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Cartier’s Context Case Study

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Updated: Mar 27th, 2020

Brand situation/ history/ strength/ strength or weakness

Cartier brand has a history of the perfect diamond cut. Louis-Francois Cartier established the Cartier brand in 1847. His mission was to “live through and for luxury” (Nadelhoffer 50). The Louis Cartier Diamond is one of the famous diamonds associated with the brand. The Louis Cartier Diamond was discovered in 1974, and was cut to perfect shape by Cartier.

It is among the few pieces of diamond that weigh more than 100 carats, and have no defect (Famous Diamonds par. 2). Cartier brand also has a history with the Williamson Diamond which was worn by Queen Elizabeth.

The Cartier Bridal brand is associated with great stories such as that of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III. There is a story about the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. It is about Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson love, and marriage (The Duke and Duchess of Windsor par. 1).

Geographical segmentation is a strength that favors marketing because Cartier can use different images for different segments. The brand uses a different webpage for major language groups making it easier to match the page content to the society’s cultural values.

Cartier’s displays 39 wedding bands selected pieces with a wide range of prices from $650 to over $2,000 (Cartier Bridal: wedding bands collections).

The Cartier engagement rings prices range from $4,000 to over $50,000. The price of an average diamond ring from most dealers is estimated at $3,500 (Urken par. 2). The price of a cut diamond from the Diamond Shop.co.uk ranges between £640 and £902 for the Emerald cut shape (Pricelist: Emerald cut, par.1).

The financial results indicate that Maisons Jewellery had increased sales in 2011 from 2010. Maison Jewellery consists of two brands. These are Cartier, and Van Cleef & Arpels. In 2011, the sales of jewelry were 3,479 million Euro compared to 2,688 million Euros in 2010 (Richemont 4). Sales of jewelry formed 50% of the Richemont group sales.

Opinion situation/ mood/ trends

Cartier Bridal developed a software application that is used on iPad, and iPhone by potential customers. The users must download the software application on their devices. They are able to navigate from page to page, find boutiques, and make pictures of rings that fit their fingers (Lamb, par. 6).

Competitors, such as Tiffany and De Beers, also have similar marketing software applications. The brand has adopted open innovation and co-creation through its iPad and iPhone software applications.

Market information/evolutions

The diamond sales trend in 1919 was followed by a drop in sales. In the period between 1938 and 1941, the diamond sales rose by about 55%. After the De Beers campaign of 1947, the diamond sales continued to increase. In the period after 1965, 80% of women in the American society were considered to wear diamond engagement rings (O’Rourke par 4).

The diamond engagement ring was a symbol of commitment. Virginity was a popular prerequisite for marriage that made diamond rings trade a success (O’ Rourke 5). Today the commitment is expressed by the price. A man earning the average wage rate has to forfeit a three-month salary to purchase a diamond engagement ring.

If needed – brand mission, values and personality

The brand values are that it offers brand new products, and issues a certificate of authenticity to its customers (Cartier FAQs, par. 1). It is known for “exacting standards, and having a pioneering spirit” (Richemont 5). Cartier has a history of selling products to royalties.


Business Objective

The business objective of the advertisement idea is to increase the market share in the luxury engagement rings. The idea is that if college students prefer the brand in college, when they graduate and get jobs, it will remain their favorite brand. A good advert should be envied, and create the fantasy of experiencing a similar event (Creative Brief 17).

Marketing Objectives

Cartier’s emotional story will be built with the idea of Gulliver’s travel, and the glaciation period. The giant in the story will not be given a similar name but the audience may link it to that story. The glacial period was a time when the whole earth was covered by glaciers. The novelty of this idea is that it has never been used for products in this category (Judging the Copy 44)

The story begins with a scene in the darkened sky. They are plenty of stars twinkling. Shooting stars and meteorites start to fall on the earth’s surface. In the background, it can be written that it is “2,000,000 B.C.”. The fallen heavenly bodies create large holes on the ground.

The period is followed by a glacial period. The scene happens at daytime. It may be written that it occurs in “1,000, 000 B.C.” The whole surface is covered by snow. The snow shapes the landscape by covering the holes.

Ice Age: “It takes ages for diamonds to form, and it takes months for Cartier to shape them”

Ice Age: “It takes ages for diamonds to form, and it takes months for Cartier to shape them”

The land is covered by green vegetation after the glaciation period. A man who is a giant emerges from the forest. He is accompanied by a white cat which sniffs for diamond in areas that meteorites had sunk. He has a giant knife at his waist. When the cat finds a spot, he accurately cuts out a large cylindrical shape into the ground. He then uses a giant corkscrew to pull out the lump of soil in its cylindrical shape.

He pulls out a large piece of shapeless diamond. All of a sudden, he is surrounded by a group of young women. The women are smaller in size than the man.

They are about the size of a doll to him. They have a height equal to the length of his palm. Their number is about a hundred. They are dressed in the same kind of dress but different colors. It may be written on the background that “Different colors but the same people”.

“Different colors but the same people”

Different colors but the same people

He looks around and he says, “Cat, lets fill this hole. They can fall into it”. He uses the cylindrical lump to fill the mine. He holds the diamond piece on his palm in front of the women. The sun rises. Its rays hit a facet on the diamond. The reflection falls on the giant’s eyes. He falls blind. He starts to cry, “Help! Help! I am blind. It has blinded me.” He puts the lump down. It may be written on the background that “Love is blind”.

He sits down. The women climb on to his legs, hands, shoulders, onto his head. They tell him to lie down. They wipe his face. Another group arrives with giant spectacles. He puts them on. In the background, it can be written that “Love cares”. It is a way of touching people’s hearts through hospitality (Brand Platform 29). He sits upright. He is able to see. He picks the large diamond piece which is covered with a white cloth.

The women are still on him. He makes a few strides, and stops at a large shop written Cartier at the entrance. They enter the shop. The audience is prevented from seeing the scene inside the shop. When they emerge from the shop, every woman is wearing a diamond engagement ring. In the ending part, it may be written that “Diamond is love from the skies”.

“Each Cartier’s solitaire is special”

Each Cartier’s solitaire is special

Communication Objective

The video clip should be about 5 minutes long for website postings, and about 90 minutes for a television version. Different versions should be made in different forms of media. Humor has the ability to make the audience want to watch video again (Creative Brief 41). There will be a background narration, and music. It is used to create a difference between the brief, and the briefing (Creative Brief 55).



The main business target for the advertisement is the general audience who is concerned about the environment. It also targets those who believe in myths that diamonds could be precious stones that came from outer space.

The difference between the main target and the communication target is that the advert targets to increase brand preference in the main target. In the communication target, the advert appears to change the brand image. The brand has been known to target the rich.

The advert seeks to recruit new customers who can purchase Cartier Bridal products through savings. The brand has reduced prices for some of its products to capture a larger market share. Cartier is recognized for high prices but most of its product prices have been reduced by more than half the price.

For example, “Cartier Yellow Gold Sapphire Semi Precious Stones product number CT0135” has been reduced from $648 to $141 (Cartier Yellow Gold Sapphires Semi Precious Stones LOVE Ring, par. 1). The brand appears to target low income earners as well as the wealthy through differentiated products.


The portrait of the target is the values of the audience that the advert addresses. The main advertisement uses the perception that a diamond is a gift to those who care about us.

It may challenge the norm by having one man offering diamond rings to every woman in the crowd (Creative Brief 7). The man may be perceived to be polygamous, generous, or wealthy. A brand is strong when it challenges the society to accept parts of reality that differs from the norm (Brand Platform 53).

The scenes that consist of the glaciations age, and the shooting stars/ meteorite falling onto earth have the ability to make the reptilian part of the brain to respond. The reptilian part of the brain is the fastest, and responds to the sensations (Judging the Copy 10). It does not use reasoning or advanced logic.

Studies in the 1990s indicated that college student who engaged in interracial relationships were a minority group in the U.S. (Ross 3). Societies have different views over interracial romantic relationships. Studies indicate that as people grow older, they are likely to adhere to social norms which have a preference for the same-race intimate relationships (Ross 5).

A research that was carried out in 2004 shows that people’s perception towards interracial romantic relationship has not changed among college students (Ross 15). Interracial relationships may still be ridiculed.

The Pew study of 2003 in the American society found out that same-sex marriages were less acceptable among the aged than the younger groups. Acceptance was at 20% among those in their 60s, and 12% among those over 70 years of age.

Acceptance was over 50% among those aged between 18 and 35 years. In 2004, acceptance of gay marriages was 59% among college freshmen (Rimmerman & Wilcox 100). Same-sex relationships acceptance may be lower in other societies living in emerging economies.


The insight to the main advertisement idea is that Cartier cares about the environment. Receiving the Cartier diamond ring is a symbol of how much someone cares about you. Cartier engagement rings are brand new. They have not been recycled. Diamond is formed over a long period of time which makes it a special solitaire.

“Just as the red box cares for the diamond ring”

ust as the red box cares for the diamond ring

The Problem To Solve

From / The Situation We Are Coming From

Cartier Bridal is perceived as a luxury brand that only the rich should mind purchasing its product. Its advertisement material does not speak strongly to the low wage earners, and the younger groups. The younger groups are those aged less than 25 years of age.

The younger groups may be impressed by a fictional story that captures the evolution story. The idea is to develop a brand preference early enough to influence current, and later decision making.

The brand has also improved brand content (Brand Identity and Digital, 44). Brand content is the number of factors about the brand that add value to its product such as the name, price, its history, and packaging (Brand Identity and Digital, 5). Brand content increases the number of factors that the brand relies on for competitive advantage.

“Cartier has a history of the perfect cut”

Cartier has a history of the perfect cut

“A moment with Cartier”

A moment with Cartier

To / The Expected Result

The audience will be able to understand the story because it is developed from stories that already exist. If younger groups believe the fantasy tale, the advertisement will be able to create an emotional attachment to the product. They will want to have a similar event with a sparkling engagement ring from Cartier’s reputable brand.

Gap / What Is Behind The Two

The limit of the advertisement is the ability to use minority groups without offending those inclined to the norm. The minority includes groups such as the homosexual, and those considered under-aged. Cartier has been using famous people for advertisement. It has also elaborated its craftsmanship.

Difference of the message from competitors

The main competitors in the engagement rings and wedding band business are De Beers, Bulgari, Tiffany & Co., and Chanel. De Beers uses the slogan “A diamond is forever”. De Beers also elaborates on the myth that diamond pieces inspire love and purity.

The De Beers collection is associated with myth such as the “Adonis Rose Pink Gold Solitaire Ring” (Engagement Rings: Adonis Rose Pink Gold Solitaire Ring, par. 1). De Beers’ website and Cartier’s are almost similar in content and color.

De Beers emphasizes the different designs of its double band rings. Cartier emphasizes the different shapes of the diamond solitaire. The Cartier video clip on figurative diamond, uses animals for imagery (Figurative art on Jewelry, video). Cartier also uses its reputation of accuracy in cutting gold to emphasize “the search for balance” (Cartier: Know-how, video).

The 1948 De Beers “A diamond is forever” campaign is still considered the main marketing idea that popularized diamond rings to the masses (Connolly par. 3). It changed people’s perception about diamond rings. De Beers then used the price as a sign of commitment.

Later, De Beers used the idea of buying expensive diamond rings because they can be inherited De Beers also used an advert where a man stands on top of a plaza and shouts that “I love this woman”. He removes a diamond ring. The woman replies, “I love this man” (Bonsor par. 4). De Beers has been able to address customers’ rationale and emotions.

Tiffany & Co. markets the brand through its prices, concern for the environment, and a cut that maximizes brilliance. Their slogan is “the best there is” (The Tiffany Difference, par. 1). Tiffany also markets its light blue box as part of the brand content.

The Tiffany video on YouTube is an example of customers’ digital hostage on brands. The video appears to have Tiffany & Co. features. The up-loader confesses that it is only based on her personal experience (Tiffany & Co. Engagement Ring Wedding Band set Tiffanys, video). However, its content is positive about the brand.

The Solution

The idea

The solution is to develop an advertisement that creates a preference for Cartier Bridal products because of environmental concerns. It is also a symbol of care. By portraying corporate social responsibility in environmental conservation, it may influence public opinion on websites. The digital consumer is able to take brands by hostage (Brand Identity and Digital, 2).

Co-creation is one way of allowing the customer to increase credibility of information used by brands (Brand Identity and Digital, 33). Winning digital users make brands use less effort to market brands. The idea can develop an advert that does not require a lot of repetition to be memorable (Judging the Copy 31). It is more as striking as it is different (Judging the Copy 47).

Co-creation is one way of allowing the customer to increase credibility of information used by brands (Brand Identity and Digital, 33). Winning digital users make brands use less effort to market brands.

College students use online resources more often than the middle-aged, or the aged. The idea can develop an advert that does not require a lot of repetition to be memorable (Judging the Copy 31). It is more as striking as it is different (Judging the Copy 47).

The reasons to believe

The reasons to believe the content of the advertisements is based on the brand’s history of the perfect diamond cut, and quality of its jewelry. Cartier brand has served royal families for centuries. It has perfected the art of making jewelry. It is committed to its customers. This is evident through authenticity certificates, and after sale services.

Creative routes

An advertisement idea that can be used to capture the skill will be a bridge with many people. It narrows until it becomes a rope with only two people on it. Many people pass each other on the bridge as it narrows. They rush as it becomes narrower.

Finally, a man and a woman remain on the rope. The man is struggling to balance on bare feet while the woman is balancing easily on high heels. They cannot pass each other. They hug, and a hand with a large pair of scissors cuts the rope.

The couple turns to be a diamond solitaire which falls onto Cartier’s wedding band. The metallic bristles that hold the solitaire are folded. The tip of a laser machine engraves a wedding date on the golden band to symbolize the after sale services. The rope signifies the accuracy of shaping Cartier’s jewelry.

Many people on the bridge symbolize teenagers. Most teenagers are considered to have very many friends. In the last part, the adult has to accept that he/she is facing only one person as a companion. The cutting by a pair of scissors symbolizes Cartier’s art to make the special event happen.

A picture that may be used to market the diamond solitaire rings is the image of the builder’s plumb line. On one side of a page, the builder’s plumb line can be drawn. On the other side of the same page, the weight of the plumb line is replaced with a diamond solitaire. Below it, there is an open Cartier red box to keep it. A plumb line is used to straighten walls. It is a symbol of strong buildings.

In the engagement ring, it symbolizes marriage as a well-built building. The picture is able to capture the clarity and simplicity qualities (Creative Brief 15 & 16). It is a conceptual idea that elaborates Cartier’s engagement rings as a family builder’s plumb line (Judging the Copy 24). It also captures the red box which is part of the brand content. It meets all the three qualities of being striking, different, and relevant (Judging the Copy 46).

“Cartier creates balance”

Cartier creates balance

The use of two children dressed according to one of the major Asian cultures is another idea. It can capture the brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction. It is able to present what the customer is willing to believe (Judging the Copy 31). The boy’s father issues a boy with a key to a big box. The boy opens the box. Inside the big box, he finds the Cartier’s red box.

The boy opens it, and finds the engagement ring which he takes to the neighbor’s daughter. She puts it on her finger. The boy and girl grow up in different homes. When the girl reaches teen age, she returns the ring to Cartier for band enlargement.

When she becomes an adult, she again returns the ring to Cartier for band enlargement. The same ring is enlarged to fit her growing finger. It can also be used to elaborate the brand’s craftsmanship. The content is easy to understand, and the form adds value to the content (Judging the Copy 20).

The two children grow to become adults who are united in a wedding ceremony. The idea uses the Asian culture where engagement may be made for a period longer than a decade. It is made when children are young. It is kept as a promise. Background music and narration are important to make the customer follow up easily (Creative Brief 55).

It should also be soothing enough to inspire young people to anticipate marriage. The idea of this advertisement is similar to ‘Mark & Wendy’ advert. They seek to create an emotional attachment to the brand at an earlier age than other advertisements. A brand is strong if it manages to create an emotional attachment to its customers (Brand Platform 41).

“In adulthood, it is no longer an accident. Use Cartier engagement ring to show that it is no longer an imitation”

In adulthood, it is no longer an accident. Use Cartier engagement ring to show that it is no longer an imitation

The Constraints

The timing

The development of the advertisement is limited by time it may require. It could take more than a month to develop the idea, and to record it. Refining the recordings using graphics, animation, and music may take additional time. A small internal survey to evaluate its suitability may also need to be conducted before it is finally released.

The constraint in timing is also found in the creation of a romantic video clip. It lasts about a minute for the televised version. Romantic scenes need to have slow movement for it to appear credible. Rushed actions may appear mechanical rather than romantic. Slowed actions may require more time. The important thing is to capture the most memorable part in an idea.

The budget

The budget of the ‘Mark & Wendy’ increases because of the use of a large group. Using many people in a video shooting will result in increased cost of hiring services. The other ideas use fewer people, and target the general market. Animation may be used where necessary, or where it may result in reduced costs. The television costs are charged per minute which requires the brand to create shorter versions to reduce costs.

The brand taboos

The brand taboos may include linking an advert to a religious wedding ceremony that excludes other religions. If the brand chooses to run an advert on a Christian wedding ceremony, it should also run similar wedding ceremonies associated with Islam, Hinduism, or Buddhism to create balance. The main advertisement idea here does not include religion.

Another taboo would be trying to reach out to minority groups through advertisement such as same-sex romantic relationships. It may gain some acceptance but there is the risk of offending some societies. The brand should also show concern by elaborating on the filling of depleted mines to restore the normal landscape.

Media Plan

The media plan is to develop different forms of advertisement for different forms of media. Pictures may be developed for posters. A longer version can be posted on the website, or other forms of media that are less costly than television.

The Work To Be Done/ Deliverables


The campaign can take place through electronic media, or printed materials.

Additional idea

The additional idea is to develop the ‘Mark & Wendy’ advert to capture different races. The audience in the video can be made of a multi-racial group. After Marks proposal, intra-racial students can be made to look at each other emotionally. The camera can be zoomed from one couple to another within the same group in the video.

The ecosystem

Cartier and Tiffany have used advertisement that captures extraction of diamond from mines. It can use the idea of cautiously dug tunnels, and filling up depleted mines to express its corporate social responsibility.


De Beers has been successful in marketing diamond engagement rings by developing concepts that the customer is willing to believe, and practice. The fact that “A diamond is forever” made diamond engagement rings a symbol of commitment.

They invented the idea of passing the diamond from one person to his/her heir which also is credible. Tiffany and Cartier have not been able to create an advertisement that is striking enough to match De Beers.

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