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Ways of Feedback Providing Essay

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Updated: May 7th, 2019

Receivers of messages can provide feedback in several ways. They can respond by communicating back to the sender verbally that they have received the message and that they shall act on it. Receivers can also provide feedback through non verbal communication like gestures. The receiver can acknowledge receipt of the message by nodding the head or immediately doing the action that is stated in the message.

For instance, when a person says good morning and stretches the hand, the receiver of the message can simply provide feedback by shaking the hand stretched out to him/ her without saying a word. Feedback can also be given through simple gestures such as by smiling.

When a girl is complimented by a man, it is appropriate for her to simply smile if she does not know how to react to the friendly gesture. Lastly, feedback can be given through written communication. This applies to instances where a medium is used to convey the message such as mobile phone or the internet. Hence, a receiver can respond to any kind of communicated message by replying an email or sms.

Feedback has an effect on the message that is initially sent to the receiver. When the receiver gives feedback to the sender, this terminates the communication process. The aim of sending a message is usually so that it can be decoded for interpretation by the receiver (Lussier 365). The encoded message contains meaning which the receiver digests after conducting the decoding process.

When feedback is given, this means that the encoded message was received. Feedback can reveal whether the message was interpreted wrongly or correctly. If the wrong interpretation occurred, then the sender of the message can change the format in which it was encoded. Correct interpretation of a message leads to termination of the communication process.

The most important step in the communication process is encoding. This is because if the message is encoded wrongly, even effective decoding will not bring out the intended meaning. If encoding is not done correctly, it does not matter how many times the message is resent to the receiver since it will always be interpreted inappropriately.

On the other hand, if encoding is done well and decoding done wrongly, this situation can be corrected if the message is resent and the receiver asked to be keen when decoding it. The encoding process can be improved if communication skills are improved especially by the sender.

The sender ought to understand what he wants to put across to his audience before encoding the message. It is also crucial for the sender to understand the audience and how they perceive issues. This enables the sender to effectively carry out the encoding process so that the intended message will be passed across.

The importance of the encoding process reveals the need for communication skills. Effective encoding enables employees to progress in their careers. Employees who cannot express themselves in a clear manner do not get to advance in the workplace. Proper communication which comes from effective encoding fosters understanding which is required in coordination.

Effective encoding also prevents conflict since it ensures that messages and ideas are passed from one party to another in the manner in which they are intended. Ineffective encoding leads to misunderstanding and conflict yet these are avoidable if employees can express themselves clearly. Encoding therefore creates the foundation for the other steps in the communication process.

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