Global Scale Management Essay Examples and Topics

Information Technology Companies

Introduction Information technology is probably the most dynamic sector in any economy. What is new and essential today may not be important the following day. Various new technologies are discovered each and every day. Moreover, due to the dynamic nature of the business environment, requirements of each business entity keep on changing now and again. […]

Evaluation or Peter Senge’s Measurement Model

Introduction Organizations operate in an environment that requires some changes to remain competitive. Consequently, they cannot operate efficiently in the long term without learning and development either wholly or at an individual level (Easterby-Smith, Crossan & Nicolini, 2005, p.783). The goal is to ensure that an organization has the capability to sense any changes in […]

Leadership Motivation: Anita Roddick, Founder of Body Shop

Introduction The concept of leadership can be broadly defined as the intrinsic ability to internalize a setting with the intention of empowering a group or team to proactively and creatively contribute towards problem solving (Bass 2000). On the other hand, management, in the broad spectrum, can be defined as the process in an organization that […]

Structured and Semi-structured Interviews

Interviewing is one of the methods used by researchers to obtain primary information from the source. Interview methods have been described in many ways. Cohen and Manion (2000) define interviews as a verbal exchange, usually perpetrated by two individuals, guided by the interviewer whose primary objective is to obtain the appropriate information necessary for the […]

The Conflict-Positive Organization: It Depends Upon Us

Introduction The paper represents the summary of the article “The conflict-positive organization: It depends upon us” by Dean Tjosvold published in the Journal of Organizational Behavior in 2008. The author investigates the issue of the conflicts and the conflict management. Tjosvold (2008) emphasizes the significance of managerial approach towards the conflict situations within the organization […]

Communication in Entrepreneurship

Research Background Information flow within an organization has always been the subject of unceasing interest for researchers (Welch, 2011). Entering into the global economy has posed new challenges to the communication process and at the same time provided new avenues for addressing standard communication issues. However, when descrying communication as a crucial part of an […]

Organizational Communication

The definitions of communication (verbal and non-verbal) largely reflect the perceptual subjectivism of those who come up with them. This explains the fact that, as of today, there are at least seven different definitions of the process in question, concerned with organizational theory: Cybernetic – communication is the process of informational transactions being processed, for […]

Training is the Answer

Introduction In this article, the author has developed a very strong argument on whether or not training can be considered as an ultimate solution. He both agrees and disagrees with this argument but all in all, in his agreement, a negative response is clearly seen. His bottom line, however, is that training is not enough […]

“The Safety Man Cometh” Article

The OSHA system was set up to address the safety conditions for the rising number of injuries and death at places of work in the construction industry. In order to create a friendly working atmosphere, OSHA decided to set this mission after having gained experience working in the field both as an employer and an […]

Communication Problems and Solutions

Introduction and Background Organizational integration, which is achieved through coordinated communication, is very important for organizations that do business in a competitive environment. In a competitive environment, effective communication of an organization both internally and externally is considered as a core requirement which assists the organization to compete against rivalry (Jackson, 2006). By identifying the […]

Communication and Trust

One of the most important aspects of building a strong and effective organizational culture that guarantees success is cultivation of trust. Trust between employees and the management is very important. An environment that lucks trust is characterized by hostility, lack of cooperation between employees, dishonesty, and low productivity (Gilbert, 2002). The attitudes and interactions of […]

Conflict Identification and Resolution

Conflict refers to a collision, disagreement, variance in opinion, ideology or interests. These situations are common in places where people from different and diverse cultural backgrounds meet and interact in a team setting like places of work, worship or school. Conflicts can be both destructive and constructive, however, most conflicts are destructive if not successfully […]

“Emotions in Organizations: Joint Laughter in Workplace Meetings” Article

Introduction The article ‘Emotions in Organizations: Joint Laughter in Workplace Meetings’ has it core purpose on the role of laughter in workplace especially between leaders and members. According to the authors, laughter enhances relationships between leaders and members in meetings at the workplace. The methodology employed by the article is conversational analysis, which uses participant […]

“Are You Hiring High Performers?”

The article “Are you hiring high performers” focuses on the way new employees are hired at Baptist Medical Center Jacksonville. Its author, Matthew Weinstock, claims that annual nurse turnover reduces when efficient personnel is employed, and patients become more satisfied with the care they receive. The hospital president and CEO emphasize the squishy stuff as […]

“With Training and Development for All” by Goodman and Preston

In their article, Goodman and Preston discuss the achievements of a team of Florida Hospital leaders and consultants, who have to consider the latest changes in the Affordable Healthcare Act and the necessity to meet the needs of multicultural and multilingual customers and introduce the conditions under which the hospital staff can provide high-quality services […]

Team Turnarounds: A Playbook for Transforming Underperforming Teams

Teamwork is becoming an increasingly important concept in the business world, as many organizations move away from traditional hierarchical structures to more cross-departmental team-centered workplace designs. However, it appears that not all teams are created equal: some experience significant organizational and performance issues. Precisely this issue is the focus of a recently published book by […]

Product Launch in German Market

Introduction Launching a product into a new market is often challenged with a mixed reaction from potential customers. Often, early adopters form only the narrow apex of market segment triangle consisting of competition, divergent preference, and different lifestyle controlled by a customer’s purchasing power. Therefore, before an entry bid into a new market, several preset […]

Workplace Social Capital and All-Cause Mortality: Public-Sector Employees in Finland

Summary The study was carried outwith the aim of examining the association that existed “between the social capital and all-cause mortality in a large in a large occupational cohort in Finland” (Oksanen et al, 2011, p.1742). Moreover, one of the hypotheses that the study sought to test is whether low workplace social capital exposure and […]

The US Army Corps of Engineers

The United States Army Corps of Engineers, denoted as USACE, is a federal organization is charged with the responsibility of public works and construction. The agency is situated within the Department of Defense meaning that is under direct supervision of the executive. The organization was originally set up to assist in the construction of canals […]

Consultant and Client Communication Strategies

Businesses depend heavily on consultants who are useful in carrying out technical problems or tasks that arise in an organization. Consultants are usually specialists with skills, experience and knowledge used to drive a particular business activity. They oversee the implementation of a business activity that the organisation was unable to carry out or lacked the […]

Layoff in the public sector Trends Paper

Introduction The global economic environment is currently experiencing instability and is becoming weaker and weaker. This has forced many businesses across the divide to take drastic measures to cut down the cost, such as restructuring their operations and reducing their workforce (Cascio, 2005, p.40). However, these decisions are becoming very difficult for the employers since […]

Organizational change

Introduction Organizational change happens in response to change in the organization’s environment. The change can be from the internal environment such as demands from employees. It can also be change from the external environment such as change in consumer tastes and preferences or government regulation. Therefore, an organization must have flexible systems and structures that […]

Disasters Management in US

Disasters Disasters are random acts of nature or human activities which are symbolized by extremes in life and they cause stress to human beings. Hurricane Katrina remains one of the deadliest storms ever to hit the United States. There are various methods applied in efforts to combat disasters and their aftermath. Some of the attempts […]

Strategic Planning for Community Building

Introduction A large number of taxpayers, not only in South Carolina but also in other parts of the world have the right to be made aware of the benefits they would obtain through entrusting their governments with huge amounts of money paid as tax. The government of South Carolina has been carrying out awareness campaigns […]

Non-Profit Organizations

Introduction Non profit organizations are institutions that exist for various reasons for instance provision of educational or charity services. The essence of their establishment is usually not profit making but to provide services that are of help to the society. The shareholders of these organizations do not benefit from them financially as the funds gained […]

The differences in news organizations

Sources Four news organisations will be used in this study. The first two may not be as well known as the others so before going any further it is important to clarify the credibility of these sources. The first one is the Jerusalem Post and it was founded in 1932. In their official website it […]

“Organizational Communication and Conflict Management” by Kenan Spaho

The article “Organizational Communication and Conflict Management” by Kenan Spaho explains the importance of internal and external communication in an organization. Lack of proper interaction or communication affects performance. The author goes further to explore the relevance of conflicts in an organization. During communications, people’s opinions tend to differ. The situation calls for new ideas […]

The Community Employment Innovation Project (CEIP)

Description of the logic model process The CEIP needs to address unemployment in communities around Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia. The need for the CEIP is to develop the local capacity, initiate community-based employment, develop new skills, enhance job placement, and work-related contacts with a long-term goal of improving employment success and reducing unemployment. […]

Women of the Armed Forces

Introduction The military has been regarded as a man’s world. However there has emerged a new generation of women who have taken on the challenge of serving in combat. Not only do women serve in the military as subordinates, but there are many military women leaders. It may seem impossible for women leaders in the […]

The Effectiveness of Training and Development on the organisations’ Employees in Organisational Level and Worldwide Level

Abstract Organizations deploy various strategies to ensure that they enhance their performance both in the short and in the long term. Training and development help in the provision of a new set of skills and knowledge that are required to enhance innovation and creativity of employees. Forces in the operational environment for an organisation fuel […]

‘Jargon’ and its commercial use in Business and Economics

Introduction Business organizations and commercial investments are becoming the most contemporary issues across the international realm, with the need to invest wisely being an integral part of such prospects. For an entrepreneur to become successful in business investment, wisdom must accompany the mission and the vision of the intended business (Brown, 1994). Before deciding on […]

Review on the article ‘Envy at work,’ Tanya Menon and Leigh Thompson

Introduction In the article ‘Envy at work,’ Tanya Menon and Leigh Thompson asserted that, “Envy in the place of work can contribute immensely to the down fall of any organization.” In most cases, the end result turns out to be damaging to the envied and the envier. In line with this, the authors argue that […]


Persuasion is a process whose aim is to change an individual’s or group’s behavior or attitude towards a certain belief, attitude, or behavior. Persuasion entails careful presentation of arguments, facts, and/or supporting evidence in a compelling and suitable environment. The nature of Monica’s dilemma is such that she rightfully deserves a pay rise on account […]

Leadership and Supervising Influence in Human Services

Introduction Leadership is the ability to steer people toward achieving goals. Leadership is a strategic position, and according to advanced leadership models, leaders can perform different roles. Leaders can perform the functions of management, mediation and even mentorship roles. These roles are clearly visible when leaders are managing programs or projects in the organization. Supervisory […]

Are You Ignoring Trends That Could Shake up Your Business?

In this article, the writers focus on the changes that have been brought about by the emergence of digital technology. Principally, the authors articulate that marketing trends are an important part of marketing. This, they say, is majorly based on the fact that they determine the best strategies for the marketers to take, and the […]

Information systems and fundamentals

Executive Summary This report begins by describing the importance of information to an organization. It continues byemphasizing on the need for information systems in proper and effective management of this information. In response to the first and second question in assessment 2 this report contains in its appendix a context diagram and a level zero […]

The Concept of Incident Command System

Introduction to the Incident Command System (ICS) Incident Command System (ICS) is a concept applied in management that enables responders to realize an organizational structure that has the capacity of one or even more incidents. This structure is not bound by the boundaries of jurisdiction. This concept was brought to being in the early 1970s […]

Incident Command System Duties and Responsibilities

Incident Command System (ICS) is an integrated and standardized on-scene management framework that allows an organization to quickly respond to emergencies situation (USDL). Develop in early 1970s. ICS has become an important tool for equipment, personnel, procedures, facilities and communication integration within a single organizational structure. It represents best practices and has grown to become […]

Organizational Communication Skills Training Program

Selection of Training Program Criteria for the selected program In the contemporary world, organizations face many upheavals as they aspire to achieve their objectives the main one being to maximize profits and revenues. Therefore, all aspects of the organization should be in harmony with this objective. Among the most outstanding aspect that impairs organizations from […]

Scenario about Organisational Communication Issue

ArtFashion is a well-developed company that is focused on designing and decorating interiors, as well as producing unique accessories for completing the style of a room. Because of successful promotion, the company has several subsidiaries developed in several cities that are located within easy reach from each other. Therefore, the chief manager decided that a […]

Intercultural Communication in Management

The process of communication is very important in every organization and this has led to the formulation of a number of managerial communication theories as well as concepts. The need to ensure that the strategies formulated by managers are successful in their implementation has increased the interest of different stakeholders in identifying the most effective […]

Organizational Communication Process

Introduction In any company, effective communication is very important because it ensures smooth running of the day to day affairs. Transmission of positive information is majorly not an issue because people are always receptive of good message, and the channels of communication are not strained in delivering the message. However, it is not always that […]

The article overview: Reinartz, W. & Kumar, V. “The mismanagement of customer loyalty”

The article in question entitled “The Mismanagement of Customer Loyalty” is written by Reinartz and Kumar (2002). The article deals with a very important issue concerning developing relationships with loyal customers. The present research is well-grounded as it is based on the analysis of three companies: “large US mail-order company, a French retail food Business, […]

Management consultant

Proposal This proposal involves the reasons for a company hiring a management consultant to develop the organization’s strategic plan. A strategic plan is the long-term outline of the objectives that the organization aims to achieve. Therefore, it requires adequate planning and use of the correct expertise for its effectiveness. A management consultant is an experienced […]

Google Company’s Corporate Culture

Abstract Google has grown from a small outfit operated by two people to a multinational organization in a few short years. As a company Google shapes how people think, share information, and find information through the Internet. This paper describes the corporate culture of Google and highlights some of the common characteristics of the organization […]

IT Leadership Challenges

Introduction Leadership is understood as the lumping together of individual traits, demonstrated behavior and operational attributes that enable an individual to attain prominence. The management of information technology organizations is faced with myriad of challenges; these problems may be solved through various ways depending on the organizations. Many organizations have adopted project management office and governance […]

Wachovia Fargo Merger

Introduction Communication is a very essential tool to all human beings at all life levels. This is because it makes things happen through bringing about understanding among different individuals. Communication becomes even more important where a large group of people, for instance, in an organization are involved. Organizational communication is a crucial element that should […]

Communication Challenges of the Charity in Management

Nowadays, the variety of profession is impressive indeed. People are eager to develop relations on different levels and improve their cooperation as frequent as possible. Virtual teams are one of the organizations which aim at improving communication and representing “a growing response to the need for high-quality, low-cost, rapid solutions to complex organizational problems” (Furst […]

Concept of the Term “Feasibility” in Organizations System

Feasibility involves checking the various elements that indicate the success of a system. It is important to carry out feasibility before rolling out a system because it helps to identify the problems that lie ahead and hence prepare solutions before hand. It is important to observe the environment where the system is to be introduced […]

Importance of Communication in Organizations

Introduction Communication is the process of passing information from one person to another with the intention of creating a shared comprehension. Organizational communication on the other hand is the conveyance of information within an organizational setting. Communication is essential in every organization because it entails information that plays an important role in effective performance. Every […]

Motivational theories in organization

Leadership styles are the ways and approaches used to provide direction and motivate people. Effective leaders combine all the types of leadership styles whereas bad leaders tend to rely on one style. The three major types of leadership styles are; Authoritarian or autocratic style of leadership whereby leaders determine what and how something is to […]

Active listening and its benefits

Introduction How we communicate in the workplace affects the level of performance in any environment. Listening is part of the communication process, and it involves attention to both verbal and non-verbal communication (Goad, 2002). There are four types of listening, content, critical, emphatic and active. Active listening involves establishing what the person speaking is saying […]

Organizational Communication Theory

The organizational communication theory dates as far back as the 1900s. During different eras, different perspectives of the organisation communication theory were examined by scholars. These perspectives are important because they allow us to understand the organizational culture better. On the other hand, such perspectives also have their own challenges. Most of the scholars have […]

Business proposal: Spirit of Faith Church Catering Services

Executive Summary The Spirit of Faith Church is increasingly gaining more followers, with its leadership showing commitment to expanding the church through economic empowerment of the members of the community. The community surrounding the city has high levels of poverty, and the church is charged with the responsibility of not only spiritually nourishing the individuals, […]

The Nongovernmental Organization Wikileaks

Historical Overview Wikileaks appeared in 2006 and people often describe it as a nongovernmental organization, made of various global classified media, most of which bear anonymous identities. However, the initial facilitators of wikileaks are self-proclaimed Chinese nonconformists assisted by various parties from five different continents, who had personal reasons for supply of questionably deficient information […]

When Communications Undermine Knowledge Management

Abstract Jensen’s 1998 article Communication or knowledge management? highlighted the developing kinship between organizational communications and knowledge management as a balm for mounting employee frustration. The following essay analyzes the state of organizational communications and knowledge management as of 2010. The bond between these two disciplines, such as Jensen predicted, has cooled considerably, if indeed […]