Financial Marketing Essay Examples and Topics

Marketing of the Home Survival Kit: Needs and Requirements

Survey results In the survey, 8 customers took part in the survey. 5 of them were males (62.5 %) and 3 of them were females (37.5 %). The majority of respondents belonged to age category under 18-20 (25 %) and 21-29 (50 %). Fewer respondents belonged to older categories, which identified the interest in smart […]

Market Auditing and Planning in Accor Group

Introduction With 3,645 hotels and more than 470,000 rooms in 92 countries that are spread across all continents, Accor Group of Hotel is one on the largest chain of hotels in the world. As at June 2014, the company had an estimated €8.2 billion market capitalisation. It had revenue of €5536 million as at 2013. […]

Marketing Plan for the Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Introduction Marketing refers to “the set of institutions, activities, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging goods and services that have value for customers, partners, and the society”. Thus, marketing aims at identifying and satisfying customers’ needs effectively. Marketing is crucial to an organization’s success. It enables an organization to “integrate and align its […]

Marketing Design and Innovation: Smart TV’s

Executive Summary Marketing design and innovation has gained massive relevance in the electronic industry where competition has reached the cut-throat levels. The Smart TV industry is one of the most affected industries where firms are fighting to retain their competitiveness. Samsung Smart TV is one of the products that have found themselves in this competitive […]

The Preston City Marketing Feasibility

Local Demographic The city of Preston is a potential market for Preston Outdoors. The current statistics on hunting and fishing in Preston is appealing to the firm. The population statistics on hunting and fishing activities gives a positive image of a potential market. The total population in the town as of 2011 was 5,230 people. […]

Australia’s Leading Supermarkets: Milk Price War

Introduction Price war is a terminology used to refer to the struggle between or among different firms in the market. It is evident in economic situation that calls for intensive competition rivalry among firms in the market that result in a series of price declination or reduction. A milk price war among the leading Australia […]

Individual Marketing Plan – Iclassic

Environmental analysis embraces the changes in environmental factors that affect the demand and consumption pattern among the consumers. One of the most noticeable changes in the Asian markets is the significant decline in demand for smart phones. However, most consumers in the market are shifting to new models in the market. Changes in the household […]

Marketing Plan for Simulation – iSporty LR

Environmental Context Analysis Environmental context analysis takes into account the environmental aspects, which affect the demand of the product. In Europe and Asia there are changes in the environment that may affect the performance of iSporty LR. For instance, the two regions are currently experiencing a decline in the demand of smartphones. Consequently this affects […]

Retail Marketing of Best Buy

Introduction Best Buy is an international retailer dealing in electronics, computer products and mobile phone products. It also sells entertainment software, appliances and associated services. The company mainly conducts its business in North America, European countries and the Asian market. The headquarters are in Richfield, Minnesota. It has a workforce of about 170, 000 employees. […]

Marketing Audit: Toyota

Executive Summary Toyota manufactures vehicles for sale worldwide. In fact, the company operates in more than 30 countries. This study explores the German auto market in view of introducing the ME.WE Customizable Concept Car. In this paper, analysis of the product and the market is covered in order to give feasible recommendations to the company. […]

International Marketing: HäagenDazs

Introduction HäagenDazs is a brand within Nestlé Company that sells ice cream. The brand was founded by Reuben and Rose Mattus in the year 1961. The brand has grown to open franchises in many other countries across the world, despite the fact that the brand was founded in the United States of America (Smith 123). […]

International Marketing – Emerald

Emerald dairy is a Chinese based dairy company that deals with various dairy products such as powdered milk, infant formula, rice powder, and soya beans. The company was established in 1987 as a milk vending business and since then it has witnessed development that has enabled it to dominate the regional market. Due to its […]

Reflective thinking – 3p’s in service marketing

Current business trends in the spa globalization have improved a great deal from mass production to the mass customization field. Porter (2004) has shown that the key movers of the industry have been: globalization, drivers of globalization, strategic alliances, foreign direct investment franchising management contracts and joint ventures. The services in the industry can only […]

Nokia Marketing

Executive Summary To remain competitive in modern contemporary markets, companies need to have effective marketing strategies. An effective marketing strategy assists a company segment the market effectively and reaches the target market on time. With development in technology, changes in the electronic industry are fast; the industry is dominated by innovation and invention. Marketing managers […]

Schwinn Marketing

Abstract Pricing is one of the most fundamental issues that entrepreneurs have to consider while marketing their products. This case study examines the issues that relate to the price that Schwinn bicycles charges their customers. The study will answer questions that relate to the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the enterprise in relation to […]

Expedia Travel Company’s Marketing Mix

Introduction The concept of market mix was introduced by Neil Borden in his article “The Concept of Marketing Mix”. However, it was E.Jerome McCarthy who classified marketing elements generally referred to as “market ingredients” by Borden, into four main categories. These categories include price, place, promotion and product. The concept became known as the 4P’s […]

Temple Foods Marketing Plan

SWOT Analysis Strengths Temple is a foods company that has been in the market since 1970.The reputation is a plus to the company, as individuals will associate with the good report of the company. Its specialization in healthy foods for two decades will make the firm to penetrate the market easily. The ready-to-drink beverage has […]

The Burberry Company Marketing

Executive Summary The Burberry brand is an icon in the British fashion industry. But in for many decaes it is a company that no longer mattered when it comes to the new generation of consumers. Their problems were exacerbated by the over-licensing of their brand, global recession that severely affected the fashion industry and the […]

Marketing Strategy Models, Tools and Techniques

Introduction Marketing refers to the activities and procedures used in developing, conveying and exchanging various offers that are valuable to the targeted population. Thus it helps in formulating strategies that facilitate sales and business development. This paper focuses on two marketing strategies namely, blue ocean strategy and guerilla marketing. It also analyzes two marketing tools […]

How Data Analysis Can Benefit Marketing And Marketing Research Process In Apple Corporation

Introduction Data analysis applied in marketing and marketing research process can greatly benefit the Apple Corporation to increase sales and reach in a wider consumer base. Currently, Microsoft Corporation is Apple’s biggest competitor controlling about 72% of the market share (Kunkel 36). Marketing is the process through which organizations determine the products or services which […]

Establish and adjust the marketing mix

Introduction The retail industry is a battlefield for a wide range of goods essential for daily use. There is stiff competition in the industry as giant retailers and emerging retailers seek to gain competitive advantage over each other (Pesendorfer 34). Companies that wish to survive must make regular but necessary adjustments in the marketing mix […]

American Marketing Association

Introduction Professional organizations are formed by individuals engaged in the same career field. The key reasons for the formation for these associations are to enhance individual professional advancement and educate public on issues that relate to the career or industry. In addition, collaborations and networking, idea and practice sharing, and representation of industry or career […]

Blockbuster’s Market in US

Introduction When examining what company has lost touch with its consumer base, the best example that can be seen at the present is the fall of Blockbuster and the subsequent rise of Netflix within the past 10 years. What is notable in this particular case is that Blockbuster originally had a dominant position in the […]

Export Plan (Promotion and Marketing Communications)

When entering a foreign market, several strategies need to be considered. This paper aims at exploring the marketing communications and promotions, which can market lulu lemon’s products (lulu lemon yoga line) in China. The choice of China, as the export market, is exceptionally strategic since there is a strong buying power. Second, there are currently […]

British Petroleum Company Marketing Process in China and the US

Introduction British Petroleum [BP] is a private limited company that operates in the UK oil and gas industry. The firm was established in 1909 and has been in operation for over 100 years. BP has attained substantial growth since its inception. Its growth has arisen from integration of effective growth strategies such as internationalisation and […]

Marketing Excellence: IKEA

Introduction IKEA International is a global corporation that offers home accessories to all global clients. Headquartered in Sweden, IKEA provides quality furnishings and services in various global markets. To realize this vision, IKEA offers various properly designed and serviceable house-furnishings at very low prices across global markets. IKEA is acknowledged for the provision of quality […]

Assesing marketing opportunities

The marketing strategies used by an organization play a pivotal role towards determining the success or failure of the organization. In order for an organization to market its products and services successfully, it must research and understand the needs of the consumers, and use this information to develop products and services that satisfactorily address those […]

Topshop Pricing Strategy and Marketing Plan – Report Example

Introduction Topshop is a private limited entity which operates within the UK retail and fashion industry. The firm was established in 1964 and its headquarters are situated at London, UK. In its operation the firm deals with provision of a variety of apparels such as footwear, makeup, shoes and accessories (Yahoo Finance 2012). To attain […]

Marketing Opportunities for Optimum Profitability

Abstract It is imperative to note that conducting a research study prior to any interview is crucial. This is important when one is applying for a marketing manager position with multiple firms at the same time. When a research study is carried out before undertaking the process of an interview, it helps an individual to […]

Why I choose marketing as a career

I decided to choose marketing as my career after weighing some personal interests, capabilities, personality, motivation, creativity and my passion in life. According to Kerin and Peterson, 2009, marketing is an interesting career, which offers a challenging environment to its practitioners, professionals in the field need to be creative and keep updating their skills, knowledge […]

Simulation in Marketing

High priority issues Falling sales – The issue is a newly opened store next door offering better products, simulation is done by analyzing impact of having a new item with variety of uses and the old item on the other hand you are used to and determine what you will prefer. The supervisor should shop […]

International Marketing Plan for Tata Nano

The aim of this case study is to develop an international marketing plan for ‘Tata Nano’ the world’s lowest price car with lowest fuel consumption produced by the Tata Motors of India. To carry out the marketing plan, this report will provide historical background and cultural background of host country and give a brief overview […]

Concepts of marketing

Introduction The manufacturer is manufacturing antique-style furniture that is really differentiated in the sense that it is very unique in outlook. The features fitted on the desks are clear indication that they will in one way be special in the market. Considering that the price of a product to a large extent determines how the […]

Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction in After-Sales Service of Malaysian Electronic Business Market

The article under consideration is “Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction in After-Sales Service of Malaysian Electronic Business Market” written by Mohd Rizaimy Shaharudin et al. in Canadian Social Science journal. The main idea of the article is to consider the factors which influence customer satisfaction in after-sales services. The research was conducted in Malaysian company Permintex […]

Importance of the Marketing in Business

Marketing can be defined simply as a process of doing market evaluation, selling either goods or services to clients, customers or others who need them. These will also involve doing promotion through such means as advertisement to promote or enhance the amount of goods or services sold.Further,marketing will incorporate various strategies such as sales techniques, […]

The Role of Search Strategy in Marketing

The search strategy, characterized as market segmentation, constituted identifying consumer demographics and buyer behavior as one of the key variables in influencing the purchasing of the product in the specific areas of concern in this case a relatively young market, Kenya. Consumer demographics were one of the key elements as it could help the researcher […]

The Hamilton Health Inc Marketing Research

Introduction Marketing research is a strategy that businesses use to amass information regarding their operations from production to supply. In order to do this, the marketing research uses a systematic process of collecting, recording and assessing information dealing with marketing of the companies productions. The objective of the process is to identify and analyze how […]

Marks and Spencer Company Marketing Principles

Marks and Spencer group is classified among other large clothing retailers in the United Kingdom. It’s known globally due to its expansion in retailing clothes. The operations of this business have been managed through the present and the upcoming opportunities. On the other hand, this business has been going through some threats as well. Marks […]

The Role of Marketing in Business

Introduction Marketing refers to the commercial processes involved in promoting and selling and distributing a product or service. It is basically the mechanism through which producers of commodities and service providers build up consumer interest in their goods and/or services. Marketing comes up with an elaborate and systematic course of action that forms the base […]

B2B and B2C marketing

Introduction B2B marketing refers to a set up where goods and/or services are sold from one corporation to another while B2C is a case where commodities are sold from a business to the consumer. There exist deep running differences between these two forms of marketing, as much as they both involve selling commodities or services. […]

The Automobile Market in Australia

Statement of Purpose The aim of this report is to complete a market research analysis report of the automobile market in Australia that will help the Great Wall motors of china to undertake a strategic planning and make future growth plans. The report will assess data and then make recommendations and conclusion to the management […]

Identifying and Evaluating Marketing Opportunities

Background to the study Company profile Virgin Mobile Australia (VMA) is a private limited company which operates within the Australian telecommunication industry. Its headquarters are located in Sydney. The firm was founded in 2000 and has a human resource base of 400 employees according to 2008 statistics. As a result of acquisition by Optus, VMA […]

Speedpac Company International Marketing

Introduction Company profile The headquarters for Speedpac is at Northampton. The company has a policy of providing better-quality services in the management and distribution of products in both the local and intercontinental market. Speedpac has successfully come up with innovative approaches which have increased international market penetration. The priority of the company is to satisfy […]

Marketing basics

Marketing involves ensuring that customers are aware of a company’s products or services and also making them to gain inters in their quality and effectiveness while also creating a strong relationship with them. It is a major component of a business because it enables creation of new markets, and it involves communication sales and development […]

Converse Goals & Advertising Strategy – Marketing Proposal Example

Objectives Objectives are statements of plans of intention stated in a measurable and subjective way. In a study by Kotler (2009) objectives are specific in nature and carry a characteristic of being achievable at the end of a specified period of time. The objective of the company will mention the targets to be achieved by […]

Marketing Myopia

Marketing myopia refers to an insular approach to marketing where the focus is mainly on short term goals or when marketing systems focus on one aspect of marketing while ignoring others (Mercer 189). For an organization to achieve long term success, it is must focus on marketing the customer needs rather than selling its products. […]

The Role of Marketing Trends in Business

Marketing plays a pivotal role in sale and profit maximization. However, the marketing strategy should resonate with the audience if success is to be achieved. The Avengers set a new box office record by earning over $700 million in sales during its opening weekend. Critics and marketing specialists attribute this success to strategic marketing, effective […]

The Marketing Mix Adopted By Jones Soda Company

When Jones Soda Company started its operations in 1986, it was necessary to market its products to the consumers. The company applied the four Ps (product, place, price and promotion) that ensure successful marketing (Kotler and Armstrong, 2010). When Jones Soda hit the market 25 years ago, it operated under the name Urban Hand Limited. […]

Marketing: Sales Function

In order to stimulate buyer’s response towards making a purchase, proper manipulation of the marketing mix is required. The following represents the four elements of marketing mix: product, price, promotion, and place (Kotler, 2003). The sales concept in marketing is essential in the process of availing a product to customers. When a company makes sales […]