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66 Etihad Airways Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Etihad Airways Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. A Marketing Plan for Etihad Airways
    The company is located strategically in Abu Dhabi and this is one of the company’s competencies. The company is also in a better position to become attractive to those clients that love technology and this […]
  2. Business Organisation at Etihad Airways
    The company has come up with a succession plan to help in identifying and nurturing talents that would help it to implement its strategic plans.
  3. Etihad-Virgin Blue strategic alliance
    The paper will first provide the background information of the two airline companies, aviation industry in UAE and the reasons for the formation of the strategic alliance.
  4. Corporate Social Responsibility Practices at Etihad Airways
    For example, the company’s CSR initiatives aim to promote Abu Dhabi’s “beauty” to the rest of the world. This assessment shows that Etihad Airways and the Abu Dhabi government benefit economically from the airline’s CSR […]
  5. Etihad Airways to Collaborate with Maharashtra Government for Economic Growth
    The main issue of the article is an establishment of collaborative bonds between Etihad Airways and the government of Maharashtra. The opportunity to extend the purposes of the transitional services by launching the first touristic […]
  6. Mapping the Innovation Process at Etihad Airways
    It is the stage when the results of the innovation implementation should be analyzed. The innovation process of the company should be accomplished in the frameworks of its corporate strategy.
  7. Etihad Airways Product Strategy
    In a nutshell, this is an attribute of a product that a client considers beneficial, and as such, renders it valuable to the beneficiary.
  8. The Etihad Airways Theoretical Perspectives
    When a firm uses the unitarist perspective, all the employees are perceived as loyal to the organization. Therefore, all the employees working at the Etihad should be united to realize the goals that the management […]
  9. Etihad Airways Company Managerial Economics
    The ruler of Abu Dhabi appoints the chief executive of the airline who in turn runs the affairs of the airline. The second competitive advantage of Etihad Airways is the preferential treatment the airline receives […]
  10. Etihad Airways: E-Commerce in the Aviation Industry
    The case study highlights the airline’s e-transformation in the development of the aviation industry by using different information technology techniques to better their services.
  11. Etihad Airways Company Operations Management
    In the case of Etihad Airways, the operational links between the different subsections of the organization depict the performance of the airline.
  12. The Etihad Airways Company’s Innovations
    Dubai is among the global locations that are on the forefront in the effort to offer the citizens a technological platform that enables the individuals to communicate and conduct businesses on the internet.
  13. Etihad Airlines’ Products, Market and Expansion
    At this stage, it is important to analyze the operations of this firm in order to determine its ability to manage the market forces. It has the economy and business class as some of the […]
  14. Etihad Airlines’ Input to UAE Industry’s Growth
    The report seeks to expound on the contributions of the Etihad Airline to the growth and development of the UAE and the GCC.
  15. Etihad Airways’ New Destination Analysis
    In particular, the company should focus on the availability of flights to the new destination. It should be noted that nine major companies serve this destination, and one can assume that the market share of […]
  16. DU Telecommunication and Etihad Airlines Companies Analysis
    The application of these strategies has led to a gradual rise of the company, and it was named the best mobile broadband network provider in 2013.
  17. Delta and Etihad Airways: Wireless Technologies
    The Wi-Fi and service app is mobile technologies that are used by the company to keep in touch and improve the comfort of customers on board.
  18. Etihad Company: ISO 9001 Implementation and Its Effects
    The current definition of ISO 9001 states that the framework is a set of standards that are accepted internationally as the tools for managing the quality of a company’s performance in the global market.
  19. Etihad Airways in Organization Theory and Design
    The airline company has established itself in the market as the world-leading airline. It can also be seen that the airline has diversified its operations in major cities in the world.
  20. Etihad Airways’ Business Model & Digital Platform
    According to Cole, the airline industry is one of the most competitive in the world and it is very delicate in terms of retaining customer loyalty.
  21. Etihad Airline’s Environmental and Economic Impact
    The government is the sole owner of the airline. The airline is also seeking to encourage the increase of Abu Dhabi citizens within its human resource through a program known as “Emiratization”.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Etihad Airways

  1. Etihad Airways Company’s Organizational Behaviour
    All employees at the group are inferior to the Interim Group Chief Executive Officer Ray Gammel, who is responsible for managing and consulting all departments in the Etihad Aviation Group.
  2. Etihad Airways’ Strategic Supply Chain Management Practices
    Etihad primarily competes in the commercial aviation industry that includes freight and passenger transport segments. The external environment that Etihad operates in includes markets in the Middle East and Africa region.
  3. Etihad Airways’ 2016-2026 Destination Statements
    In the customer sphere, Etihad maximizes the effectiveness of on-ground specialty commodities for customer’s comfort and safety and extends the range of available in the air facilities and commodities to cater to the needs and […]
  4. Etihad Airways Training Programs
    In 2013, the company established the Etihad Flight College, the purpose of which, according to the company’s CEO, is to “produce the best pilots to support our rapidly expanding fleet [and] underpin the growth and […]
  5. Etihad Airways’ Business Environment and Strategy
    The recognition of Etihad Aviation Group’s excellence by the international community indicates the strong position of the organization in the industry.
  6. Etihad Airways Marketing Strategy
    The main objective of the current literature review is to analyze the background of the carrier business, logically associate Etihad Airways with its competitors, and realize the limitations of the current strategy of the company […]
  7. Etihad Airways: Organizational Culture
    The main goal of Etihad Airways is to become the leader in its industry that challenges and transforms the conventional view of airline hospitality.
  8. Etihad Airways’ Forecasting and Ticket Ordering
    In the aircraft industry, productivity is not hard to measure due to the transparency of annual reports and a rather visible impact of the core variables on the success of the company.
  9. Etihad Airways’ Ticket Order System and Website
    The company’s key focus is the collaborative growth and implementation of the latest technologies in their work systems. The company draws attention to their special offers and does not consider its pricing strategy to be […]
  10. Etihad Airways Company’s Waste Management Approach
    Moreover, one of the core values of the company is its determination to create a sustainable system that will minimize the impact of the company’s operations on the environment.
  11. Etihad Airways Strategies and Marketing
    The success of Etihad Airways is applicable to the nature of its business strategy. This model focuses on the commitments and choices the organization makes to deliver high-quality services and experiences to the targeted passengers.
  12. Etihad Airways: Progressive Company’s Analysis
    I have also found that a very big number of people have watched the video of ETIHAD AIRWAYS on YouTube, with the resulting 81 “likes” and 5 “dislikes”.
  13. Alitalia-Etihad Partnership and Recommendations
    The airline’s financial details indicate that it had to borrow money in 2013 from its shareholders in order to fund its operational costs.
  14. Etihad Airlines: Operational Decision Making
    The basis behind the pricing strategy is actually quite simple, the reason for the high cost is connected to the fact that it gives customers access to various services and discounts that would have a […]
  15. Etihad Airways’ Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning
    Etihad is a leading airline in the global flight arena, and it offers some of the safest and most affordable flights to its passengers.
  16. Abu Dhabi Etihad Airways Company’s Analysis in 2013
    It is a fact that Etihad is not the largest airline in Abu Dhabi and the larger Arab region. The airline is located in a region with some of the best air transport facilities in […]
  17. Integrating Technology into the Etihad Airways Company
    In this respect, software agent tools can be an ideal synergy of the IT environment with the participants’ readiness to employ software for enhancing decision making and communication at Etihad Airways.
  18. Etihad Airways: Organizational Change
    By February 2018, the company had a fleet of 117 planes consisting of Boeing and Airbuses that delivered cargo and passengers to destinations in Africa, the U. Etihad needs to respond to changes in the […]
  19. Etihad Airways: Leadership Attitudes
    The primary objective of the study is to identify the factors that contribute to the effectiveness of the Etihad Airways leadership.
  20. Etihad Airways: Leading Sustainable Performance
    In the meantime, renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, hydropower, and bio-fuels can be used in the offices of this company to reduce reliance on fossil fuel and cut down the cost of operation.
  21. Etihad Airways and Japanese Improvement Approach
    The services are offered for airline passengers while they wait for a flight at the airport, after the end of the flight and when they are considering the purchase of a ticket.

🥇 Interesting Research Topics on Etihad Airways

  1. An Analysis of Etihad Airways Internal Management and Its Possible Application to Other Industries
  2. How to Improve it the Etihad Airways Customer?
  3. Analyzing Strengths and Weaknesses of Etihad Airways
  4. Etihad Airways: How It Evolved In Past Years And Added To Its Critical Success?
  5. Why Etihad Airways is a Consumer Centric Company?
  6. Etihad Airways Culture: How to Shape an Enduring Organizational?
  7. How Etihad Airways is Influencing Human Resource Practices Today Specifically?
  8. Why Etihad Airways is the Best Strategic Player in Consumer Service?
  9. Comparative Research of Etihad Airways and Emirates Airways
  10. How it is to be a Manager at Etihad Airways?

✅ List of Topics to Write about Etihad AirLines

  1. Consumer Attitude Towards Etihad Airways And Emirates Airlines Marketing
  2. Comparing Etihad And Emirates Marketing Plan
  3. Etihad Airways vs Virgin
  4. Etihad AirLines and Iceland Air’s E-Commerce Ventures
  5. Etihad Airways’ Competitors in the First and Business Class in Asian
  6. A look at areas where Etihad Airways can improve
  7. Etihad Airways HR Practices
  8. The Best Approach to Initiate Change in the Etihad Airways Organization
  9. Development of Etihad Airways
  10. Etihad Airways Selection Techniques Analysis
  11. SWOT Analysis of Etihad Airways
  12. The Different Elements of Etihad Airways That Needs to Be Improved
  13. Etihad Airlines Company – Information Conflicts in Airline Management
  14. Etihad Airways Selection Techniques Analysis

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