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Ecolab Case Study

Ecolab is a major corporation with its headquarters in the US. It manufactures cleaning, food, sanitizing and other products that enhance human safety and hygiene.

Ecolab’s mission statement seeks to make the firm a center of global innovation through provision of high quality cleaning and sanitation products. The firm seeks to make its operations in the industry competitive to enable it to achieve positive returns for its investors.

Ecolab’s management has a vision of surpassing expectations of the firm’s clients in the market. The firm focuses on providing technologies that operate efficiently to reduce environmental degradation.

The firm was on the Fortune 500 list of the most valuable global corporations in 2009. The firm has also been recognized as one of the most ethical firms in the world (Hill 89).

The company’s organization structure enables it to meet clients’ expectations effectively. The structure is efficient and multi-divisional, which makes it possible for different segments in the firm to offer high value to the market.

The multi-divisional organization structure makes it easy for the firm to collaborate with other firms and penetrate viable foreign markets. This has enabled Ecolab to raise the profile of its brand in the industry.

The company focuses on creating beneficial synergies with other firms to strengthen the value it offers its customers. Senior leaders in the firm are able to assess risks associated with various decisions they make to determine how they affect the firm’s performance.

The firm has various divisions headed by managers, who make crucial decisions on the way their divisions function independently.

Some of the firm’s divisions are based in different regions, which allow the firm to exploit opportunities that exist in specific regions for improving its performance (Hill 79).

Ecolab needs to take into account differences in customer preferences and expectations in different markets. The firm operates in many regions in the world and this gives it a strategic advantage over its competitors.

Ecolab needs to implement management strategies aimed at appropriate customer relationship for being able to deal effectively with issues affecting its customers, who are spread out in different locations across the globe.

The firm needs to ensure that all activities it is engaged in satisfy specific market conditions and legal standards in locations it operates. This will enable the firm to make a positive mark in the industry, which will improve its appeal as a global brand.

The firm needs to profile different customer segments in markets it serves to enable it to sustain its competitive edge in the market (Vogelsang et al. 94).

Ecolab needs to restructure its operations if it wants to succeed in China. The firm requires to set up operations in the country to benefit from favorable foreign investment policies existing there.

However, the company needs to conduct a market study to understand the needs and expectations of Chinese consumers. Ecolab should train Chinese professionals to perform these functions and enable it to meet and satisfy clients’ expectations.

The firm must establish mutually beneficial synergies with local companies, which have a good understanding on how the Chinese market works (Vogelsang et al. 103).

This will enable the firm to understand the needs of different consumers in the country and this will make its operations more competitive. The firm needs to establish strong relationships with customers in China to help it raise the profile of its brand in the industry.

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