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Marketing of the Home Survival Kit: Needs and Requirements Essay

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Updated: May 1st, 2020

Survey results

In the survey, 8 customers took part in the survey. 5 of them were males (62.5 %) and 3 of them were females (37.5 %). The majority of respondents belonged to age category under 18-20 (25 %) and 21-29 (50 %). Fewer respondents belonged to older categories, which identified the interest in smart survival kit of various age categories.

It also explains that younger target audiences are more in need of technological devices in case of emergency. While considering the question of availability of specific items that can be useful for survival, most of the participants focus on such important objects as eye wash solution (85.7 %), scissors (85.7 %), blankets (100 %), knife (85.7 %), AA and AA Batteries (85.7 %), and duct tape (85.7 %).

The survey has also found out that the most of respondents did not have such important things for survival as portable food heater (14.3 %), matches (42.9 %), cordless charger for phones and devices (14.3 %), and antiseptic wipes (28.6 %). It has also been defined that the prioritized items for survival include candles, radio, phone, and presence of other people who can help to survive.

With regard to the above-presented results, the responses to the fourth question are logical because half of the respondents were not ready for the emergencies whereas 5 of the participants considered it important to buy Home Survival Kit.

As per cost consideration, the recipients almost unanimously insisted on price range between $ 50 and $ 150, which is quite adequate assessment. The survey also highlighted people who were ready to pay more for the survival kit, but the questionnaire did not reveal age and gender information about those respondents. The price considerations can be presented in the chart below:

The price considerations

The last question was also considered by most of the respondents. While evaluating the importance of qualities and features that the Home Survival Kit should possess, the majority of participants focus on such components as extensive first aid kit, presence of light and heating, storage for water, and portability.

Other components and conditions, such as packaging, communication supply and extras and accessories have turned out to be less significant.

Statement of Needs

The survey has defined the desired features and wants of the customers. The most significant criteria for consumers involve cost-effectiveness of the Home Survival Kit because the respondents agreed to pay approximately $ 50-150 for the product. However, there were participants that agreed to pay about $ 151-250 for the kit, but the age category has not been defined either.

As per the priorities established in terms of the product features, the majority of the participants are likely to have portable, extensive first kit that would ensure them with light, heating, and water supply. In this respect, the product should be at a low or moderate price, practical, convenient, and portable.

Need Essential or Desirable Rating Functional or Non Functional
Moderate Price 6 Non-Functional
Extensive Kit 10 Functional
Portable, 8 Functional
Storage for Water 8 Functional
Ensures Light and Heating 8 Functional

Requirements Specification

Project Overview

The Home Survival Kit, or Smart Kit, is designed in regard to the determination of the most essential features and criteria that are urgent for survival and comfortable existence for a long-term period. The product has bee defined for people under all age categories irrespective of their gender characteristics and age.

The prototype of the product has been launched and tested to define the functionality for the JAG to produce. Such aspects as tools, substances, time-frame, as well as multiple features have been introduced to meet the needs of large audience.


The development of the product design has implied a number of requirements and criteria that should be taken into the deepest consideration to meet consumer requirements. By estimating the current responses to customer questionnaire and correlating results with the present product concept, it is possible to define what changes should be made to increase the consumer demand. The results can be received through a test plan.

Product Concept

Product Statement

Smart kit includes a portable and waterproof box with four various compartments. The first section contains water pouches that ensure water supply. The second compartment is designated for medical supply and hygienic purposes, including gloves, bandages, wipes, and painkillers. The third section includes flashlight, matches, candles, and blankets.

Finally, the forth section consists of guides and instructions for using the kit appropriately. Each part of the entire product concept does not differ from other concepts existing on the market. Nevertheless, in total, the product has a great number of features and functions that make the product much more competitive that any other products.

Use of Product

Increased usability of the product ensures the four compartments which have functional values and which increases consumer demands. Because the compartments include the most essentials items, the consumer requirements will surely be met. Besides, the box for storing the items is also portable and convenient.

Focus on Customer Needs

In order to meet customer needs, the boxes should be portable, comfortable, and waterproof, which ensures their reliability.

It also should also contain water supply, light and heating. Therefore, the presented product concept is justified in terms of portability and presence of the above-mentioned components. In order to meet the requirements, the box should be designed with heating devices as well, which is absent in current prototype.

Stakeholders Impact

The product is expected to involve the following stakeholders:


Active Travelers

The smart kit is essential for customers who are fond of travelling for long distances in mountainous districts where there is high risk for being injured or traumatized. Therefore, the survival kit should contain all the above-mentioned items, along with wireless chargers for phones, and GPS devices that would allow them to coordinate their itineraries.

In addition, the smart kit will be especially relevant for those travelers who are fond of river trips because the box is waterproof. Although the Smart Kit is more designated for home survival, it can easily be used while travelling.

Customers with Limited Abilities

There are people are not able to ensure their security because of limited physical abilities. They can use such box for everyday use to avoid contingency situations. They can also apply to this product whenever they want to set out for a journey. All the compartments are easy to use and there is an instruction that makes the box even more comfortable and practical.

JAG Corporation

The products of the specified kind are abundant at the market and, therefore, launching the Smart Kit can enhance the competition due to its increased functionality. Therefore, the involvement of JAG Corporation can increase the good reputation of the product concept and ensure the consumers that the Smart Kit is of high quality and at a moderate price.


Competitors are important competitors and their marketing strategies should never be underestimated. In this respect, it is important to explore the current market and define what pitfalls and advantages other survival kits contain. Constant research can contribute to development and promotion of the Smart Kit. It will also allow to define the wants and needs of the consumer demand.


In case the product is successful at the market, it is possible to expand its functionality and invest more resource into developing a more sophisticated product that can be distributed among major retailers. Therefore, it is highly important to explore the potential of retail market for wholesalers to define the consumer demand and distribute the product accordingly.

Environmental Groups

Due to the recent globalization trends, the producers should be aware of environmental and ecological issues and, therefore, it is crucial to market environmentally friendly products. For instance, the boxes should be made of the natural components so as to minimize the negative effect on the environment.

In this respect, specific attention should be given to respectable environmental organization that could approve the product launching and enhance the reputable image of the product concept.

Product Requirements


  1. The Smart Kit should be portable and comfortable. It should also be waterproof.
  2. The product should contain the compartment for first aid.
  3. It should have convenient packaging so that a user can quickly find the necessary item.
  4. The Smart Kit should also have compartments for water supply, light, and heating.


  1. The component of the Smart Kit should not be expensive, but of decent quality;
  2. It should be composed of natural materials;
  3. The medicine should not provoke allergic reactions;

Test Plan

Requirement Test Plan Result
Resistance to water Test 1:
The Smart Kit was submerged in a vacuum filled with water for 1 hour. All the items were put in compartments.
Pass: All the items placed within the Smart Kit remained undamaged. No water was found inside the box.
Analysis of security and reliability Test 2:
The product is place on the upper part of the construction that is 3 meters high to define how the items in the box will be deformed in case the box will fall down from this construction.
Pass: After the box fell down, all the items remain undamaged. Therefore, the Smart Survival Kit will stay unchanged even in case of the earthquake.
Checking the device for the usability Test 3:
The participant of the experiment should read the instruction and put all the enumerated items out of the box to define how much it will take him to find the items that are most appropriate for a situation.
Pass: It took the participant for 5 minutes to put all the necessary items and define which one is the most appropriate for a particular situation. This proves that the instructions are clear and accurate.


With regard to the survey exploring consumer opinion, assessment of product requirements and result of the test plan, the Smart Survival Kit will be of great success on retail market due to the increased functionality and successful price policy.

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