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Business Communication Essay Examples and Topics

Business communication essays are important because they show the individual’s understanding of how a firm works and what strategies it uses. A good essay on business communication will reflect your professional knowledge of business methodologies and approaches.

Business communication research essays can cover various topics, including interpersonal relationships within a company, managers’ communication skills, integrated marketing communications, and organizational behavior.

There are several ideas on how to write this type of essays:

  • Think about the title thoroughly. The reader should understand the topic of the essay and get interested in it.
  • The paper should include a business communication introduction, in which you will discuss the issues relevant to the topic and the focus of the field in general. This part of the paper should get the reader’s attention; you can ask the audience questions about the topic. Do not forget to mention the means of internal and external communication, as well as verbal and non-verbal messages.
  • Remember that the main purpose of the paper should be discussing the topic the reader cares about while providing important insights on it. Make your point strong and clear while supporting it with real-life examples.
  • Your essay should include at least five paragraphs, three of which should be body paragraphs. Do not make the paragraphs too long; they should be up to 190 words but not less than 65 words.
  • Conclusion of business communication essay should include all important points from the paper, as well as personal recommendations, if applicable.

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Reducing Intercultural Communication Barriers

To reduce the above challenges, I must be aware of the barriers, be empathetic, pay careful attention to communication cues, and always verify with the receiver that I have understood his or her response. Academically, [...]

Fundamentals of Contemporary Business Communication

It is from such a phenomenon that the entire themes of the discussion and appropriate information regarding the matter emerge. Research helps in facilitating the processes of writing and authenticating the information presented to the [...]

Coaching and Supportive Communication at Work

The importance of supportive communication is that it improves the accuracy with which the message is delivered. Descriptive communication helps in minimizing the tendency of being evaluative and the development of defensive interactions.

African-Chinese Joint Venture and Cultural Issues

Finally, when engaging in business activities in the Chinese business environment, it is recommended that great attention is given to relationships established as more significance is attached to the concept of family feeling, brotherhood, and [...]

Listening in Interpersonal Communication at Work

Another interview did not demonstrate Alan's effective listening either; he tried to start less bluntly with the male employee and found out that the reason for frequent lateness was the family issues related to the [...]

Effective Communication for News Delivering

According to the terms of the bid, CCA expects that your company has the capacity to supply one million units of food colorings and one million units of food preservatives per month and as per [...]

Intelligence and Communication in Business Settings

Consequently, in an attempt to retain efficient and effective communication, the communicator's substantial knowledge of the language, as learning styles, largely aid in creating awareness of the need to select words precisely during communication.

Effective Response Letter to a Customer

After greeting and thanking the customer, the Assistant manager should have then restated the problem that was presented in the customer's complaint to show the customer that her problem was also a problem of the [...]

Team Building in the United Arab Emirates

In this instance, volunteering not only contributes to the improvement of the team dynamics within the organization but also to the integration with the community and development of the positive brand image by taking responsibilities [...]

Job Interview: Preparation Tips for Employees

An interview refers to an investigative meeting that happens between an applicant or applicants and the employer; thus, representing both the supply and demand of an organization. Both the interviewee and the interviewer need to [...]

Publicity and Customer Communication Strategy

When companies like the Coca Cola Company spend hundreds of US dollars on publicity, their aim is to convince the market that they are the best. They try to convince the market that consuming their [...]

Listening Skill Development for a Manager

Context refers to the way the information is delivered to the sender. The paper evaluates three articles in order to understand the importance and features listening in the organization.

Public Relations in Canada and the United States

Practicing public relations in Canada and the United States has both differences and similarities in terms of educational orientation, required skills, and constructs involved in communication and public relations integration.

The Concept of Low-Context Communication

As far as the context of the low-context communication process is concerned, one must admit that the phenomenon is quite rare due to the specifics of the environment in which it occurs.

Corporate Blogging Policy and Legal Risks

This is a result of the realization by the Public relations team, that there is a need to control what is posted on the company's blog to avoid potential controversies and risk of liability in [...]

Business Communication: Interviews

Unlike the other forms of two-person communication, an interview possesses five distinctive qualities as described below: When compared to two-person communication, an interview involves an unbalanced time consumed while the conversation between the interviewer and [...]

Communication in the Workplace

The company is considered to be one of the leading research organizations in Canada. During the interview, I had the opportunity to ask her various questions concerning the company's workplace and their important forms of [...]

Etisalat Company’s Conflict Management Practices

Conflict management serves as a vital component of modern management to achieve the prosperity and success of a company. This dimension is most applicable for the selection and application of a relevant organizational conflict management [...]

Alternative Dispute Resolution and Its Methods

This paper identifies the key terms related to the concept of ADR, discusses the various methods of ADR used in the practice of conflict management, and addresses the case "John at the Bureau of Reclamation" [...]

Justice and Conflict & Cooperation and Competition

Interdependence on the goals of the parties involved in conflicts perhaps aids in understating the nature of the conflicts. On the other hand, in practical scenarios where the parties involved in conflicts have similar goals [...]

Leadership Communication Failures and Solutions

According to Luthra and Dahiya, while communication entails the transfer of information from the source to the audience, the level of preparedness and the quality of message delivered indicate the extent of confidence that a [...]

Entrepreneurial Conversation and Its Strategies

In the course of the conversation, I will consistently focus on what is important to the target. I will listen out to the prospects consumers what interest them about higher education institution so that I [...]

Goal-Centered Communication in Accounting

Through the research of communication issues in the accounting profession, it has been discovered that the successful knowledge transfer within the professional setting requires focusing on the goals of communication.

Deep Sea Oil Company’s Communications Plan

The major goals of the Communications Plan for DSOC is the development of public trust when responding to any crisis and the reduction of risks to the company's reputation and financial performance.

Under-Communicating and Over-Communicating Concepts

Under-communicating is a factor which may significantly affect the performance of stakeholder teams and the perceptions of recipient groups. The concept of under-communicating assumes that the information is delivered ineffectively to recipients and project teams.

Business Letters and Their Criterias

First, the text of the letter starts with a redundant expression. The letter also features redundant and irrelevant information in several paragraphs, including the account of dealing with the competitors' offers.

Communication Issues in Management Teams

By asking the participants what strategies they preferred to use in order to overcome such problems, Hedman and Valo concluded that managers should keep in mind the importance of proper communication for the overall performance [...]

Websites’ Strategic Communication

Speaking about the review of literature conducted by the authors of the discussed article, it is necessary to say that they seem to have taken into consideration the most important information connected to the nature [...]

Human and Business Relationship Challenges

After analyzing the concepts and tactics studied in class, I have realized that the integrative negotiation is the best approach that is suitable for my personality. This is the case because the approach focuses on [...]

Transparency in Internal Communication as a Change

With a large amount of regular feedback, the company can analyze it and make changes according to the wishes of the employees. The nature of transparency in internal communication makes it essential to consider the [...]

Negative Organizational News Delivery Strategy

Thus, it is essential to try and minimize the damage that could occur in business relationships and aim at encouraging the acceptance of bad news, analysis of the situation, and coming up with solutions to [...]

Cryptocurrency Technologies: Communication Theories

Therefore, the concept of buying and reselling the cryptocurrency implies following the communication privacy management theory, as well as the uncertainty reduction theory, which is caused by the natural desire of the majority of the [...]

The Art of Persuasion

Notably, the art of persuasion assists in the acquisition of new clients, the hiring of the most talented employees, and the creation of new relationships in the dynamic business settings.

Interpersonal Communication Analysis

The aim of the following paper is to analyze the interview with the real estate company manager in New York and determine the current level of the company's interpersonal communication, locate the shortcomings of the [...]

Sources Visions and Communication

A strategic vision of an employee is the main funder of the accomplishments of a company. As has been discussed above, there is a visible difference between the narcissistic and charismatic types of leadership.

Business and Intercultural Communication

The ability to communicate in a business environment might be hindered by the following factors that are not typical for less formal communication: workforce diversity, the pervasiveness of technology, the complexity of the organizational structures, [...]

Integrated communication Theory

This communication model is the evolution of integrated marketing communication and emphasizes the role of the consolidated outcome of corporate messages.

Importance of Communication in Business

Another important aspect of communication is the ability to understand others and to present oneself accordingly. It is suggested to involve students in international communication more often to help them understand how "to cope within [...]

Factors of Communication in International Business

One of the requirements for success in international business is the ability to communication with people from different parts of the world, and this might call for the business persons to learn their counterpart's languages.

Culture Shock and Intercultural Communication

The challenges of mistreatment of women and religious orientations can be addressed by conducting workshops and trainings aimed at assisting expatriate employees to develop adequate cultural competence on how to deal with culturally diverse others [...]

Trust Between Leaders and Stakeholders

To an outside observer with a passing acquaintance of the workings of the industry, it may seem that a novel idea or approach and a strong, charismatic leader would be the principal ingredients to setting [...]

Business Communication in India

It is also important to pay attention to the hierarchy that exists in the Indian business sphere. Thus, it is advised to first build trust in a business meeting before getting down to the issue [...]

Ideas Communication, Practicing, and Storytelling

One of the most important practices in the communication of new ideas to the organization is practicing those ideas. Whenever a new technology is introduced into the communication system, every member of the team has [...]

Automotive Sales Company and Hotel Collaboration

In order to develop a positive culture within them and ensure that the cases of misunderstanding are minimalized, it is vital for the personnel to be aware of their duties and responsibilities: General manager is [...]

Extreme Negotiations: Benefits and Pitfalls

Speaking of the organizational aspect of dangerous negotiations, it is important to answer the question of how to react to "take it or leave it" statements that are usually set by the other party.

Workplace Differences in the Global Business

To handle the issues that may occur between staff members that reinforce the concept of competitive culture, one may have to consider the approaches based on openness, promotion of cooperation as opposed to aggressive competition [...]