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How Digital Marketing Helps Business to Develop Research Paper

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Updated: Feb 23rd, 2022

The 21st century has witnessed an evolution in information and communication technology. This has seen the wide adoption of this technology in enhancing business within firms. As a result of the advancement in information and communication technologies, firms are taking advantage of these technologies to position their products in the competitive markets.

Digital marketing is seen as one of the platforms of enhancing marketing practices and driving sales in firms. However, because of the challenges of information and communication technologies, digital marketing is also argued to constrain marketing practices among firms (Ceria, 2009). The purpose of this research is to explore the concept of digital marketing.

The paper explains digital marketing platforms that are used in enhancing marketing functions in firms. The paper then discuses how digital marketing has enhanced marketing in business firms. In addition, the paper presents the challenges that face firms concerning the adoption of digital technologies in marketing enhancement.

According to Stanaland (2012), digital marketing is a rapid evolution in business because of the manner in which business organisations value and use the concept in expanding their business operations. Digital marketing is practiced by firms operating in both the service and the manufacturing sector.

David and Fortin (2000) observed that digital marketing is one of the means of enhancing marketing communication thus promoting relationships between firms and their customers. It is one of the best strategies for firms with the objectives of expanding operations to the international or rather global scene. Digital marketing finds a lot of favour from companies. This is due to the notion that digital technologies have become fashion to the most active population in the world (Smith, 2012).

Planning and implementing digital marketing in firms is a process. Digital marketing is one of the most common tools that have gained widespread usage in marketing by firms. Before discussing the benefits and challenges that are presented by digital technologies to marketing practices, it is vital to understand the components that make digital marketing.

Digital marketing operates under the back-up of five major practices. The first aspect that informs digital marketing in firms is the devising of websites (Hazlett, 2010). Websites are major platforms on which the information on products and services of firms is provided for ease of access by customers. Social technologies form another element of digital marketing.

Social technology tools provide a platform on which relationships concerning products are built through online conversations. The other element of digital marketing is the presence of digital communication devices, which are both mobile and immobile. These tools enable continuity and connectivity between firms and customers in order to enhance product engagement (Ryan and Jones, 2012).

Digital information and communication tools have helped customers to maintain connectivity with firms and their products and services thus boosting marketing practices. Digital marketing is also backed by tools that help in driving online traffic. Relationship networks often comprise of many customer who have to be guided and controlled in an orderly manner (Carter, 2011).

This is achieved by adopting a number of practices like search engine optimization, advertising, and promotional campaigns. Lastly, digital marketing is supported by measurement systems. Measurement tools also act as control tools for digital marketing practices. Measurement systems enable firms to discover the level of contribution of digital marketing to enterprise growth and development (Deighton and Kornfeld, 2009).

According to Parsons (2011), digital marketing presents many opportunities to firms. These opportunities are only realised when firms build a good platform on which digital marketing works. The main aim for the adoption of digital marketing is to enhance marketing practices and aid firms to attract customers and make considerable sales.

No firm adopts digital marketing without being driven by the urge to entice customers and boost sales because digital marketing adoption comes with costs to firms. There are many firms that have capitalised on digital marketing to advance their business practices. Examples of companies that use digital marketing are Samsung Company and Google (Parsons, 2011).

Google is one of the companies that have mainly specialized in digital marketing. The company operations are based on digital marketing. Google is an online company that has established a better position to diversify digital marketing practices. The Google Company has been developing different marketing technologies with each development denoting advancement in the digital marketing practices.

Both digital marketing practices in Google are bases on search engine optimization. Google has been the main developer of organic search, which is used by many other companies. Organic search is used by firms that place their information in different sites that can be traced via the search engine. Organic search entails the creation of standard content and key word search, which is used in accessing the content.

Search engine optimization is used for the optimization of websites and website contents for the search engines. This is achieved through the creation of unique tittles for search pages, Url structures, as well as site navigations. The search engine digital marketing platform of Google Company is argued to be the most favourable across the globe. This makes Google one of the largest digital marketing companies in the world (Goldman, 2010).

One of the latest developments in Google’s digital marketing is the recent introduction of what is known as “the DoubleClick digital marketing”. This has been termed as one of the most advanced development by the company. This is enables the company to integrate diverse systems that are used by online advertisers. Responsive campaigns can now be supported by the DoubleClick digital marketing platform by the company.

With the new technology, enhanced understanding is attained by the marketers who use Google tools in marketing. The company has also merged with AdWords and AdMob, which enable the company to run its marketing campaigns on an enormous range of digital tools. Most of the users of mobile communication tools are able to access Google marketing tools with ease. This simplifies marketing, making it an affordable exercise while increasing its productivity (EContent, 2012).

Samsung Company is one of the largest firms that deal with the production and distribution of a wide range of information and telecommunication tools and other electronics. The company manufactures digital technology tools that can be used in enhancing digital marketing practices by the users.

As a company that operates in an industry that is very competitive, digital marketing is one of the main boosters of marketing by the company. The company has a person who heads digital marketing practices. Digital marketing is used in increasing the intimacy of customers to the products and services of the firm.

The company has a strong marketing website where it displays and promotes its products. The marketing website of the company has been growing with time. As the company develops new products, it is able to engage customers on this website.

The other digital marketing strategy used by Samsung is advertising its products through online marketing companies like Amazon, Yahoo, and Google among others. In addition, social networks are used in enhancing digital marketing by Samsung (Cutman, 2011).

While Google is a purely and online company, Samsung is a purely information and communication technology company that deals in developing digital communication tools. These companies thus differ in their approaches to digital marketing. Google focuses on developing platforms of digital marketing for other companies because it is a facilitator company for online marketing practices of many other companies.

Google develops the digital marketing platforms because they expound its capacity to facilitate digital marketing practices. On the other hand, Samsung implements digital marketing as a means of promoting its products and enhancing sales.

Therefore, the company concentrates on developing its marketing website and selects online marketing companies to help it in marketing its products and services. The company has also been concentrating on using the social media in engaging with its customers (Ryan and Jones, 2011).

In conclusion, digital marketing has slowly come to be a major tool used to enhance marketing practices of firms. Many companies are adopting digital marketing because of the benefits that are likened to digital marketing. This includes the ease in capturing and maintaining a large number of customers. However, digital marketing has to be approached with caution because of the security threats that face digital systems of communication.

Notably, the technological developments have come with great disadvantages where hackers and those with ill motives use the technology to achieve their unconventional needs. This affects the unsuspecting clients who may suffer great loses or damages. Therefore, caution is required in digital marketing for firms to exploit the benefits that are presented by this invention, as well as safeguard the interests of the clients.

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