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Organizational Management Essay Examples and Topics

Danube Group: Business Excellence Model

The adoption of effective corporate governance, which is illustrated by the firm's commitment in achieving its vision, mission, and values, has also played a remarkable role in promoting the firm's performance.

Organization’s Technological Structure

The learning and learning and development system will however require independent access that will be allowed to the network manager. He will however operate in conjunction with the network administrator in ensuring that there is [...]

Organizational Leadership of Top Management

The most significant aspects in this article are the opinions of the famous authors in the leadership sphere such as Mintzberg and Drucker, interviews with the management to understand the principles of the leadership role.

Project Management Office and Organisational Structure

To maximize and sustain the gains of project /portfolio management, the organizational structure must be designed in consideration of factors such as the mission of the project, the available support for the project, maturity of [...]

“Organizational Citizenship Behavior” by Wang et al.

The main purpose of this study is to test the link between employees' value/identity-based motivation and organizational citizenship behavior's five dimensions while examining the impact of employees' individualistic/collectivistic orientation on this link.

Southwest Airlines: Organizational Behavior and Teamwork

The company encourages self-actualization by motivating employees to be creative and innovative to be all they can, to improve effectiveness. Positive reinforcement is also used when employees contribute to increasing productivity and profit margins for [...]

Organization Management Analysis

Environmental scanning helps identify the strengths and weaknesses of an organization, the threats to an organization, and the opportunities available to an organization.

A Service Providing Business

It becomes practically impossible for these companies to "apply the concept of supply and demand" because of the intangibility of their services, making it hard for them to identify the value of a particular service.

Hexaware Technologies: Quality of Organization

This proposal dwells upon the organizational structure of Hexaware Technologies, an India-based IT and BPO services company where I was employed on the similar organization as an analyst in the engineering solutions domain.

Organizational Politics

The connection that can be seen between the chapters and the article is in their approach to organizational politics as a complex communication process that is comprised of multiple levels of interaction, each of which [...]

Organization Theory and Design: Solving the Related Problems

According to the system suggested by Perrow, the specifics of General Motors progress can be analyzed with the help of the given framework: In the modern fast-changing world, maintaining relationships between different organizations or the [...]

Organizational Management Concepts

It involves the ability of the organization to solve its problems and respond positively to the feedback within the organization's immediate environment.

Organization of Workplace

It is the creativity of processes that leads to innovations, and processes turn into more creative by the involvement of people with diverse backgrounds in one environment.

Apple Inc. Performance Management

Apple has not been able to launch a new major product in 2013 even though it has reported a large sales volume of iPhones and iPads in the last quarter. Apple increasingly financed its activities [...]

The Organizational Management Functions

In such a company as SOL, the main function of the management is organization of the workforce. This limitation can be explained by the fact that this enterprise operates in the service sector, where companies [...]

Organisational Efficiency Improvement

However, the practitioner faces challenges relating to limited autonomy and authority in the workplace due to the lack of a clearly defined scope of practice and hurdles relating to diverse duties within an organisation.

Organizational Change Models in Response to Hurricanes

One of the advantages of a bureaucratic model is that it is more effective and efficient in implementing organizational change. The network model is an effective management approach that can be applied during hurricane disasters.

Organization Structure and Leadership

On the other hand, the continual, as well as overall well being of a product in an organization, is undertaken through product management.

International Toyota Company’s Planning

We can argue that that the majority of Toyota's foreign divisions are located in North America and Europe; in part, it can be explained by the fact that people living in this region, are the [...]

Organizational Development and Behavioral Science

Organization development can be defined as a planned and concise effort to implement changes at different levels of the company aimed at improving the company's "ability to survive" and making the company competitive and flexible [...]

Change Management and Organizational Development

This model of change emphatically posits that change management is a highly intricate and dynamic process that calls for the introduction of a dynamic stability system if full efficacy is to be facilitated in an [...]

Leveraging Inclusion Categories in an Organization

The leadership practices embraced in the organization also failed to support the concept of diversity. That being the case, the increased representation of women in the targeted organization will encourage them to participate in various [...]

Birmingham International Airport’s Operations

The activity's main output is customer tickets, and the main customers are the passenger who will board the plane. Passport control and document-checking involve traveling passengers as the main customers, and the output of these [...]

Learning Team Organizations

Both Ashley's and Chris's organizations are in the education industry and as much as the functions of the operations departments in both schools are the same as they deal with the needs of the students' [...]

High Performance Work Practices

Most of the firms in the UAE promoting the use of these initiatives have managed to record positive results. The use of leadership development and mentoring approaches contributed to the HPWP agenda in the targeted [...]

Operations Management in a Luxury Gym

To help in the analysis of the business, questions concerning the operations management of the facility were presented to some of the gym's clients and attendants.

Organizational Design and Development

The further evolution of the theoretical framework resulted in the increased importance of management and reconsideration of the role of people.

US-Based Corporation Applying Change Concepts

In the context of Organization X, the initial step in the implementation of reforms involved embracing a strategic perspective regarding the reason for the change and the process to be deployed to execute it successfully.

Benchmarking Concept: Continual Improvement

However, the company needs to understand that simply copying the process is not enough because the company has to surpass the benchmark and not transplant the process from the best-in-class player.

Organizational Development in Stages

In the majority of cases, OD runs in accordance with the following model: identification of the problem, assessment, planning, plan implementation, data collection, results in analysis, feedback, and sustaining. Acting on evaluation results and adjusting [...]

Organizational Behavior and Performance Threats

In the course of the investigation, the authors conclude that there is a positive correlation between the investigated phenomena as there is the appearance of positive shifts in employees and tendencies towards the improved effectiveness [...]

Bosch Siemens Home Appliance: Organizational Behavior

Seeing that the quality of interactions in the workplace defines the level of the employees' performance and, therefore, the organization's efficiency in the target market, focusing on OB is crucial to create the premises for [...]

Organizational Change in Good and Bad Examples

The change was challenging, and the resistance was intense, but the company managed to succeed due to proper planning and communication. Organizational change should be conducted strategically, and it is the leadership that is in [...]

Amazon Company’s Operations Approach

But some of these principles and the company's management style, in general, have pushed employees to sabotage, feeling stressed, and doing more and more, as noted by a report in The New York Times.

Organisational Effectiveness and Customer Satisfaction

This project is aimed at the exploration of two organizations based in Abu Dhabi and Dubai to research their attitudes towards customer satisfaction. The main aim of this project was to assess customer satisfaction attitudes [...]

Sustainability and Social Responsibility in Organization

Regarding the attitudes of people to sustainability, the issues it entails, and the impact it has on the work of organizations and particular people, all these varied meanings are acceptable in their own ways. According [...]

Organizational Resources and Capabilities

By introducing a combination of the analytical and the emergent approaches into the environment of an organization, one is likely to invent a strategy that will help use the available sources in a cost-efficient manner, [...]

Accreditation, Auditing and Requirements

Nevertheless, in order to choose the method that would be the best for a particular organization, for example, a clinical laboratory, it is necessary to rely on the basic values of a company and the [...]

Organisations in the Global Context

The researchers emphasize the significance of technological advancement, responsiveness of marketing strategies and advertising to interests and needs of local consumers, and efficiency of pricing for the success of internationalisation process.

Active Inertia and Related Organizational Processes

What they fail to understand, according to one Donald Sull is that the real problem facing them is called active inertia Active inertia is the tendency of a certain organisation to insist on following methods [...]

Organizational Structure and Inner Relationships

The readings present the sociology and the economic aspects of the organization. The social aspect of a firm has a significant impact on the economic and financial status of the organization.

Teamwork for Organizational Efficiency

In order to improve the efficiency of teams, it is important to enhance the effectiveness of teams. In Ruth Wageman, Heidi Garner, and Mark Mortensen's article entitled Teams Have Changed: Catching Up to the Future, [...]

Business Excellence and Organizational Performance

How does Al Ghurair Group of the United Arab Emirates embrace the principles of BE to realize its business potentials? The main aim of this report was to examine the effectiveness of BE for different [...]

Process Mapping: Definition and Benefits

Process mapping is a technique that allows presenting a working process in a graphic manner and examining it for a purpose of the identification of existing and potential problems.

Open Plan Office: Change Management

On the other end of the spectrum, resistance to change on the part of the employees can hinder the implementation of the plan and affect the overall performance of the company or employees' personal perceptions [...]

The Z Centre for Educational Research

In addition, the paper will suggest areas within the organisational learning module that should be modified for a complete, efficient and sustainable organisational learning at the Z Centre for Educational Research. A centre for socialization [...]

Organizational Diagnosis Approaches Comparison

With this in mind, it can be argued that the systems approach to OD is beneficial since it provides diagnosticians with a clear framework for understanding that organizations are comprised of "complex collection of forces, [...]

Organizational Interventions Planning

Furthermore, the executive team has approved the expansion of the Packing and Shipping workforce to double the number of employees within the next nine months without consulting the employees.

Top-Down vs. Bottom-Up Change Approaches

The change agent should, therefore, first make these leaders aware of the reasons for change and the effects that the change will have on the organization.

Coevolutionary Gaming in Business Organizations

When starting the game, it is important for the second group that will be developing strategies to counter the strategies developed by the first group to have a way of getting information about the strategies [...]

Action Learning and Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry is a process of organizational development that involves the people in an organization to change or focus on organizational performance.

New Ways of Work Application in an Organization

The main purpose of the research was to evaluate the effectiveness of the New Ways of Working pillars in today's workplace. The authors presented the purpose of the study in a professional manner.

Organizational Development Practitioners and Types

While the internal organizational development practitioners are part of the organization they work for, the external Practitioners are not in any way associated with the client that they work for.

Organizational Structures: Working and Cultural Environments

In the 1980s, NGOs became famous for social services nationally and internationally outside the framework of the UN. The spread of NGOs became unavoidable and contributed to the welfare and development of programs for societies.

Organisational Success and Its Elements

The changes in the organisational culture may be accomplished in case the goals, vision, and mission statement are formulated by managers, and the subordinates are motivated for the achievements of the desired results by newly [...]

Treatment and Intervention in Organizational Leadership

The role of organizational leadership in the treatment modalities is rather high as treating the company methods of running business, the leader is to consider the organizational methods and therefore, the organizational leadership is involved.

LPA Group Plc: Organizational Design and Structure

The diagram below shows the organizational structure of this firm at the top management unit. The organization is finding it difficult to have a uniform organizational behavior for all the employees of the firm.

Netflix Company: Leading Organisational Changes

Following the struggles that Netflix has undergone in an attempt to introduce price plans in correspondence to the cost of the Internet and licensing fee, the company adopted strategies that envisage the Lewis Three Step [...]

Organizational Design: Elements and Types

In turn, centralization, chain of command, and span of control have been important for the implementation of decisions. Finally, one should speak about divisional design, which means that the enterprise consists of units that are [...]

Interpersonal Skills in Organisational Management

There are a number of skills that contribute towards the improvement of a company in the field of management. Jehn is of the opinion that interpersonal skills help to improve the efficiency of the human [...]

Organizational Behavior Modification

In the process of developing the recommendations for organization improvement for the SPCA, I was very effective in presenting the immediate needs that the team could present during the first meeting with organization to table [...]

Organizations Sustainable Practices and Human Sustainability

Through understanding the organizational sustainability, Read notes that organizations need to understand the dynamics that prevail, drive, and support essential programs within its workforce to accomplish the strategic objectives, while ensuring that the employees are [...]

Organizational Effectiveness: Theories and Methods

Indeed, the effectiveness of an organization is comprised of a range of elements, particularly, the performance of the staff, the efficacy of the financial transactions and the company's operations in general, the quality of the [...]

Technical Competency in the Organization Design

The narrow view of the technical competence notion, as well as the underestimation of its role in the general organization design, leads to the progress's restrain and brings down significantly the competitive abilities of a [...]

Luxborough Primary School’s Environmental Analysis

The Head, Trevor implemented his own approach, which he calls "house style" and was new to the school, to make the educational facility prosper and attract the attention of the authorities and parents.

Organization Development Approaches and Procedures

There is need to have knowledge about the current problem to be able to effectively solve the problem since it is not possible to solve a problem that one is not aware of its existence [...]

Relevance of Hierarchy in the Organization Management

Hierarchy refers to a system of organization that respects the chain of command whereby each agency is under supervision of a higher office. Through research, it is factual that hierarchy plays four major roles in [...]

Companies Operating Environments and Its Expansion

The following relationship illustrates the relationship between multiple-sites of a business establishment and number of customers. However, multiple business sites could give a business the opportunity to operate in environments that support competitiveness.

Use of Power in Organizations

Factors that affect the use of power and the nature of the response to its use include the style of leadership style applied, position, a leader's personality, and expertise.

What Role Does Culture Play in a Change Process?

The objectives of this work are to scrutinize this role in more detail, to analyze some models of change implementation for an organization that have proven to be effective, and to employ the gathered knowledge [...]

Sociotechnical System in an Organization

Furthermore, the term 'sociotechnical system' was coined during the industrial era that saw the emergence of an interdependency of the technical and social aspect of organizational development.

Organizational Changes: Errors and Ramifications

One of the most significant errors made out of the change stories was the inability to restructure the management system after the merger between Hewlett-Packard and Compaq Computer Corporation.

Ways of Creating Shareholders’ Value

The second principle to follow is to make strategic decisions which ensure that the value of the firm is maximized. Another way is to ensure that the firm only carries assets that maximize the value [...]

The Importance of Organisational Culture

But in order to appreciate the impact of organisational culture with regards to organisational change one of the best examples to consider is the one wherein a company has to leave the comfort of home [...]

Ensuring ‘Good’ Knowledge use in Organizations

The culture of sharing all pieces of knowledge in an organization encourages the making of best suited practices through the streamlining and contextualization of knowledge in the organization.

The Importance of Empowerment in Customer Service Management

Customer service employees are in a better position to respond to the needs of customers because of their grassroots experience. Empowerment enables employees to follow the ideals and strategies of their organization in their interactions [...]

Organizational Structures

An organizational structure is the hierarchical organization of authority and duties of organizations and it comprises of activities like allocation of duties, supervision and coordination that is intended to make an organization realize its goals.

Simulation in Production Planning and Scheduling

The researcher employs the use of case studies and previous applications of these tools to reflect the advantages, disadvantages, problems, and possible solutions inherent to the usage of simulation in these functions. This is informed [...]

Tim Hortons Fundamental Management

Managers' accessibility and availability improve the effectiveness of problem-solving processes and give employees a chance to present their grievances and share knowledge openly.

Management Definition

It also involved organizing the company to promote effectiveness and efficiency, motivating the employees and controlling to ensure that the organizational goals are met.

Industrial Relations

The pluralist industrial relations theory evaluates the work and the employment relationship based on the prevalence of disparities between the dealings of employers and employees in flawed labor markets.

Brief business plan

The proposed Chinese restaurant in Eugene will be dealing with fast foods as well as other varieties of meals that will satisfy the target market.

Introduction to Management-Emirates Airlines

The approach by the Emirates' management to uphold these factors helped the company to grow and attain its periodic and long-term objectives in the realms of business.

The Improvement of Operational Activity

This increase in competition creates an even much greater need for first rate improvement methods that could sustain competitiveness through the origins of a number of the methods of operations that are in use today [...]
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