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Global Scale Management Essay Examples and Topics

Business Expansion and Location Choice Factors

The main advantages of carrying out business globally: Increase in market share leading to the expansion of customers; Global business initiating the diversification process to reduce the risk of low demand for specific products; Developing [...]

Managerial Implication and Effective Global Team

To be successful the organizations have to realign to the global business environment. The managers need to be flexible enough to adjust to different geographical, cultural, and managerial environments presented by the global business environment.

Global Governance and Its Workability

It is safe to assume that only a dire need would compel world leaders to embark on a journey towards building a global system, and as the saying goes, if there is a will, there [...]

International Markets and Multibusiness Corporations

Because of variations in organizational structure and the impacts of globalization, an evaluation of international markets and multi-business corporations is crucial since it reveals techniques utilized in developing organizational strategies. Globalization enables multi-business organizations to [...]

UAE Multinational Company’s Functioning

It is the key to the evolution of any corporation as an appropriate managerial approach determines the state of all aspects of the companies functioning, starting from the financial and ending with the communicational ones.

Global Business: Culture, Corruption, Experiments

This paper summarizes the main points of three articles focusing on international business, gives the writer's respective position and rationale, and provides employer best practices in the specific areas examined.

Local and Global Capital Structures

For instance, even when the global capital structure of the organization under analysis can be deemed as more balanced than the local one, the company may still prefer the latter to the former because of [...]

Organizational Identification in Multinationals

In this instance, the author focuses on the particular sphere and attempts to discover whether the organizational identification has an effect on the attitudes of the employees in national and international units of the company.

Expatriate Management, Its Benefits and Issues

In the case of expatriate management, residing in the other country is concerned with performing a management assignment there. From the article and the participants' comments, three reasons to pursue the career of an expatriate [...]

The Changing Dynamics of Global Business

For example, they have been accused of ignoring their corporate social responsibilities of protecting the interests of the communities in the areas where they operate in by causing environmental pollution, which in turn contributes to [...]

Greenway Hotel’s Germany Expansion Strategy

The case study highlights different cultural issues related to the hotel's global expansion strategy, including the language differences that exist between the two European countries, the implications of the cultural differences for the hotel, and [...]

Leadership Motivation: Anita Roddick, Founder of Body Shop

Specifically, the treatise adopts a reflective research in exploring the components of leadership and management such as transformational leadership, amanagerialism', and organizational realities in the management style of Anita Roddick who founded the Body Shop.

Structured and Semi-structured Interviews

In addition to this, they have the merit of enabling the interviewer to re-state the questions to the subject and therefore make the meaning of the questions clearer to the interviewee.

Communication in Entrepreneurship

Communication and organization performance The introduction of new communication standards that managers and employees have to comply with, therefore, can lead to an improvement in the overall performance of the entrepreneurship once the personal assets [...]

Organizational Communication

This explains the fact that, as of today, there are at least seven different definitions of the process in question, concerned with organizational theory: Cybernetic communication is the process of informational transactions being processed, for [...]

Training is the Answer

The question an organization should ask before strategizing on training should be what the training will do to the trainees: not necessarily the content of the training kit, but the way that training will affect [...]

“The Safety Man Cometh”

The OSHA system was set up to address the safety conditions for the rising number of injuries and death at places of work in the construction industry.

Communication Problems and Solutions

In this way, if there is a communication gap in the feedback process resulting from a low level of coordination between managers and subordinates, it can create a significant organization communication problem. It is a [...]

Communication and Trust

It is important for employees and the management to adopt them in order to develop an organizational culture that encourages cultivation of trust.

“Are You Hiring High Performers?”

The first impression, the way the worker treats the patients, his/her attitudes and behavior are said to be tightly connected with the professional performance and should be considered when hiring personnel to bring on the [...]

Product Launch in German Market

As a matter of fact, success of a product launched in a new market will be determined by the management decision rationale, market segmentation, pricing, existence of competitors, buying motives, magnitude of risk, and uniqueness [...]

Consultant and Client Communication Strategies

Client and consultant relationship is the association that exists between the client and the consultant. Effective relationship builds the emotional confidence and trust between the client and the consultant.

Organizational change

These include the importance of change and the challenges of organizational change that are related to resistance to change. This will help them in securing the maximum benefits of organizational change1 Change in an organization [...]

Disasters Management in US

These are some of the aspects that play an important role in analyzing and determining the situation and conditions of the population after a disaster, they also determine how different groups feel the effects of [...]

Strategic Planning for Community Building

The study by Barron et al utilized data obtained from different people with reference to the general use of public libraries, the use of libraries for business purposes, the use of public libraries for personal [...]

Non-Profit Organizations

The changing of the environment in which the non profit making organizations operate has also led to increased financial crisis in the organizations as the need for provision of services to the community surpass the [...]

The differences in news organizations

He also pointed out the propensity of the Arab States to gravitate towards the EU and not the United States because of the perceived close ties that the Americans have with the Israelis.

The Community Employment Innovation Project (CEIP)

The short-term and mid-term outcomes will ensure that the community and individuals realize immediate benefits and associated outcomes of the program. The program inputs or resources included human resources in terms of individuals and community [...]

Women of the Armed Forces

Some of these contingencies include: the attitude of followers, the level or type of technology being used, the available resources, and the size of the organization and other features of the present situation.


Seeing that her boss is under pressure to "make the number", Monica has to adopt a more persuasive strategy than she is currently using.

Information systems and fundamentals

In response to the third and fourth question of assessment 2 the topic of ethics is introduced and the principles of ethics involved in scenario part B stated and explained.

The Concept of Incident Command System

Information Officer The main responsibility of the information officer is the development of information pertaining an incident and then disseminating it to the news media, other appropriate agencies as well as officials in incident personnel. [...]

Incident Command System Duties and Responsibilities

The structure is as shown in Figure 1 below Figure: ICS structure Source: United States Department of Labor At the top of the hierarchy is the Incident Commander who overseas the overall incident management operations [...]

Organizational Communication Skills Training Program

Overall thoughts on the training On overall, the training of all stakeholders on the appropriate communication skills within the context of the organization will be an important exercise that will not only boost the competitiveness [...]

Scenario about Organisational Communication Issue

Solution 1: Evaluating the richness of the communication medium The chief manager of ArtFashion should have considered the richness of communication medium because it significantly influences the quality of information exchange between subordinate managers taking [...]

Intercultural Communication in Management

The managers should, therefore, ensure that the process of communication satisfies these different needs to ensure that they are all aware of their role in the organization and in the implementation of the new strategy.

Organizational Communication Process

The weakness of communication channels is also manifested by the time that it takes to for the sales manager to discover that the order has not yet been delivered, as well as the direction from [...]

Management consultant

In developing the strategic plan, the management consultant will determine the SWOT of the organization. Therefore, the management consultant will include the weaknesses of the company in the strategic plan.

Google Company’s Corporate Culture

The rules and norms of Google tend to be unwritten and informal; the driver of the company is constant innovation fueled by open access, and the company favors a communication style that allows full access [...]

IT Leadership Challenges

The implementation of the PMO has failed many leaders in the information technology sector; these may be due to the lack of substantial amount of money to execute, the slow pace of implementation.

Wachovia Fargo Merger

This paper gives an in depth discussion of the role of organizational communication in change management for Wachovia/Wells Fargo Merger with much emphasis being given to the organizational aspects that are influenced by communication.

Motivational theories in organization

It is motivating to employees because they have the feeling that they have a duty to accomplish and this also builds trust and confidence between the leader and the employees.

Active listening and its benefits

Good listening requires the listener to follow the following active process to fully synthesis what is been said; The first step involves listening and understanding to acquire full meaning of the information.

Organizational Communication Theory

Scholars recognized the importance of systems theory in the study of organizational communication as early as the late 60s. On the other hand, if culture is made up of, in the words of Goffman, "webs [...]

The Nongovernmental Organization Wikileaks

S to Bahnhof AB web host is an indication that those managing Wikileaks are determined and conscious of its undertakings and is ready to protect its anonymous identity especially of the volunteers by constantly shifting [...]