Business Communication Essay Examples and Topics

Business communication essays are important because they show the individual’s understanding of how a firm works and what strategies it uses. A good essay on business communication will reflect your professional knowledge of business methodologies and approaches.

Business communication research essays can cover various topics, including interpersonal relationships within a company, managers’ communication skills, integrated marketing communications, and organizational behavior.

There are several ideas on how to write this type of essays:

  • Think about the title thoroughly. The reader should understand the topic of the essay and get interested in it.
  • The paper should include a business communication introduction, in which you will discuss the issues relevant to the topic and the focus of the field in general. This part of the paper should get the reader’s attention; you can ask the audience questions about the topic. Do not forget to mention the means of internal and external communication, as well as verbal and non-verbal messages.
  • Remember that the main purpose of the paper should be discussing the topic the reader cares about while providing important insights on it. Make your point strong and clear while supporting it with real-life examples.
  • Your essay should include at least five paragraphs, three of which should be body paragraphs. Do not make the paragraphs too long; they should be up to 190 words but not less than 65 words.
  • Conclusion of business communication essay should include all important points from the paper, as well as personal recommendations, if applicable.

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How Internet Communication Helps Graphic Designers to Spread Their Art Works to the World

Introduction The internet has entirely transformed the graphic design industry. The number of graphic designers has increased steadily over the recent few years. In fact, this growth is attributed to the development of internet communication (Tufte, 2010, p.5). There are more websites on the net: a number that is estimated to have tripled from the […]

Leadership through effective Communication

Why lead through Communication? Communication strategies are crucial in organizations, particularly in the information age. Organizations are growing immensely in terms of their operations. As a result, they are constantly looking for mechanisms for becoming competitive. One of the ways of gaining competitive advantage is through the implementation of communication strategies, which support organizational growth […]

Communication Skills in Management

Introduction Organisations bring together people from different backgrounds. To ensure that diverse groups of people working in an organisation are organised such that they work towards common aims and goals, communication is an essential skill for any leader. Organisational leaders select various communications strategies depending on the situations that they encountered in their work environments. […]

Drive In Business Communication

Drive is an essential element of business communication because it guides how different stakeholders in a firm communicate. As a result, it has an influence on the organisational culture observed in a firm at any given time. Business firms need to instil good values in their employees to make them more competitive in what they […]

A Day in My Office without Internet and New Social Media Technologies in My Workplace

Introduction The question that is often posed concerning the contemporary information technology oriented work environment is whether technology is critical in moulding communication and relations at the workplace. People have become used to technology to an extent that a rise in the level of addiction to new media is witnessed across different workplaces. Can the […]

Conflict and Resolution Concepts

Introduction In any organization or setting where people are working together, a conflict is inevitable and for healthy relations among workers there has to be a certain measure of disagreements. However, the conflict is not a problem although how we deal with it makes the difference. Therefore, the success of any organization is not depended […]

Leadership, Teambuilding and Communication

Leadership theories A number of leadership styles and theoretical approaches have been suggested. However, other theories are still being developed. Scholars have identified three categories of leadership theories- traditional, contemporary and emerging theories (Nelson & Quick, 2013). Traditional theories of leadership Trait theories Trait theories of leadership aim at identifying specific personal traits believed to […]

Importance of Writing in Communication

Business leaders all over the world are increasingly using writing to communicate the agenda of the organization to stakeholders, demonstrating that written communication has a substantial significance in contemporary business world (Management Study Guide, 2013). There exist several reasons why writing is important in communicating across the organization and externally to customers, suppliers, distributors and […]

Characteristics that Make a Successful Negotiator

Negotiation remains a critical element in leadership and management. The concept of negotiation has occupied the realms of leadership because it is the core for a formidable and plausible leader (Burt, Petcavage & Pinkerton, 2010). However, questions have arisen as to what constitutes a good negotiator. Therefore, the paper examines some of the basic features […]

Communication Techniques in the Contemporary Workplace

Introduction The success of any workplace largely depends on effective communication. Colleagues, employees, supervisors, customers, and contractors need to communicate effectively to ensure the success of the organization. Effective communication ensures that time is saved and the customers and employees coordinate well. Moreover, the organization is able to exploit vital opportunities that would have been […]

The Concept of Web Communication

Introduction Advancement in technology has paved way to what many people consider as web communication. Web communication in real sense is a complex term that is defined different by different individuals in the world. For better understanding of web communication, different scholars have broken down the term into three critical areas that include the social […]

Social World Conflicts and Its Resolution Styles

Conflict is a major subject in the world and its effects are very diverse in the society causing crisis and other effects. Conflict can be viewed as a disagreement through which the parties involved perceive a threat to their needs, interests or concerns (About Conflict, 2012). In this definition, the key terms are parties, perceive […]

Conflicts in the Business Communication

Introduction A conflict is a situation in which there exists a discord between two groups or parties. As a result, quite often prolonged fighting or struggle may be observed between or among the warring parties. Conflicts in the workplace are very common and inevitable. They may be a result of some personal issues of employees. […]

Citicorp’ and JPMorgan Chase’ Business Communication

This is a business communication report that aims at revealing some of the strategic approaches applied by business managers and other organizational leaders to remain competitive in today’s business environment. For the purpose of this paper, the current annual reports for Citicorp and JPMorgan Chase are examined to identify the key approaches that have been […]

Importance of Negotiation Skills

Negotiation Role The reason for the negotiation was to avoid a strike and make the management board meet their demand for higher pay and no intrusion in “non activity” time. As a member of the teacher’s union, the role of the negotiation would be to look into the benefit of the teachers. Worksheet Questions Discussed […]

Cross Cultural Negotiation

This work is devoted to the issues of negotiation in business. The concrete case discussed in this work has given me opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge that relates to the field of negotiation in practice. The work demonstrates how important it is to have necessary background in negotiating in order to succeed in business. The […]

Concept of Successful Negotiation in Business

Introduction Diversity at work is one of the most important aspects of a successful business. In the organization, one of the most important types of diversity is the different gender (male and female). Having different genders working side by side at work is one way of balancing the needs of income and outcome of work. […]

The Role of Relationship Building

Abstract Previous research on relationship building has characteristically paid attention to defining its potential as a vital business tool. The purpose of this paper is to investigate how effective relationship building practices can enhance a company’s customer base and enable the company to sustain a competitive edge over its business rivals. Although extensive research in […]

Communication Process in the Company

Introduction Poor leadership is known to destroy organizations’ credibility and may contribute to the company’s customers and stakeholders to move away. Mismanagement of the workforce can greatly affect the company’s working and environment and this definitely has an impact on the overall output. Poor communication ways of a company affects the health of the workforce […]

Different Types of Business Communication

Introduction To operate effectively within the industry and markets, businesses should focus on developing the effective communication channels in order to control the organisational performance and support relations with the partners and suppliers. From this point, different types of business communication should address the variety of the businesses’ needs associated with the business contacts and […]

Strategic Communication in Public Relations

Public relations/Advertising history Introduction Public relations have always had an advocacy function and recently the field moved towards a management aspect. The field was purely activitist in nature as it only related to actions seeking to influence relationships in any way, but the managerial orientation of PR has created parameters to follow and narrowed the […]

Conflict Management in Organizational Teams

Introduction Meeting deadlines is an integral part of work life. However, failure to meet deadlines for projects by employees may result in mistrust between them and their employers, demotion, or loss of jobs. Such aftermaths of deadlines cause stress on employees. This study presents the strategies that can be executed to alleviate deadline-associated stress and […]

The Role of Communication and Personality in Negotiation: Walking the Tightrope

Making business deals is not an easy task; the knowledge of the business processes and procedures, as well as the basic theoretical background concerning the issues in question is not enough. Quite often, a negotiation situation depends not on the profound knowledge of the business issue, but on the types of personality which both sides […]

Methods of Business Communication

Selecting appropriate ways of communication at the workplace is crucial for a successful manager of any company. This is why any skillful and talented leader needs to know what kind of communication is the most suitable in various situations that may occur during the work process. The manager needs to know when it is the […]

The Impact of Workplace Bullying

Introduction Bullying is one of the most common vices manifested in workplaces. Workplace Bullying Institute (WBI), explains it as a practice through which employees subject colleagues to patterns of psychological, physical, or collective behavior that compromise dignity, cause harm, or lead to various forms of threats (Wiedmer, 2010). Statistics indicate that 37% of the working […]

Significant Principles of Management Communication

Introduction The success of a business organization lies heavily on proper communication mechanisms within its structures. There are many publications and articles describing the effects of communication on businesses. In any trade, communication is an important ingredient for significant accomplishment. Even though the existence of specific communication norms contributes to the successful business operation, several […]

Communication Gaps in the Organization

According to human resource management experts, communication gap refers to the condition in which poor communication hinders work efficiency and relations within an organization (Caputo & Palosaari, 2003). Communication gaps result from misinterpretations, one-way communications, late communications, or poorly worded communications. In our everyday lives, there are several instances where the lack of effective communication […]

Importance of Communication in Making Decision in Organizations

Executive Summary The report entails evaluation of the role of communication in making decisions within an organization. The correlation between decision making and communication is underscored in the background study. Some of the key roles of communication in decision making are identified. The importance of communication in identifying the complexity of the intended decision is […]

Poor Interoffice Communication

Introduction Communication is one of the key aspects that are of great significance in any organization. It refers to the continuous process through which an individual or group conveys information to a second party-recipient. According to Hargie and Dickson, communication refers to the process of sharing information, feelings and meanings through the exchange of both […]

The Importance of a Two-Way Business Communications Procedure

Introduction In a certain communications firm, just as it is in many modern firms, there is a protocol followed in passing information form the junior employees to the top business managers. A new intern approached the top manager’s secretary and requested an appointment with the manager to discuss a project to send money via mobile […]

Galveston Independent School Effective Leader

The business narrative advanced by Bloom’s and Kolb’s theories relates very perfectly to my work as an office manager of special initiatives in Galveston Independent School. According to Bloom, there exists three spheres of influence in experiential learning which are the cognitive that involves the mental skills or Knowledge, the affective which involves growth in […]

Collaboration Technologies in Business

Nowadays the necessity of employing collaboration technologies in working activity is undoubted. No matter what professional field one is engaged in, communication tools can be successfully applied to improve the company’s performance. The development of information system offers countless opportunities for interactive communication organization. Professional communication often implies the presence of an open collaboration field, […]

Importance of Online Negotiations in Organizations

Introduction The realization of successful transactions among people and/or institutions involves a negotiation process that leads to mutually accepted solutions. Negotiation can be understood as a process that involves two parties with different goals or needs based on a common issue. These two parties find a way of reaching an agreement. People conduct negotiations either […]

Using Skype in the Work Place

Introduction With advancement in technology, contemporary communication has gained a new dimension. One of the ways in which this communication has been influenced is through the introduction of Skype, which is commonly used in businesses, workplaces and even in learning institutions (Rosen 2009). This report discusses the use of Skype and its impact at workplace, […]

Cell Phone Negotiations

Introduction Negotiation is a skill of bringing people together who have differences into a common platform where they can solve their disagreements. There are many dynamics especially in business negations which prevent people from coming to an agreement. These dynamics may include cultural differences, difference of gender, culture, perception, cognition and emotional differences. This paper […]

How to ensure that communication is effective and efficient

Business communication is paramount for an effective business; to have an effective communication it is the work of leaders to ensure that their organization has such structures that can allow the flow of information from the sender to the receiver as well as the information has been received in the most correct form. There are […]

Business Communication at Standard Chartered Bank in Dubai, UAE.

Introduction Communication is said to be an activity of sending and receiving meaningful information from one person to the other. It requires the sender or person who initiates the message and the recipient the person who the message is directed to. Business communication is a form of communication, which is meant to send and receive […]

The Gender Differences in Negotiation Styles

Introduction Negotiation is one of the most skills in the corporate world. It is a skill that would be needed in every department of the firm. As Downs (2008) notes, an organization cannot move if it lacks individuals who are able to properly negotiate on its behalf. Internally, various departments may need to negotiate over […]

Communications theory

Whether you are in America or in any other part of the world and working either in local police department or doing business, the way public organization manage information has an effect in every individual. Today, there are new technologies that used to collect data, store information, analyze it and publicize the information. However, the […]

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

Introduction Negotiations are often held in order to achieve goals that exist in an environment of contention. This means that there has to be more that one party that seeks to take advantage of scarce or shared resources. The need to ensure that one gets the most out of a negotiation warrants the identification of […]

Impact of Telecommunications on the Arab Society

The paper under consideration dwells upon the role telecommunications has played in the development of the Arab world. It is argued that telecommunications has played significant role in the development of many Arab countries. These changes can be found in different planes: economic, social, political, educational, etc. Thus, it is mentioned that telecommunication services in […]

Communication must be improved to ensure achievement of organizational goals.

Communication is a very important aspect of an organization’s regular operations. The research focus is on the Mayo experiment on communication. The research is on the Columbine High School massacre precipitating from a communication catastrophe. Communication must be improved to ensure achievement of organizational goals. The Mayo’s Hawthorne plant research shows the importance of the […]

Reflect essay of Stakeholders dialogue

Stakeholders’ dialogue is part of capacity building programs set by organizations to manage change towards sustainable development. Building capacity involves several elements such as stakeholder’s education where the management takes time to make all the stakeholders be aware of organization goals and objectives (Von Krogh, Spaeth and Lakhani, 2003, p.60). This ensures that all the […]

Network and Telecommunicating in HC

Hospital medical doctors rely on relevant and reliable medical databases for the professional performance of their medical oath. The research centers on physicians’ exchange of medical research information with other physicians in the community. The research centers on both the drawbacks and expected benefits of data distribution systems. The hospital physicians can choose between distributed […]

Effective Organizational Communication – A Competitive Advantage

Introduction This paper gives a summary on organizational communication as a competitive advantage based on the provided SHRM article. The article relays essential information on organizational communication with an aim of providing requisite incentives to enable advancement of holistic communication guidelines in institutions. Its discussion is categorized under various sections to aid understanding of the […]

Practical Book Review: “Why Don’t We Listen Better? Communicating & Connecting in Relationships?” by Jim Peterson

Introduction Most people are not good at listening. While other people are talking, we concentrate on our thoughts, instead of concentrating on what they are saying. Not many people know how much listening can enhance our lives. Jim Peterson states that the very skills that are applied in good communication are applied in organizational offices, […]

Strategic Role of Communication in A Cross Cultural Project Team

Research Aim The aim of the research is to discover the significance and extent to which communication in multicultural project teams contributes to project success. Many project teams have had an international outlook with firms carrying out project activities in offshore countries away from the country of origin. That is in addition to working with […]

Negotiation in Organizations

Introduction Currently, there exist a lot pertinent issues which create problems for different stakeholders in the society. In such situations, negotiations assist in the solution of these problems and discovery of lasting solutions to these problems. Negotiation is a widespread technique involving discussions or dialogue between people used in solving interpersonal, inter-group or interstate conflicts. […]

Conflict management in planning

Introduction Planning in any sector entails forecasting on developments and laying strategies on how to react to these developments when they fall due. It should therefore be done carefully and skillfully in order to avoid conflicts that may arise in future following the developments. In public sector, the urban and regional planning process the necessary […]

Negotiation in Business

Introduction In business, the art of negotiation is very critical in reaching a compromise in all the process of decision making. Notably, bringing the two parties together to agree on a common course is a necessary practice in ensuring success in the running of company operations. There are a number of definitions, which have been […]

Communication as an art

Abstract Communication an essential tool not only in business organizations, but also in our daily lives as it provides a framework through which people interact and associate with one another. Communication has continually improved over the past years as technology advancements are being invented hence presenting more and more effective ways of communicating. The topic […]

Negotiation Skills

It is likely for human beings to be involved in conflicts at one point or the other in their lifetime. How do we address these disputes? The more we grow and mature, the more we learn how to share, compromise and suspend the fulfillment of our needs. This can be in form of a disturbance […]

Why Howard Stern is an Effective Communicator

In the modern age there are two things that can help quantify the effectiveness of an entertainer or a journalist. The first one is fan base and the second one is amount of money earned directly from doing the work of a journalist and entertainer. Now, using this criteria one can say that Howard stern […]

Case Study Report: Business Communication

Executive summery This case study report is a result of the call by the Junior, the owner of KJVM AMI FM radio station for a review of his organizations internal communications. The report looks into the factors that led to the dismissal of Mr. Dawson who had been a faithful employee of the organization for […]

Flash Mobs

Flash mobs exemplify a complex cultural and technological phenomenon. Until present, flash mobs have been considered as a purely aesthetic concept. Today, flash mobs demonstrate a remarkable protest potential and use the existing communications infrastructure to coordinate their actions and publicly express their disagreement. Hirsch and Henry (2005) describe the use of the TXTmob technologies […]

Managerial Communication

Introduction Managerial communication is a very significant process to any organization. This is mainly because it provides information required for work to be done. It is defined as a function that enables managers to communicate with one another as well as with staff of the organization. It, therefore, allows for smooth flow of information between […]

Crisis Communication and Conflict Management in Health Care Environment

American health care organizations face unique challenges presented by crises and conflicts that pose risk to the attainment of the organization’s goals (Borkowski, 2011). Conflicts arise out of stressful and emotional encounters and form a natural part of relationships. Conflicts are necessary for organizational growth depending on their management. In hospitals, the unexpected is always […]

Effective Communication in Work Place

Introduction Business profession requires frequent communication between the clients and the people doing that particular business. Occupation in the field of business is mostly alienated to the offices. Communication in business should be a 100% effective (Adler, Rolls, & Proctor, 2008). This would help to improve the performance of that particular organization. Organizations dealing in […]

Computer Mediated Communication

Introduction The impacts of intercultural awareness in the use of electronic email exchange between Hungarian learners and native English speakers seem to correspond with Laura (2009) that use of email as a communicative device provides a platform needed to authentic communicative events, but the researcher neither tests the hypothesis nor evaluates the program. Laura (2009) […]

The Negotiation Process

Conflicts are a constant reality in our society and the effective resolution of the same may spell the difference between a successful and failed society. It is therefore imperative that the people involved in the conflict resolve the contentious issues constructively. Key to the constructive resolution of conflicts is the use of negotiation tactics and […]

Concepts of Perception as a Root Cause of Communication Problems

Introduction Communication is the process through which people send and receive information or messages. Nevertheless, the message received or sent should have meaning; otherwise, the process would not be effective. In fact, if somebody fails to internalise the meaning of the message, misunderstanding occurs. Consequently, there will be communication breakdown. Thus, in order to understand […]

Mediation and Advocacy: Integration of mediation and advocacy within a human services agency

Through exploring information from different sources to find the underlying idea that is connecting the sources and the availability of information Pertaining current trends though advocacy and mediation in the human services agencies. Therefore, my prime objective is to review various spectrums of mediation and advocacy to the human services and provide knowledgeable understanding of […]

The Uses of Company Websites

Executive Summery This paper demonstrates the various uses of company websites. The objective is to carry out a broad analysis on the relevance and significance of websites in business operations. It explores the various techniques and tools used in website design and administration. The study is based on comparative analysis of website data on marketing […]

Detecting Lies in Negotiations

Negotiators utilize various strategies to achieve their goals. These include those that explore difference in interests, among others. In general, all negotiators have an objective, which is to reach an acceptable decision. However, it is quite necessary to note that negotiation tables are usually intense. In fact, conflict of interest is quite predominant in negotiations. […]

Email and Literacy

Without any doubts, the Internet is the place, where lots of people, students in particular, like to spend their time, communicate, being far away from each other, send messages, discuss novelties, and share other interesting for them information. However, the way students share this information turns out to be rather unique. Such letter-combinations like plz, […]

Business Communications – Individual

Executive summary The report analyses the communication adopted by the Greenpeace international in reaching its stakeholders. Its major objective is to determine which have been the most applicable means of communication applied by the organization. It targets the stakeholders as it gives a clear picture of the communication and its transformation over the years. The […]

The Importance of Development, Communication, and Learning in Teams

Introduction The recent changes in the way organizations conduct business has pushed managers to figure out how to organize employees around teams. However, the development, communication and learning within teams must be efficient enough to facilitate the desired changes. For organizations to grow, the development, communication, and learning within teams must be well designed and […]

Web-Based Communication in Business

Business communication aims at promoting services, products, or relaying information within business entities. Communication within business premises touches on consumer behavior, consumer relations, interpersonal communication, and marketing amongst others (Guffey and Loewy 21). The essay focuses on the aspects of web-based communication method, which include situations where it is preferable and not preferable, its effectiveness […]

Communication Skills in the Workplace

Introduction The high rate of globalization has led to increment in the volume of international trade. One of the industries that have benefited from this growth is the freight industry in Singapore (AGI Freight 1). AGI Freight is one of the firms that operate within Singapore’s freight industry. Over the years it has been in […]

Summary: interview with a potential employee

Introduction This paper is about an interview conducted with a potential employee for a job in an organization which core business is to serve children and families. The interview was conducted by two people, namely the human resource supervisor at the company, and another person who would act as an external reviewer for the process. […]

Communication in Business

In any organisation, communication is essential to operation of a business. In this essence, communication involves the process of relaying information effectively to a predetermined recipient. When communicating, the parties play an alternate role of the recipient and the sender. For effective communication, the sender sends the information, while the recipient is obligated to give […]

Simplify message in large organizations

Large organs organizations are usually faced with the need to process several messages in order to enhance smooth running. For example, it is worth to mention that effective working of an organization is determined by effective flow of information among employees, management and clients. Therefore, it is prudent for the management of large organizations to […]

Perils of Email Communication

Communication is an exceptionally crucial thing in the well-being of any kind of creature. One can be tempted to believe that even animals have their own ways of passing information. Since humans are social, every individual at some point has needs they cannot satisfy on their own. This calls for effective communication. Achieving effective communication […]

Global media and communication

The ability of an organization to generate and maintain market competitiveness forms one of the most critical elements in supporting its internal and external mechanisms for further growth and expansion. The increasing competition and pressure in the global business arena have largely compelled many businesses to seek opportunities where they can expand their operations on […]

Evaluation Report for Ped’s Kafe

Executive Summary This paper relates to the examination of research findings on Peds Kafe’s application of communication theories. The report found out that there are opportunities for Ped’s Kafe to increase its customer base by using social media as an avenue for communication with its clients. The recommendations offered to Ped’s Kafe based on the […]

Teams Communication Problems in Group Working

Introduction All organizations ought to have a proper communication arrangement in order to run effectively. Teams in organizations accomplish their objectives in good time when they communicate effectively within and out of the organization. This paper identifies some problems that arise when teams communicate while working in a group. It offers possible recommendations that can […]

Informing about certain event

Potential Needs of the Families of the Miners When Receiving the Message While informing about certain event, accident, or object, it is imperative to learn the target audience to whom a speaker addresses. Specifically, profiling the audience and analyzing the steps of message reporting are essential for shaping the final report. In particular, attention should […]

LinkedIn as a Networking Media for Business

Social networking sites have become very common on the World Wide Web today (Gowel, 2011). The users of these sites are able to create individual and corporate profiles in order to search for friends, colleagues and professional assistance. The users can be able to link up with other individuals from all walks of life within […]

Communication Process Model

Communication can be referred to as the process by which messages get sent and received. I happened to experience two misunderstandings, one in college and another in the work place. In one of the misunderstandings, a secretary showed thumbs up sign to a colleague who had just acquired a job promotion from the assistant manager […]

Ways of Feedback Providing

Receivers of messages can provide feedback in several ways. They can respond by communicating back to the sender verbally that they have received the message and that they shall act on it. Receivers can also provide feedback through non verbal communication like gestures. The receiver can acknowledge receipt of the message by nodding the head […]

The Business Communications

Introduction Business communication is also popularly referred to as company communication, and it refers to the passing of information within a firm and within a supply chain (“Business Communication” 1). Employee engagement and transaction of officially permitted matters falls under business communication. Other topics that fall under this include; advertising, branding, client dealings, community involvement, […]

The Usage of Wikis for Business Organizations

Wikis: An Overview A wiki refers to “Web site that enables users to add new content or amend existing content” (Microsoft Corporation, 2006, p.2). The moment one posts on a wiki, all the users are then in a position to make their contributions by either adding or correcting the original document (Parker & Chao, 2007). […]

Meetings and social better for business

Introduction Technological advancements in many fields have continued to revolutionize our day-to-day lives. Communication is one of the most advanced items in terms of technology. In the space of a few years, people have greatly changed the way they communicate be it in the social or business circles by embracing technology. This has largely been […]

Virtual meetings

Over the years, technological trends have really reshaped the way face-to-face meetings in businesses are done. This comes as a result of the birth of social media platforms, increased usage of video conferencing and teleconferencing technological tools which have been part of the major cost-cutting strategies for many large corporations. This is due to the […]

The Value of Communication Skills in the Workplace

Communication is the exchange of ideas and feelings from one person to another; it involves being understood and others understanding you (Jacobson, 2009). Communication usually involves two parties, the sender and the receiver. The sender encodes a message in a way he/she thinks will be better understood by the receiver. Encoding also involves the selection […]

Corporate communication; work-related communication problem

A work-related communication problem in corporate communication An examination of how an organization can motivate it employees by promoting effective communication based on the Expectancy value theory and Uncertainty reduction theory. General Summary of the Problems of This Type The main purpose of human relations is to promote a highly productive workforce that will contribute […]

Language and Communication for Business and Commerce

Communication in any organization is a very important aspect as it can make or break an organization. Companies generally do not have a public language (Lang, 2010). It is of great importance that when the hiring is taking place, there is absolutely no tribalism or nepotism going on and that people are hired purely on […]

Interpersonal/intercultural communication at the work place

Abstract This academic paper looks into interpersonal communication and the issues that affect it or are in play when it is present within the workplace. The paper tries to answer whether different cultures have an effect on interpersonal communication at the workplace and whether evolving processes that enlarge the culture by building on its strengths […]

Communication in STEP

Executive Summary The present paper provides an analysis of communication issues in STEP. The report is based on the data obtained during the interview with the company’s employee, Nancy Watson. It has been found that communication in STEP is effective, but it is possible to improve it. For instance, it is stated that motivation and […]

Business Communication Trends Paper

The managerial functions of communication According to Wertheim (2008), majority of employees expend about 76% of their time in private communication with their colleges at workplace (p.1). Thus, efficient communication- whether at personal, intergroup, intra-group, or external level- is a vital factor needed by an organization to drive and achieve its goals. Effective communication enables […]

Business communication

Introduction Communication is important in people’s lives, as it is a mean of exchanging information from one person to another (Kushal, n.d, pp 1). In business, communication is necessary, as it plays a role in negotiation between an entrepreneur and the customer, and between the distributor and the entrepreneurs, among others. Therefore, business communication involves […]

Effective Communication Process Aspects

Introduction Effective communication is a desire of anyone involved in the process. As a result considerations have to be made with respect to type of meeting, characteristics of the target audience, appropriate communication channels and considering the diversity of the audience. Each of these considerations shall be examined singly. Characteristics of the audience The presentation […]

Effective business communication

Characteristics of the audience must you consider Effective business communication is an important aspect in business presentations because the quality of business decisions made often depends on how well individuals communicate within the organization. Communicators must be able to communicate with their audience effectively so that their intended message can be captured and interpreted effectively. […]

Communication and its role in organization

Communication entails movement of information from the sender to a recipient across distances and time. The process of communicating is said to be complete once the receiver gets the information and understands it. Today the process of communication has been simplified by the modern forms of communicating such as video teleconferencing and net meeting among […]

Communication Strategy as a Management Tool

Communication is vital for successful attainment of corporate goals in both profit and non-profit making organisations. Any organisation has a noble goal of fulfilling its set targets and attainment of its corporate objective; to attain this goal, the flow of information is essential (Wang, Hult, Ketchen & Ahmed, 2009). Communication in a business context cuts […]

Shortcomings and their Solutions in Managerial Communication

The level of competition has increased in the business world making customer satisfaction an important process in the quest for financial growth within a company. As the author puts it, customer satisfaction is the driving force behind the strategic actions taken by several companies. The author also indicates that companies are under pressure to deal […]

Interpersonal and Organisational Negotiation

Interdependence in negotiation The concept of interdependence is unavoidable in everyday life of both human beings and organizations. Organizations depend on each other in the course of their running either economically, socially or politically and this defines the level of their interdependence. Interdependence is an important approach in negotiation as it makes negotiation effective. In […]

Barriers in Business Communication

Communication is essentially the process by which information is transferred from the source to the desired actual recipient(s) through a medium. The medium is the route by which the message is transmitted. Once the receiver of the information gets the message they are bound to give a feedback or act to the message given. There […]

Types of Communicated Messages

Introduction Considering various different types of communication in a business environment or generally in a work place, these types at times exist in the form that, some are more effective as compared to others. These forms of communication include face-to-face communication, spoken communication, electronically transmitted which includes telephone or voicemail, personally addressed written communication these […]

The Role of Negotiation Process in Disputed Situations

Negotiations are a process of joint decision making and finally reaching a mutually beneficial outcome and solve a disputed situation. Negotiation has always had a strong relationship with power. It has always been an area of utmost importance for negotiators to understand how one with less power can still emerge from a negotiation with a […]