Organizational Management Essay Examples and Topics

Ways of Creating Shareholders’ Value

Introduction The modern day business world is characterized by numerous dynamics which present a real challenge to the achievement of the set objectives. As such, there has been an increasing pressure mounted on business executives to ensure that the firms they have been entrusted to manage perform and meet the set targets. There are various […]

The Importance of Organisational Culture

There are three levels of organisational culture and these are listed as follows: artefacts; espoused beliefs and values; basic underlying assumptions (Schein, 2010, p.24). The term artefact referred to the visible aspect of culture such as the behaviour of the employees as well as the business process within the firm. Espoused beliefs and values on […]

Business layout for manufacturing organizations

Layout is important to a number of manufacturing organizations as every business yearns to reduce duration in the flow of materials and staff. Layout decisions are critical to management as it dictates production environment, capacity, material handling and information flow within the organization. Some of the layout methods include; fixed position, office, retail, process oriented, […]

Ensuring ‘Good’ Knowledge use in Organizations

Overview of the essence of good and bad knowledge in management Maqsood, Walker and Finegan (2007), ascertain that knowledge is important in organizations, especially in developing practice-based operation and actions in an organization. However, not all information can be considered to be important in management or organizational development. This relates to the development of specific […]

The Importance of Empowerment in Customer Service Management

Empowerment entails giving employees the power to make decisions on their own for the benefit of their organization. Customer service managers have a responsibility of ensuring that customers are served and treated well in the course of their interaction with the company staff. It is difficult for customer service managers to achieve their objectives if […]

Reasons managers choose local resources instead of foreign resources

Managers prefer using resources from home countries since they consider utilization of foreign resources as leading towards export of job opportunities and at the same time exerts negative pressure on wages. The host country receiving Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) suffers from medium term impact in the process of balancing payments. At the same time, managers […]

Moving from an International to a Transnational Entity

Understanding the process of changing from an international into transnational status is essential for the success of ACME. The process is a complex one since the level of expertise required for managing transnational organisations is higher that for managing international organisations. International organisations are exporters and importers, and they do not invest in foreign nations. […]

Organizational Structures

Organizational structures have existed for a long time and it is not a new phenomenon in management. An organizational structure is the hierarchical organization of authority and duties of organizations and it comprises of activities like allocation of duties, supervision and coordination that is intended to make an organization realize its goals. The structure of […]

Virgin Atlantic Airways and British Airways International Business

Introduction & Background In business organizations, there are many aspects that come onto repetitive considerations; culture is one of those considerations. According to Justin Paul (The Author of the International Business), culture is a manifestation of human custom, values and attributes (Paul, 2011, p. 149). Such customs and values represent a particular system, group, society, […]

Simulation in Production Planning and Scheduling

Executive Summary The use of optimization techniques for managerial decision-making is popular. Various tools have been developed to help fit few resources to production processes with the aim of maximizing profits and reducing wastage of resources. This paper looks into this aspect with a special interest in simulation. Simulation is a technique that tries to […]

Tim Hortons Fundamental Management

Introduction Tim Hortons is a Canadian fast food restaurant that has excelled in the food and beverage industry. It is the largest provider of fast food services in Canada with more than 3000 stores spread in different parts of the nation (Barrows and Powers, 2008, p.171). Its management has been phenomenal in ensuring its success […]

Factors Influencing Organizational Effectiveness

Importance of Vision, Mission and Values of an Organization It should be noted that long term goals play a crucial role in any organization’s development plans as compared to short term goals. Consequently, organizations have been known to put in place visions, missions and values to encourage stakeholders focus on a common goal. Though visions, […]

The Performance Appraisal System at Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

Performance appraisal systems are necessary to provide employees with the opportunity to develop their professional potential and to be assessed and rewarded according to the efforts. That is why, to meet the managers’ needs to assess the employees’ performance, the performance appraisal systems should respond to such criteria as relevance, sensitivity, reliability, and acceptability (York […]

What is the main benefit of the junior board to the organization?

Junior Boards The Junior Boards are for individuals in their late 20s and early 30s. The boards give individuals an opportunity to contribute to the mission of an organization. The goals of the Junior Board will vary from one organization to another. However, most of the members in the board focus on ways of raising […]

Management Definition

Abstract Traditionally, management involved planning to have tasks accomplished. It also involved organizing the company to promote effectiveness and efficiency, motivating the employees and controlling to ensure that the organizational goals are met. This has been the standard management procedure that has been used by most corporate organizations. However, the 21st century has introduced a […]

Industrial Relations

Employees play a vital role in the operations of any organization. They are involved in various organizational duties including administration, production, sales and distribution among others. For employees to perform at optimum level, there must be a positive association between them and the management. However, disagreements in the organizational setting are unavoidable. Industrial relations play […]

Brief business plan

The proposed Chinese restaurant in Eugene will be dealing with fast foods as well as other varieties of meals that will satisfy the target market. Indeed, it will be important to provide myriads of selection in the menu so that all the customers’ tastes and preferences are addressed (Flyvbjerg, Holm and Buhl 85). It is […]

The particular features of organizing the management processes in Japan

The peculiarities of each aspect of the everyday life in Japan depend on the country’s customs and traditions. This principle is also important for understanding the peculiar features of providing business affairs in Japan. Today more and more companies become involved in the process of globalization, extending and strengthening the international business relations. To provide […]

Types and levels of planning in organizations

Introduction Planning in organizations has become an important process that has aided many organizations in creating desired goal and formulating appropriate steps towards attaining them. In organizations today, planning of operations has continually become a norm. In essence, every working effort carried out by organizations today is carefully planned for. This begins from delivering, designing […]

Introduction to Management-Emirates Airlines

Introduction Organizations must establish, endorse, and embrace measures, which respond to internal and external business challenges. This paper discusses Emirates Airlines as an organization based in United Arab Emirates (UAE) with worldwide publicity. The company makes flights globally and survives among the best airlines in the realms of operations, services, expansion, creativity, innovation, customer focus, […]

Changing a Company’s Organizational Structure

Changing the organizational structure of a company is an essential move with regard to global expansion. The challenges that the organization faces in a bid to accomplish this can be overcome by addressing each challenge individually. To start with, the morale of the employees who are eagerly waiting to be promoted should not be killed. […]

The Improvement of Operational Activity

Introduction It is evident that the efforts to improve the performance of companies have been important ever since the commencement of the industrial era only because of the known well-documented practitioners in the area of performance improvement who were Adam, Baggage, Frank, Lillian Gilbreth, Taylor, Henry Ford Johansson and Olhager. But ever since the 1950s, […]

Project Management Planning: Developing a Strategy

Project management entails a well planned and structured endeavor that will ensure the objectives of a project are met on time. A project plan can be established based on the goals and scope to be covered on completion of the project. The plan enables the project to develop and go through all the critical phases […]

Organizational Structure Vision, Mission, and Values

Introduction Every organization has a structure. An organizational structure refers to the units that define an organization. It refers to how the organization is structured in order to achieve its set objectives. Organizational structure will always determine organizational achievements. An organization that is properly planned, both in its strategic and operational activities is most likely […]

Watson Engine Company Organization Structure and Teamwork

Executive Summary This report focuses on Watson Engine Company. Located in Eastern England, Watson Engine Company is one of the leading car engine manufacturers in the region. The company has a centralized form of organization structure and embraces teamwork in its operations. As a result of the entrance of new companies into the industry coupled […]

Globe Limited Model of Organizational Behavior

Introduction Organizational behavior is the field of study that focuses on application of knowledge to solve organizational problems. It pertains to how individuals and groups behave in the organization. The concept of organizational behavior utilizes the system approach to address various problems afflicting the organization. It interprets the relationships between workers and the organization in […]

Cellular Manufacturing and Its Basic Principles

Cellular manufacturing derives its basic principles from the “lean” manufacturing system popularize by Toyota Motor Corporation. In cellular manufacturing, group technology dominates the process making use of similarity between parts effectively achieving a standardized common processing unit. There is a great improvement in flow of materials in cellular manufacturing and in most cases there is […]

Management’s Definition

The term management as often used in English is derived from the Italian word managgiare, which literally means to handle, the Latin word manus which means hand and lastly from the French word mesnagement which founded the modern day management. This brief explanation on the development of the term management is very crucial in coming […]

Operations Management and Productivity

Hard Rock’s management decision to modify its menu from its traditional American burgers and chicken wings delicacies that were popular in its outlets was to incorporate higher end meals in its menu. This was aimed to make the restaurant’s menu competitive in the saturated market. The decision to standardize its retail outlets and make them […]

Hotel management

Like many other businesses, restaurant management encompasses a wide range of strategies which have to be implemented in order to realize profitable results. Some of these aspects of hotel management include but not limited to revenue enhancement techniques, dining trends, training and development and menu design. This essay analyses The Cheesecake Factory website with reference […]

Organizing function of management

Introduction The success of an organization is dependent on the quality, timeliness, and responsiveness of decisions made by its leaders. When managers make effective decisions that respond to the prevailing challenges, their organization enjoy high competitiveness to their competitors. According to Sanchez & Mahoney, 1996, managerial roles can be classified into four main categories as […]

Outsourcing Food Services in the Business Community

In the recent past, outsourcing food services has continued to gain popularity in the business community. Several factors compel an organization to outsource food services. This paper explores the reasons why most business organizations outsource these services besides giving the advantages of food service outsourcing to a management contractor. Food services are the most commonly […]

Hotel Management of FAB

Outsourcing is whereby a company decides to purchase services or even products from outside suppliers instead of carrying out the same task within the company. The main reason why most companies outsource is to cut down on costs. The decision to outsource is critical since it involve weighing between saving cost against losing control over […]

Applying Green Supply Chain Management on Firms

Introduction One of the most important business discoveries in the twenty-first century is green supply chain management. This involves green business, the greening of the environment, and a reshuffle of the entire manufacturing of products in order to protect the environment and the important ecosystem. Producing a product is exploitation of the environment. This is […]

Organizing as One of the Manager’s Functions

Every organization needs to ensure to run smoothly and, on order to achieve its goals, each organization develops its management concepts. The position of the manager includes the responsibilities include planning, organizing, leading and controlling. These are the four basic functions of management and they are essential to reach the company’s goals. It is important […]

Definition of the Organizational Sustainability

Introduction Organizations have a lot needs and goals that need to be achieved for it to maintain a competitive position and stay relevant to its goals and mission. Despite putting in place many good strategies, organizations sometimes face the challenge of staying relevant to their goals. In doing so, many organizations often turn to sustainability […]

Organization Change Management and Role of Mangers in Change

Abstract Management can generally refer to either an art or a science of completing a task by using other people, according to Dale (1969). In an organization, management is a way of using available resources to make employees meet certain objectives and achieve set goals in an effective and efficient manner. It includes planning, organizing, […]

What a manager should know about control systems?

In today’s complex environment, control systems have been found as requisite for a company to attain its goals and objectives. For many years, business plans have been taken into consideration while the main focus is how the control systems fit in to the organization’s strategy (Merchant & Stede 5). According to institute of internal auditors, […]

Knowledge of Organizational Management

Introduction Leadership in profit making and non-profit making organizations has been under study for the past one century. As a result, there have been various theories explaining effective leadership in profit and non-profit making organizations. Leaders have been defined as being individuals with lots of impacts on others to act in a manner that will […]

Global Business Plan Paper

AMP energy drink is energy drink brand which is produced by PepsiCo and was introduced in the market in 2001. The brand has made a mileage from 2009 to date and it now enjoys its own trade mark name. The product has found its markets in the United States, Canada and now in India and […]

Management and Organizational Behavior

Emotional terms The three major emotional terms incorporate “affect, emotions, and moods”. Affect refers to assortment of feelings people experience. Emotions are deep feelings directed to some source. Conversely, mood refers to prevailing general attitudes. It is usually less intense contrasted to emotions and may usually lack contextual stimulus. Affect is evident in the form […]

Unions and Management

Introduction Unions are formed to protect the rights of the members. Some organizations feel that unions are a stumbling block to their progress. In most cases conflicts arise between Trade unions and organization management. An analysis of the effect of unions on organizations shows that unions can be profitable or disadvantageous to an organization. Effects […]

The Unique Apple Stores Internal and External Forces

Introduction Surveys from Sanford C. Bernstein revealed that Tiffany & Co. generated sales of $2,666 per square foot annually. That’s a stunning revelation. But what is more stunning is that Apple Stores generated $4,032 per square foot in that same survey, according to Jerry Useem’s article ‘Simply Irresistible’. Apple is one of the leading innovators […]

Organizational Development in the Retail Store

Organizational development is an endeavor designed by the top management through the application of behavioral-science techniques to enhance organization’s efficiency and profitability by means of interfering deliberately in the organization’s practice which should cover the whole organization. Organizational development will be applied to tackle and overcome problems in the retail store scenario of an important […]

Organizational Development

Introduction Organizational development refers to advancement concerning performance and the quality of output. It entails identifying the current and future barriers so that the organization can progress towards achieving its mission. Organizational development requires the efforts of all employees in an organization regardless of their position because lack of participation can be an obstacle. This […]

Culture and Global Business

According to Mohammad Bakhtazmai in the article, “A study of Globalization in International Business” is of the observation that the world is undergoing massive globalization; international trade has facilitated exchange of goods and services across borders. In the international trade and globalization, culture of a nation has an effect on business processes, products, and management […]

The Al Hallab Restaurant Chain and Its Decision Making Principles

Introduction In all entrepreneurship projects the decision making principles ascribed to it will either make or break the potential business. Success in all ventures is determined by how well the venture is planned, what goals are set in the beginning, how it plans to run its operations and finally what are its plans towards mitigating […]

Global Trends Affecting Warehouse Management

Introduction The world we are living in is fast changing and only those that change will survive. The global trends show that many things around the workplace are being realigned and this calls for everyone to reposition himself or herself in order to guarantee their survival. Although these global trends are viewed as challenges, there […]

Business Organization and Policy

Introduction In today’s business world, many developments have taken place. Business operations processes have been improved significantly, for instance, many organizations have embraced the use of internet in various business activities. These include online ordering processes, internet advertisement among others. Since technological development plays a major role in breaking geographical barriers, it was expected that […]

Management at Marvic

Introduction Success or failure of any business institution largely depends on the effectiveness, efficiency and organizational structure of the business. Due to the current volatile and competitive market conditions, all business institutions are doing their level best to improve on their management to enable them meet the current market demands and keep their brand competitive.Management […]

Group Consulting Project: Target Country

Introduction to the Country South Africa is the country that is famous by unbelievable diversity in cultural backgrounds and languages. There are also several official languages; there are a number of ethnic groups; and there are even three legally define capitals which are Cape Town, Pretoria, and Bloemfontein. This variety of interests, legal bodies, and […]

Assessing the Significance of Risk management in Relation to Fire and Rescue Service

Introduction The fire safety teams are mainly responsible for reducing death casualties and injuries from fire, promote fire prevention activities in sectors that are most vulnerable within the community and effectively respond to national emergencies and disasters. However, there is need for greater decentralization, localism and favorable conditions that will help achieve greater and better […]

The Difference between Traditional and High Performance Workplaces

There is a major difference between traditional and high performance workplaces in various ways. Most of the high performance work places have several ways of adapting to the continuous changes in the commerce industry, whereby the traditional workplace ever remain stuck to those challenges. High performance institutions are seriously embedded within the advancement of technology […]

Impact of Control Mechanisms on the Management Functions in Boeing Company

Control mechanisms are utilized by business organizations in order to have successful management of the businesses. The control mechanisms provide an avenue along which the managers move to bring up the level of productivity, boost innovation, and to ensure there are shared values and beliefs in the company. One of the control mechanisms that have […]

Boeing Company Completion of Production and Modification

Completion of Production and Subsequent Modification As compared to doing modification during production to all the thirty planes that were under production, it is advisable for the Boeing Company to complete the assembly process first then do the modifications later. One primary reason why the company should implement the option is because this method will […]

Change Management: Process, Resistance & Solutions

Introduction Organizations throughout the world are under constant pressure to adapt to change triggered by shifts in business environments, competition in the market, convergence of technology, political realignments, organizational restructurings, changing demographics, and new demands and preferences from customers and stakeholders (Hangopal 23). Indeed, the performance and competitive advantage of many organizations operating in the […]

The Rise of Business Science

Nowadays, business plays a very important role in almost each sphere of life, and the citizen of any country becomes an integral participant of business science. The changes, which happen in our world, touch business science and require certain improvements and shifts almost every day. This is why business as a maturing science demands more […]

Bureaucracy: Reasons why it is no Longer Applicable in today’s Business Environment

Introduction In the competitive business environment of the 21st century, managers must concentrate and focus all their efforts on ensuring their organizations retain a competitive advantage in the market. Failure to adhere to this basic principle means failure for the organization (Weber, 2008). As such, many conscientious and assiduous managers are dumping traditional approaches of […]

The core competencies used by organizations

The executive summary Marine corps is a component of the US department of the Navy which provides power projection from the sea and works closely with the Naval Forces in training, logistics and transportation, among others. They immediately respond to any Nation calls and team up with other service departments in responding to crisis. The […]

Successful Event Management and Its Potential Risks

Potential risks and minimization To the corporate client, there is the risk that there isn’t enough lead time in terms of the days needed to plan for the event. Alternatively, there could be a risk that the event’s date coincides with another significant event in the industry and this could minimize the level of attendance […]

Management Planning Paper

Introduction Management is an important aspect in all business organization regardless of their size. It ensures proper utilization of the available resources in order to achieve a company’s goal, objective, mission and vision. Management has got various concepts, planning being the core upon which the rest should build on. Planning has got many merits on […]

Complexity of Managing Multinational Corporations: MNC Culture

Globalization has resulted in the liberalization of various countries’ markets, enhanced communication systems, and wide networks of connections. Consequently, the rise of multinational corporations has been steady, with many of such corporations emerging in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Multinational companies have representatives in various parts of the globe of which each society in which […]

Aspects of Organization Design

Introduction The success of any business depends on the business practices it upholds, besides the forces of demand and trends in the market. The type and kind of organizational structure it embraces will therefore dictate the type of the operations it will provide to its employees and most significantly its customers. The choice of an […]

Delegation and Empowerment

Introduction Management determines the success or failure of an organization. There are so many tasks, occurrences, issues and emergencies that take place in an organization in any given time and working alone becomes no longer viable. The concept of empowerment and delegation in any organization is important in ensuring that all the tasks are done […]

What is Organizational Development?

The modern business environment requires that organizations keep developing the behaviors and attitudes of workers to help the address match up to the ever-changing demand. To help satisfy the new challenges, organizations must plan to implement necessary strategies and manage efficiently the transition from the old to the new. This is organizational development (Morrison, 2011). […]

Chiefs Restaurant: Action Plan for the Cooks

A successful business thrives on services offered by well skilled and trained personnel. That is not the case with a recently established restaurant, Chiefs. A close evaluation of the restaurant’s employees reveals a striking skills gap for the restaurant’s cooks (Marshall, n.d). To ensure better service delivery and increased productivity, the proprietor of Chiefs restaurant […]

Virtual Teams Challenges in Global Corporations

Introduction The current world is driven by the hasty growth of globalization and information technology. So far, majority of the working environments that are projected to grow at a fast rate are related to the custom of information system, computers and the internet. Globalization has enabled many multinational corporations to make use of virtual teams. […]

Entrepreneurial Audit Report on an existing business

History, founding and ownership In today’s business environment it is very important that companies operate with a clear strategic path. It is this clear strategic path that will enable a company continuously search for new entrepreneurial opportunities and seize them with much effectiveness. It is the result of this strategic process combined with the human […]