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The National Petroleum Construction Company Research Paper


The National Petroleum Construction Company is a global construction company which received many awards in fabrication of steel structure sections. It was established in 1973 as a Public Joint Stock Company and its fabrications facilities are located at Mussafah – Abu Dhabi.

It started with providing and fabricating the required steel structure for the onshore and offshore Oil and Gas production industries. In 1978, it developed and widened its operations by inaugurating a custom pipe coating facility at the field. In 1979, the company fought an escapade into offshore activities for the Oil industries, installation and knitting works.

In 1986, NPCC began the manufacturing storage tanks which are used in storing various types of petroleum products. In 1994, NPCC built a new modern facility in Mussafah which can produce and fabricate up to 67,000 tons of steel annually. After that by just two years, another modern facility was constructed for fabrication of pressure vessel.

This facility has a capability of producing 6,000 tons per year of pressure vessels in different type and size. The Company takes all developing steps and urban growth carefully to achieve the goals and achievements over the years. That dynamic growth strategy makes NPCC to reach a place in league with the major international EPC contractor of the Oil and Gas industry.Aqeel A. Madhi is the Chief Executive officer and HussainJasem Al Nowais is the chairman-GHC of the NPCC.

Nowadays, NPCC is regarded as a successful and fast-developing global company that ensures high quality services and products in the sphere of gas manufacture, storage, engineering, and installation. More importantly, the company sustains a competitive advantage in integrating offshore and onshore projects.

Core values

The National Petroleum Construction Company is an excellent provider of offshore and onshore services in the sphere of production of gas, as well as delivery of petroleum products. The NPCC takes prides in its highly competitive and confident employees who are able to control and coordinate of advanced technologies. The company is actively involved in the production, testing, and inspection that take control of the modern technologies.

The NPCC ensured well-equipped environment in which employees operate. Therefore, the company’s managers realize the importance of ensuring a favorable organizational culture that motivates their employees, as well as provides highly effective coordination and collaboration. The Board of Directors is conscious about its strategic objectives and, therefore it is committed to producing high quality products that meet the established international standards.

Employees are considered as the most important and valuable asset of the company. Therefore, the staff strives to ensure training and development programs for their employees, as well as provide efficient social schemes. According to the NPCC managers, wellbeing of their employees can guarantee expert services for their clients.

Products and Technology

The company, as the provider of offshore and onshore activities, also offers the following services and products to their customers (Product & Services, n. p.):

  • EPIC and EPC Management that ensures Procurement, Building, and Installation services;
  • Pipeline Testing, Pipelaying, and Riser Installation;
  • Building and Installation of Storage Tanks;
  • PLEM and SPM Building and Installation;
  • Geotechnical and Geographical Offshore Services;
  • Delivery and Production of Pressure Vessels, Modules, and other Petrochemical Projects;
  • Onshore Development of Plants;
  • Anti-corrosion Coating of Pipelines;
  • Offshore Installation and Production of Wellhead Jackets, Modules, and Topsides;
  • Commissioning and Pre-commissioning of Offshore Activities;

The company is also involved into the development of offshore and onshore projects. In particular, the NPCC managers introduced Gas Development Project that includes installation of the Habshan Platform. The project presents the gas manufacture by drilling extra gas wells.

This platform serves to transfer gas through new pipelines. IN addition, the company worked on installation and manufacture of Scraper Decks and Tie-in Platforms in 2007. In particular, the project integrated fabrication, installation, and engineering of such facilities as ZULF TP7, ZULF TP8, ZULF TP5, and ZULF TP6 (Offshore n. p.). There are many other interesting and innovative projects that relate to the development and technological advancement of the facilities.

The NPCC integrates advanced and innovative technologies into constructing its offshore and onshore projects to guarantee safety and quality of products and services. In this respect, the company has achieved numerous awards and quality certificates that enhance the image of an innovative and high-tech organization (Quality and HSE, n. p.).

Social Responsibility

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct features the principles of behavior of employees. The company conducts its business in a fair environment and, therefore, the employees of the NPCC should follow ethical principles in accordance with established laws and regulations. While conducting business activities, the company focuses on integrity as the primary principle in cooperating with clients, shareholders, business partners, communities, competitors, suppliers, and employees (Code of Conduct n. p.).

Company’s responsibilities should be accomplished in regard to the international ethical standards to meet the performance requirements. Therefore, employees are not allowed to engage in the in the activity that may undermine the company’s reputation (Code of Conduct n. p.). There are a number of rules and principles that the NPCC employees should observe to meet the code of ethics introduced in the company.

To begin with, employees should not abuse the power of their position for personal interests, as well as take advantage of the information for non-business purposes. Second, the employees should also protect all assets of the company’s stakeholders to use them for relevant activities only (Code of Conduct n. p.). Finally, employees should also report on the case of improper ethical conduct to avert the situations that pose threat to the welfare of the company.

Assessing the environment and ensuring social corporate responsibility

The NPCC has a full awareness of the consequences of negligent attitude to the business and operation activities. Therefore, the Board of Directors, along with employees, considers social corporate responsibility a priority in conducting business (Quality and HSE n. p.). They understand the environmental issues, as well as the necessity to introduce specific regulations that could prevent the probability of accidents and contingencies that can pollute the environment.

International Cooperation

The company introduces strict measures to ensure that the products and materials meet the established quality requirements. Therefore, the suppliers and vendors engaged with business activities should conform to those requirements. In addition, the NPSS department of HSE and Corporate Support realizes that Media Assistance and Communication are among the most important aspects of company’s successful development.

Business Partner

NPCC is considered a subsidiary company since the hold share of 70% is owned by the General Holding Corporation GHC. Thus, NPCC had extent it’s business throw many engineering fields, making it one of the most important business partners in UAE.

They provide several services to many companies in variety ways suck as offshore constructions, offshore services, onshore/onsite services, fabrications, pipe coating and pressure vessel. With this NPCC becomes a major company in oil and gas industry, turning into a big business partners throw the years.

Offshore construction and services

NPCC help oil and gas companies to establish their Offshore facilities by installation & Commissioning of pipeline systems, Installation of heavy structures using float-over technique Offshore positioning & seabed surveying, and Under water inspection & maintenance. Main business partners in offshore services are ADNOC and ADMA-OPCO.

Onshore/onsite services

With the high demand for maintenance and fabrications on the onshore, NPCC had been success to meet these demands. NPCC had provided engineering teams to solve engineering challenges. They had built state-of-the-art Fabrication Yard which supply all the fabrication needed by clients. Also they can install and inspect to maintain any onshore facility the client asked for. Main clients/ business partners are TAKREER, GASCO and ADCO.

Environment protection

NPCC has been an award company with huge accomplishments since they got their first award British Safety Council Sword of Honor in 1989. Since then, NPCC continued to reserve awards and certifications for their work. They have cared for environment and HSE applications and they proved themselves to the community as well as to their clients.

HSE awards

NPCC had achieved a lot by applying HSE standards and they been given awards for their safe work such as :

  1. British Safety Council Sword of Honor in 1989 for being one of the top 30 safest companies in the world
  2. ADNOC HSE Award 2001, 2002 and 2003
  3. ZADCO HSE Award 2009 & 2006
  4. The Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) Award 2011

HSE Certificates

NPCC efficiency in HSE have increased throw the years thus, they been reserving many excellent certificates for their job well done. Since certifications have a limited time, they still managed to continue getting them by the safe practice such as:

  1. ISO 14001:2004 CERTIFCATE OF APPROVAL (following Environmental Management System Standards)
  2. OHSAS 18001:2007 CERTIFCATE OF APPROVAL (the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series “OHSAS 18001”)
  3. IPLOCA Safety Awards.


Since its emergence in 1973, the NPCC has managed to conquer the leading markets in manufacture of petroleum products and installation of offshore and onshore schemes. It has a well-developed set of values, missions, and strategies that allow the organization to integrate new initiatives and attract new clients.

The company’s managers are involved in constant development of new training and developing programs for their employees being the most valuable asset of the company. They also encourage innovation and use of modern equipment in promoting exceptional quality.

It should be stressed that the NPCC emphasizes the importance of adherence to the Code of Conduct as the foundation for company’s business activities. In particular, the executive managers of the company believe that ethical standards should be strictly followed to preserve the organizational culture and increase the welfare of the employees.

Aside from ethical and cultural aspects of company’s organization, the company works on expanding their markets and establishing new relations with other international companies. International cooperation and communication is vital for enhancing the company’s position and respectable image.

Finally, the company integrates an environmentally savvy policy that guarantees strict adherence to existing environmental laws and regulations.

As a proof, the company has won numerous awards in the sphere of Quality and HSE, which justify their strategies, mission, and values. Being among the most successfully companies, NPCC strives to attract more investors to develop new approaches and techniques. Therefore, the managers never cease expanding the company’s potential.

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