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81 IKEA Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best IKEA Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. IKEA (Sweden Furniture)
    This has been used to reduce costs that the company might incur in the course of transporting furniture. The company believes in value chain and this has enabled it to maintain a personal touch with […]
  2. Marketing Excellence: IKEA
    In the 1980s, IKEA began to expand its business operations to the United States and other parts of the European markets.
  3. IKEA Company Case
    However, upon gaining entry into the American market, IKEA’s management soon realized that the traditional advertising strategies could not bring positive outcomes in the American market due to a competitive retail market and diversity of […]
  4. SWOT analysis: Air Arabia Company and IKEA
    The main objective of SWOT analysis is that it helps in identifying the internal and external factors that are core to the performance of the company.
  5. Judging from past experience/internationalization- Should IKEA continue to internationalize?
    Successful Country in Internationalization Sweden which is the home country of IKEA was the most successful in internationalization of IKEA’s products.
  6. The Effects of Diverse Culture of IKEA in UAE to Impact of Cultural Diversity on IKEA
    IKEA is the only distributor in its field to have victoriously made itself in whole of the Europe including Eastern and Southern Europe and more noticeably in USA and in whole of the North America.
  7. Market opportunities of IKEA in USA
    IKEA has also high demand in the US market and is currently succeeding, but it is not yet able to overtake competition in the furniture market in the country as it did in the other […]
  8. IKEA company analysis
    It is one of the major retailers of furniture and house wares in the world. The company blends the four components of the marketing mix in order to identify the target market to penetrate.
  9. IKEA Company Analysis
    This has seen the firm expand its stores to markets that the company had not ventured into before. The firm is not a bed of roses as many had been mislead to believe.
  10. IKEA Company’s Marketing Strategy
    Therefore, to ensure that its operations are effective and efficient, the company has always been formulating strategic plans to ensure that its operations in the short run and in the long run are effective and […]
  11. IKEA: Overview of Marketing Strategies
    The company focuses on the customers who are not interested in the furniture bought for a lifetime, but in the furniture that is suitable for them at the current moment.
  12. Wireless Technology in IKEA
    In case with wireless power, the focus is made on efficiency because it influences the extent by which the energy is sent to the receivers of the power.
  13. IKEA and the UN’s Global Compact
    But in the 21st century many companies are aware that the bottom-line is not the only requirement to success, business organizations like IKEA must learn to develop sustainable practices that will benefit not only the […]
  14. Global Compact Principles (IKEA)
    In order to achieve its objectives as well as those of the stakeholders, IKEA has put an emphasis in respecting the provisions of Global Compact Principle 1 and Principle 8.
  15. Ikea
    The supply technique of IKEA is amazing in that it is beneficial to the customers and the environment: the reduction of trucks in the supply chain has lowered carbon dioxide emissions.
  16. IKEA International Business
    In spite of the company proximity to European markets, the market fragmentation and high cost retailers was a great motivator to the entry of IKEA business.
  17. IKEA and Market Competition
    The document also includes the responsibility of the organization to improve continually on the policies that are related to workplace safety.
  18. IKEA Expansion Strategies
    However, to achieve all this success, the company’s operations have been based on basic plans and strategies that have ensured that its operations are sustainable and profitable in the short run and in the long […]
  19. Ikea Strategic Human Resource Management
    The approaches used by IKEA helps the management in studying the requirements of employees and customers to ensure that they possess the capabilities and resources necessitated for performance.
  20. IKEA Analysis
    On the basis of the foregoing arguments, we can conclude that customer value in the supply chain is based on the “combination of economic values and environmental values “.
  21. Business Strategy of IKEA, Dell, 7-11 Companies
    Sustainability of businesses depends upon the ability of the firm to supply the right quantity of goods with high quality to the right customer base at the right time.
  22. The Strategic Management of IKEA for Furniture Company in UAE or Gulf Corporate Countries
    The purpose of this paper is to analyze the current business and operations of IKEA, external and internal analysis, the competitiveness of IKEA, as well as the strategies and challenges faced by IKEA.
  23. Will We Still Love IKEA?
    In this firm, the choice is not in the hands the employees, but instead it is the responsibility of the management.
  24. IKEA Company’s Marketing Strategy
    In this context, IKEA’s ability to identify market elements of the target audience is vital in aligning products and services. The strategy will improve IKEA’s strategy to serve customers located in various parts of the […]
  25. IKEA Company: Current Situation Analysis
    SWOT Analysis of IKEA The SWOT analysis of the organization shows that IKEA has very good chances of integrating into a new market due to the sustainability principles that it is guided by.
  26. Deloitte and IKEA Companies Environmental Scanning
    In the current business environment, competition is a normal phenomenon in the day-to-day running of the business. Third, environmental scanning provides the company with the vital inputs in the process of development and implementation of […]
  27. IKEA Company: Customer Lifetime Value
    IKEA was founded in 1943, and today the company operates all over the world while having the stores in 42 countries and opening a number of new stores in different countries annually.
  28. IKEA Company’s Global Strategy
    The paper identifies the types of products that are produced by the Philippines and its neighbors. By examining the data, it is clear that most of these countries produce the same products with a small […]
  29. McDonald’s, IKEA and Coca Cola Brands Advertising Analysis
    The paper analyses the advertisement of McDonald’s from China, the advertisement of IKEA from Italy, and the advertisement of Coca Cola from India.
  30. IKEA and Super Amart Companies Marketing Strategies
    IKEA is considered the largest retail store in the globe, while Super Amart is considered the largest discount retail store in Australia.

👍 Good Essay Topics on IKEA

  1. Operation Management at IKEA in UAE
    Therefore, “the management of the processes involved in the production of goods and services should be run skillfully for the realization of the organization’s goals”.
  2. Uppsala Model of IKEA in Brazil, Serbia, and India
    In the Uppsala model, a firm starts to invest in a few nearby countries, which in the case of IKEA, are countries in Europe.
  3. IKEA Company Total Quality Management
    Given the price of IKEA products, customers appear to be satisfied with their quality; apart from that the consumers seem to value the wide variety of products and enjoy the showrooms that provide ideas for […]
  4. The IKEA Company Business Policy and Strategy
    The compatibility between IKEA’s products and similar goods that were manufactured in the US was the major problem that hindered the success of the company in the American market.
  5. Ingvar Kamprad, a Charismatic Leader of IKEA
    Laissez-faire leadership style is a particular style where the managers are responsible for the decisions and they are subordinate to the top manager.
  6. IKEA Stores: Multinational Teams’ Work
    The focus on sustainability is typical of the modern world, and the IKEA leaders are expected to be among proponents of this philosophy to adapt to the observed changes in the market and succeed following […]
  7. IKEA Company and Its Intrapreneurial Organisation
    The author emphasizes on the factors that subsidised the major success of the company and explain the reasons why IKEA is so unique and momentous to the modern market in terms of its approach and […]
  8. IKEA Company’s Global Sourcing Challenge
    It remains apparent that reflecting company’s values and philosophies in the relationships with the employees and suppliers will ensure the compliance of the proposed decision with IKEA’s corporate culture and a mission statement.
  9. IKEA’s Corporate Culture and Global Strategies
    In order to develop this culture, IKEA has always focussed on the spirit of openness and freedom for every worker in the company.
  10. Ingvar Kamprad: Manager of IKEA
    He puts his focus on the attention of the company effectiveness and efficiency in order to ensure that the company services are carried out in time.
  11. IKEA Company’s Globalization Benefits and Limits
    This paper will cover the benefits of globalization that IKEA experienced, the importance of cross-cultural understanding, and the limits of the global market.
  12. IKEA’s Challenges with Suppliers in India
    The number of suppliers who did not have a child-labor component in the production of their rugs was high enough for the company to continue its cooperation with the country.
  13. Corruption in Russia: IKEA’s Expansion to the East
    The first problem is associated with the improperly designed ad campaign that was perceived as immoral due to the fact that despite the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the local population preserved its mentality related […]
  14. IKEA Company’s Organizational Culture
    Thus, every worker is a carrier of the propagated IKEA culture, which in turn forms the basis for the success of the organization as a whole.
  15. IKEA Company: Implementing Strategy
    That being the case, the decision to change the structure can significantly affect IKEA’s performance in the European and American markets.
  16. IKEA Company: Retail Internationalisation Development
    It is clear that with an ambitious growth plan like this, the choice of the entry modes and strategies is of great strategic significance and can define the overall success of the business in regional […]
  17. IKEA Isala Cabinet’s Design Analysis
    The proportions of the cabinet slightly resemble Jacobean furniture, yet the cabinet belongs to the Scandinavian contemporary style of furniture. The cabinet is made of fiberboard and plastic and covered in acrylic paint.
  18. IKEA Company’s Pricing and Consumer Service
    IKEA firm, a Swedish company manufactures furnishing furniture products that are natural and radiant for home use. For instance, the Klippan sofa is a famous piece of furniture sold and made by IKEA Company.
  19. IKEA Company’s Future: In-Store or Online Retailing
    As evident from its mission, one of the unique traits that make IKEA distinct from the rest of the companies in the industry is the pricing of its products.
  20. IKEA Company’s Social Entrepreneurship
    One of the potential benefits to IKEA for operating a joint partnership is that it serves to integrate the resources of the partnering business entities, which in turn results in production and cost efficiencies.

🎓 Good Research Topics about IKEA

  1. Comparison of IKEA and Furniture Brand International
  2. Analysis Of Wal Mart’s And The IKEA’s Generic Competitive
  3. How IKEA has incorporated sustainability principles?
  4. Analyze the Reasons for IKEA’s Delayed Entry into the Indian Market.
  5. How IKEA Benefits from Globalization?
  6. Analysis of Internationalisation Process of IKEA
  7. How IKEA Designs Its Sexy Price Tags?
  8. Customer Behavior Analysis of IKEA
  9. How IKEA Manages Cultural Issues in China Operations?
  10. IKEA: Letting the Buyer Define What the Product Will Be?
  11. What Action Should IKEA Take Regarding Rangan Export?
  12. What Are IKEA’s Competitive Priorities?
  13. What Is Value Or Image Is The Biggest Reason For IKEA’s?
  14. What Made IKEA Such A Success?

🔍 Interesting Topics to Write about IKEA

  1. Brand Across Cultures: The Case Of IKEA
  2. History of IKEA: A Swedish Catalogue Founded by Ingvar Kamprad
  3. Study of IKEA’s Product Design and Pricing Strategy
  4. Balanced Scorecard IKEA
  5. Corperate Strategy Of IKEA Malaysia
  6. Corporate Social Responsibility for IKEA
  7. Demographic Factors IKEA, Apple, McDonalds
  8. Effects of Globalization on IKEA
  9. Faclity Management in IKEA Company
  10. Household Income in the United States and IKEA
  11. IKEA E-Marketing Systems and Processes
  12. IKEA: Expanding Through Franchising To The South American Market
  13. IKEA Financials, Leadership, Politics, and Solarization Are Award-Winning
  14. IKEA in Australia
  15. IKEA in Brazil
  16. IKEA: Indian Rugs and Child Labor
  17. IKEA’s Continuing Development And Success

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