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MGT/521 Course for Administration Supervisors Essay

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Career interest profiling is a crucial activity that helps individuals to discover their interests, attitudes, and abilities, and how they relate to the workplace. The activity helps an individual to identify the most suitable occupation to pursue based on the established interests. To identify the areas of study and skills required for an occupation is crucial to the determination of the existing skill gaps and options to gain the missing skills. This essay will analyze the importance of the MGT/521 class to the administration supervisor career.

Managerial roles of an Administrative Supervisor

An administrative supervisor should have comprehensive knowledge of the core managerial roles, which include interpersonal, informational and decisional functions. The effective implementation of various administrative tasks requires the recognition of the stakeholders in the workplace and their needs and wants. An organization that develops means of addressing the needs of all stakeholders enhances its realization of strategic goals and plans. Administrative supervisors should be aware of the difficulties regarding balancing the needs of different stakeholders. The MGT/521 class provides administrators with essential knowledge and skills to promote collaboration in the workplace. The class allows students to familiarize themselves with various strategies to promote collaboration and their strengths and weaknesses depending on the nature of the organization. An administrator, who has taken the MGT/521 class, can select the most effective methods of promoting collaboration in the workplace and recommend efficient approaches to promote a positive organizational culture.

An administrative supervisor should be able to integrate participative, situational, contingency, transactional and transformational leadership theories in the workplace. The administrator’s ability to apply different leadership theories to various situations promotes stability and streamlined execution of duties in the workplace. The MGT/521 class enables administrators to define different roles and adopt diverse management skills to ensure the success of decisional, interpersonal and informational practices. Knowledge of the core managerial roles determines the success of an administrator in realizing organizational goals. The MGT/521 class includes personal professional development activities, which allow individuals to ascertain their career preferences and develop plans to achieve career goals (Robbins & Coulter, 2012). Professional development activities allow an administrative supervisor to identify personal abilities and weaknesses and implement relevant strategies to harness the output in the workplace. Professional development activities for an administrator will boost business management and leadership skills, which are essential to effective mentorship, facilitation, team building and volunteering within the workplace.

Personal development activities help managers to determine the required technical, interpersonal, conceptual and diagnostic skills to ensure optimal output. An administrative supervisor must be proficient in planning, coordinating, organizing and controlling tasks in the workplace. Interpersonal skills are essential to the efficient interaction of the administrative supervisor with the subordinates. For example, a supervisor should know how to interact with the subordinate staff and convey information crucial to the production process. Inefficient communication has detrimental effects on production, performance and career development. An efficient supervisor should conceptualize the organization as a single entity with the same goals and vision. Conceptual skills influence the organization of work units and their productivity. An administrative supervisor should be able to detect and investigate problems in his or her department and develop relevant remedies.


The MGT/521 class imparts administrative supervisors with crucial management skills that enhance an organization’s competitive advantage. Administrative supervisors encounter a set of challenges, which they can overcome by learning crucial interpersonal, informational and decisional strategies to promote performance and productivity in the workplace.


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