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Google Company Overview Essay

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Updated: Jul 30th, 2021

Google’s history

Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded the Google Company while doing their Ph. D at the Stanford University (Battelle 2005). The two founders launched and incorporated the company as a private enterprise in 1998, and thereafter, they obtained their first public offering in 2004. By 2006, Google was fully established and the founders repositioned Google’s headquarters to Mountain View, California. Since then, Google has grown rapidly. Google has the largest market share of the search engines.

Google’s search engine has gained fame, and is used globally. Google also offers a social networking site called Google+. Gmail is one of the best and most efficient productivity software offered by Google and its usage expands on a daily process globally. Google has the largest market share in internet usage, social networking and cloud computing. An approximate of 80% of businesses uses Google products and services globally (Battelle 2005).

The Google Corporation manipulates more than one million data centre servers globally. There is an increasing demand for the services of handling servers worldwide and Google anticipates managing over one billion data centre servers in the near future. As at 7 October, 4:00pm, Google’s stock price dropped by 6.61 trading at $865.74 per share. This represented a 0.8% negative change from the previous sales. However, Google’s stock price head towards trading at $1000 per share in the near future.

Core activities

Google is a technological company. Its key activities comprise of the search engine and online advertising. Google also deals with operating systems, hardware and software products. However, the main source of revenue for Google is the online advertising business. Google does an online business of selling and delivering products and services in more than 50 countries. Google has an enhanced mobile segment and home segment Motorola business.

Through the home segment, Google provides video entertainment services. The consumers ought to subscribe with Google to access digital television services. The mobile segment manufactures and sells electronics. Google has acquired and collaborated with many other technological companies to offer an infinite number of products and services.

Organizational structure

Google uses a functional structure, where the top management team focuses on employing value-chain activity measures (Gibbs 2013). To ease the management of the operations, Google’s management team has subdivided the company into five departments as shown below.

Google's organizational structure

Each of the departmental heads reports directly to the executive management team, and the team reports to the board of directors. The small business units obtain a chance to innovate and invent things within the larger company. The multidivisional structure with small business units facilitates centralized planning for a large company as Google.

Vision and values

Google operates under a very high vision of systemizing the world’s information and making it readily accessible and useful (Miguel 2009). To attain the set mission, Google has adopted a culture of value for its employees. Google’s employees work very hard, under a very challenging environment, but they make fun out of the challenging environment.


Google is an amazing company that has overturned the lives of people. Gone are the days when researchers would spend hours in the library trying to fish out information from written books. Google has enhanced the entertainment industry, and shopping is just a click of a mouse. Google has changed people’s lives to the better as compared to the earlier days, and a world without Google is unimaginable.


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