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Information Technology Administrator Occupation Essay

This paper is a critical analysis of the Information Technology Administrator occupation, its involvement and relations to other careers in the work settings.

Duties and tasks

The information technology manager or administrator oversees the day-to-day operation of the systems, and it’s effective and smooth running. The tasks this person is involved with entails, discussing matters about information needs, the flow of information in the organization and definition of the system with the management/administration and the technical personnel.

He/she is the general coordinator of the operations protocols especially when there is a multi-user networked system that supports the exchange of data, voice, and text via the connections. There must be assured security and system access to optimize performance and enhance system recovery mechanisms if the failure arises.

Some of the regular home-keeping duties the administrator has to ensure may include backing-up of data, managing the distribution procedures of data across the network in which case he/she has the power to retain on diverse storage devices or bar transfers. Another crucial task involves preserving the data dictionaries, coordinating system updates, and replacing any old versions in the entire system.

On the daily activities, administrators advise users on terminologies and structures of data and assist or guide in the implementation of new equipment or systems, and preparing of the technical reports concerning the operation of the systems. Debatably, the administrator is supposed to be responsible for the support personnel in the IT department and enhance their training in the usage of the system as well as access.

Working conditions

All these varied duties of the administrator call for both indoors and outdoors activities, working alone or as part of a group and the critical risk involves network attacks to access private data, loss of data or information or collapse of the entire system.

The challenges involve the ability to maintain the highest data integrity standards and updates to maintain a competitive edge among the opponent groups. Computer systems require twenty-four-hour monitoring, and therefore it is advisable to have shift groups working through the systems.

Required skills and abilities

This person ought to be well equipped with good technical abilities, communication skills, and quick analytical skills to be in a position of understanding complex problems quickly and coming with effective solutions within the required period. IT is a dynamic field, and the administrator ought to be well equipped with the latest knowledge for troubleshooting. The advanced IT content helps to update and guide others as their leader.

Typical interests in the occupation

According to the U.S Bureau of Labour and statistics, the IT professionals are in high demands worldwide due to the automation of firms, and there is an estimate of about 16% increase on demand by 2016.

The requirements are almost similar, and therefore the administrators can work through the entire wide world network. The experience is also an important requirement during the hiring procedures since computerization calls for practical involvement in solving the problems.

Preparation needs

Although the requirement for any Informational System Manager is a basic bachelor’s degree in the field such as “Bachelor of Science in Information Technology or Computer Science, good background of management is important.

They work and interact with everyone in the field, and therefore communication, management, and public relation skills are crucial. A Masters of Science in Management Information Systems may come in handy for the various responsibilities.

Idaho States University (ISU) offers computer science studies, have classes in computer Information sciences and IT Technologies. Currently, there are various professional careers offered at Idaho State University for the graduates especially the graphics art department such as graphic designers, prepress technician/desktop specialist, and press operators. In line with Idaho, the employment of visual arts students occurs in various fields.

These include, “Magazine, newspaper, and book publishing, Advertising, Design agencies, Signage companies, Printing, Bindery, Paper sales, Photo editing, and Screen Printing” with the median income of between $30,730 for print jobs to $38,390 for Graphic Designing jobs and approximately “2,010 printing press operators and graphic designers work in this occupation in Idaho”

Typical employers, salary ranges and hiring practices

In line with U.S Bureau of Labour and statistics analysis of 2006, the salary scale of the technology managers who have kept up-to-date with technology and have ethical public relations values at a median of approximately $101,580 annually and expectations are a continuous high rise.

Advancement potentiality

IT administrators have a high probability of advancing, given the dynamism involved in the industry. The more one advances, the higher the probability of gaining career levels and the more the earnings. This calls for one to keep an eye on the ever-changing fields to meet challenges and the firm’s requirements. According to Career crafter, this occupation fits the interests and values of the MBTY type personality since these are people with high motivation and commitment, love problem-solving procedures, and relating to others with ease.

The related jobs in the IT industry include Computer Engineering; IT Support Technology, Policy and Planning Management, System Designing, System Auditing, Web Designing and Developing and web sites administration.

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