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Organizational Management Essay Examples and Topics

Organizational Behavior Modification

In the process of developing the recommendations for organization improvement for the SPCA, I was very effective in presenting the immediate needs that the team could present during the first meeting with organization to table [...]

Organizations Sustainable Practices and Human Sustainability

Through understanding the organizational sustainability, Read notes that organizations need to understand the dynamics that prevail, drive, and support essential programs within its workforce to accomplish the strategic objectives, while ensuring that the employees are [...]

Organizational Effectiveness: Theories and Methods

Indeed, the effectiveness of an organization is comprised of a range of elements, particularly, the performance of the staff, the efficacy of the financial transactions and the company's operations in general, the quality of the [...]

Technical Competency in the Organization Design

The narrow view of the technical competence notion, as well as the underestimation of its role in the general organization design, leads to the progress's restrain and brings down significantly the competitive abilities of a [...]

Companies Operating Environments and Its Expansion

The following relationship illustrates the relationship between multiple-sites of a business establishment and number of customers. However, multiple business sites could give a business the opportunity to operate in environments that support competitiveness.

Use of Power in Organizations

Factors that affect the use of power and the nature of the response to its use include the style of leadership style applied, position, a leader's personality, and expertise.

What Role Does Culture Play in a Change Process?

The objectives of this work are to scrutinize this role in more detail, to analyze some models of change implementation for an organization that have proven to be effective, and to employ the gathered knowledge [...]

Sociotechnical System in an Organization

Furthermore, the term 'sociotechnical system' was coined during the industrial era that saw the emergence of an interdependency of the technical and social aspect of organizational development.

Ways of Creating Shareholders’ Value

The second principle to follow is to make strategic decisions which ensure that the value of the firm is maximized. Another way is to ensure that the firm only carries assets that maximize the value [...]

The Importance of Organisational Culture

But in order to appreciate the impact of organisational culture with regards to organisational change one of the best examples to consider is the one wherein a company has to leave the comfort of home [...]

Organizational Structures

An organizational structure is the hierarchical organization of authority and duties of organizations and it comprises of activities like allocation of duties, supervision and coordination that is intended to make an organization realize its goals.

Simulation in Production Planning and Scheduling

The researcher employs the use of case studies and previous applications of these tools to reflect the advantages, disadvantages, problems, and possible solutions inherent to the usage of simulation in these functions. This is informed [...]

Tim Hortons Fundamental Management

Managers' accessibility and availability improve the effectiveness of problem-solving processes and give employees a chance to present their grievances and share knowledge openly.

Management Definition

It also involved organizing the company to promote effectiveness and efficiency, motivating the employees and controlling to ensure that the organizational goals are met.

Industrial Relations

The pluralist industrial relations theory evaluates the work and the employment relationship based on the prevalence of disparities between the dealings of employers and employees in flawed labor markets.

Brief business plan

The proposed Chinese restaurant in Eugene will be dealing with fast foods as well as other varieties of meals that will satisfy the target market.

The Improvement of Operational Activity

This increase in competition creates an even much greater need for first rate improvement methods that could sustain competitiveness through the origins of a number of the methods of operations that are in use today [...]

Management’s Definition

The term management can be defined as the articulate process in which any system systematically combines all its resources ranging from the financial to the human capital in the organization by effectively and efficiently coordinating [...]

Hotel management

The first feature that is noticed on the website of The Cheesecake Factory is the identification with customers and visitors. It also gives a sketch of the order, indicating measurements to depict size.

Organizing function of management

Management have the role of enacting policies and strategies that optimally utilize their resources to add value to their customers; they have the task of optimally managing resources and ensuring that maximum gain has been [...]

Hotel Management of FAB

Outsourcing the company to a manager contractor who produces food services under the brand of another company will enable the company to produce more services. This is because the contract manager has more capability to [...]

Definition of the Organizational Sustainability

As the head of sustainability in the organization it is important to undertake the duties of advising the CEO and the board of directors of the organization on the making decisions and strategies that will [...]

What a manager should know about control systems?

Since the controls are established to facilitate realization of the organizational goals, managers should understand the level of involvement of the staff members in their development since they are meant to guide their efforts in [...]

Global Business Plan Paper

In the marketing mix, where the product is found is very important and the underlying factor is that the place should be accessible and presentable to the buyers.

Management and Organizational Behavior

Fourth is "Performing," which entails the group's affectivity and determination to complete goals. The use of teams in firms is popular due to lucrative outcomes attainable.

Unions and Management

They determine the amount of finances to be used on employees so as to determine the prices of the goods and services provided by the organization.

The Unique Apple Stores Internal and External Forces

To determine how Apple Inc.serves and meets customers' demands and expectations in the Apple Stores; To analyze how Mobile Cashiers and the Genius Bar help serve Apple customers; To examine the atmosphere and ambiance at [...]

Organizational Development

This implies that the implementation of reforms should not happen without first consulting the employees because whatever consequences follow will affect them direct, and if they learn that the management ignored their interests they will [...]

Culture and Global Business

According to Mohammad Bakhtazmai in the article, "A study of Globalization in International Business" is of the observation that the world is undergoing massive globalization; international trade has facilitated exchange of goods and services across [...]

Business Organization and Policy

This is necessary especially for the firms in clusters as it helps an organization to improve on its performance. It is the duty of an organization to make necessary adjustments in order to meet the [...]

Management at Marvic

Effective and efficient management calls forknowledgeable and enlightened management team and it is the responsibility of the company to empower its management team.

Group Consulting Project: Target Country

The evaluation of the mobile communication industry will help to understand the main principles of business development in South Africa and realize whether the services offered by AT&T will be appropriate for the country where [...]

Change Management: Process, Resistance & Solutions

This paper, more than anything else, will cover change management issues related to the change process, resistance to change, and some of the solutions that could be applied by organizations in the process of managing [...]

The Rise of Business Science

Our world has flattened considerably within a short period of time, and the development of technologies provide people with a chance to reduce own efforts and to get more benefits[1].[2] Technological development requires business and [...]

The core competencies used by organizations

In addition, the organization is faced with the challenge of resources and the need to increase its revenue. The third core competency of the US Marine Corps is the provision of integrated quality life operations [...]

Management Planning Paper

For a company's development, it has to be flexible and be in a position to adapt to the changes that occur; this is made possible by research on the desired technological advancements, this helps the [...]

Aspects of Organization Design

As opposed to the tall organization, a flat structure assumes a large span of control and the levels of management are fewer in order to avoid conflict in management. Effective and efficient organization structure and [...]

Delegation and Empowerment

This paper will discuss the importance of delegation particularly in health care systems, the relationship between delegation and empowerment as well as the potential dangers of delegation and how it impacts on empowerment.

What is Organizational Development?

Some of the organizational development needs in the finance industry involve its public relations, a department that is given the mandate to create a very positive image of the organization.

Virtual Teams Challenges in Global Corporations

Vance and Yongsun argue that the certainty of the virtual workplace draws attention to the need for modification in management mainly when the organization needs to comprehend some of the intrinsic issues that members face [...]