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Skills and Qualities of Project Managers Research Paper


Over several years, organizations never realized the importance of implementing project management in the running of business operations (Fewings 2005). As such, the project management approach existed as an option for companies that wanted to practice the approach. However, the recent sophistication in business processes forced organizations to implement the approach, which would allow them compete favorably.

Currently, the project management approach is inevitable, and several organizations are hungry for the services of project managers (Fewings 2005). In this paper, therefore, the author discusses the skills and qualities that project managers should possess so as to enable successful project implementation.

Essential Qualities and Skills of Project Managers

Project managers should also have excellent skills and qualities that will allow for a smooth integration with employees, as well as get a significant level of respect (Lock 2007). Such skills are categorized into four groups namely; personal qualities, communication skills, management skills, and relationship qualities as shown in the following table.

Table 1: Matrix: Essential Qualities and Skills for Successful Project Managers.

Description Explanation
Personal Qualities
  1. Self Motivation – It is essential that a PM becomes self-motivated in order to stimulate team members. This quality is extremely valuable for managers as it gives one the morale to press on for success, as well as inspire others (Phd in Management 2011).
  2. Confidence – With confidence, a project manager is capable of coming up with effective decisions, which can be used for the success of the firm.
  3. Optimism – Showing an optimistic approach to challenging situations is an excellent trait of a manager that can boost the morale of team members.
  4. Integrity – Personal integrity is essential for a manager as this will reassure team members that the manager will protect them, follow the rules, and fulfill promises (Barry 2000).
  5. Flexibility – However, a manager should also have a certain degree of flexibility so that he/she can adjust and fit to shifting conditions.
  6. Shared Vision – An effective project manager should also have a vision for the organization and successfully drive team members into achieving the desired vision (Barry 2000).
  7. Positive Attitude – Despite various challenges that may crop up during project execution, a project manager should uphold a positive attitude towards success. This will boost the morale of team members and give them energy to keep struggling for the best.
  8. Considerate – A project manager should always be considerate and give team members sufficient time to meet scheduled deadlines, as well as appreciate their efforts at work.
Appropriate personal qualities will improve the productivity of managers by enhancing their interactions with team members, as well as customers (Phd in Management2011).

Personal qualities among project managers can be measured from the existing relationship between the manager and team members.

As an example, a manager that believes in team members will share his vision with them; thereby, pave way for teamwork success.

However, a manager with a negative attitude will demoralize team members and lead to low productivity.
Managers can improve their personal skills by understanding themselves and practicing to appreciate others.

Communication Skills and Qualities
  1. Verbal Communication – A manager should have excellent communication skills, and be capable of speaking fluently, as well as communicates ideas in the most appropriate manner (Phd in Management2011).
  2. Written Communication – In addition, a manager must have effective written communication skills with excellent grammar and choice of words.
  3. Active Listening – A manager must be capable of listening to team members, understand their situation, and provide a perfect solution.
  4. Constructive Feedback – Managers should provide feedback that is not discouraging, but gives the morale to keep on working for the best outcome (Phd in Management2011).
  5. Clarity – A manager should be clear especially when issuing instructions or presentations to team members (Ahn 2008). This ensures that sufficient and accurate information reaches all team members without distortion, or missing details.
Excellent communication skills are necessary for effective management of the workforce (Barry 2000).

Such skills can be measured by how well information flows from a manager to his team members, as well as the intensity of mistakes among the workforce.

Communication skills can be developed further by increasing the number of manager-employee meetings, which discuss the obstacles that prevent employees from delivering their best.

Technical Skills.
  1. Organization and Project Planning – Managers must have effective organization skills in order to keep track of projects, team members, as well as assignments (Ahn 2008; Phd in Management2011).
  2. Industry Knowledge – It is essential that the manager is conversant with the industry trend in order to make appropriate decisions, while planning for the future.
  3. Delegation Matters – While managing a project, a manager should be capable of identifying tasks that can be delegated and select workers that will handle such tasks in the most productive manner.
  4. Recruitment – An excellent manager should be able to recruit people that are industrious and work in accordance hand in hand with the organization’s vision. In addition, he should be able to retain such employees for the success of the business.
  5. Performance and Team Building – Managers should also be capable of creating high-performance teams, and ensure the productivity of such a team is sustained (Barry 2000).
  6. Cost Management – Managers must be conversant with various financial concepts and money management so as to manage a project in a cost effective way (Ahn 2008).
  7. Schedule/Time Management – It is crucial for a manager to have outstanding time management ability, so that projects can always be delivered without unnecessary delays (Mind Tools1996).
  8. Quality Management – Also, manager should be cautious about the quality of the outcome in order to allow for successful future cooperation with customers (Ahn 2008; Mind Tools1996).
  9. Legal Implications – In addition, managers should be conversant with various legal implications such as proper hiring and termination in order to avoid implicating the organization (Phd in Management 2011).
Management skills are valuable in the successful execution of a business project (Phd in Management2011).
Without the proper management skills, the organization’s productivity significantly reduces due to multiple failures (Knights & Hugh 2007).For instance, when a project manager fails to plan effectively, some team members may be overworked, while others remain underworked.As a result, the overall productivity drops and the project may be delayed or even use more resources than what was in the budget. Therefore, management skills can be measured by the overall success and productivity of a project.

Such skills, however, can be improved through management experience and training on effective management practices.

Relationship Skills and Qualities
  1. Team Player – As a manager, one should have teamwork skills in order to take part in the group, and influence others towards success (Phd in Management 2011).
  2. Customer Service – Also, a manager should be able to build excellent relationships with customers. This will allow one to understand customer needs and reach for their assistance.
  3. Collaboration – In addition, the manager should be capable of creating collaborations with team members and other people with the aim of creating an environment for sharing of thoughts and ideas (Mind Tools1996).
  4. Respect – Managers must also be respectful of other team members because respect is a two-way traffic function that is essential for nurturing a healthy work relationship (Phd in Management 2011).
  5. Mediator – An effective manager should be well informed about handling controversial situations and be able to create peace among business parties. This will sustain a healthy work relationship that is mutually beneficial to all parties (Knights & Hugh 2007).
Relationship skills are valuable because they help to minimize conflicts; hence, creating healthy relationships between the workforce and other business parties (Phd in Management2011).

These are key skills that can be measured through the ability of a manager to create and sustain an excellent working relationship that results in improved business productivity.

Relationship skills can also be developed further by establishing conflict situations, and figuring out the best solutions to follow.


As established above, managers should posses several project management skills in order to plan, manage, and execute project functions in an effective manner. Without some of these skills, it can be extremely difficult to manage the successful completion of a project.

Therefore, proper measures should be undertaken by project managers in order to organize the workforce without failure. In conclusion, project managers must be equipped with effective personal, communication, management, and relationship skills that can grow and sustain a high-performance workgroup.

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