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People And Organisations Report


In the corporate society, structural leaders usually seek to develop relationship between strategy, structure and environment in their organizations (Bolman and Deal, 2008). As a result, extensive preparation, strategic planning and effective change management becomes a priority for these leaders. Consequently, these leaders adopt structural framework as a panacea to effective management in their organizations.

The Structural Frame of Etihad Airways

A structural frame binds managers and leaders of Etihad Airways as an organization in a fundamental role to establish goals which lay good relationship between structures and the organization’s environment. Therefore, they have crafted some good array of roles and relationships that are appropriate to the core objectives and mission of the airline ().

Nonetheless, without appropriate structure in place, different stakeholders in the organization can be confused on what roles they should play in the attainment of the common goal. Consequently, in the event of poor or absence of structure in place, there is likely to be confusion, conflict and frustrations.

With regard to the mandate of Etihad Airways which outlines to be commercially viable through being profitable and operating business that is financially sustainable in order to support economic development and diversification in Abu Dhabi, it was imperative for the Airline to have a good structural frame to enable it achieve this mandate (Etihad Airways, 2010).

For the mandate of the airline to be achieved, the airline had to implement structural frame basing on several processes. These processes include strategic planning, decision making, reorganizing, evaluating, approaching conflict, goal setting, communication, meetings and motivations (Wheeler, 1994).

To begin with, strategic planning process exhibits itself as the basic process through which other processes are built on (Robbins, 2003). For instance, it is through this process that the Airline was able to set its objectives which in turn helped to coordinate its resources.

In addition under the strategic planning process, the Airline’s management was able to come up with a corporate strategy that was geared towards achieving 2030 plan of Abu Dhabi through being the best airline in the world (Etihad Airways, 2010).

Moreover, in respect to decision making process, an organization must ensure that there are proper and coherent sequence of coming up with the right decision (Robbins, 2003).

According to the interview contacted to an employee of the airline, it was established that decision making process within the organization follows a defined hierarchy in a centralized manner. However, there are some elements of decentralization but any decision made has to be authenticated by the central office.

Nonetheless, reorganizing process also exhibits itself as one of the elements of structural frame that are applied by Etihad Airways where realignment of roles and responsibilities to match tasks and environment take a center stage. For that reason, the Airline through its strategic review decided to take some reorganization measures in order to overcome structural limitations.

This was implemented through adoption of enriched business model by the company to enable it venture into new business opportunities such as airline partnerships, air cargo, hub operations and distributions (Etihad Airways, 2010).

Moreover, according to Mintzberg (2009), evaluating comes in as another process of implementing structural frame that the airline implemented in its management and leadership. This is accomplished through means of distributing rewards or penalties in order to enhance performance.

From the interview contacted, the employee affirms that the airline through their state managers usually assess employees in order to evaluate their performance and achievements (De Janasz, Dowd and Schneider, 2007). This is undertaken to ensure that common goal and mandate is achieved.

Nonetheless, for the organization to have a cordial working environment, it has an approach to conflict resolution process where it maintains its organizational goals by solving any conflict that may arise.

Moreover, goal setting process forms another element of structural frame of the company since it ensures that the airline is managed well. This is achieved through delegation of duties at departmental levels where each department is responsible for setting its own goals by having their own rules as long as they conform to the overall company goals.


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