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American Marketing Association Essay


Professional organizations are formed by individuals engaged in the same career field. The key reasons for the formation for these associations are to enhance individual professional advancement and educate public on issues that relate to the career or industry.

In addition, collaborations and networking, idea and practice sharing, and representation of industry or career interests are among the reasons for the formation of professional organizations. Some of the leading professional organizations in marketing include The American Advertising Federation (AAF), the American Marketing Association (AMA), Promotional Marketing Association, Inc. (PMA), the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), the Sales and Marketing Executives International (SMEI), the Marketing Research Association (MRA), and the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS). This essay provides a brief account of the AMA Company and the scholarly articles it publishes.

American Marketing Association

AMA is one of the leading marketing organizations that draw their membership in the United States and across the world (CMAa par.1). It is an association of marketers in every area of the marketing profession. This organization remains as one of the leading marketing associations in the marketing profession. Its mission is to be the preferred professional organization of individuals and organizations practicing and teaching marketing (“Journal of Public Policy and Marketing” par. 3).

It publishes a number of scholarly articles and periodicals. The AMA journals aim at giving ideas, practical solutions, and strategic thinking on wider marketing issues and challenges. Its scholars include academicians or doctoral students, and marketers. It also specializes in market research, marketing communication, international marketing, marketing technology, and marketing issues.

This organization publishes several authoritative journals about the marketing profession (“About the American Marketing Association” par. 1). These include the Journal of Marketing Research (JMR), the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing (JPP&M), the Journal of International marketing, and the Journal of Marketing (AMA) among others.

The latter examines marketing in the context of public interest by providing an understanding of most important marketing issues in the context of public policy. It features wide ranging marketing topics that relate to business innovation, ecology, nutrition, ethics and social responsibility, security and safety, economic development, globalization, health, consumer protection, and intellectual property among others.

This organization publishes articles that discuss marketing topics addressing business and public policy. The articles published contribute to conceptualization of marketing, thereby, leading to legislative or regulatory steps by the government and other bodies. The AMA Company publishes articles arguing that social marketing is a cheap, but an effective way of influencing behavior (“Journal of Public Policy and Marketing” par 1).

For instance, in her essay, in the “New York Times”, Pollitt blames children’s media for gender stereotype profiling and observes that the media is failing to play its social role of changing the society positively (par. 9). In his article, Andersen (4) supports Pollitt by claiming that social marketing should seek to influence individual behaviors and the society.

Articles meeting AMA and MLA referencing style and requirements are accepted for publication. The journal is peer-reviewed since an article has to be reviewed for authenticity before publication. The National University library carries this journal.


Professional organizations are critical for the advancement of the interests of a professional career. Organizations facilitate this through the publication of scholarly articles that provide information and create knowledge in the field of study and address industry issues.

The AMA Company is an example of such organizations that have contributed immensely in the publication of the four leading journals in marketing. JPP&M is a peer-reviewed journal that addresses marketing as a public policy issue and is used by many learning institutions including the National University.

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