st, 2019. The hall was roomy enough, and all the seats were occupied. The concert began at 7 p.m., but the audience had gathered earlier in order to sit comfortably and study the program of the event. In the description of the concert, it was indicated that the repertoire would be announced from the stage, which added interest to what was happening. The lighting was unobtrusive, and the acoustics was pleasant for listening to jazz music.

Instrumentation, Repertoire, and Musicality

As indicated in the concert program, the quartet performed in the style that was typical for them. Ravi Coltrane played the saxophone and was the leader of the band. Also, the musicians used a guitar, bass, and drums, which was a standard set of any jazz ensemble. Ravi Coltrane is a true professional in the field of improvisation and spontaneous melodies (“Grammy Nominated Ravi Coltrane Quartet”).

Therefore, one could expect much from his and his colleagues’ performance. In general, the repertoire was not particularly original compared with the previous concerts of the quartet. The musicians performed several old compositions and presented a few original arrangements for some modern melodies.

From a technical point of view, the performance of each member of the band was immaculate. It was evident that the musicians were sufficiently prepared and knew their material well. The stylistic coloring of the performance was usual for jazz compositions where bright and rich solo parts were mixed with the whole ensemble’s playing. Intonationally, there were no flaws, and a rather loud sound did not prevent from hearing all the features of the performance. Each of the musicians proved himself as a professional and had an opportunity to demonstrate his talent. As a result, the mixture of sounds turned out to be harmonious and rich, which confirmed the high qualification of the artists.

Personal Opinion

Based on the impression of the whole concert, the performance was at the highest possible level. The professionalism of the musicians was not in doubt, and it was possible to observe how easily and naturally all the members of the quartet played their parts. Perhaps, more attention could be given to new compositions rather than old hits. Nevertheless, both during the concert and after it, the perception of the performance was positive, and no one could express anything but gratitude to the musicians for a good evening.


The performance itself and pleasant impressions after listening confirm the high professionalism of Ravi Coltrane and his quartet. The repertoire and musicality were expected, but the members of the group managed to surprise the audience with virtuoso solo parts. A standard jazz style was mixed with modern trends, which gave the performance an unusual and fascinating effect. Technically, playing was perfect, and a good impression left after the concert.

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