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Digital Marketing Opportunities for Organizations Essay

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Updated: Aug 5th, 2019

Presently, most business organizations apply high level of technology in their operations. Evidently, these increasing transformations cause high level of competition in the global marketplace (Klososky 2012). Digital marketing strategies are increasingly applicable. The basic aim is to remain relevant and competitive within the global scenario.

Recent digital marketing technologies include the application of social networking sites. These include Facebook and Twitter. Digital marketing has potential opportunities for innovative organizations. Conversely, there are also negative implications and challenges associated (Hermeking 2005, p. 195).

Due to these observations, most organizations presently seek to comprehend the dynamics pertinent to these technological applications. Moreover, there is an urgent need for marketing personalities to note these flexibilities. The intention of this discussion is to highlight the insights of three notable writers concerning the basic opportunities and challenges associated with digital marketing.

It also elucidates on the mechanisms applicable in organizations seeking to integrate digital marketing. Apart from this, there is a discussion on how two chosen organizations practice digital marketing. Lastly, there is a comparison and contrast of the digital marketing approaches evident within these two organizations.

There are diverse opportunities and challenges of digital marketing. These relate to most business organizations. According to Barnes and Pressey (2012, p. 165), “enterprise marketing management,” (EMM) is an online marketing strategy with a great capacity. It provides a strategic and innovative opportunity for most marketers.

This is notable within a global perspective. Notably, not much of its applications exist within the present marketing world. However, there is an identification of a potential challenge. Observably, marketers deal with diverse and numerous brands, markets and merchandise.

There are also complex marketing tools, languages and legal requirements that need stringent compliance. Barnes and Pressey (2012, p. 173) indicate that these diverse elements present with unique challenges. For instance, there is a poor application of digital resources within most campaigns.

Heinonen (2011, p. 358) indicates that business corporations have the potential to reach wider market coverage. However, this is through proper application of digital marketing. This is because such corporations are able to use social networks including Facebook and Twitter to reach particular clientele.

Products launching and promotion easily occurs online. This enables an expansion in the market extent. Apart from this, it also leads to the establishment of a powerful product brand. Indicatively, organizations lack the appropriate competency to maintain the sustainability of their digital advertisements (Heinonen, 2011, p. 360).

Therefore, most digital product promotions do not create a lasting impact. Principally, this is because of the high level of flexibility within the digital media. Most media mechanisms become redundant and vague within shot periods.

External marketers draw important benefits from digital marketing processes. Through this technology, they enjoy the benefits of a considerably insular marketplace. Indicatively, digital marketing tools provide a basic platform where there are limited customary barriers associated with entry and marketing (Richey, Adams & Dalela 2012, p. 36).

The potential lowering of these barriers through technology is vital in several ways. For instance, the digital marketers are able to advertise their products through different media channels. Consequently, this leads to a high percentage of clientele capture. The high quantities of data available within the digital media pose a potential challenge.

The unprecedented data may lead to a state of confusion. Particularly, this is observable in terms of choosing of the most applicable marketing data. Therefore, organizations may remarkably be overwhelmed (Richey, Adams & Dalela 2012, p. 46). The confusing condition may lead to a considerable loss of insight. This remains detrimental for effective business performance.

Organizations must adopt effective implementation plans for digital media marketing tools. This initiative is vital in enhancing performance and increasing their efficiency. The basic initial step is for these organizations to conduct a proper market research (Calantone & Rubera 2012, p. 147). This undertaking provides a critical insight into the most appropriate media for adoption.

In addition, there must be an identification of the applicable marketing mix strategy. It is mandatory to evaluate the content of a particular social media communication or message. This is important in diverse ways. For instance, organizations may use it to assess whether the target market frequents the specific digital media channel.

An evaluative procedure remains applicable in the selection of the alternative media tools for the marketing process. It is also necessary to conduct a competitive analysis. This is required within both the external and the internal environment. Specifically, the process helps to identify the most appropriate strategy for any particular organization.

The business organizations must realize the significance of assessing the optimization levels. This applies to particular media channels and sources. All marketing efforts must be able to meet the customer’s objectives. A proper operations management and evaluation strategy remains appropriate. The importance of these initiatives is eminent in ensuring sustainability.

Generally, it is appropriate due to the high level of flexibility notable within technological developments and applications. Other vital issues that require adequate attention include the resource considerations. These might include the right personnel and financial resources. Generally, business organizations must consider many factors in implementing digital marketing.

Google and Apple are examples of corporations that presently practice digital marketing. The acquisition of Quattro Wireless by Apple is indicative of the corporation’s objective to implement more strategic digital marketing approaches. Unlike Apple, Google predominates within the digital marketing arena (Google 2012). The two corporations have different specializations. Apart from specialization in hardware sale, Apple presently seeks to initiate basic activities into the field of digital marketing.

This is unlike Google that has long been existent in this field. Apple is currently largely associated with the iPhone. Conversely, Google is associated with the Nexus. Notably, all the two corporations market and sell these products through their websites. It is evident that these two corporations are potential competitors. Particularly, this relates to their digital marketing operations (Kim, N & Atuahene-Gima, K 2010, p. 535).

It is vital to indicate that Apple presently applies digital media to venture into the monetization platform. However, Google extensively applied the monetization of its content during the initial phase. This case is unlike Apple Corporation that first majored on its hardware marketing through the digital media (Apple 2012).

Both corporations appreciate the urgent need to assume an obligation for diverse revenue streams. Especially, this relates to the content or message passed through their diverse digital platforms. In such initiatives, the consumers of their products increasingly pay through marketing. Apple’s iPhone launch provides adequate opportunity for the growth and development of most digital marketing organizations. Accordingly, this is also applicable for Google Corporation.

There are notable similarities and differences in the implementation of digital marketing strategies in these two firms. Presently, Apple indicates a positive gesture though integration of the services of an external digital marketing firm. On the other hand, Google for a long time conducts its digital marketing solely. Both business organizations present and advertise their phones through their various websites.

The powerful competition has several benefits for the entire industry. Indeed, most scholars also potentiate this noble observation (Kariithi 2011, p. 150). The digital marketing competition is important for the development of other mobile industries. It is notable that both the two organizations utilize the various forms of media channels.

The application of social networking is pertinent to both of the organizations. Observably, Apple uses the celebrity method to advertise its products in the media. The application of the search engine is mostly associated with the Google Corporation. The corporations are searching for how to make revenues by use of digital marketing. As observed within them, this is achievable through mobile technology.

In conclusion, technological developments have potential impacts in the operation of organizations. Most writers recognize these impacts. Particularly, this relates to the marketing strategies presently applicable within business organizations. The concept of digital marketing has both positive and challenging effects. As Heinonen (2011, p. 360) indicates, there are diverse concerns that require attention during the implementation of most digital marketing strategies.

Organizations must consider these elements. Principally, this is appropriate for the realization of effective performance. Apple and Google include some of the corporations that presently apply digital media technology. It is important to note various factors that influence the implementation of digital media marketing strategies. This may help in the establishment of transformative marketing strategies.

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