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Toastmasters Organizations Missions Essay


The act of public speaking can be defined as the process of speaking to a group of people in a deliberate and well structured manner with the purpose to inform, entertain or influence listeners. The act of good public speaking can be a daunting task fraught with disappointments.

It is a process that requires a culmination of various factors including but not limited to the following: self confidence, good grasp and command of language, prose presentation and being eloquent. Toastmasters is one of the organizations that help individuals become good public speakers and leaders.

Toast Masters Mission and vision statements


The aim of Toastmasters is to assist people use their skills and knowledge to improve their lives. The company aims at achieving this through its membership clubs, throughout the world. The clubs aim at improving people’s leadership and communication skills.


Toastmasters is a renowned company that helps people globally to communicate effectively through spoken language. Through its platform of membership clubs, the organization helps women, and men to learn and acquire the art of listening, speaking and thinking. This eventually creates self actualization, enhances human understanding, enhances leadership and contributes to a better human environment.

Ways in which Toastmasters can help in good public speaking

There are various reasons as to why Toastmasters is the best organization towards achieving good public speaking. Firstly, the organization has well qualified staffs, who are dedicated to good customer service. They have extensive and vast experience in the field of public speaking and public presentation. For example, the various board director members are people who have extensive knowledge in the public speaking domain.

For instance, the organization president, Mr. Micheal Notaro, has a degree in law, and has served in various prominent positions. Mr. Micheal Notaro is an attorney, who is a member of the Italian American Bar Association. He has also served as the principal of the Notaro Law group.

Secondly, Toastmasters is an organization which helps people to be good public speakers because its services are based on sound core values and principles. Toastmasters is governed by certain core values.

The values include dedication to improvement of the company, respect towards one another, and treating people with integrity, among others. This core values ensure that the organizations services are of the highest standard and are geared towards achieving excellence.

Also, these core values help the organization to evaluate the viability of its services. This evaluation helps the company to continually improve and plan its services in-line with the organization mission, and vision. Also, the evaluation helps the organization to modify its services in order to accommodate the dynamics that are being experienced in the information technology field.

This makes the art of public speaking more sophisticated, easy and fun to learn. Also, the team of experts in the organization helps an individual to learn from the known to unknown, which simplifies the entire public speaking learning process. oral


In conclusion, the art of public speaking is a difficult process that requires well qualified individuals to handle it. Toastmasters deliver this in an effective manner that enables an individual to enjoy the entire process of learning good public speaking skills.

Also, the company’s core values, mission and vision have enabled it to provide the best public speaking services. The core values are based on delivering good customer experience, hence, an individual is guaranteed of good customer satisfaction.

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