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Music: Jazz Anecdotes Essay

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The stories of Pops Foster and Chief Blue Cloud in wild scenes were introduced in an interesting manner. I was intrigued by these two stories that described the characters of musicians. Their skills give them fame as well as power to influence. Creativity was also inevitable in their careers.

Music and Influence

Pops Foster’s story in page 3 and 4 of Jazz Anecdotes, was a man with a talent in music and knew how to control people. Those under him got it rough for they had to stick to his commands. His words were final and he could not tolerate opposition. Even if his co-workers were dissatisfied with a certain performance, they had to admit that they fully enjoyed the music. His performance was unique in that they could play one song for a whole night (Crow 3).

The skilled musicians, Pops Foster had a small band in Bear town. The Bear town in Illinois was mainly populated by miners who could attend the entertainment events. Their character of carrying drinking jugs was a community tradition. The appearance of the great artist was contrasting his role.

He was described as untidy and was always chewing tobacco. He was a dictator in the band. His audience obeyed him in one accord. The performers played a single song but how they kept the audience from moving away was interesting. I think all the attendants loved him for the music. He had a great influence on what people did (Crow 3).

Those who did not want to drink behind him still drank behind him. His evening band performances were characterized by wild behaviors. For instance, this man could make people drink from one jug from time to time. At some point he could point at his fans with a pistol. Another moment he could go to the bathroom and tell his audience to wait until he went back. His audience could remember his favorite song; yes we got No Bananas after 50 years time (Crow 3).

Music and Creativity

Jazz music caused people to do crazy things. In the story of Chief Blue Cloud in page 4 of Jazz Anecdotes, Wingy Manone was said to have got himself into an interesting hot band. Their uniforms were very complicated. They wore funny costumes during their performances. Their hairs were supposed to match Indian hairs which were very far to look alike.

They had to look like the Indian chief and his wife. The only option which was left was to wear wigs on their heads. The imagery in this story was so clear until I felt as if I was also part of the show. Chief Blue Cloud was an Indian and the leader of the band (Crow 4).

He was well skilled in playing a trombone. Music skills such as this man playing trombone show a big influence in a community or a society. The outgoing characters of the band are artistic in that they had to find ways to make the performance interesting. They were innovative in that their costumes were unique.

Feather and beads made part of their costumes. In addition their feet were in moccasins light shoes which made it easier for their dance. Their waists were in tomahawks. The non Indians had to imitate the Indian woo-woo-woo call and the hot jazz music could cheer up the crowd. The art and creativity is what kept people to the music (Crow 4).


The talent to play musical instruments and fine tuned skills in vocalists made the story interesting. They portrayed that music was a social part of life in the past and the present and should never be ignored. Music is related to positive influence on people regardless of the musician character. To keep the music interesting musicians must be creative in their entertainment.

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