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Project Charter for Construction of Football Pitch at Coventry University Coursework

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Updated: Feb 11th, 2020

Brief description/ project purpose

The main purpose of the project is to construct a high-tech football pitch for use of the students at Coventry University, which shall minimize the cost of renting playgrounds and avail easy access of the facility for the students. Currently, the university students experiences inadequate football and pitch facilities provided by Coventry University.

In addition, the existing facility does not provide modernized services that attract greater participation of the students. To achieve the objective of ensuring maximum student participation with an estimated 60%, Coventry University projects to install excellent sports and football facility with an extensive practice and seating capacity.

The project shall be solely funded by Coventry University obtained from its available resources. The university shall outsource the construction and consultancy services from the external providers. However, the University building and human resources departments shall serve to fill the labor and expertise gaps with a view of reducing the project costs.

Statement of requirements

The underlying problems projected for solution by the project

The project shall address the challenges facing students at Coventry University. These issues include the following:

The students have continuously lacked adequate and modern football pitch and facilities supplied by Coventry University. This situation has since resulted in low or poor university ranking based on student survey results to assess their satisfaction levels with respect to service delivery of the Coventry University.

High costs for students wishing to access modern and efficient football pitch facilities remain an eminent problem. Surveys indicate that although a relatively large number of students seek out external services to practice; therefore the establishment of the football grounds within the university shall minimize the dangers associated with externally uncontrolled risks.

Deterioration of football and associated talent in the University following lack o properly constituted playing and field facilities. The university participation in football games has remained minimal with poor performance due to lack of talent growth.

The existing poor playing and practice facility has led to low student participation. Therefore, the University’s realization of this impending situation necessitates the construction of the football pitch the meets the current and future demands for students and the world’s football requirements at large.

Needs of the project

The underlying problems identified by the project allows for a critical examination of the needs pertinent to solving them. Below is a list of needs that the project must address with an aim of solving the problems:

  • The project for the construction of the football pitch facility must be located near the University premises for easy access of the students.
  • The project must provide more advanced and quality football pitch that shall reduce strain on the existing facility provided by Coventry University.
  • The proposed construction should offer affordable extra facilities for the students than those provided by the municipal and private investors around. This aims at ensuring a return on investment within the feasible investment period.

The project Opportunities

The project can provide numerous opportunities to the stakeholders, including the users, sponsors and the client if well completed as per the feasibility study conducted by the project lead team. Some of the opportunities anticipated after the successful completion of the project include the following:

  • Judges and Sons construction shall be highly accredited if they complete the project within the three fundamental aspects of quality, timeframe, and budget. In this case, the company shall benefit from future developments within the university and outside constructions. This opportunity shall distinguish its service from the rest of the players in the construction industry given the fierce completion currently experienced by the company.
  • The project shall boost the quality of University ranking based on improved student survey results because of increased satisfaction levels.
  • Upon realizing a return on the investment, Coventry University can channel the proceeds into other investment projects to boost its financial capacity for increased development.
  • The project shall result in growth of football talent at the University because of increased participation of students.

Project objectives

Studies show that any project or activity must be guided by properly neatens objectives. These objectives should comply with the qualities such as measurability, preciseness, time-frame, and achievability. The project anticipates fulfilling numerous objectives after its completion of the construction. These objectives include the following:

  • To increase the current number of student participation in football activities at Coventry University by at least 60% by the end of December 2013.
  • To provide a high-quality playing facility for the students by the end of December 2013
  • To ensure efficient management of time during the entire project period
  • To maintain high standards of sustainable environmental safety throughout the project period
  • To ensure high safety at the construction site at all times to minimize site injuries
  • To develop and publish the construction designs and plans within the first 5 months of the planning period
  • To ensure that the project cost is within the budgeted amount of 3 million pounds
  • To ensure proper accountability and management of project funds

Project Sponsor, client and project manager

Project Client

Coventry University shall own the project under proposed construction thus, the Coventry University shall be the client to the project

Project Sponsor

Coventry University shall fund the project solely from its available resources. Although the client shall outsource services from the external construction company, it shall provide some substantial labor from its building and design department. The project sponsor and the project manager shall conduct review meetings within which they shall deliberate on the project objectives, deliverables, and budget.

Project manager

The project manger shall remain the overall manager of the project throughout the duration of the project. The project manager shall successfully plan, implement, monitor, evaluate, and control the project aspects. The project manger shall be the coordinator between the project and the sponsor through preparation of the weekly progress reports in the best interest of the client and in line with the project standards.

Project Scope

The project shall entail the requisite planning and design of the construction of the football pitch. The closure of the project shall be subject to proper completion inspection and revision where necessary to ensure compliance with the set deliverables. The project shall include stages within which to accomplish specific deliverables discussed below.

Project Deliverables

  • To provide playing ground and facility that is cheaper by at least 15% compared to facilities provided by the nearby private grounds.
  • To provide a project Gannt chart that outlines the project schedule of activities and their completion time.
  • To deliver sustainable environmental safety during the project duration
  • To incorporate multiple security measures that include CCTV and other automated access procedures.
  • To design the best methodology that can determine and produce the safest and hygienic conditions

Project Stakeholders

Project Stakeholders


The project proposes a total spending of approximately 3 million pounds. These amounts have been subdivided into specific work packages with a view of maintaining consistency and accountability of the funds. The project proposes a 15% incremental budget amount due to anticipated changes in the spending based on the assumed factors such as inflation and rising costs of labor.

However, the adjustments and additional utilization shall be subject critical evaluation and approval from the project manager. The projected budget variation shall be within the range of positive or negative 15% of the total project value (+or – 15%).

Projected project Budget
Amount (£)
Planning and design 630,000
materials and labor supplies 900,000
Site construction requirements 1,100,000
Pre and post construction Monitoring and inspections 300,000
Closure of the project 70,000
Total Spending 3,000,000
Total plus additional leeway spending (15%) 3,450,000

Organizational Breakdown Structure

Organizational Breakdown Structure

Project Risks

The project team shall seek to identify potential risks by carefully checking the essential project components. This process aims at ensuring that stopgap measures are established to avoid the risk losses or mitigate the risks through contingency measures. The table below summarizes the potential project risks during the project duration.

Potential Risks Actions to mitigate the Identified Risks
Insufficient Funding The project shall utilize the services of the lead project accountants and financial controllers to ensure effective and efficient utilization and accountability for funds. Strict budget regulations shall be set in place to ensure minimal or no variation from the pre-planned budget estimates.
Delayed project Deadline (completion timeline missed) The project Officer and manager proposes to utilize efficient communication as a strategy for proper comprehension of the progress. In addition, the project Gannt charts shall assist in scheduling
Lack of appropriate skills and expertise The project shall undertake a skills analysis prior to the commencement of the project, where in outsourcing shall serve to fill the identified skill gaps
Environmental hazards Analysis of risks should be established to minimize the occurrence of hazards. Effective and efficient risk plans to ascertain the safety and healthy situation of the project participants and the environment remains essential.
Supplies delays by the contracted suppliers Judges and Sons shall create a legally binding contract agreement that demonstrates punitive financial penalties for failure to comply with supply requirements.
Misinterpretation of the project requirements The client and the project facilitators shall sign the requirements agreement. Additionally the project shall utilize project diagrams, schedules, charts, and documentation to ensure proper understanding of the project demands.
Withdrawal of the client There shall be a design of a client confirmation agreement that shall bind the client to remain committed to the project up to its completion stage.

Project Assumptions

The project shall work under some specific assumptions and factors in which they shall be assumed as constant. These assumptions include;

  • The project funds have fully been channeled toward material completion of the project
  • The construction site for the proposed football pitch has been successfully identified by the University management
  • Approval for the project plan has been granted
  • The number of football funs and participants remains on an increasing trend over time

Project Control Procedures

During the commencement of the project, the University Management shall organize a lead team for the completion of the project. In this process, the University management has established a monitoring committee that shall oversee the project progress whose main purpose shall be in line with the approved project standards.

The monitoring committee shall constantly undertake to evaluate the progress and report the outcome to the project manager. The evaluation report shall serve as the basis for remedial action where appropriate with an aim of addressing the key project problems.

Progress and financial reports

The project architect shall be charged with the responsibility of ensuring daily management of the project design and costs. The selected architect shall remain the chief or lead consultant personality in the Design and Technical Team (DTT). The project team shall, in line with the standards set forth organize and deliver monthly progress reports. The Project Officer (PO) or the project manger shall chair these meetings.

Construction Stage

During this phase, Judges & Sons Construction Company shall carry out the monitoring on quality on a regular basis with a view to maintain the best-of-breed outcome. The project proposes a weekly quality and design review plan carried out at the construction site.

During this practice, the Lead Design Team, the Project Officer, and the Project Manager shall be present. This is to ensure that all the project issues identified are dealt with immediately while gaining firsthand experience with the ground rules.

Communication Process

Effective communication is critical and essential for any successful and efficient decision-making. Therefore, it is important that a smooth flow of information to ensure efficient communication channels during the project period.

The project lead team under the communication department shall ensure smooth transfer and dissemination of information to all departments and project stakeholders on a regular basis and often as may be necessitated by the project circumstances.

Throughout this process, project meetings held weekly and monthly shall help to facilitate efficient communication and clarify issues in the light of the project requirements. The communication shall be aided by efficient channels, including electronic media such as email, telephone calls, and conferences to ensure dissemination of key project information.

All the departments relevant to the project should come up with a uniform communication strategy that harmonizes the communication process to ensure effective delivery of information. The project shall implement a mixed form of communication that shall include open door, vertical and horizontal plans.

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