International Marketing Essay Examples and Topics

International Marketing – Skyland Trading Company

Introduction Chinese Skyland trading L.L.C is company that deals with household products and it is based in Dubai. The company was launched in 2001 and has been operational since then. It has more than two shops and one central office located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that oversees proper management and provision of quality […]

Blendworth Strategic Management Plan

Introduction BLENDWORTH is an international company that deals with the production and sale of fabrics. The company sells high quality fabrics and wall coverings that match the current fashion trends. The company has been in operation for the last 90 years meeting the demand of the ever changing fashion trends. Over the last years, the […]

A New Marketing Approach for Nollywood: Developing a Global Marketing Strategy

Introduction In order to describe the research methodology for this study, it is important to state the aim. The main aim of this study is to investigate marketing techniques used in Nollywood, as well as how appropriate these techniques are in the global film market. Secondly, the study aims at exploring new marketing techniques through […]

A New Marketing Approach for Nollywood: Developing

Introduction Considering Nollywood’s anonymity in the global movie market, it is ironical that Nollywood, the Nigerian movie industry, is considered the third largest film industry in the world. Such irony is further compounded by the fact that despite being the world’s third largest, Nollywood leads Bollywood and Hollywood in terms of the number of movies […]

International Opportunities for Small Firms

Introduction Global managers are recognizing the ever increasing opportunities in the global markets and the need to expand internationally. In order to position in the global market, small and medium sized firms need to develop skills, come up with innovations, aptitude and knowledge so as to compete effectively with the multinational corporations and other established […]

International Marketing

Introduction Toyota is one of the leading automobile manufacturers in the world. The multinational employed over 315,000 workers in 2012 to make it the largest automobile manufacturer. Having being founded in August 28 1937, Toyota Motor Corporation has grown to include a group of companies including Daihatsu, Lexus, Hino Motors, Scion brand and Toyota (Toyota […]

An Analysis of Marketing Strategies of Local vs. International Brands in the Fast Food Sector

Introduction In this paper, the marketing strategies of two fast food restaurants, McDonald’s and Little Chef, are reviewed and compared to one another. Both companies are in the fast food sector. Little Chef serves customers from only one country while McDonald’s serves clients from different countries across the world, and this creates a significant difference […]

Green marketing

Abstract This essay focuses on theoretical developments in sustainable management in green marketing strategies and environmental sustainability. It gives a brief background information on the origin and development of sustainability performance among companies. The literature review part presents the market segmentation in green marketing strategies, products positioning and target markets. Communication strategies also form part […]

Coca Cola Company Marketing

Introduction Coca Cola Company is the leading beverage firm in the world. Started in 1886, this firm has managed to become one of the America’s most profitable companies. Its trademark was officially registered in the United States in 1944. Kline (2010) reports that the firm has experienced a consistent growth in its market share in […]

Analyzing the Global Marketing Environment

Introduction Purpose, Limitations, and Scope of Report The world has become a global village. Markets are accessible to almost anyone provided they have knowledge about the local conditions. With multiple opportunities, marketers understand the need for a consistent bearing in their planning efforts (Wall, 2004). The possibility of wandering off towards unprofitable opportunities is real. […]

Marketing systems

Introduction The study of marketing systems have had mixed reactions as to its link to macro marketing, even though most scholars agree that they are linked. Several articles have suggested that marketing systems be placed under the discipline of macro marketing, this has not gone well with some scholars who feel it should remain supportive […]

Global Marketing

Introduction According to Yucel et al. (2009), global marketing refers to the international marketing activities of a firm in order to sell its brands in foreign countries (p.95). Nonetheless, in spite of the escalating interest in global marketing, there is insufficient information regarding the optimal global marketing strategy and whether it influences the global market […]

Starbuck’s strategic plan

Introduction Star Bucks Corporation began its operations in 1971. It has invested in restaurants and has grown to become a leading global company. In order to understand its success, it’s important to analyse its market environment while taking into consideration its industry processes. Implementation Plan Due to its profitability and a positive forecast in revenues, […]

International marketing strategies

Introduction International marketing strategy is the act of identifying the needs of customers in foreign countries, and supplying them with the required goods or services. This may also entail consideration of the right place, at an affordable price that is favorable to the customers. International marketing strategy involves communicating and handling customer relationships. This is […]

International Market Entry Strategies

Abstract Marketing strategies devised by multinational companies in a bid to invest in other countries beyond their national borders is referred to as international marketing. Quite often, this form of marketing borrows a lot from investment principles used in the domestic market. In a stricter sense though, international marketing encompasses all the entrepreneurial activities that […]

Country Analysis and Foreign Market Entry Choice

Abstract The purpose of this report is to analyze the foreign market and entry choices in relation marketing of pet care products in India. Various sources of theoretical framework have been used to gather secondary information. In addition, issues such as competition, culture and market have been researched. This business report has analyzed foreign markets […]

Strategic Business Plan for Elite: When Objectives Comply with the Needs of the Market Place

Executive Summary: Key Goals and Objectives of the Research The given paper is devoted to studying the key methods of promoting the Elite Company products in the Asian, European and American markets. Despite its success in its home market, the company clearly needs to expand and, therefore, has to define its key objectives and strategies […]

The BMW Efficient Dynamics Marketing

The knowledge on the behaviors that consumers portray assists an organization improve their strategies of promotion by understanding the consumer’s psychosomatic individuality. It is necessary for the producer to study individuals and their methods of selection of products, and how these methods of choice eventually influence normal activities in the society (Perner). Clients have preferences […]

Subway Marketing Strategy

Introduction Subway is a leading world fresh-made sandwich provider with 33318 restaurants, distributed in 92 countries. Other than itself operating from a central point, it franchises its name. The restaurant was established in 1965 by Fred DeLuca and Dr. Peter Buck (Subway publication, 2010). The first restaurant was established in Bridgeport, Connecticut, United States of […]

Wine Marketing Strategy

Mission Statement The goal of this marketing campaign is to assist the EWP (English Wine Producers) organization in creating greater interest and awareness of English sparkling wine both in local markets and abroad. Such a strategy will go beyond traditional marketing and instead will focus on utilizing online social platforms and E-commerce as a means […]

Zucker Bakers Marketing Strategies

Overview of the firm Zucker Bakers is a small family owned and operated business established in 2008 along Long Island in New York. It is a full-service kosher bakery where skilled bakers handcraft none-dairy and nut-free backed products in-house using the finest ingredients to produce quality standard products. Due to a small market share, small […]

Retail Services Marketing: McDonalds

McDonalds has been ranked as one of the largest corporations in the world among the global restaurants that deal with fast food. The company was first established in 1948 in California by Dick and Mac (Gilbert 1999, p.2). it has chains of stores in more than 119 countries all over the world. From a careful […]

Marketing Mix adjustment strategies

Executive summary This report presents marketing mix that Rose Chocolatier will use in Brazil confectionery market as its target market. The company must use its marketing mix strategy with the price as the determining factor upon which other elements of marketing mix depend. Rose Chocolatier must recognise that Brazil is an emerging economy with most […]

International Marketing and Its Challenges

Global marketing is described as the process through which individuals or companies produce products, offer services, and make them available to customers worldwide (Czinkota and Ronkainen, 2006). This type of marketing has brought about development within the world and more so, creating job opportunities for many people. The purpose of this analysis is to help […]

The marketing strategies of Sony and Samsung

Executive summary This paper examines the marketing strategies employed by two electronic companies Sony and Samsung. The industry background gives an overview of the electronics industry in terns of market segment and regional stakeholders in manufacturing. Both companies background are summarised and an insight about their areas of operations and size of their businesses in […]

Alluring 5.4 Billion New Customers

Introduction Globalization has accelerated the necessity of developing new marketing strategies and designing consumer oriented products by almost all world wide companies in harnessing potential target groups. During yester years marketing new products in developing and underdeveloped countries with low per capita income was a Herculean task for most of the companies. And in due […]

International Marketing Research

A case of cultural penetration on the international market The international market has for the past decades been characterized by high competition among different organizations as they all seek to gain their customers’ loyalty. Such organizations are therefore faced with difficulties especially on maintaining a competition position in the market as they strive to succeed […]

Starbucks in the UAE – Distribution Strategy

Starbucks is an American coffee company that operates in many countries around the world including America, China, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, Germany, and Thailand. Coffee is a commodity that has high volume of global trading. However, its market is highly fragmented hence need for extensive exposure. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is […]

Marketing Strategies-Emirates Airline

The Emirates airline has experienced a lot of challenges in its operations, which has resulted in company’s poor financial performance. Several issues in the aviation industry have had a negative impact on the company’s financial results. The difficult economic environment in global aviation market has reduced the amount of revenues earned by airlines. The global […]

International Marketing

Introduction International marketing refers to a method of promotion designed to capture global markets and exploit commercial prospects in other nations. Promotion strategy adopted by an organization depends on the features of the countries targeted by the company. International marketing entails all processes of promotion that include performance of market research, development of a campaign […]

Toyota Marketing Strategies

Introduction According to the case study, Toyota Prius has dominated the United States market yet its introduction to the market was later than other vehicles. It is paradoxical that a small hybrid sluggish vehicle not only hit the America market where SUVs dominated the roads for several years but also turn out to be the […]