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54 CyberCrime Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

πŸ† Best CyberCrime Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. The Role of American Laws in Protecting Corporations From Cyber Crime
    The Digital Millennium Copyright Act is a statute in the United States of America that seeks to protect the government and organizations from cyber attack by prosecuting IP theft.
  2. Social Implications of Computer Technology (Cybercrime and Cyber-related crimes)
    In reading the discussion above it becomes clear that the term cybercrime actually refers to computer-related crime; however, some consider computer crime to be a subdivision of cybercrime that warrants its own definition and understanding.
  3. Cyber Crime and Necessity of Cyber Security
    This is one of the policies that has been proposed to curb cyber crimes and is being debated in the congress.
  4. Cybercrime and Cyber-related crimes
    The introduction of computer technology has created room for cyber crimes and cyber related crimes that have caused many people pain and losses to the society.
  5. Toolkits Used in Cybercrime
    The mobile content in many cases has led to loss of privacy and integrity for many organizations. This poses a risk to the organizations whose data can be found on their sites.
  6. Cybercrime – Pentagon
    It is the lack of effective controls that accounts for most hacking incidences, as depicted by the case of Gary McKinnon who was able to gain unauthorized access to NASA and pentagon systems, deleting crucial […]
  7. Cybercrime in Singapore
    The significant cybercrime perpetrators in Singapore are the youths who are techno-savvy, and about 80% of the whole population has been the victim of cybercrime.
  8. Cybercrime, Digital Evidence, Computer Forensics
    The website “howstuffworks” carries an article discussing the basics of computer forensics, this is a good example of a website that is useful in explaining or understanding the reality of cybercrime and digital evidence. Not […]
  9. The SmartPlanet Website as a Cybercrime Guide
    Firstly, the title of the article in the website is highly elusive. Secondly, the content of the article in the website is mainly about identity theft.
  10. UAE Cybercrime Policy and Its Effects
    However, the lack of information regarding the concept of cybercrime, the ways of inhibiting it and the tools that the UAE society can use to prevent cybercrimes are not completely obvious.
  11. UAE Cybercrime Laws and Statistics in Dubai
    According to the chart provided above, the introduction of the new legislation has contributed to a minor drop in cybercrimes. In addition, it can be suggested that programs should be created to educate people on […]
  12. Identity Theft and Cybercrime in the Contemporary Society
    Identity theft is a largely recognized terminology that has attracted the attention of members of the public, the media, and the government.
  13. Cybercrime and United States National Security
    Cybercrime, cyber terrorism, and cyber espionage are internet-based crimes that pose a serious threat to the national security of the United States of America.
  14. Cybercrime, International Laws and Regulation
    Nevertheless, it is important to discuss the most likely international bodies that should be responsible for the prosecution and the punishment of the cybercrime offenses.
  15. Cybercrime Impact on Global Criminal Justice System
    Reports show that the crime is on the rise because more people have access to computers and the internet than ever before.
  16. Cybercrime Dilemma and International Cyberwar
    This paper studies the issue of cybercrime in relation to ethical concerns, the cybercrime dilemma, and the international involvement in the fight against cybercrime with a special focus on global interconnectedness.
  17. Cybercrime Victimization and Cyberbullying
    The main strength of the article is the author of the article describing one of the existing frameworks that are based on the routine activities inherent in the criminological theory.
  18. Cybercrime and Law Enforcement Challenges
    The rationale for this proposal is that coordinated efforts will allow law enforcement agencies to share information and deal with cybercrime from a global perspective.
  19. Cybercrime and Digital Money Laundering
    The result of the investigation was the indictment of Western Express and a number of the company’s clients for several charges including stolen credit card data trafficking and money laundering.
  20. Cybercrime and Law of Defence in the UK and US
    A lot of emphasis is made to compare the application of the law of defence on cyber crime, viz-a-viz the application of the same laws in the “physical world”.

🌐 Good Research Topics about CyberCrime

  1. Importance of Digital Education and Raising Awareness on Cybercrime
  2. Computer Hackers and the Cybercrime Law
  3. Cybercrime And Its Effects On The World ‘s Major Countries
  4. Cybercrime And The Healthcare Industry
  5. Cybercrime In Banking Industry And Its Impacts On Banking Industry
  6. Cybercrime is whose Responsibility?
  7. Cybercrime Problems And Solutions Information Technology
  8. Cybercrime: The Latest Ways of Stealing Identity and Money
  9. What is Hacking?
  10. Developments in Hacking, Cybercrime, and Malware
  11. How Far Do You Agree Cybercrime Is an Ever Increasing Danger?
  12. How To Investigate CyberCrime?
  13. Property Rights, Cybercrime, and Cyberpiracy’s Impact on Domestic and Foreign Business
  14. What Motivates An Individual Will Commit Cybercrime?
  15. What Is a Cybercrime?
  16. What should be done to tackle cybercrime?

πŸ–₯️ Interesting Topics to Write about CyberCrime

  1. Brief Note On Cybercrime And Social Media
  2. Business Fraud And Cybercrime
  3. National Security Threat : Cybercrime
  4. Capital Punishment for Cybercrime: The Case in Nigeria
  5. Categories of Cybercrime
  6. Cybercrime : A Broad Spectrum Of Criminal Activities
  7. Cybercrime And Its Effect On Society
  8. Cybercrime Auto Fraud
  9. Cybercrime Challenges Of Public Universities
  10. Cybercrime in America & Australia
  11. Cybercrime in India Essay and Indonesia
  12. Example Of Cybercrime And Terrorist Cyber Attacks
  13. Identity Theft Is A Method Of Cybercrime
  14. Impact Of Cybercrime Today : Government And Private
  15. Predictive Models in Cybercrime Investigation: An Application of Data Mining Techniques
  16. The Issue of Cybercrime and Methods of Fighting It

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