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Management Career Possibilities and Development Case Study

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Updated: Nov 12th, 2020


There are multiple ways to become an efficient manager, which are individual for every student and have to be consistent with one’s values, temperament, personality, interests, and skills. Management is one of the most widespread and essential occupations in today’s world, which is used by ninety percent of spheres in the labor market. Therefore, the following paper is to discuss and determine the personal steps that one has to take in order to become a conscious manager.

Life Values and Career Success

The first thing that plays a significant role in one’s career choice is the person’s expectations of his or her future life. As to me, I would like to be employed by a company, which specializes in creative management. I have a passion for developing various marketing strategies and working with creative people because the job does not seem boring that way. I do not want to work for an average company that requires its managers only to process large amounts of reports, quantitative information, and so on.

One of the main factors that attract me to the profession of a manager is a high level of income. Although managers are not challenging to find, there are many frauds and non-professional people in the labor market. This situation makes highly-educated and adequate managers very valuable for any respectable company. Moreover, managers receive high salaries, which gives them an ability to afford a good car, a spacious house, and vacations to any part of the entire world.

Besides, it is important for employees to have enough spare time and to balance out their personal life and working hours. In my opinion, managers have a great opportunity for this factor because an average manager works from nine o’clock in the morning till five o’clock in the evening. Such a schedule is very convenient for people who want to have a walk or some entertainment at the end of the working day and for those who prefer to spend time with their families or friends.

I have some values that I would like to live by, which may also affect my career choice. My primary value is the appreciation of everything that life gives me, whether it is something good or challenging. Besides, it is essential for me to believe and trust people who environ me because these values are the foundation of a good relationship. Moreover, I need to see progress and particular achievements in my life that get me closer to my dreams and goals (“Six steps to job search success,” 2012).

In my opinion, career success is evident when one has the ability to purchase all that he or she needs to enjoy one’s life and to become professional in the sphere that a person has a passion for. Nevertheless, according to my philosophy, success is not measured only by money. Instead, it combines everything – wealth, health, relationships with one’s family, overcoming personal challenges, and traveling around the world.

My five interests that may affect my career path are the following: I like new beginnings, I like to communicate and to get acquainted with various people, I like to be responsible for some projects or work, I enjoy reaching new horizons in my life, and career, and I am interested in art. My five skills that may affect my career path are the following: communication, collaboration, critical thinking, finance, and project management skills.

Research on Management Occupation

My career choice for this research was the occupation of administrative service manager. In order to obtain and gain credible information for my research, I used the database of the United States Department of Labor because this source is trustworthy and displays only scientifically proved statistics. The following part of the paper is to research and identify the possibilities and opportunities of the management career in the United States of America.

According to the aforementioned source, the administrative services managers’ occupation is expected to grow by eight percent during the next ten years. Professionals of this sphere will be employed and requested by various industries of the country (“Administrative services managers,” 2015). Moreover, the efficiency or productivity of administrative services managers is expected to increase due to the new technologies and inventions that might accomplish the major part of calculations and reports instead.

There are some external factors that may affect my career path, which might be the following: the labor market conditions and requirements, personal requests of the customers that sometimes do not have any relation to one’s occupation, and the yearly payments, which may increase or decrease due to the deficient or sufficient demand on the market. The occupation of administrative services manager fits my skills and interests almost perfectly because it does not require working long hours or overtime. Besides, this profession gives great opportunities for personal growth as a leader or manager, and its activity might require a person to be creative in order to reach one’s company’s financial goals.

Administrative services managers have multiple duties, which are usually aimed at the proper organization of the working process in any company or office. Therefore, I, as a future manager, will be responsible for setting various goals and deadlines for the team of my department. Besides, my duty will be to analyze, develop, and manage essential statistics and records. Moreover, I will have to be in charge of financial planning for required equipment, different supplies, and contracts.

In order to become an effective administrative services manager, one is obligated to obtain a suitable bachelor’s degree. Although it is possible to receive this job only with a high school diploma, one might have better opportunities in this occupation with the knowledge of facility management, business, and information management (“Administrative services managers,” 2015). Besides, it is necessary to undergo a certification program that identifies one’s competence and professional skills.

According to the 2014 year statistics, the number of jobs occupied by administrative services managers is equal to two hundred and eighty-seven thousand (“Administrative services managers,” 2015). As it was mentioned above, the discussed occupation is projected to grow because it requires exclusive professional skills, which not all people are able to obtain. Besides, professional analytics of the country’s labor market claim that employment in this sphere was growing during the last thirty years and is not expected to decrease.

According to the 2016 year statistics, the median pay for the aforementioned job is equal to ninety thousand and fifty dollars per year, whereas the median wage is equal to forty-three dollars and twenty-nine cents (“Administrative services managers,” 2015). These payments are considered to provide a high quality of life to one and correspond to the primary needs of a human being. Nevertheless, the top ten percent of administrative services managers earn more than three hundred thousand dollars per year, whereas the lowest ten percent of employees receive only twenty-five dollars yearly.

My career choice might affect my family and personal life in several ways. For instance, the administration of my future company might send me to work in another city or country, which will make my entire family move to another location (Christensen & Schneider, 2010). Nevertheless, some employers give their auxiliaries an opportunity to work remotely, which reduces the time for one’s travel to the company’s office and gives an ability to spend more time with a person’s family (Baruch, 2006). In order to pursue this career, it would be proper to make such lifestyle considerations as not long working days, lunch breaks in the noon, regular vacations once or twice a working year, international travel, and so on.

The government of the United States of America is very loyal to this occupation and provides the required environment for administrative services managers’ career growth. All the necessary laws and official positions are usually professed in colleges or universities for students of this degree. Nevertheless, there are some difficulties in a manager’s way in the country, which requires specific documentation for one’s legal professional activity.

I have outlined some strategies for me to obtain that will ensure my employment and consistency in pursuing my career goals, which are to be discussed below. The first strategy is to study and gain new professional information in order to remain competitive and aware of all the market’s trends and standards. The second necessity is to be respectful to my colleagues and generals because relationships with competent people might help to get promoted. The last strategy is always to respect my clients because they might leave recommendations to their friends about my services.


I have chosen the occupation of administrative services manager because it corresponds to my lifestyle and ambitions in a personal career. Moreover, I got acquainted with the requirements and opportunities for this job, which I consider attractive and promising. Besides, I am very interested in this occupation’s duties that require taking responsibility for various processes and employees.


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