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  1. Rules of Negotiation in Construction Contract Management
    When the term negotiation is mentioned various aspect comes into play such as the venue, when or the time for negotiation, aggression in the push of the agenda, the role played among many other issues. […]
  2. ”Cutting Roadside Tree”: Engineering and Construction for Road Safety
    The increase in the population had been observed to be 30% in the past ten years according to the Verdant population statistics.
  3. Analysis of Data on the Green Space Areas in Sydney with Regard to the Importance of Dwelling Construction Programmes
    The data for the research was collected through the internet databases that contain a number of issue papers about the open space areas and the effect of the number of parks produced on the overall […]
  4. Fall Protection in the Construction Industry
    Not all areas of a construction site can be covered with passive systems of fall protection and as such in instances such as these active systems must be utilized, if not, workers do so at […]
  5. Physical capital in Ruiz Construction Company
    Essentially, the optimal point of physical capital is production of goods and services. Through research, economic application of the physical capital to the production processes in most vital industries provide a conclusion as to why […]
  6. How Students Develop Creative Peanut Butter and Jelly Construction Skills: Thinking Outside the Breadbox
    In the article, “How Students Develop Creative Peanut Butter and Jelly Construction Skills: Thinking Outside the Breadbox”, by Jellerman, the author uses a language that is clear and simple for the easy comprehension of the […]
  7. Safety at the Construction Sites
    As the supervisor and the employees heard the estimator fall, they hurried to the scene of accident. The manufacturers of the equipment should ensure that the equipments meets all the measures and standards set by […]
  8. Automated Construction Performance Monitoring
    Phase three of the automated construction safety uses cameras and remote sensors to monitor the construction safety based on a framework of automated behavior monitoring and the automated vision based tracking.
  9. Comparison of the Construction practices in China, the U.S., and India
    According to the Global Construction 2020 report, India is likely to be the 3rd biggest construction market globally, with the USA and China taking the first positions.
  10. Sustainability and Waste Management in the Australian Construction Industry
    In Australia, there is the National Waste Policy that the Waste Management Association of Australia together with the government has put forth to responsibly manage wastes in the country.
  11. The Construction of the Postmodern Subject in Professional Writing
    The appearance of the so-called buzzwords as the result of cyberspace proliferation has altered the functions of texts that considerably affected the construction of the postmodern subject.
  12. Self and Social Construction
    It is the inherent relativity in the word ‘subject’ as applied in reference to ‘self’ that has caused enormous diversity and differences in theories on the same[12].
  13. Society’s Construction of Masculinity
    Every society views and constructs masculinity to suit the social and cultural values of such a society thus there is always a difference in the method which societies use to construct masculinity.
  14. The U.S. Housing Construction Sector Risks Management
    The probability of the occurrence of the risk measures the degree of certainty within which the risk may occur. The consequences associated with the risk describe the seriousness of the effects of the occurrence of […]
  15. Carbon-di-oxide in the construction industy
    As a result of the fact that these gases are present in the atmosphere in excessive amount, the heat that is sent back from the surface of the earth is put off by the atmosphere […]
  16. Effects of the Social Construction of Gender
    Moreover, the population of a similar ethnic group as the individual in their community determines the level of influence that the ethnic group has on the popular culture of the community.
  17. Construction Products
    At the same time, the senior managers never appreciate the work of the subordinate is also a great for the development of Construction Products though they implement the suggested strategies of the employees in some […]
  18. Caspian Construction PLC Security Management
    It will be the duty of the contracted local firm to carry out all the duties concerning the provision of security within the site.
  19. Social Construction of Gender
    In such societies, gender is held with high esteem, as a way of showing the boundary that exists between men and women.
  20. A Contract by a Construction Firm in the United Arab Emirates
    Services of members Members of the company shall be required to dedicate the necessary time and effort in order to meet the requirements of the company and those of the members.
  21. The Role of Building Design in Building Construction
    These procedures require the collaboration of the team of designers and architects as well as the owner of the building at all the phases of the project.
  22. Language and Political Theory in Construction of Japanese Identity
    Another force which shaped the debates about Japanese identity was political life of the country, its form of government and the dominant ideology.
  23. Risk Allocation in The Construction Contract
    The risks relating to the quality of the job will be determined by the outcome of the refurbishment. This principle of allocation will ensure that the contractor aligns his refurbishment team with the performance goals […]
  24. Value and Risk Management in construction UAE
    The paper also presents the findings of a survey conducted to determine the VRM awareness levels of professionals in the construction sector in the UAE.
  25. The National Petroleum Construction Company
    There are a number of rules and principles that the NPCC employees should observe to meet the code of ethics introduced in the company.
  26. Relationship between Childhood Understanding or Construction and Child Intervention
    The need that adults posses of intervening in the lives of their children has shaped the way adults understand and construct childhood.
  27. Fall accidents in construction industry
    It should be noted that a piece of pipe fell from the ceiling and it jerked the lift; as a result, the worker collapsed on the pavement and the injuries that he sustained proved to […]
  28. Social Construction of “Race” and “Racism” and Its Relationship to Democratic Racism in Canada
    This is ideology withdraws the ideas of multiculturalism in Canada due to the lack of social and political support to alter structures and organizations of social institutions, including justice system, education, and police.
  29. Has The Concept Of ‘Partnering’ Succeeded Or Failed In The Australian Construction Industry?
    In the late 1980s, there was a prevalent view that an increment in the number of contractual claims and disputes in the industry had eloped in the Australian construction industry over the previous ten years.
  30. Social Construction of Race and Gender
    The main problem with social construction of race and gender is that the society has been trying to justify why a given group of people is considered superior to others.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Construction

  1. Civil engineering construction
    The writer notes that the construction of transcontinental railroad from Omaha, Nebraska to Sacramento, California was the greatest achievement of the American people.
  2. Actor-Network Theory and the Theory of the Social Construction of Technology
    One of the main differences between the actor network theory and the Social Construction of Technology theory is that the former involves objects and organizations in the framework while the latter does not.
  3. Critical Issues in the Design and Construction of the Qatar World Cup Buildings and Facilities in 2022
    The literature sources are going to be considered and the information will be analyzed to make it possible to relate the discussion to the critical issues in the design and construction of the Qatar World […]
  4. Social Construction Theory
    The theory of construction therefore comes in handy in explaining the behaviors of both the refugees and asylum seekers as well as the citizens of Australia.
  5. The contemporary lean construction problems
    This assessment discusses the reasons and problems that may lead to the failure of any construction project and analyses these problems and their possible solutions, so that in the future, the project could be successful.
  6. Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods in Construction Industry: An Assessment of Uae Situation
    The reason for studying Alternative Dispute Resolution methods in construction industry is to get information about the number of construction projects, the related contracts and whether they have increased largely in the United Arab Emirates […]
  7. A Report on FDI Strategic Plan for Baxtern & Doll Construction Company
    This report highlights the country’s background, the firm’s financial products and services, demand of the products and services, economic feasibility of the investment plan, and the effects of currency exchange rate on the business.
  8. Negotiation in Construction Industrial Dispute, an Assessment of Uae Situation
    The skill of a negotiator can affect the possibility of reaching an agreement, the profitability of the project, and the scope of any eventual disputes, and the possibility for additional work among the participants.
  9. Construction Projects Success Factors
    Therefore, the purpose of this research is to employ both primary and secondary research tools in investigating how the understanding of client complexity, emergent requirements, and perceptions of different stakeholders by construction practitioners can result […]
  10. The Project Manager in Construction
    In addition, the chart states the duration it took to complete the events, and, whether this is the duration, the project manager had scheduled for the event.
  11. Project Charter for Construction of Football Pitch at Coventry University
    The main purpose of the project is to construct a high-tech football pitch for use of the students at Coventry University, which shall minimize the cost of renting playgrounds and avail easy access of the […]
  12. The Social Construction of Difference
    In essence, what humans’ regards and take to be experience of the world does not in itself dictate the terms by which the world is understood neither does what is regarded to be knowledge of […]
  13. The Balance Between Sustainable Construction and Project Success in the Current Economical Situation in the UK
    Aim To investigate the balance between Sustainable Construction and Project Success in the Current Economical Situation in the UK Objectives To understand the importance of sustainable construction both to the construction industry and the UK […]
  14. Music and the Construction of Personal and Social Identities
    Despite the relative difference between the current and the past music experience, it is clear that music has increasingly been used in the construction of the youths’ identities.
  15. Construction Project Management Strategic Issues
    The task of the project managers is to oversee the activities of the project until its completion. The money would be used to purchase equipment that would be used in the whole project and pay […]
  16. Motivating Employees: Japanese Construction Company
    I expect the report from my investigation to change the perspectives and actions of the management for the wellbeing of the employees and the company at large.
  17. BBC Construction Company
    BBC Construction understands that an extensive analysis is to be undertaken in order to come up with the best strategies that would enable the company excel in the building and construction industry.
  18. Construction Safety in Latino Community
    The study seeks to: Examine the prevailing status of construction safety and accidents among male workers in the Latino community, especially in the construction industry.
  19. Construction surety contract bond underwriting risk evaluation
    The owner believes that the bid bond, the performance bond and the payment bond are core movers to the success of the project.
  20. Occupational Injuries in the Construction Industry
    Generally, the construction industry in the United States is among the largest industries, the largest employer, and the most hazardous industries, which contribute to approximately 20% of the annual occupational fatalities reported across the United […]
  21. Construction Safety and Accidents in Latino Community
    The study seeks to: Examine the prevailing status of construction safety and accidents among male workers in the Latino community, especially in the construction industry. The purpose of this study is to examine the issue […]
  22. Value and Risk Management in the Chinese Construction Industry
    Value and Risk Management are critical components in the current project in enabling optimization of team contributions to the value and risk management process to enhance value in the delivery of service by implementing a […]
  23. Private Construction of Government Sponsored Projects
    The interviews will be very important in the study because they will allow the researcher to capture the facial expressions of the respondents, which may offer further explanations to some of the questions posed to […]
  24. Tendering and Procurement in the Construction Industry
    The complex nature of the collaborative construction contracts also poses the issues of mistrust, and the scandals concerning the accountability of the parties involved in the contract agreements.
  25. A Comparison of Construction Surety Bond and Insurance
    Performance bonds These bonds are designed with the objective of “protecting project owners from financial losses that might occur in the event that the contractor fails to execute the project in accordance with the predetermined […]
  26. Cybernetics and Social Construction
    When the therapist sees the need of changing the values of the family, there is need for an intensive education of the family on the importance of changing some of the family values.
  27. Art and Ideology in the Twentieth Century: Identity Construction
    Analyzing the components of the self-revealed in the Art work, the pictures on the plate personify a “not centered” component, a second dimension of the self.
  28. Real Estate and Construction Sector in the UAE and the Effects of the Crises on the UAE and the Gulf
    Real estate and construction sector in UAE The study covers the actual effects of the crisis to the construction and real estate sector in the region which is among the key sectors in the economy […]
  29. Construction of the Empire State Building
    The size of the building demanded for the erection of 64 elevators that could be used to convey people and materials up and down the construction.
  30. Construction of the Empire State Building
    The way the project managers in construction projects handle the identified risks is proportional to the success of the project. Depending on the nature of the project, the managers will come up with the possible […]

📌 Most Interesting Construction Topics to Write about

  1. The Construction Forestry Mining Energy Union’s Strike
    The members of the CFMEU, in the perspective of the unitarist approach, are not loyal to the organisation and have not accepted the management’s authority in appreciation of the shared interests and goals.
  2. Audi Car Dealership: Building and Construction Description
    Other issues discussed include: Site selection for the building Role of the building and the challenges encountered during the entire process of coming up with the wonderful structure Relationship between design, materials used and structural […]
  3. “Risk Perception and Cultural Differences of Latinos Across Residential, Commercial, and Heavy Construction” by Bormann, K.
    In this article, the researcher explores the social cultural obstacles that perpetuate the many incidences of injuries among the Latino workers in the construction industry.
  4. Virtual Reality in Construction
    Originally, the use of virtual reality in construction within the past decade has been limited to 3D object design wherein separate 3D representations of the exterior and interior of the buildings are designed utilizing 3D […]
  5. Integrating Building Information Management (BIM) into Construction Supply Chain Management
    The events are part of the whole production process, starting with the inception of the facility and all materials involved, to the end users and products delivered at the last phase.
  6. SWOT and Construction Management
    In another study that concentrated on the Azzaro Construction Project, contractors were asked to detail the relevance SWOT had on the effectiveness of the project. In the study of the Azzaro construction project, the contractors […]
  7. The Construction of Brazilian Identity in Japan
    Some of the common questioned posed to the respondent were if they aware of the existence of the Nikkei in Japan.
  8. Railroad Supply And Demand. Turner Construction Company
    It is crucial to understand the certainty of the means of transport adopted and the prospective demand and supply of the company products.
  9. 457 Visa in Australia. Management Foundations Construction
    The possible benefits of the 457 Visa Program include a permanent solution to labor problems in the country. Most of the immigrant workers affected by the 457 Visa Program are in the construction industry.
  10. Risk Management in Construction Projects
    In terms of risk management, a risk plan created at the planning phase of a project helps in further identifying risks and developing a plan to mitigate them.
  11. Project for the Design and Construction of a Bridge across the Murray River
    All of the weight of the bridge goes to the top of the towers through the cables, which kills off tension.
  12. Cost Effective and Sustainable Practices for Project Construction in the UAE
    The attainment of sustainable practice in the construction companies and that the efficiency and cost effectiveness of sustainability in the construction field is possible only with the adoption of the current sustainable construction practices.
  13. Negotiation in Construction Industry Disputes: UAE Situation
    This chapter presents the background of the study, statement of the problem, objectives of the study and research questions. In particular, the study will provide literature on negotiation as a means of construction industry disputes […]
  14. Emirates: Eco Friendly Construction
    The goal of advancing eco friendly principles in the UAE The concept of sustainable development is a direct response to the concerns for environmental degradation and the energy crisis.
  15. Comparing Construction Practice of China, America, India
    In order to propel the country to competitive levels of construction, the Ministry of Construction was opened towards the end of 1980s.
  16. Robyville Bridge History, Construction and Importance
    The Robyville Bridge is indicative of the culture of the society that built it and that of the people who used it or lived around it.
  17. Building Design and Construction Methods
    This means that the ground where construction is intended to be put up must be strong enough to bear the weight of the building.
  18. Cybernetics and Social Construction in Family Therapy
    A family is a form of a system, and Cybernetics is the study of systems of all kinds. Also, the theorist noted that every patient is a therapist to another member of the family and […]
  19. Lawsuits in Construction: Carvalho v. Toll Brothers Case
    The defense also asserted that the engineering firm was not liable for the worker’s death as none of its services were involved in the cause of the accident, not mentioning that the engineer had no […]
  20. Social Construction of Illness
    The social construction of illness relates to various perceptions and attitudes that define how people react to its existence in contemporary society.
  21. XYZ Construction LLC: HR Management
    To achieve the best results in its operations, it is necessary to restructure the HR department in order to come up with an effective HR unit that can cope with the developments that the firm […]
  22. Media Role in Social Construction of Reality
    This paper is going to discuss the role of media in shaping the social construction of reality. And the role of the Hollywood movies in particular in shaping the images of Femininity?
  23. Pyramids Construction Theories
    In this article, I will examine two of the theories which have been forward to explain in part the construction of the pyramids.
  24. Justice: a Natural Fact or a Social Construction?
    Although both viewpoints seem very legitimate, Hobbes’s idea that the state of nature is the state of war and, therefore, all people are free to pursue their desires, is more credible, seeing how in nature, […]
  25. WLAN Deployment on Open Area Construction Projects
    This is because the success of projects in the construction scenario hinges on the availability of information to the necessary personnel when they need it.
  26. The Real Estate and Construction Industry in Saudi Arabia
    The construction of real estate in Saudi has grown at a very high rate in recent years mainly due to the increasing number of tourists visiting the country and good returns from the oil sector.
  27. The Ayla Event Hall Construction Project
    This project will be successful if the Project Management Committee is able to deliver the project on time and within the budget allocated by the Ayla Residents Association. Secondly, the project will deliver all the […]
  28. Trans-Alaska Pipeline Construction History
    The pipeline would run from the North Slope to the Port of Valdez. The pipeline transports crude oil from the fields in Prudhoe Bay south to the Port of Valdez.
  29. Safety Management at Construction Sites in the UAE
    Safety management is the process that helps to define the principles of work and measure the processes to prevent different types of accidents and injuries that can lead to the negative outcomes for an organisation […]
  30. Gendered Body: Construction and Condition
    However, instead of people perceiving it as the signifier, the social norms, ideas and notions have conditioned the same people to perceive the same body as the real meaning.

💡 Good Research Topics about Construction

  1. Language in Race and Socio-Cultural Inequality Construction
    According to Subtirelu, the cultures of different groups of people socialize them to believe that all people belonging to certain races are the same.
  2. UAE Construction and Real Estate Sector
    This paper is aimed at examining the role of the construction and real estate sector in developing the economy and infrastructure of the United Arab Emirates.
  3. The Vernier Caliper Tool Construction and Usage
    It is worth to note that a vernier caliper has two pairs of jaws on the top and bottom sides as shown in the diagram below.
  4. Construction: Tool Boxes for Machine Shop
    Since carbon fiber is much more durable than the rest of the materials suggested as the basis for making boxes, it should be selected as the key raw substance for creating boxes for the company […]
  5. Giza Pyramids’ Mysteries: Theories of Construction
    Additionally, the idea of the mystery of the construction process revolves around the fact that the technologies of the ancient Egyptians do not equal the architectural designs of the pyramids.
  6. Villa Construction Project Management
    The project I have chosen is the construction of a villa. The aim of the project is to construct a villa and have it ready for use within three months.
  7. Media Construction and Augmentation of Reality
    As an element of mass media, film transcends the simplistic definition of entertainment; the role film plays in the collective unconscious of a society remains decidedly more convoluted and multifaceted.
  8. Modular Construction in Hospital Buildings
    The decision to fall back on this type of construction is very often motivated by the need to meet the strict deadline for erecting buildings, as modular construction is known for high quality that can […]
  9. House Construction Project Management
    The construction project is the basis of project scheduling and cost control. The project will increase the product portfolio of the company.
  10. Clapton Commercial Construction Company Strategies
    However, the most crucial role of the human resource department is to understand and implement the employment laws in the new jurisdictions.
  11. Financial Crisis and Its Impact on UAE Construction
    The determination of this research is to evaluate the enactment of construction corporations in the United Arab Emirates for the period of the pre and post worldwide eras of financial disaster, which is from 2006 […]
  12. Prefabrication and Simulation in Construction
    One of the tools that can assist in improving the overall performance of the construction industry is the visualisation of projects.
  13. CSR in Jordan Construction Industry
    In the construction industry, CSR plays a significant role in ensuring that projects create employment for the locals, the environment is protected, energy is conserved, the land is utilized in an economically sound manner, construction […]
  14. Theory Construction as a Disciplined Imagination
    Paragraph three of section five continues the comparison addressed in the previous paragraph, where Weick indicates the likeliness of the relationship between theory construction and natural selection to the relationship between marine navigation and the […]
  15. Environmental Sustainability in the Construction Sector
    This paper aims at exploring the evidence of climate change in the UK, the contributing factors, and the potential consequences of it, including the floods.
  16. Argo Construction Group’s Leadership and People Results
    The strategic vision of the company is aimed at making the organization the leading provider of solutions to customers. The strategic vision of the organization was formulated in 2003 with a view to giving the […]
  17. 3-D Printing in the Construction Industry
    Waste production is reduced with the use of 3-D printers. 3-D printing defies the use of traditional forms of construction.
  18. Bridge Construction over the Chacao Channel
    An article titled The Challenge of Constructing a Bridge over the Chacao Channel talks about a project of the government to build a rather large bridge.
  19. Descartes’ Self-Concept Construction
    A careful study of his masterpiece entitled, Meditations can lead one to conclude that his concept of the self was the byproduct of the combination of the use of his physical senses, common sense, and […]
  20. Construction Control Inspector in Agriculture
    The job description by the Natural Resource Conservation Service for the construction control inspector position is accurate in the description of the duties and tasks that may be required.
  21. Construction Unions and Their Management
    Both approaches are valid and acceptable in the formation of a union since both protect the integrity of the workers. It is in the interest of construction management panels to consider a warm relationship between […]
  22. Construction and Themes of “The Godfather” Movie
    There is a purpose in each movement and placement.*In this paper, the analysis of The Godfather’s construction and Coppola’s intents will be developed by explaining the choice of the setting, dialogues, light, and other details […]
  23. Simulation as a Construction Tool and Its Economics
    To ensure the stability of the progress in the use of simulation for construction purposes, it is necessary to perform a constant evaluation and assessment of the work that has already been done.
  24. Crane Types Used in Construction
    There are two major factors that are considered when designing a crane: the first consideration is the weight the crane is expected to lift, and the second consideration is the crane stability.
  25. Giza Pyramids and Major Construction Theories
    The lack of technology has made it a difficult practical concept to accept, leading to the rise of various theories on the construction of the Pyramids at Giza.
  26. Quality Performance Monitoring in Construction
    Thus, the nature of the construction project presupposes several tasks that should be added to the existing project plan to guarantee the efficient monitoring of quality and overall success.
  27. The Cultural Construction of Mental Illness
    The review of the given sources contributes to the acquisition of knowledge needed to trace the evolution of the cultural construction of mental illnesses and determine the most significant changes.
  28. Guitar Construction: Acoustical Features
    It is at the front part of the guitar, and it is the most critical part of the instrument, because the back part and the sides of the guitar reflects the sound back to the […]
  29. Residential Park and Library Construction Budget
    From the results of a random sampling on the views of the residents about their desires of a recreational facility, 70% voiced the need for a public park that can house at least football and […]
  30. Marbles Construction Company’s Conflict Management
    The 2009 agreement was meant to safeguard the interests of both the company and the employees. Most of the supervisors and mid-level managers were in support of the workers’ requests and this made it difficult […]

📑 Interesting Topics to Write about Construction

  1. Procurement Methods of the Construction Projects
    The vital significance of procurement in the success of any project necessitate for deliberate measures and consideration in the selection of the most appropriate procurement method.
  2. The Heathrow’s T5 Construction: Balanced Scorecard
    The building of the Airport applied the economic focus, internal focus, learning and growth focus, and the customer experience focus. Before the project started, the public had the opportunity to raise questions on whatever issue […]
  3. Personality Assessment: Test Construction’s Differences
    A revision was made to the first version, and MMPI-2 was made to have a total of 704 items. In these studies, the validity of NEO personality inventory was clearly demonstrated.
  4. London Wembley Stadium Construction Project
    However, from a project management perspective, completing Wembley Stadium outside the allocated time and monetary resources amounted to failure of the project.
  5. Construction Projects in China
    Since both projects are supposed to be signed with the leaders of the institutions that are under the state regulation, it can be assumed that the provisions of the Model Construction Project Contract are applicable […]
  6. Professional Implications in the Construction Industry
    Most legal implications of one’s work are closely connected to the ethical ones, and the issues of these spheres are related to each other. In this business, the ethical and legal implications are related to […]
  7. Construction Market in the United Kingdom and London
    When it comes to the United Kingdom in general and London in particular, it is necessary to highlight that, due to the high degree of economic development of the country, some numerous institutions and associations […]
  8. Green Urbanism in Malaysian Construction Industry
    The idea of the green city project is to shift the focus of attention away from the Garden City Concept itself and instead turn the only garden in the city into a “city-in-a-garden”.
  9. Serial Killers and Their Social Construction
    Social construction of serial killers has become the subject of various studies, and it is recognized today that the social position, social interactions, and perceived social image may play a significant role in the process […]
  10. Evaluation of the UK Construction Sector Market Structure, the Impact on Competition, Prices and Costs, and the Competitive Strategy of Large Contractors
    The UK construction industry is one of the core economic sectors, and the output of the industry is a component of the Gross Domestic Product.
  11. Robotics in Construction Management: Impacts and Barriers
    The assessment of the economic feasibility of the robotization of individual construction processes is based on cost analysis and the calculation of payback.
  12. The UK Construction Sector Evaluation
    The aim of this paper is to explain why it would be ethical for parents to relinquish some of these rights in order to maximize the welfare of the targeted children.
  13. Institutional and Legal Context for Construction
    The company was contractually obligated to build a product of high quality, and it is safe to assume that this would include all materials and their functioning.
  14. Procurement Opportunities in Construction Management
    The choice between the four types of procurement available in the construction industry leads to a sharp rise in the quality of the result.
  15. Construction: “Who Invented Your House?” by Cavagh
    The article looks at the origin, as well as highlights the journey that the balloon frame has undergone over the centuries. According to the author, the current construction technique was coined “the balloon frame” in […]
  16. Construction Products Company’s Development
    This report is based on the case study of Construction Products, and the aim of this report is to analyze the existing problems of the company to find out effective measures for the future development […]
  17. Parsons Brinkerhoff Firm’s Construction Manager Training
    To ensure that the construction manager hired contributes towards the attainment of the firm’s goals, the manager will go through a training program after completion of the orientation.
  18. Parsons Brinkerhoff Firm Recruiting Construction Manager
    To attract a large number of applicants, the company will advertise the position in the newspaper. To be successful, the company will take into consideration the existing laws in the foreign labor market.
  19. Saudi Oil & Gas Engineering, Procurement, Construction
    Due to the high level of dominance that Saudi has in the oil industry, the country plays a critical role in the determination of the world oil prices.
  20. Body as a Social Construction of Difference
    In the same manner, the appearance of the body is a clear indication of how society has influenced the individual. The problem with the media as an information source on obesity is that rarely does […]
  21. Blue Design Management: Construction Project Success
    The selection of this title is to show the reader that this research is to create and suggest a blue print on what is the best practice based on the literature, case studies and interviews, […]
  22. Risk Management in Fly-Fishing and Construction Projects
    In this case, it is possible to think of the following risks: bad weather conditions, traumas, delays, damage to a boat, misroute. It is possible to think of the following risks: bad weather conditions, gas […]
  23. Materials and Resources in Construction and Design
    Wood is the material that is used to build constructions during the centuries because of the possibility to handle wood in many ways to receive the definite qualities of the material.
  24. Claims in Public Construction Projects in Oman
    The inherent characteristics of construction projects present a number of risks associated with project execution and make the construction projects vulnerable to financial risks.
  25. The Social Construction of Intercultural Communication
    However, with time, and the introduction of the concept of capitalism, such systems changed and led to the creation and development of the general business approaches.
  26. Williams Construction Co. v. OSHA Case
    In this case, the violation of the Occupational Safety Health Act laws and regulations was the center of the legal procedure.
  27. Justice: A Natural Law or a Social Construction?
    In the end, both Hobbes and Locke come to agree on a rather plan ground that, in the state of nature, human behaviors are supposed to be guided by the laws of nature.
  28. Risk Management in the Construction Industry
    The paper evaluates the appropriateness of several theories in the management of risks and uncertainties in construction in addition to the process of modeling the chosen risk factors using the new framework.
  29. Ways of Families Construction
    This is the tendency of people to think that the right model for government is led by one person, with a hierarchy underneath him.
  30. The Construction Industry of Oman
    Based on the review of the literature and the survey, the study concludes that lack of coordination among the parties and changes in specifications by the owners are the important factors leading to variations.
  31. Saudi Arabian Construction Industry: Delay and Poor Quality
    The development of the construction industry has widened the scope of the projects and by maintaining the overall profits for the country.
  32. Construction Solutions in Saline Environment
    The researcher concluded that, indeed, salinity is one of the major causes of concrete disintegration and reduces the durability of buildings in saline environments.
  33. Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene Construction Material
    ETFE is a fluoropolymer initially developed for the aerospace industry in the 1940s and eventually adopted for use in greenhouse construction due to its superiority over the glass.
  34. Construction Law: ALM Technology
    First, according to the original offer made by Southwest Supplier, Mounger Construction was to purchase the refrigerators at a price that is ten times higher than the sum which was presented on the signed invoice.
  35. Social Construction of Sexuality: Sex in Consumer Culture
    Children of both genders are today brought up in a more uniform manner, yet the society morals hold that it is unethical of them to try out sexual feelings and or actions.
  36. Construction Bank of China: Workplace Analysis
    The leader focused on the best initiatives to understand the potential causes of the problem. The members of the team were empowered and encouraged to focus on the best outcomes.
  37. JP Phentar Construction Project Management Tools
    Due to the unique nature of the project, there is a need for the establishment of an effective managerial framework. One of the most crucial aspects of the construction project is the quality of work.
  38. Risks in International Construction Projects
    The construction industry is one of the largest and most stable industries in the world, with the overall value of the industry ranging between 2.
  39. Mega Stadium Construction Projects
    The fact is that the complexity of the project comes from the high number of factors that should be taken into account with the primary purpose of achieving success and guaranty the in-time accomplishment of […]
  40. Burj Khalifa Construction and Operation Cycle
    The task of creating the tallest construction in the world required designers, engineers, and constructors the creation of a new form and implementation of innovative technologies.
  41. Migrants’ Labor Rights in the Construction Industry
    To stop exploitation, improve the standards of labor and quality, and protect the lives of individuals forced to work in horrible conditions in foreign countries, the international standards of labor and the local legislation in […]
  42. International Construction: British Managers in Poland
    This paper includes a brief analysis of possible barriers to effective managerial communication during the construction of the complex in Poland and strategies to be employed to overcome these challenges.
  43. Underrepresentation of Women in the UK Construction Industry
    Consequently, it is unsurprising that about half of all construction workers in the UK report never having worked with a female manager.
  44. Engineering Communications. Eurotunnel Construction
    Its the second largest rail tunnel in the world and the longest undersea tunnel with a distance of 37.9 km. The construction of the tunnels was mostly done in the Chalk Marl, this was the […]
  45. Construction Safety on Demolition
    Some of the measures that should be taken are proper regulation of the area by having competent personnel on such sites, inspecting the materials before the commencement of the demolition process, and having proper inspection […]
  46. The Framework of the Construction Industry
    The construction industry in the UK is having a period of strong growth. Regardless of the rapid growth of other sectors, the housebuilding sector makes up a huge part of the whole construction industry in […]
  47. Construction Technology Is Reshaping the Industry
    Many procedures should be followed from the time the construction of the foundation of the house starts till the completion of the house.
  48. Construction Technology and Air Pollution
    Hot-list section has new and transferable technology and highlights the features that appeal to construction companies, specifies and designers, owners of the building and end users.
  49. Business Economics & Management for Construction
    Therefore business economics and management in the construction industry can be looked at as the study and practice of the sum total of all the managerial and technological aspects that are involved in the construction […]
  50. Contingency in Construction Projects
    Once a total budget is set, project management should think in terms of the possible impact of different combinations: the extremes of spending the total budget, and the results expected from different combinations of each.
  51. Effect of Modern Methods of Construction
    MMC includes; Make use of more effective material Speed up hiring delivery Enable high standards of design quality Can help to reduce resource consumption It has often been regarded as a mean of improving quality, […]

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