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Ghaith Al Ghaith Shaping Behavior at FlyDubai Research Paper

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Organizational behavior is the means that people inside any company use to interact with each other. These methods are based on the idea that using a scientific approach, organizational management can be improved, and they are primarily aimed at making organizations more efficient. There are a great number of philosophies and techniques used to improve organizational behavior. Particularly, it comprises such improvements as developing leadership, promoting innovation, increasing performance, and enhancing job satisfaction. The role of managers in creating organizational behavior is crucial (Robbins & Judge 2016). Their leadership style, personal traits, strategy, behavior, and attitude, determine an overall course of a company and a chance for its success.

The Role of Managers in an Organization

Definition of a Manager

In general, a business manager is a person who works in an organization and controls the work done by the employee to maximize performance and efficiency, thereby making the organization successful. The work of managers focuses on four main functions, namely, leading, organizing, controlling, and planning. Certainly, managers need several skills including technical skills to fulfill their functions and increase the productivity of a company. However, the most important skills that any manager must possess to succeed in his or her profession are communication and leadership skills (Hansen 2017). When a manager has good communication skills, employee satisfaction increases which result in the reduction of the strong employees’ turnover.

As for leadership skills, they include the ability to influence people and inspire them to work. However, it is paramount to state that not every manager is a leader, and conversely, not every leader is a manager. The latter is understandable, as there are a lot of other professions that require excellent leadership skills (Robbins & Judge 2016). However, if a manager is a bad leader, their company will unlikely to be successful, as the production of any goods must be thoroughly organized.

Types of Managers and Their Responsibilities

Many types of managers differ according to their ranks and the types of duties they have to perform. Thus, depending on the rank, usually, there are managers, senior managers, executive managers, and top managers. Ordinary managers usually supervise workers in a particular department of a company, whereas top managers are those who manage the whole company.

In terms of the responsibilities of a manager, they include planning, organizing and implementing, directing, monitoring, evaluating, and performing special assignments from their superiors (Hansen 2017). First of all, managers start with planning a certain operation in the area of their expertise. Once the plan is ready, managers begin organizing and implementing. They concern themselves with training and managing the workforce and preparing the necessary resources to accomplish the desired goals and meet certain outcomes. Simultaneously, they use their leadership and directing skills, thereby guiding their employees.

At this stage, it is imperative to inspire the employees to fulfill the designed plan, as, in the beginning, people usually get frustrated due to the lack of imagination regarding the end product and difficulties that always occur at the start of the process.

After managers have organized the process of producing goods, they began monitoring to ensure that the plan is being followed. If some problems occur at this stage, the managers’ responsibility is to detect and solve them as soon as possible. In most cases, it is important to have a backup plan in case of contingencies (Heathfield 2017). After the work is completed, managers evaluate the outcomes and repeat the process with some improvements that they make to increase the effectiveness of their project.

Additionally, managers can receive special assignments from their superiors to whom they report. These assignments can be of various types ranging from developing some additional minor projects to business trips on behalf of the organization (Heathfield 2017). Thus, the work of managers is crucial in any organization, and if they possess excellent communication and leadership skills, the performance of a company they work in will significantly increase.

The Personality of Ghaith Al Ghaith

Ghaith Al Ghaith is currently the CEO of the company called Flydubai or more officially Dubai Aviation Corporation. Since its establishment in 2008, Flydubai under Al Ghaith’s leadership has managed to reach great success and receive three awards of the best airline of the year in the Middle East (Ghaith Ben Hamel Al Ghaith 2017).

Ghaith Al Ghaith: Biography and Character

Ghaith Al Ghaith was born in 1963. When he was young, he traveled to the USA to study. In 1984, he graduated from the University of Arizona, and, having received a business administration degree, he returned to his homeland dreaming about a successful career in the industry of aviation. In 1986, Al Ghaith was hired by Emirates Airlines. He started working there as a sales trainee. In 1988, he became Deputy Passenger Sales Manager in this company, and in a year, he already worked as Deputy Manager of Overseas Development and Marketing.

In 1991, his work as a manager included controlling and preparing flights to the UK and Ireland. In two years, his area of responsibility increased and he was already managing flights to North America and Europe (Ghaith Ben Hamel Al Ghaith 2017). In 2007, he became Vice President of Cement and Gypsum Products Company.

Certainly, this series of promotions lead Al Ghaith to the work of his dream. His progression was noticed by Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the chairman of Emirates Group. As a result, in 2008, he made Al Ghaith the chief executive officer of Flydubai, the first low-cost airline in the UAE (Chaaban 2015). The company began operating under his leadership in the next year and managed to successfully develop a network of thirty-three destinations in the Middle East and a fleet of sixteen Boeing 737-800 NG aircraft.

For almost ten years, Flydubai has been thriving under the leadership of Al Ghaith. A part of its success is certainly Al Ghaith’s personality. One of his key traits is sociability and communicativeness. His position requires excellent communication skills, which he possesses. In terms of leadership, he is a good leader, as he managed to significantly increase the productivity of his company and keep the employees satisfied. Also, Al Ghaith is very purposeful (Chaaban 2015). As he claims, he decided to become a director of an air company when he was a boy, and he managed to fulfill his dream.

The Big 5 Model

The Big 5 Model is a personality test that is focused primarily on the assessment of people’s character in terms of their potential in business. Thus, the analysis of Al Ghaith’s personality has shown that he possesses many characteristics needed to be a successful businessperson.

Thus, according to the results, Al Ghaith received the highest score, namely, 28, in the category of extroversion, which is responsible for communicativeness and sociability. He received 27 points in the category of conscientiousness, which demonstrates that he is hardworking and honest. His score in the category of agreeableness is 24, which shows that he is polite to people and adjusts his behavior to suit other people in certain cases. Regarding the category of neuroticism, he received 22 points, which means that he can control his emotions. Finally, Al Ghaith received the lowest score, namely, 21, in the category of openness and experience, which means that he is quite conservative and not open to some intellectual pursuits and new experience.

Ghaith Al Ghaith’s Leadership Style


Ghaith Al Ghaith has been managing Flydubai since 2008. For this period, the company has undergone many positive changes, and only a few negative ones. The company was nominated many times as the world’s leading low-cost airline and that in the Middle East. In terms of the latter, Flydubai managed to win three times, in 2012, 2013, and 2017 and to become the Middle East’s leading low-cost airline (Company history 2017). Currently, the company is prospering and continuing its expansion.

Flydubai was established in 2008 by the government of Dubai as the first low-cost airline in the UAE. In 2009, the company was ready to perform a series of flights in the Middle East region. Due to Al Ghaith’s leadership skills, the company managed to successfully deliver 33 flights that year. For the next several years, the company has been expanding its area of service. In 2013, Flydubai added Business Class service to its flights.

According to the statistics, the number of passengers, airplanes, and destinations, along with the company’s turnover has doubled for the past five years. Currently, the company serves 95 destinations to Europe and Asia (Company history 2017). Al Ghaith also states that he is determined to add several flights to Africa shortly and then to North America.

Ghaith Al Ghaith’s Influence

However, currently, Al Ghaith’s primary goal is to add more flights to Iran and India, as he thinks that these countries have a lot of potentials. He also claims that his main strategy is to constantly look for good opportunities and serve those countries where he manages to find them (Chaaban 2015). Also, he has recently introduced a series of entertainments that will be used in Flydubai airplanes, which is not common for low-cost carriers.

A great part of Flydubai’s success is Al Ghaith’s personality, particularly, his determination to expand, his devotion to the profession, and great communication and leadership skills. Certainly, he works in the sphere where he always wanted to work; therefore, he has a lot of passion, which is crucial in any kind of business (Chaaban 2015). Thus, according to the evidence showing that Flydubai is thriving, its financial performance is increasing, it continues to receive awards, and has the high employee satisfaction, it is obvious that Al Ghaith has proved to be an excellent leader and a great businessman who can achieve even more success in the sphere of aviation.


Thus, Ghaith Al Ghaith can be considered a great manager and leader, as, for not a very long period, he has managed to create a successful organization that has accomplished great goals and continues to prosper. Al Ghaith possesses most of all the necessary skills needed to be an excellent manager. Additionally, his dream was a great stimulus for him during all those years on his path to success.

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