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Business Communication Essay Examples and Topics

Business communication essays are important because they show the individual’s understanding of how a firm works and what strategies it uses. A good essay on business communication will reflect your professional knowledge of business methodologies and approaches.

Business communication research essays can cover various topics, including interpersonal relationships within a company, managers’ communication skills, integrated marketing communications, and organizational behavior.

There are several ideas on how to write this type of essays:

  • Think about the title thoroughly. The reader should understand the topic of the essay and get interested in it.
  • The paper should include a business communication introduction, in which you will discuss the issues relevant to the topic and the focus of the field in general. This part of the paper should get the reader’s attention; you can ask the audience questions about the topic. Do not forget to mention the means of internal and external communication, as well as verbal and non-verbal messages.
  • Remember that the main purpose of the paper should be discussing the topic the reader cares about while providing important insights on it. Make your point strong and clear while supporting it with real-life examples.
  • Your essay should include at least five paragraphs, three of which should be body paragraphs. Do not make the paragraphs too long; they should be up to 190 words but not less than 65 words.
  • Conclusion of business communication essay should include all important points from the paper, as well as personal recommendations, if applicable.

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Workplace Differences in the Global Business

To handle the issues that may occur between staff members that reinforce the concept of competitive culture, one may have to consider the approaches based on openness, promotion of cooperation as opposed to aggressive competition [...]

Customer Service Representatives’ Training

The training program must also address the service orientation attitudes and skills of the CSRs because they are not able to apply their knowledge on registration steps for effective delivery of services.

International Business Etiquette in China

Before transacting any business, it is important to understand the cultural expectations of the parties involved in the process. To strike a favorable business deal with the Chinese, face-to-face meetings are preferable as opposed to [...]

Effective Meeting Management and Its Components

The effectiveness of meetings is determined by the experience of the chairperson or the person-in-charge. A chairperson who has sufficient knowledge in meeting management is able to conduct meetings in the desired way.

Body-Aware Research in Strategic Management

The authors note that the field of strategic organisation is highly concerned with talk and speech as the means of articulation while disregarding the role of the body in the creation of strategies.

Communication Impact on the Multicultural Community Work

Q3: Name one or two scenarios of effective communication and ineffective communication in multicultural situations The multicultural situation involves "substantial numbers of employees of more than one ethnicity or nationality, diversity in language and cultural [...]

BMW: Business Proposal and Communication Issues

However, the primary focus of the business proposal should be put on the process of communication between the company and the customers that want to personalize their vehicles according to the high standards BMW will [...]

Negotiation Process and Its Five Stages

The investigation process is the stage of gathering information on the agenda and the desired outcome of the negotiating parties. From the above example of the investigative step in the negotiation between the US and [...]

Positive Writing in Business Communication

Even when the message being expressed is negative, positive writing dictates that a writer should avoid the use of such negative words as impossible, damage, loss, refuse and stop. As a business writer, it pays [...]

Social Collaboration in the Enterprises

The purpose of this report is to demonstrate why organizations should adopt collaboration tools and enterprise social networks to enhance the concept of social collaboration enterprise while creating a competitive edge.

Twitter Benefits for Business in Saudi Arabia

The number of business operators who use Twitter to market their products and services in Saudi Arabia is growing. In Saudi Arabia, many small business operators use Twitter to market their products and services.

Data Mining and Customer Relationship Management

As such, CRM not only entails the integration of marketing, sales, customer service, and supply chain capabilities of the firm to attain elevated efficiencies and effectiveness in conveying customer value, but it obliges the organization [...]

Negotiations: the Methods to Reach the Win-Win Outcome

Thus, the administration or initiators of using the uniforms for Federal Conservation Land employees can negotiate with the representatives of the organisation on the issue of the necessity to manufacture uniforms for all Federal Conservation [...]

Genres Used in Business Writing and Their Roles

The memo serves to inform employees about any changes in the work process or about new projects, to provide the necessary directions to follow within the whole company or within a department, and to provide [...]

Virtue Meeting and Live Events Comparison

The meeting being of five employees from all over the country, delivery of the context of the meeting is crucial. The next difference is on code of dressing, where in the live events, it is [...]

Business Communication: An Action Equation

Bob Matha and Macy Boehm believe in the power of communication to drive leadership strategies in organization. The Action Equation identifies key elements that leaders need to communicate to their employees.

Corporate Communications and Society

Question One: Discuss, elaborate, and evaluate Vanderbilt's claim of the complete domination of advertising and marketing in our culture and society, and the reordering of our social and cultural lives in terms of the logic [...]

Solving Barriers in Business Communication

By using certain from the social identity theory, CAT assumes that the form of business communication used by workers from diverse units have social signs that relay not only the details of information, but also [...]

Toastmasters Organizations Missions

The act of public speaking can be defined as the process of speaking to a group of people in a deliberate and well structured manner with the purpose to inform, entertain or influence listeners.

British Petroleum Company Crisis Communication

Results: BP succeeded in: engaging the acts of bolstering and transcendence not only to mitigate negative effects of the perceived wrongdoing by reinforcing the statements echoed by the President and passing them as own, but [...]

H&M Company’s Communication Strategies

The paper explores the media elements, which the firm utilizes in communicating with customers about the corporation's products. In this regard, the firm is able to reach and interact with millions of clients across the [...]

Leadership through Effective Communication

At the phase of implementation of the business strategies, effective communication is essential in helping leaders to control and monitor the implementation of strategies to meet the desired goals and objectives.

Communication Skills in Management

The discussions of the paper are based on the existing literature of the roles of organisational communication in enhancing the success of organisations and on the understanding of the roles of communication in organisations developed [...]

Conflict and Resolution Concepts

This paper seeks to address the sources of the clashes, cultural issues contributing to the conflict, information required to deal with the disagreements as well as the best method of addressing the same.

Leadership, Teambuilding and Communication

The task of building and managing diverse teams in an organization is similarly critical to the process of organizational leadership. Such barriers to communication affect the performance of the group and work teams in a [...]

Importance of Writing in Communication

Business leaders all over the world are increasingly using writing to communicate the agenda of the organization to stakeholders, demonstrating that written communication has a substantial significance in contemporary business world.

Characteristics that Make a Successful Negotiator

It is fundamental to the one engaging in a negotiation to exhibit qualities of good listening. This refers to the ability of an individual to accommodate various situations, views and opposing opinions arising out of [...]

Communication Techniques in the Contemporary Workplace

There is internal communication that involves the communication between the employees or between the employees and the management. There is also external communication that involves exchanging information between members of the organization and outsiders like [...]

Cross Cultural Negotiation

My group was in the role of a car buyer; consequently, the task of our negotiation was to reduce the price as much as possible.

The Role of Relationship Building

A proper understanding of all the dynamics involved in the formulation of a company's communication strategies will go a long way in ensuring that the company consolidates a satisfactory customer base and that there is [...]