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International Marketing Essay Examples and Topics

International Global Business Management

Business negotiators in the United States and the European Union have stated that the keiretsu system prohibits the entrance of foreign goods and businesses into the Japanese market.

Aspects of Doing Business Across National Borders

There is always a great difference in terms of planning, strategies, and the general management of a global business when compared to domestic management. The management of a global business is very demanding compared to [...]

International Marketing Strategies Implementation

The companies engaged in international marketing, involve the use of one or more marketing mix across global boundaries; this requires the company to establish amenities all over the world and coordinate marketing strategies globally.

Culture and Entry Modes into the European Union

Additionally, the authors look into the fresh ways for defining cultures, and how to augment the accuracy of cultural models. This means the government will have to cut loose a massive working population from its [...]

Airbnb Consumers’ Choices in the Chinese Market

They are designed to identify factors influencing the company's business performance in the Chinese market, to understand the nature of relationships that exist between factors affecting its consumer choices as well as the company's performance, [...]

Multinational Enterprises’ Sales and Marketing

In addressing the unique needs of the consumer in different localities for the subsidiaries of a MNE, the management board studies the consumer preferences as well as needs in the market.

Global Marketing Activities

In this paper, the theories developed by Hofstede, Schwartz, and the GLOBE researchers will be compared and analysed for a proper application to marketing activities for the Barbie toy in Qatar and the USA and [...]

International Business in Non-Western Countries

Creating production platforms in low-wage countries is a mutually beneficial agreement, as the countries in question receive workplaces and payments, while the producers save money on labor and have the opportunity to reduce the price [...]

Renaissance Services Company’s Internalization

Samir Fancy is the founder and CEO of this company and has an impeccable academic and professional background in finance and accounting, and this is believed to be the driving force that pushes him to [...]

Freeways Aviation Parts Inc.’s Joint Ventures

The company has become a major supplier of aircraft parts to major airlines in the GCC countries for the past four decades, and as a result, it has created a brand of quality for itself [...]

Vodafone Company’s Operations in Brazil and India

This means that the human resource management team should develop a training program for employees to know how to act in the new environment and to interact with people around them so that their relations [...]

Vodafone Company’s Expansion into Brazil and India

This discussion will focus on some of the risks of doing business in Brazil and India with reference to Vodafone. At the same time, the tax system in Brazil is sophisticated and prone to incidences [...]

Trinidad and Tobago for International Business

Trinidad and Tobago is a country in South America that has a population that is diverse in terms of ethnicity. Trinidad and Tobago are one of the wealthiest countries in Latin America, but the recent [...]

International Marketing Decisions: Culture Significance

This paper investigates the significance of culture in the international marketing using the cultural differentials between the UK and other parts of the globe to advise marketers on the best ways to market their products [...]

The UAE Pearl Company in England vs. Sweden

The company's objective is to become the largest date and dates products exporter in the world. Europe, specifically the European Union, is a significant market for the exporters of dates and its products.

Cultural Barriers in Multinational Corporations

The purpose of this paper is to discuss cultural barriers that can be faced by multinational corporations and develop a strategy for the company that plans the global expansion in order to address these problems.

Overseas Expansion, Its Ups and Downs

Among the main disadvantages a business is likely to face expanding overseas there are the greater need for the new staff and for more complex hiring strategy, the gap between the launch of new branches [...]

Aldi Süd Company: Tactical International Marketing Plan

This marketing plan presents international marketing and sales for Aldi S d, the German hard discounter retailer that intends to enter the Italian market because of the declining consumer power in Italy that has created [...]

Multinational Firms in Saudi Arabia: Risk Perceptions

Considering the fact that newer business strategies are developed and the level of competition has increased recently due to growing interest in entrepreneurship and international collaboration, it is necessary to assume that it has become [...]

Benchmarking International Perspective

The method is applied to discover the organization's competence level in comparison to similar competitors within the same market. Change in the environment to foreign countries would require a wealth of changes within the whole [...]

Luxury Market in Nigeria and International Brands

The reason for this is due to the relative absence of luxury fashion brands within the country which causes the local buyer to either resort to utilising purchasing services or going abroad to buy the [...]

International Marketing – Skyland Trading Company

Transport would not be a problem while both transporting the commodities from UAE to Kenya and even movement of the products within the country as the transport system in the country is good enough to [...]

Blendworth Strategic Management Plan

Trends in the market After evaluating the internal and external environment of the business, the following trends are expected in the future: There will be increased competition from both the local and international firms as [...]

International Opportunities for Small Firms

In fact, the opening of the global market to all firms including the small and medium sized has been brought about by many factors particularly the development in the information communication technology.

International Marketing

The objective of producing safe vehicles is the tool that the company intends on using to make Toyota the best automobile brand in the coming days.

Green marketing

Sustainable development follows the value chain from the product manufacturer to customer and proceeds up to the final stage of disposal of products and handling of materials in the processes of lifecycles.

Coca Cola Company Marketing

The objective of broadening the scope of the Cola brands is aimed at ensuring that this firm would be in a position to introduce new competitive fronts that would counter the effect of new market [...]

Marketing systems

In order to understand the link between marketing systems and macro marketing, one needs to comprehend the meanings and reviews on both marketing systems and macro marketing, independently.

Global Marketing

The aim of this report was to evaluate appropriate global marketing strategies that can be adopted by firms undertaking operations in a South East Asian market.

Starbuck’s strategic plan

Due to its profitability and a positive forecast in revenues, the company has implemented some expansion plans of the company as the coffee market continues to grow both in its current market and other new [...]

International marketing strategies

The third step involves the company in question to determine the legal and political forces of the left countries in the list.

International Market Entry Strategies

Besides, the international market can also attract consumers from the adjacent countries, thereby widening the marketing portfolio further Nonetheless, this form of direct investment is underpinned by one main challenge in the sense that the [...]

The BMW Efficient Dynamics Marketing

The relationship between the end user and the maker must be understood in order to incorporate purpose and the symbolic denotation of the new BMW model.

Subway Marketing Strategy

Products are divided into different sizes to cater for the economic welfare of the people thus the well to do and the less fortunate in the society are accommodated.

Wine Marketing Strategy

It is based on this that this marketing campaign will focus on the development of an effective online social media platform and E-commerce platform which utilizes different strategies of promotion in order to promote English [...]

Zucker Bakers Marketing Strategies

The company's website has a welcoming interface where customers are attracted to the pictures of the products. The owner of this company and also a chef, Zohar Zohar, has a mission of keeping the family [...]

Retail Services Marketing: McDonalds

In line with this, the organization has numerous chains of restaurants all over the world and this makes it easy for it to reach out to consumers.

Marketing Mix adjustment strategies

The industry attributed this to "rising costs of sugar products and due to the increase of share premium in the leading toffees company, Arcor". This strategy allows every segment of the market to feel the [...]

International Marketing and Its Challenges

The purpose of this analysis is to help readers establish more about international marketing and to learn on some of the challenges that this type of market is subjected to.

The marketing strategies of Sony and Samsung

The Sony Corporation on the other hand is a conglomerate of several media and electronic companies that specialize in the electronic business unit and the entertainment industry as a whole.

Alluring 5.4 Billion New Customers

The Hewlett- Packard Company, in order to sell their digital camera, printer and solar battery charger to an economically backward people in the remote villages of Andhra Pradesh in India, adopted a new strategy, not [...]

International Marketing Research

The factors to consider when examining the consumer behavior and response include the product itself, price of the product, the location of the customer as well as the promotion method of the product.

Starbucks in the UAE – Distribution Strategy

The United Arab Emirates is one of the markets of Starbuck's coffee and coffee products. In addition, the UAE is located in the desert, which makes it difficult for coffee companies to market and distribute [...]

Marketing Strategies-Emirates Airline

The occupancy rates of passengers in the carrier have reduced, and this has had an effect on the airline's revenues in the short term. The airline has managed to become elastic to the changes in [...]

International Marketing

The marketing strategies of the company in Kenya aim assisting the organization to maintain leadership in the market due to the low population and stiff competition.

Toyota Marketing Strategies

The many reasons that led to the success of the Prius need an analysis hence this paper will discuss the macro environmental factors that have affected the marketing of Prius as well as hybrid marketing [...]
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