Managerial Duties Essay Examples and Topics

Problems in Implementing a New Project

Introduction In today’s business climate, implementation of projects requires high level of creativity and innovation from the executive and employees of organisations. The process of implementing projects requires application of innovation management in which firms cut cost as a way of remaining relevant in today’s competitive business environment. Managers have to use appropriate tools of […]

Applications of TQM in McDonald Restaurants

Total Quality Management is a strategy that is employed by firms to improve quality and performance, aiming at satisfying or exceeding the clients’ expectations. Such expectations are possible when all quality related functions are integrated in the entire firm. Total Quality Management is the management of inventiveness and procedures that endeavor at production of high […]

International Management: Ethics and Culture

Introduction Ethics is a discipline that is concerned with evaluating an individuals’ or a society’s moral standards. As a result, ethics determines what is acceptable or non-acceptable in a society (Weiss, 2009, p.1). In the business environment, it is vital for the parties involved to appreciate ethical issues because the existence of ethical congruence is […]

Supply Chain Management: Walmart Stores

For a smooth running of a business, an effective and efficient supply chain management is required. An efficient supply chain management (SCM) ensures that a firm has adequate material for all its processes at the right quantity, quality and price. When well managed, it is one of the strongest competitive advantages of a business. Briefly, […]

Management of Operations: Supply Chain Management in Nintendo

Executive Summary In every organization operations management processes play a pivotal role in promoting the effectiveness of every activity in the firm. This study gives an analysis of the management operations in Nintendo. This is a company which is involved in the manufacture and sale of entertainment products all over the world. The company’s effective […]

Management Research Paradigm

Definition of “management research paradigm” According to Krishnaswamy, Sivakumar, and Mathirajan (2009) a research paradigm is “a framework within which all thinking and theories of science are ordered” (p. 561). Neergaard and Ulhøi (2007) consider entrepreneurship and management, the best examples of “a pre-paradigmatic research field” (p.8). It is obvious that properly chosen management research […]

Operational Management Problem Faced by Chick-fil-A

History of the Organization With over 1500 outlets across 38 states, chic-fil-A Inc is the United States’ second largest chicken-based restaurant chain with an estimated value of $1billion. Its restaurants are run according to a special agreement with operators and seek to build partnerships rather than selling franchises. The company’s success is built around the […]

Coffee Planet Strategic Management

Introduction Coffee Planet is a United Arab Emirates (UAE) company that runs a roaster for coffee beans and sells coffee drinks and other beverage in its coffee shops located throughout the UAE. The business has all its operations in the UAE and operates from Dubai serving customers from different nationalities that are traveling to the […]

Quality Management at Memorial Hospital

Quality management is used by different organizations to serve a number of purposes. For example, it may be used to enhance the consistency of production and other processes. The concept is made up of four elements. The first is quality planning. The second is quality control. Here, the aim is to ensure that clients receive […]

Supply Chain Management of NPW

Introduction NPW is an organization that is involved in providing toy products to children in different markets across the world. In the recent past, the firm has witnessed a sharp rise in demand due to increase in population, which implies more consumers and markets. NPW has to fulfil its pledge to provide high quality products […]

Challenges in Managing Service Quality within the Knowledge-Based Economy

Abstract Numerous opportunities and challenges exist for service organizations and their customers concerning knowledge-based economy along the effects of information technologies. Knowledge-based economy can impact on management of quality services in the companies. The purpose of the current report is to look at some of these influences. The study aspires to elicit the enormous prospects […]

Cross Culture Management

Introduction The globalization that is being witnessed in the contemporary times presents opportunities, as well as challenges to the leadership of organizations. It is argued that the success of leading an organization in the contemporary era depends on the ability of a manager to understand the diverse cultures as embraced in diverse places across the […]

Risk Management: Aqua Plc.

Introduction Risk management is a critical aspect that provides organisations with the security to operate with limited danger. Managers can either reduce or avoid risks that are likely to encounter their respective organisations. This paper analyses in detail the risk situation faced by Aqua Plc., a water company. The firm has encountered increased competition due […]

Management plan: Semi-professional sports franchise

Introduction The main purpose of this management plan is to maintain financial stability of the firm. In every organization, there is need to have a clear management plan since it is necessary in providing the guidelines on how to maintain financial stability. This team is financially stable and it therefore needs a clear management plan […]

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Introduction The organization chosen for analysis is FEMA (Federal Emergency management Agency). Its goal is to prepare, prevent, recover and respond to natural and manmade disasters. The government created FEMA in 1979, and the organization has gone through various structural and service related changes. How the agency has changed In 1979, President Carter created FEMA […]

Twining Tea Company Strategic Management

All businesses that operate in a dynamic world often face challenges beyond their control. In order for every business to succeed, these external factors must be taken into consideration (Buxton & Chapman 1998). Therefore, every business strategy must recognize these forces to identify threats and available opportunities and use them for its benefits. Failure to […]

Planning Execution and Control

Executive summary Many nations are now realising the importance of diversifying their economic trends and options for the benefit of its citizens. Dubai, like many other countries within the Middle East, has a strong economic strength in oil production. Oil, being the rare commodity, enables economies of countries producing it to blossom to envious levels. […]

Value Management Report of TechWatt Corporation

Executive Summary Value management is a process that is used to discover the different functions of the project. This includes coming up with techniques and tools which can be useful in meeting the required objectives. Value management will be used to successfully manage the construction of TechWatt Corporation’s new building. This will be beneficial, as […]

Cross-Cultural Management

Cross- cultural management is a vital skill which all managers need for them to be effective in their duties. A manager who has cross-cultural skills is able to work in a variety of workplace settings without any problems. Attachments which people have to their cultural backgrounds influence the way they interact with one another. Organizations […]

Global Management Challenges

Introduction Global Management Challenges Sweeping changes across organizations and in the global business arena threaten to make yesterday’s managers outdated. However, an awareness of the changes and how to take advantage of them offer tomorrow’s managers countless opportunities. Even though the nature of managerial function varies across organizations and changes continually, one general thread pervades […]

Harrods Company’s Risk Management

Critique of the relevance and suitability of hard or soft approach in highlighting issues faced by Harrods Harrods has unique and very positive brand values that have enabled it to attract many clients and operate very effectively thus gaining a competitive edge across the globe. By equipping its employees with unique yet very relevant and […]

Salesforce-Customer Relationship Management

Introduction Salesforce is one of the leading business information companies specializing in offering business solutions through application services to various companies. It provides on-demand software and several other application services that facilitate online sharing of customer information by different organizations (Round Rock 2009). In simple terms, the company specializes in offering customer relationship management services […]

Challenges for Management in 21st Century

Introduction The concept of management has been evolving for almost a century and is based on a complex mixture of assumptions and paradigms that were formed as reactions to the emerged challenges. In the 21st century, management issues have become more urgent because of a profound transition of business and world economy. In this respect, […]

Challenges of Conducting Interviews

Introduction Among the most important inputs of any firm is the human capital or labor force, who oversees the whole production process. Labor determines the productivity of a given firm and in some cases, the sales capacity where employees are involved in the marketing process. It is important therefore, to get the right choice of […]

The Challenge of the Average Employee

Reasons for Interest This article discusses issues on how a manager who is utilizing the strategic management skills may be able to utilize and effectivey manage the average employees within the organization in a manner that ensures that they are at least optimally productive while at the same time identifying their potential to grow and […]

Process Analysis and Problem Solving

Introduction The level of competition in different industries in which organizations operate today is high and calls for increased competitiveness. In order to improve the competitiveness, firms could engage in different firm activities that may include process improvement. This may call for analysis of the problem and seeking different ways of solving the issues. In […]

The Challenges Facing Marketing Managers Who Have the Strategic Intent to Increase Customer Satisfaction, Trust, and Loyalty

Abstract It is difficult to achieve something in this world, a world they called a global village. There are computers and high technology tools available for us to make like easy. But life has always been difficult, more so with marketers and people who have the intent of introducing or selling a product to the […]

Challenge in Internationalization and Outsourcing

Introduction Internationalization and outsourcing refers to the elements of interest in global aspects with contextual respect to business. With the spread of globalization theory, institutions have sought to obtain their resources as well as sell their products in a global perspective. International trade and outsourcing of an organization’s resources have therefore become fundamental of large […]

Sustainability Management – British Airways

Introduction Organizational sustainability is often a very key ingredient to the survival or long-term presence of a business in a given market. However, the concept is often misunderstood to mean the financial sustainability of an organization because if an organization is unsustainable, the problem normally manifests itself in terms of financial challenges (Authenticity Consulting 2011, […]

Human Resource Management Challenges at Regional Bank

During the 21st century, organizations in different economic sectors are faced by numerous challenges. Some of these challenges relate to changes within the economic environment. For example, there has been an increment in the intensity of competition amongst firms in the same economic sectors. Other environmental changes relate economic changes such as the recent economic […]

The Challenges of Using Nonlinear Programming, Decision Analysis, Forecasting, and Queuing in Quantitative Decision Making.

Introduction Linear programming can be referred to as a mathematical means for deciding the outcome of a function such as maximum or minimum as per relationships known as linear relationships, which are presented in a mathematical model (Hillier et al. 2010). It can also be referred to as a method for determining linear type functions […]

Global operations Management

Introduction The success of PPQ Parts in investing globally depends on the effectiveness of its strategic plan. The plan acts as the company’s map of trade. It should incorporate an environmental scanning report of contemporary circumstances in the region of expansion, internal resource analysis, strategic goals, and analysis of the benefits and disadvantages for expansion […]

Employment Challenges for Returning Soldiers

This paper will describe the data obtained from the US Department of Veteran Affairs. The paper describes the general trend in the data obtained. Challenges facing war veterans in finding jobs will be outlined. The remedies to these challenges will then be explained in terms of assistance to war veterans by the federal government. Solutions […]

Challenges of Relationship Management with Customers in Business Environment

Written by Maja Djurica, Gordana Tomic, and Mile Smardzic, the article “Challenges of Relationship Management with Customers in Business Environment” was published on the Cambridge Business Review Journal, Volume number 17, Issue Number1. It appears on page 214-219 of the journal. The article explores the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as an important strategy of establishing […]

Difference between quality control and quality assurance

Executive Summary Quality management involves planning, QA/QC and quality improvement. It emphasizes on product or service quality and the manner in which to attain it. It applies QA and QC processes to give consistent quality. Quality management integrates the principles of management, which are embraced by top managerial teams to guide the organization for enhanced […]

Case Care Management

Case management refers to a collaborative method of assessment, planning, facilitation and promotion for alternatives and services to attain an individual’s healthcare requirements through communication and accessible resources to enhance distinctive cost-effective results (Williams & Wilkin, 2009). Case management has been beneficial to a broad group of members in the society. The main beneficiaries include […]

Challenges and changes in Human Resource Management

Introduction Human resource management is basically the process of organizing and directing employees of an organization so as to obtain the targets set by an organization. It entails various issues affecting employees in any organization; these include recruitment, staffing, orientation, staff placement, training, retirement, benefits of employees, safety, compensation, motivation and many others. Human resource […]

Action plan for preparing organizations to deal with the challenges and opportunities presented by diversity

Managers encounter enormous challenges as they try to manage diversity within the organization. To start with, they are required to learn how to handle individual versus group fairness. This refers to the extent to which the management should attempt to embrace human resource programs for purposes of dealing with diverse employee groups (Robbins & Judge, […]

Conclusion of Challenges of HRM (Human Resource Management) Essay

Introduction The degree of success of an organisation depends on the success of strategies adopted by its top management organs. Although this is the case, it is important to note that, performance levels and organisation’s business viability depends on the type of workforce such an organisation has. Therefore, this makes the human resource (HR) department […]