Branding Essay Examples and Topics

Private Labels Competing Against the FMCG

Private labels are those goods that are by produced by the retailers such as supermarkets. There are several reasons why this marketing strategy has become very popular. First of all, at the time of economic recession, the purchasing power of many clients has declined. This is why they search for less expensive goods (Lincoln 25). […]

Cartier’s Context

Brand situation/ history/ strength/ strength or weakness Cartier brand has a history of the perfect diamond cut. Louis-Francois Cartier established the Cartier brand in 1847. His mission was to “live through and for luxury” (Nadelhoffer 50). The Louis Cartier Diamond is one of the famous diamonds associated with the brand. The Louis Cartier Diamond was […]

Research Brand Performance

Abstract This research paper seeks to investigate the relationship between customers’ perception of public relation and customers’ loyalty. The research will also investigate the role played by the brand image in shaping customer perception towards the organization. Research Design/methodology- The research will use both primary and secondary sources of data. The primary data will be […]

Branding and Social Responsibility

Introduction Brands are used to distinguish a company’s products and services from those of another company. Marketers try to build a brand name in their marketing activities. Customers always identify themselves with a certain brand depending on that brand’s ability to satisfy their needs. Consumers around the world are known to associate with brands that […]

Using Perceptual Maps in Marketing Simulation Summary

The simulation situation described exists in three main phases. The first step involves the identification of all the relevant parameters, and presumably, it is the critical phase. The Thorr Motorcycles, though not viewed as the most advanced and modern company, still has its loyal customers who are willing to run business with it. The main […]

Case Analysis: Lenovo

IBM is a well established brand in the personal computer market. Before being taken over by Lenovo in 2005, IBM was seen as a brand that provided comfort to its customers. IBM customers felt safe when using their products as they knew that the company was a credible personal computer manufacturer (Keegan and Green 455). […]

Flare Fragrances Company Inc

Introduction The purpose of this report is to discuss marketing challenges, current situation, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and marketing mix of Flare Fragrances Company Inc. In addition, this report focuses on the alternative solutions to recommend the company to sustain in the market in the recessionary economy. Statement of the Marketing Challenge Flare Fragrances Company […]

Organic Smirnoff Vodka

Organic Smirnoff Vodka is the most consumed spirit globally with its market share accounting to 22.5%.In the year 2008, there was a tremendous increase in its consumption as the total sales added up to 512.7 cases while the trajectory was phenomenon. This growth has been persistent for a long time since over the course of […]

Lacoste Brand

Lacoste is a luxury brand that has mostly relies on online distribution channels for its marketing and public relations exercises. Through this online strategy, Lacoste is able to maintain its position as a luxury brand. Direct channel marketing in Lacoste’s case involves use of various tennis and golf personalities, a strategy that has been a […]

Marketing Research: Nokia

Executive Summary Branding is indeed a very important aspect of marketing. A company that promotes its brand efficiently is bound to survive through the most difficult market conditions. This paper sets out to perform a market research of a brand experiencing a problem, and find solutions to the issue under investigation. To that end, Harley […]

Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches Online Marketing Campaign

Over the last couple of decades, the internet rapidly began to gain popularity and attract more and more users. As a result, it quickly became one of the leading media employed for business, marketing, and shopping. Today, each company or organization that claims to be successful and progressive relies on the internet as the means […]

Meaning of Brand Equity in Marketing

Introduction Meaning of brand equity Brand equity is viewed as the result of marketing when a product becomes recognizable among other brands. Brand equity is the power and ability in the minds of the consumers to recognize a product then purchasing the product which leads to augmented sales and amplified profits against similar competing brands. […]

Thomas the Train Engine

Overview Within the past 10 years, as the internet and online digital media have become one of the largest and most prevalent platforms of advertising and product sales to date, it has become increasingly apparent that for any company looking to expand its market share it has to be able to appeal to online consumers […]

Branding and Brand Image

A preliminary literature review Introduction Branding has emerged as one of the most important issues of modern world. In fact, it influences a multitude of spheres, including marketing, society, and even psychology. First, it is worth mentioning that nowadays creating a brand image has become of a paramount importance for the international market in general […]

How can Brand Awareness & Customer Loyalty Stimulate Customer Involvement: Zara

Background In recent years, one of the recurring debates in the business field concerns the critical role played by marketing strategies in enabling business entities to accomplish their set objectives, including maintaining competitive advantage in the market place (Scramm-Klein et al, 2008). A rapidly shifting economic environment epitomized by such phenomena as turbulences in the […]

Influence of media on Brand development and promotion

Introduction Brand development and promotion are two activities which are very significant an organization. Powerful brands take time to develop and are an advantage to an organization. One of the factors which are required in the development of brands is the media. Media plays a very significant role in brand development. This research paper will […]

Brand Extension Strategy

Introduction A product marks the starting point for the marketing program of a target market. The marketer uses the product to draw attention of consumers and acquisitions. A marketer makes decisions to present the best offer to his or her customers through branding strategy. Most markets have become increasingly competitive and brand image, name, loyalty, […]

Rosewood Hotel Corporate Branding

Rosewood Hotel operates as a multinational company in the hospitality industry. By 2003, the firm had established 12 outlets in different parts of the world. Since its inception, the firm had developed recognition due to its effectiveness in enhancing the value of its property. According to Kotler and Keller (21), branding is an important element […]

‘The Effect of brand image on the customer loyalty and satisfaction in the context of a telecommunication company’

Introduction Brand image can be termed as evaluating the beliefs and the perception of the customers with regard to a specific product, a service, or a company (Kahle & Kim 2006, p. 4). The theory has become one of the most accepted forms of marketing, as it involves satisfying the customers with their psychological need. […]

Emotional Labor & Brand Creation

Over the past 2 decades, the emotional labor literature has intrinsically dealt with how employees, particularly service workers, adopt emotion regulation tactics during service encounters, with the view to exhibit feelings and emotions that are in compliance with organizational objectives and expectations for emotional display (Judge et al, 2009; Groth et al, 2009). These self-regulatory […]

Marketing research: Process and Progress

Introduction Marketing research is a marketing discipline that connects the customers, the public, and the consumers to a particular marketer by means of information. Marketing information helps marketers in coming up with strategic marketing decisions that can enhance the marketing process and monitor its progress. Due to the increasing change in current market and market […]

Brand personality

Introduction Background to the study In their purchasing patterns, consumers do not have comprehensive understanding of the product they are purchasing compared to the firm offering the product (Yang, 2008, p.54). However, they perceive the products according to their own terms. Due to lack of knowledge, they gauge the products attributes on their own opinions. […]

Advertising: Strongly Persuasive or Nudging. Loyal and Switcher Customers

Advertising may be both strongly persuasive and nudging, depending on the chosen audience and the main idea a new advertising campaign wants to implement. Advertising is a strategy which applies to customers’ emotions. It is persuasive when it is directed at the switchers, people who either have never used the products of a specific company, […]

Brand Image and Brand Association

Executive summary This marketing research has been carried out to study the importance of brand image and relate it to brand association. Two major hypotheses have been formulated after extensive literature review following already preset objectives. These hypotheses have been appropriately named H1 and H2, where H1 suggests that there is a correlation between brand […]

Marketing: Case Study of Apple Inc.

Introduction The brand image of a company is important in achieving higher sales because consumers readily purchase products which have a good reputation. Brand image is attached to the culture of the company and it is important for the stakeholders of a company to develop corporate cultures which are consistent with the national cultures. Companies […]

Art Marketing: The Royal Opera House in London and Its Brand

Introduction Art performs an important role in human life: it is a powerful means to entertain and educate people at the same time. It is hard to image the world without art and the places where people may observe a number of works created by professionals. The Royal Opera House in London is one of […]

Ipads Pricing Strategy

Apple Inc is an international electronic company with its headquarter at Santa Clara Valley, California; it was incorporate on 1st April 1984. Some of the company’s products are IPods, I-phones, personal computers, phones and computer software’s; the company is respected for its strong marketing and innovative team. Pricing is vital marketing strategy tool that need […]

Better World Books

Introduction Online business operations require a lot of strategizing and planning before any implementation is done. Business objectives based on workable principles are necessary for the success of any new business venture. However, all implementations should be done based on right business models and procedures such as customer value, connected activities and capabilities amongst other […]

How athletes play an important role in the advertisement world

Introduction In the past, people viewed sports as sources of fun and pleasure. However, in the 21st century, sports have acquired new roles in the advertisement world. Consequently, sport marketing has become a big business as most companies spend millions of dollars in advertising and promotional campaigns that have endorsements from famous world athletes. Sport […]

Is a loyal customer also a satisfied one? why or why not?

Even the most satisfied customers posses the potential of abandoning a brand if given bigger incentive can easily convince them go somewhere else or buy something else. I think the main issue is not satisfaction of customer but about emotional attachment to the brand. Many researches also shows that only 30percent of individual’s decisions and […]

Field research in luxury beauty products

Studies have shown that of all luxury markets, beauty products industry is among the fastest growing markets in the world. Retailers and other industry players, such as designers have reported a booming demand for luxury beauty. United Kingdom is one of the countries with a well established luxury beauty products industry. Beauty products market segmentation […]

Launching Best Buy in Russia

The process of launching a new product or service requires careful planning. The planning process starts with identifying important research questions. This paper deals with the strategy for gathering the information needed to determine the viability of launching Best Buy in the Russian Market. Overview of the Marketing Research Plan This plan presents the market […]

Organic cosmetics

Introduction Despite an amazing increase in the number of products that are supposedly organic but which, actually, contain synthetic components, consumers of organic products are increasingly using these products. This has made brand owners of inorganic products face insurmountable challenges in marketing these products since their products are competing with products whose prices can be […]

The Impact of Brand Loyalty on New Product Launches

Abstract Establishing brand loyalty for a new product launch in the jewelry sector in Taiwan is an extremely challenging component of developing marketing campaigns. Whether the new product is a novel entity or one that adds value to existing products, a vital aspect of such functions is the prevalence of a hypercompetitive environment. As this […]